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Steve Ross: Not worried about the offensive line

ORLANDO -- Are you worried about the Dolphins offensive line situation today? Club owner Stephen Ross isn't, even though the team has obvious holes at right tackle and at least one guard spot.

"I'd be worried if it was all taken care of by now," Ross said Sunday after he arrived at the NFL annual meeting. "We know it has to be addressed and it will be addressed the right way."

Ross said the Dolphins have a plan for addressing the line and added, "We'll get a right tackle in the draft and then we'll see what else he have to get."

The annual meeting begins Monday morning. Among the major topics of discussion among owners will be workplace conduct -- that includes both on field use of the N-word and taunts of any kind as well as locker room behavior.

The Dolphins last season suffered what was recognized leaguewide as a failure to monitor and handle behavior in the locker room among players and some staff. That failure led directly the Dolphins firing an offensive line coach, the team's head trainer, and making a decision to not bring back Richie Incognito, John Jerry and trading Jonathan Martin.

It is possible Ross will be asked to give an update on what the Dolphins have done and will continue to do going forward to avoid a repeat of 2013.


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don't think Armando realizes RG is probably the easiest position to fill in the ENTIRE NFL. He thinks you should spend money on them so dumb. Cheap fill in RG is all you need. JEEEEZ.

Seattle had a pretty terrible RG last season does anyone care? NO. It is the least important and easiest position to fill in the league.

Well it turns out I may not have to change my name this season. The early line is 7.5 wins. They don't post the final line until May.

A fun fact: 50% of all snaps taken by OG's last season were taken by players who were evaluated as C's or OT's before the draft. This is just PROOF. Why the OG position is so depressed and market is dead. Paying big money for Guards or drafting OG's high means you aren't doing your job properly FACT.

"vegas 7.5" common sense tells you Miami will win more than 7 games next year that's if you understand the NFL.

I wonder which RT Ross means taking in the Draft?

You don't need to draft a good RT or G at #19, so from there we can conclude that they are really going after BPA at that spot.


Good News: "Finally A New Blog"

One sheep... two sheep....three sheep..........

True Oscar,

"QUALITY OT's" go 3 DEEP in this draft. Only had to use a 1st rd pick if looking for a "high quality" LT.

Do we have a new O.L coach on Steven Sparano

Semi-related - could Hickey be waiting to see what happens with Wilfork - wait out Belichick's delays and snap him up when/if released?


I expect CJ Mosely(mlb) or Carlos Hyde(rb) to be our 1st rd pick. Even if trading gown to do it.

Kids aren't smart enough (especially football players) to ref themselves. Owners MUST take it out of their hands. Make any usage of the "N" word in games a personal foul. Once, 15 yard penalty. Twice, ejected from the game.

You want to "joke with the boys" in the locker room, fine, your team can decide how appropriate that is. But in my profession, if I heard the "N" word from somebody then HR would get involved. I don't see how the NFL is any different.

CJ Mosley in the 1st round. Tiny Richardson in the 2nd round.

WRONG: If the Dolphins want a starting RT they have to get one in the first round of the draft. Moreover with Clabo and Colombo at Rt many teams were blitzing from the right side of the line with great success. Therefore getting a talented starter is important......1st round for a right tackle.

With this statement by Ross, the notion that Zack Martin will be our pick at #19 goes out the window. Perhaps as SAM said Mosley or Hyde.(also A. Williams,hehehe)

Oscar, I would like you to be more sanitary and hygienic in your personal habits and grooming.

Thank you.

Sam, Hyde would not be a good 1st rd pick. First off, you do NOT pick a RB 1st round unless he's Adrian Peterson (and no one is comparing Hyde to Peterson). Second, Hyde is graded as a 2nd rd pick, so most likely you could get him then if you wanted him (hey, they traded up for Thomas).

I believe we get our RT 1st rd (which also isn't a great "value pick" but I think Hickey will be nervous he'll let his guy get away). Only thing that might change that is if by dumb LUCK Clinton-Dix or Evans (or even that TE from NC) fall to us. If that happens then there might be a discussion.

promicheal if you think right tackles should be top 20 picks you aren't very smart

What's the "N" word?

this is an extremely deep class of Right Tackles. You can find a starter in Round 3.


Hickey has to draft Albert's replacement this season PLUS the long term RT solution.

That will give them the ability to fire Philbum after the season, promote Lazor and be free to draft the next QB with a top 5 pick next offseason.

Buh bye North Carolina. Get that sh*t outta here. VIRGINIA! Axe somebody if you don't know.

ExposingTheFraud = DUMBEST HUMAN BEING ALIVE. IQ of 2.

ETF, the likelihood of Lazor being named HC if Philbin gets canned this Season is 0.0001%. I guess you like longshots.

It is wonderful that Brooklyn and Philadelphia have been transformed from gritty, industrial wastelands full of uneducated, obese slobs to glittering nexuses of fit and intelligent residents who have impeccable taste and use refined fragrances like Creed Aventus and others that you probably cannot afford.

Jordan, Miami doesn't want to find a "starter." They want to find a STAR (and possibly a successor at LT, I agree with ETF there). Round 3 isn't an option (they have been spooked too much last year to wait until rd 3 to get a starter).

DC Dolfan I said earlier that we will draft a RT in the 2nd round. After CJ Mosley in the 1st.


Is to get the OL fixed and seeded with talent once and for all.

If that results in a poor 2014 record and high 2015 draft pick then so be it.

A young, talented, solid OL AND a top-5 draft pick are enough to attract legitimate GM/HC and quality FA's.

