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The other free agent OL possibilities

The NFL's worst kept secret now is the Miami Dolphins are going to sign a left tackle in free agency. And it's also no secret that if Baltimore LT Eugene Monroe is available, the Dolphins will chase him. They will also chase Kansas City LT Branden Albert and hoope to land one of the two.

But as the Dolphins have four open offensive line spots and not just one, it must dawn on folks that the free agency derby that starts Monday is going to include at least one and perhaps two more workhorse linemen.


Because even if the Dolphins land Monroe or Branden Albert or some other left tackle, they cannot play a game with just that player and center Mike Pouncey. And believing the Dolphins can go into the draft and pick three linemen to fill the other spots is not very football savvy.

One does not simply draft three rooks, count on all of them to come in and learn the offense, learn the nuances of the game, be good enough to start, and then become cohesive and effective all while playing under a head coach whose record through two seasons suggests he's not fond of starting rookies other than Ryan Tannehill.

So veteran shopping beyond Monroe et al. the Dolphins must go.

The problem with that?

The free agency market at guard and right tackle is not exactly teeming with great possibilities.

There are a couple of good possibilities. But not great.

The guard market is so depressing that Richie Incognito would be the catch of the group were it not for his emotional problems and history. John Jerry will also be in that group and I suppose the Dolphins could bring him back -- if they don't want to upgrade, and don't mind mediocre play, and don't have a problem with him being a key player in the harassment scandal the past couple of years.

Assuming the Dolphins do want to upgrade there are a couple of guards that offer that chance:

Chad Rinehart, 29, showed himself a valuable, tough inside presence for the Chargers last season. He was battling a nagging toe injury much of the year but still showed up on Sunday and did OK work. Obviously, the Dolphins need to do their homework on the injury and decide how much that really limited Rinehart's play. Rinehart graded out slightly better than Jerry but, again, he was hurt, Jerry was healthy and there's the other stuff hovering over Jerry.

Geoff Shwartz, 27, is the brother of Cleveland Browns tackle Mitchell Shwartz and he became a very pleasant surprise for the Chiefs when he took over at right guard for them last year. Shwartz was previously the backup right tackle but when he stepped over to RG the Chiefs got better pass protection from the position. His run-blocking in adequate. (Hey, I"m not saying pay the guy like he's Jahri Evans).

(Peanut gallery: But Mando, we watched the playoffs and the Super Bowl and saw the Broncos have this guard Zane Beadles and he's a free agent. The guy played on a good team so he must be good. Let's get him!)

I was coming to him, gallery. He is a free agent -- like the others, unless he re-signs -- and he was good enough to start on a very good team. And he was good in 2012. But in his contract year, Beadles didn't shine. He was the No. 51-rated guard, according to ProFootballFocus.com. And while the metrics site is not the Bible and thus inerrant, it is widely recognized Beadles didn't play up to his previous heights last year despite being surrounded by Super Bowl talent.

So what happens if he's surrounded by non-playoff talent? What happens if he expects Tannehill to get rid of the ball like Peyton Manning but Tannehill is still holding the ball like, well, Ryan Tannehill?

Maybe he steps up to previous form. But would the Dolphins want to pay the premium Beadles is going to want to bet on a good answer to that question?

I'm thinking Rinehart and Schwartz have a lower ceiling but their asking price is also going to be much, much lower than Beadles'.

That addresses the guard possibilities. Obviously, there are a couple of right tackle possibilities.

The best of those is probably Austin Howard of the New York Jets. He played quite well for the NYJ last year and that team does not want to lose him.

But there's a market for a 26-year-old, athletic, two-year starter, who happened to handle being in New York well.

Also, adding him would mean weakening the Jets.

The other accomplished right tackle on the market is Zach Strief, who is actually a better player than Howard but is mentioned second here because he wants badly to return to New Orleans and the Saints want him as well.