Mosley would be an acceptable pick to me.

But you do know historically Miami doesn't respect the ILB position enough to draft a player 1st rd, right?

I think you are the one missing the point:
an unusual management structure + no starting OL + no top draft pick + uncertainty at QB = not an attractive destination for top management or FA's.

Great strategy, 4 HCs, 3 GMs and 4 new QBs in under a decade. That's what I call continuity.

First thing for everything. You could very well say same with Safety but I'd say HaHa or CJ are definitely on the list.

Hickey's job depends on getting the 1st rd pick right, I hope we all agree on that.

Mosley , Martin and hyde are garbaje compare to Ebrom, Evans and Donald.. O.L. on the 2 and 3 rounds..tony

you should change your name to ExposingTheDumb

Creed Silver Mountain Water and Green Irish Tweed are far more elegant choices than Aventus, in my opinion.

Mosley is a top 15 talent. We don't need Donald. Evans won't be there. Ebron is little overrated although I'd take him. 3rd on my list.

Jordan, LOL!!! Too funny!!

We don't know if we have a running game
We don't know if we have a passing game
We don't know if we have a HC
We don't know if we have a GM
Because we don't have an OL

This offseason you witnessed guys come in interviews and leave not wanting the GM job.
Last season the same thing happened with HC and QB.
Philbum named Garrard the starter and then Moore and has already talked about benching Tanne this offseason.

Evans is too much like Megatron to fall down to us. Now, HaHa, CJ, even Ebron, who I would snatch in a sec, might be there.

ETF, what's the "unusual mgmt. structure"? HC reports to the Owner, same as Patriots, Rams, Seattle, New York (Giants), Redskins (with Shanny), and a bunch of other teams I'm blanking on at the moment. Capologist reports to the GM (like it should be). Owner allows GM/HC to work together to make decisions. I don't get where that's "unusual" at all. The "unusual-ness" was the GM and HC didn't get along. And the GM candidates wanted full-control, which I'd expect, but none really had the gravitas to get the Owner to accept such a demand.

CJ is to small and weak to play on the edge.. Will get blown by 6"4 and 315 OG pulling on his side all day long.

Chiefs do it too

Not that really worried about RT either. The options in the draft are probably better long term than signing guys with little upside as FA's and would cost more against the cap.

you should change your name to SmokingThePole


I don't need to understand the NFL. No expert does either, and you are no expert. The Vegas super computers analyze billions of rows of data. They are not always right, they are just right more often than any expert out there. They called 7.5 wins last season, which of course means 7 or 8, They hit the nail on the head with Miami and several other teams.

I'll take the Vegas super computer over any silly blogger like you.

not really CJ can play any position in a 4-3 scheme may not be a PURE ILB but he would make plays and be playmaker behind the LOS oh and he can COVER.

Evans will be there and Ebrom..buy i like Donalds football motor and also CB Gilbert is a possibility

Why does Hickey need to draft a replacement for Albert (who hasn't even played a game yet)this year..? There are 5 positions on the O-line... Miami already has pro-bowl players at the 2 most important positions of LT and C and a solid starter at LG (Albert, Shelly, Pouncey.)They have Nate Garner who can always start in a pinch and do a satisfactory job, David Arkin, a 6-5 310 26 year old who is in development and will be hitting his 3rd season. Sam Brenner, he started games in 2013 & will have a full off-season of strength & conditioning, footwork & everything a complete training camp offers a young player in development. Tackle Michael Ola, a developmental player moving into year 2. Jason Weaver, Another Tackle moving into his 2nd year. And the still have not even come close to closing the book on Dallas Thomas who could play right guard at the very least.

That is 9 players already on the roster for 5 position and they haven't even drafted or finished in FA or undrafted free agents yet....

The very fact Miami has the C & LT positions nailed down and backups for both is a more then substantial start.... I agree with Ross... I would be far more concerned if some clown in Miami was telling me we were all set before the draft even took place...

Draft needs... ILB, RT, QB, RB?(depending on FA)RG, WR (hard to pass up with a WR class this deep)....

And Miami is still sitting on a mountain of cash in Late March.... What IS THE FREAKIN HURRY...???

Does anybody really believe that a team starting the season with 4 new offensive lineman that have never played together, some even rookies, stands a chance in hell?

No way. I think Vegas is being generous with 7.5. My guess would be 5 or 6.

Last year Ireland said he had a "plan" and that turned out pretty well, so I'm sure Ross is correct, the offensive line will be fine.

tony, I HIGHLY DOUBT Evans will be there. Ebrom, MAYBE (but I said I'd take him if he was there). But Evans will be long gone, so don't hold your breath.

Vegas 7.5 should change his name to "WannaBeBookMaker"

Oh yeah, Aaron Donald should be around there also.

I predict Miami will pick Marcus Martin as C and move Pouncey to the LG position. Martin is posibly the second coming of D. Stevenson on the films i wach of USC

My list at 19. 1. Mosley 2. HaHa 3. Ebron 4. Shazier 5. Martin

If OG positions were so easy to fill many teams would not be in need of them...I have read where an OG/C that has the ability to pull has more importance then a RT in the kind of system Miami wants to run. last year by the end of the season, the highest rated rookie OL by PFF was Travis Frederick, a center with a 13.2 grade drafted 31st....just say-in

yeah that makes total sense you get worse at Center but better at OG...and then lose Pouncey next year or the year after because he won't resign for OG money LOL. Man this board is a JOKE today. We need to get rid of the numpties.

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