Stief gave up only three sacks in over 1,000 snaps last season and that caused PFF.com to rate him right along with Drew Brees as the highest-graded Saints offensive player. Remember, if you will, Jimmy Graham also played on the Saints offense so this is a big deal.

Strief comes with the added value that he is a leader. And the Dolphins are looking for that. Strief was one of his team’s offensive captains and is known to be a top lockerroom leader.

Obviously, Strief prefers to stay with a Super Bowl contender and at a place where he's already comfortable. But at 30 years old, he must understand this will probably be his last big contract opportunity.

And the Saints, like most teams with a highly paid quarterback, don't have a lot of flexibility within their cap.


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oscar do you know that actually you appear to be quite shallow? and often FOS?

J.Manziel shouldn't be a Top 100 Pick.

NE should draft him and turn him into a WR.

He is to slow to be a WR.

Manziel won't be running away from anybody at the pro level. And he isn't big enough to shed blockers.

J.Manziel is smaller than L.Miller.

You will see when it is his first preseason game and you say I thought J.Manziel was bigger.

Armando has great connections inside the team. Thats why he's usually spot on in his analysis.

Big game tonight.

Posted by: Spo #1 Coach | March 06, 2014 at 08:24 PM

In the world according to dashi boy, 2 consecutive Championships along with the second longest winning streak in history doesn't qualify Spo as a good coach.

es verdad got pissed.

You must keep your sense of Humor, especially on Internet.

I really think that Gabe Jackson could be the best OG in this Draft at 6-3 336 lbs. This kid has a rare combination of size and quickness.

pissed? claro que no. just letting you know you don't fool anybody. i'm sure you will keep trying, and go right ahead.

And J.Manziel is Mediocre as a Passer.

Every year a QB is gassed up. Remember Matt Barkley? Exactly.

Bridgewater is also going to struggle at the pro level. He is a small version of G.Smith.

Bottles doesn't have enough experience to start day 1. He needs 2-3 years of developing.

This kid has a rare combination of size and quickness.

Posted by: STRODIUM90 | March 06, 2014 at 08:35 PM

LOL...yeah, they say that about 5 lineman every draft and maybe 1 out of 10 becomes decent,

It's already widely speculated Manziel will fall in the draft. GM's aren't falling for the hype, which is already fading. He'll go late second or 3rd round tops.

Associated Press

JUPITER, Fla. -- Nathan Eovaldi was inefficient but effective Thursday.

The Marlins right-hander managed the rare feat of throwing 36 pitches in the first inning without giving up a run. He escaped a bases-loaded jam, and Miami and Boston Red Sox were tied 0-0 when the game was called in the eighth inning because of rain.
Eovaldi, who has yet to allow an earned run in two starts, struck out four in two innings. He was pulled after throwing 49 pitches, even though he had planned on a third inning.
"That first inning kind of killed that," he said. "I felt fine, but I was trying to do too much with my off-speed pitches."
Marlins newcomer Jarrod Saltalamacchia, playing against his former team for the first time, went 0 for 2.
The game drew a sellout crowd of 6,427

I don't think any of these QB's are special. Not #1 pick material for sure.

Of all the QB's drafted in the last 5 years, our Tannehill is in the top 5 easily.



Manziel may be the best QB coming out of college in the last ten years. A cinch to be a winner at the next level.

Look for a RB to be taken in the 2nd or 3rd. Miller does not appear to be a #1 back and the other two look like busts. Scat backs are the luxury, first you need a bruiser.

Of all the QB's drafted in the last 5 years, our Tannehill is in the top 5 easily.

Posted by: Xaba | March 06, 2014 at 08:46 PM

At what? Losing? lol

Johnny Football will be a disaster. He will easily be in rehab or jail very quickly. I don't buy the hype

In regards to available free agent O-Line men. There will be other guys getting cut becauce so many teams are in cap trouble. Then there will be more cut loose after the draft, After June first.

Have the Heat Overachieved or Underachieved?

The Heat should have 3 Titles not 2.

The Heat still can't run a half court offense.

The Heat have 10 guys that can start on any team, yet the Big 3 play 38+ Minutes a Game.

The Heat show no Consistency!! That falls on the coach.

The Heat have the Most Talented Team in the NBA. They have the Best Player in the NBA. The Best Athlete to Ever play the game.

LeBron and the Heat needs a coach that can teach them. What can Spo teach any of these players. How to use the film app. GTFOH!!

Of all the QB's drafted in the last five years, the only one I like for sure better than Tannehill is Luck. Wilson still has to show me he is durable. We know Tannehill is tough. Outside of those two, hands down I stick with Tannehill.

Dashi, 2 consecutive championships with a 3rd still a possibility is called overachieving. You let your personal feelings get in the way of logic. Results are everything. It never matters how you get there.

How many coaches have back to backs? I know you have fun embarrassing yourself, but please try to tone it down for your own good.

Thad Lewis > Ryan Tannehill

miso dashe is only 9 years old, seriously. don't bother.

Hey, everyone get's to have their opinion. I'll stick with mine :)

Geno Smith > Ryan Tannehill

Indiana has gotten better every year over the last couple of years. How have the Heat gotten worst.

Even though the roster has gotten better every year. This is the most Talented Heat team in the Last 4 Years. And Basically Ever. But they are underachieving.

They should be running away with the Best Record. And challenging MJ for 72-10. Doing something truly great.

Anyone can lead the Heat to what Spo has led the Heat to.


Your comments and opinions on this blog remind me of how my mangera (aka EL CAÑON) used to look when I was done with your ex-wife........

F. O. S.

Chad Henne > Ryan Tannehill

Riley was exposed in NY. A dishwasher could have led his Lakers team to several rings. He had a great great team in NY and couldn't make it happen. Then as top dog of the Heat, he needed almost two decades to win again, and that was on a rare all world performance by Wade.

Riley is the fraud here. Stylish though.

Spo just might have 3 consecutive rings which puts him in elite status,

Ryan tannehill - ken o brien yup that about right

Riley's Lakers had a whole bench better than most teams. Give credit where credit is due.

Dashi, homework finished?

That's who tannehill reminds me of

Tannehill will have a ring before Luck and RG3 and that will end all arguments...but until then...by all means have your fun while you can!

If the Heat don't win a Title this year, Who do you blame?

Dashi is a fan of history. The Heat could be making History. Spo could be pushing LeBron to be great, how Phil would inspire MJ to be great.

You guys complain about Philbin being cold on the sideline. You can't get a bigger sissy on the sideline than Spo. The Players run the Huddle. He never stands up to the Refs. Spo is completely inept on the sideline. Thank God the Heat have HOF assistant coaches.

But I know. Rainbow Brigade stick together.

And Funny for you to make an appearance. I thought you were still embarrassed to show your face around here. Even under a different names.

And you get brave quick.


tannehill reminds me of john beck

Dashi this Heat team is NOWHERE as good as that Chicago team. This Heat team is disjointed, that Bulls team was a seriously cohesive collective unit.

I'm just guessing you are a young fan. This Heat team is not much of a 'team'.

Wow, this dashi character is a bit unstable. What a looney.

One should learn to separate their emotions from their analysis. Some can't.

2014, He is hated by thei regime. They only give him what they want to get out. He has mocked and ridiculed them for the last year. If he was drowning they would stp on his head before throwing him a life jacket.


I beg to differ. Jordan never had a team that stacked.

The Bulls were Jordan and Pippen. Then about 3 more guys. MJ never had a Center. MJ never really had a PG. C.Bosh is better than any number 3 MJ had.

MJ never had a Ray Allen off the Bench. He had guys like James Jones. Not even. James Jones is a great shooter.

Give Phil Jackson this Heat Team. I bet he will go 80-2. And the 2 he would lose because he sat the starters the whole game and played with the bench.


Agreed. The Bulls were a more cohesive unit. But the Heat are a more talented unit.

Who is responsible for team cohesiveness? If the Heat were the Dolphins who would you be blaming?





I'm frustrated watching this HEAT game as well. We just look totally out of synch with everybody at half speed in there D rotations no really good movement on the ball ect.... We were out of synch the other night as well and it was a miracle we came back (riding Beasley) with a shot to win it at the buzzer and maybe could have had LeBron fed the hot hand seemed he had both Beasley and Allen at the corners one at the bottom of the key and the other at the top.

That said your short changing the Bulls 1st 3-Peat team. BJ Armstrong was a 44% 3-point shooting PG while Horace Grant was an usung hero on that team at PF. Kerr had his moments off the bench on both 3-Peat teams while the 2nd that put up the 72-10 counted on a very game Dennis Rodman who provided 20 boards a game and in there 1st off the 2nd 3-Peat against the Super Sonics he even had that game 4 were he had 22 Points and 26 Boards.

Your selling Kukoc short as well because your forgetting that after MJ retired it was Kukoc, Pipen and the unheralded Ron Harper who pushed Riley's Knicks to the edge in the East Conf. Champ. series in 94. Your even forgetting the contributions of Brian Williams A.K.A. Bison Dele (murdered by his Bro) to the front Court on the 2nd 3-Peat team which was that Rock Star 72-10 squad, I remember the show they were well and while this HEAT team is doing there part they're not quite what that Bulls team was at that time, Jordan and those guys just refused to lose!

They were stacked pretty good with pieces around his Airness it wasn't just his show although that's what he'll have everybody believe today!! Shaq and Penny were getting good and the reason after the Magic bounced MJ from the Post-Season after his return wearing #45 that Phil brought all those guys in.

Pouncey needs to be gone...

fin4life good post and made my point. Those Bulls were a flat out better team. The talent on the Heat does not mesh in the same way. The Heat are awkward champs, and to some it makes Spo look bad. Let's not kid ourselves, he knows the game far better than any of us.

That Lakers Dynasty ok was awesome. Deepest team ever, their bench could have beaten most starters. But my favorite top five starters on a team ever? No question!

Parrish 'The Chief'

The most impressive demonstration of 'Will to Win' in basketball?

The last two games of Jordans sixth championship against Utah. When he stole the ball from Malone late in game 6, before making one of his most famous shots, it was sheer will. Malone blinked, Jordan didn't. That Utah team was a serious force. Had it gone a seventh game......but it didn't.

Lebron is quite a beast. But sorry, this Heat team does not stack up with the the Lakers, Pistons, Celtics, Jazz, Rockets back in their golden years. Give Spo credit. Results are everything.

The last two games of Jordans sixth championship against Utah. When he stole the ball from Malone late in game 6, before making one of his most famous shots, it was sheer will. Malone blinked, Jordan didn't. That Utah team was a serious force. Had it gone a seventh game......but it didn't.

Posted by: Xaba | March 06, 2014 at 10:47 PM

The fade away jumper at te buzzer game-1 of that same series was memorable as well. The Jazz that series seemed the deeper team and the Bulls seemed gassed but when it mattered they stole a couple late to stamp their legacy.

dashi got schooled.......and.....buried!

Spo is a HOF coach

The Jazz that series seemed the deeper team and the Bulls seemed gassed but when it mattered they stole a couple late to stamp their legacy.

Posted by: fin4life | March 06, 2014 at 10:52 PM

That's it right there - 'When it mattered most'. That is what I mean by will to win. Utah should have won that series. Stockton and Malone in their prime, Utah was powerful, fast and dominating. It looked like had it gone to game 7, the Bulls would have been spent and Utah would have rolled over them.

I'll always wonder if the Rockets would have won 2 had Jordan not stepped aside. Too hard to say, they were a great team and Hakeem in is prime was unstoppable. He took on all the top centers and schooled them.

Aaron Murray


Would have RT's job in minutes

Posted by: Xaba | March 06, 2014 at 10:49 PM

The HEAT team meshes well when they're playing fast break B-Ball and half court full press D but misses on alot of the other intangibles. They really are the definition of ridding your horses defering to the hot hand that night unless like tonight you have Wade and LeBron throwing up clunkers for the duration.

I believe this team does have that will to win from 2 of it's 3 best players but one is old and the other can't carry te show from night to night. The secret to those Bulls teams really if you remember was the way on a night like tonight they picked up the slack when MJ was off around him which this HEAT team just goes in a funk when it happens to Bron.

The great/elite teams historically have had that type of gritty leadership when their Big-Man went limp on occasion. I do agree with Dashi in one aspect and that's the fact the HEAT doesn't have that leadership at all from the top with Spo. Think about the Bulls dominance and Phil did have command like Riley with his Showtime Lakers before they became an older vet team he inexplicably ran into the ground in the 1st of 2 Finals losses to the Pistons were B.Scott was lost in Riley's boot camp practices before the series and Magic went down game-2 and they got swept ending Riley and Dr.Buss.

Even in MLB the 120 win 3-peat Yankees of the ate 90's had Joe Torre keeping that over the top talented bunch in check with a Rock Star cast of their own and if the Celtics team you mentioned with Bird had one thing it was gritty leadership across the boards from KC Jones on down!

I'll always wonder if the Rockets would have won 2 had Jordan not stepped aside. Too hard to say, they were a great team and Hakeem in is prime was unstoppable. He took on all the top centers and schooled them.

Posted by: Xaba | March 06, 2014 at 11:07 PM

That's the series we all wished would have happened but when MJ came back Clyde was gassed and he was a lynch pin in those Rockets teams!

On those Jazz teams it's easy to of course remember Malone/Stockton but when I say deep I'm talking Byron Russell and Ostertag in the starting line up with guys like Antoine Carr, Howard Eisley and the 3-point dagger shooting of Jeff Hornacek they even had Shandon Anderson on the bench and Jerry Sloan was no slouch of a Coach!


Well, I'll give Jackson credit for teaching Jordan it takes a team game to win, but other than than, I can't say I'm sold on him. He never dared to take over a bad team and turn it around, like Parcells did so many times. He went from the Bulls to the Lakers with Shaq and Kobe, gimme a break. I can't say he proved anything. Riley had the greatest collection of players in history with the best bench ever, so I think any coach would have gotten that team as many rings. He never got a very good NY team a ring even when his own players were telling him how to beat the Bulls!, so....I think both of those coaches have the benefit of media hype.

Spo may win ugly at times but just maybe that is what he has to do. Do you think for one minute Riley would keep him if he didn't have faith in what Spo was doing? Riley has 40 freaking years of NBA experience, he sees what we can't see.

Back to back rings just can't be sneezed at.

Heat Players that could've played and are better than players MJ played with.

Ray Allen

Then you have the Big 3.


Kukoc and H.Grant couldn't hold C.Bosh jock as a #3 option. Seriously.

Even if you have the Big 3 of MJ, Pippen, Rodman. I would take the Heat Big 3.

MJ is the Ultimate competitor and Phil Jackson is to good of a coach to lose to the Heat. But the Heat are one of the most talented teams ever.

F4L, this part isn't towards you.

Give it a break. Dashi defeated? Seriously. Quit it. You are just making your old ass look silly.

Dashi is half your age and I break you down at will. I know you are still trying for that first time you feel that you got Dashi. Just Stop It!! It isn't going to happen.

You have followed Dashi on multiple blogs. And the Truth is I got your Number Home-O.

It must drive you crazy. Well it does drive you crazy. You show it every time you go Dashi, Dashi, Dashi.

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