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The other free agent OL possibilities

The NFL's worst kept secret now is the Miami Dolphins are going to sign a left tackle in free agency. And it's also no secret that if Baltimore LT Eugene Monroe is available, the Dolphins will chase him. They will also chase Kansas City LT Branden Albert and hoope to land one of the two.

But as the Dolphins have four open offensive line spots and not just one, it must dawn on folks that the free agency derby that starts Monday is going to include at least one and perhaps two more workhorse linemen.


Because even if the Dolphins land Monroe or Branden Albert or some other left tackle, they cannot play a game with just that player and center Mike Pouncey. And believing the Dolphins can go into the draft and pick three linemen to fill the other spots is not very football savvy.

One does not simply draft three rooks, count on all of them to come in and learn the offense, learn the nuances of the game, be good enough to start, and then become cohesive and effective all while playing under a head coach whose record through two seasons suggests he's not fond of starting rookies other than Ryan Tannehill.

So veteran shopping beyond Monroe et al. the Dolphins must go.

The problem with that?

The free agency market at guard and right tackle is not exactly teeming with great possibilities.

There are a couple of good possibilities. But not great.

The guard market is so depressing that Richie Incognito would be the catch of the group were it not for his emotional problems and history. John Jerry will also be in that group and I suppose the Dolphins could bring him back -- if they don't want to upgrade, and don't mind mediocre play, and don't have a problem with him being a key player in the harassment scandal the past couple of years.

Assuming the Dolphins do want to upgrade there are a couple of guards that offer that chance:

Chad Rinehart, 29, showed himself a valuable, tough inside presence for the Chargers last season. He was battling a nagging toe injury much of the year but still showed up on Sunday and did OK work. Obviously, the Dolphins need to do their homework on the injury and decide how much that really limited Rinehart's play. Rinehart graded out slightly better than Jerry but, again, he was hurt, Jerry was healthy and there's the other stuff hovering over Jerry.

Geoff Shwartz, 27, is the brother of Cleveland Browns tackle Mitchell Shwartz and he became a very pleasant surprise for the Chiefs when he took over at right guard for them last year. Shwartz was previously the backup right tackle but when he stepped over to RG the Chiefs got better pass protection from the position. His run-blocking in adequate. (Hey, I"m not saying pay the guy like he's Jahri Evans).

(Peanut gallery: But Mando, we watched the playoffs and the Super Bowl and saw the Broncos have this guard Zane Beadles and he's a free agent. The guy played on a good team so he must be good. Let's get him!)

I was coming to him, gallery. He is a free agent -- like the others, unless he re-signs -- and he was good enough to start on a very good team. And he was good in 2012. But in his contract year, Beadles didn't shine. He was the No. 51-rated guard, according to ProFootballFocus.com. And while the metrics site is not the Bible and thus inerrant, it is widely recognized Beadles didn't play up to his previous heights last year despite being surrounded by Super Bowl talent.

So what happens if he's surrounded by non-playoff talent? What happens if he expects Tannehill to get rid of the ball like Peyton Manning but Tannehill is still holding the ball like, well, Ryan Tannehill?

Maybe he steps up to previous form. But would the Dolphins want to pay the premium Beadles is going to want to bet on a good answer to that question?

I'm thinking Rinehart and Schwartz have a lower ceiling but their asking price is also going to be much, much lower than Beadles'.

That addresses the guard possibilities. Obviously, there are a couple of right tackle possibilities.

The best of those is probably Austin Howard of the New York Jets. He played quite well for the NYJ last year and that team does not want to lose him.

But there's a market for a 26-year-old, athletic, two-year starter, who happened to handle being in New York well.

Also, adding him would mean weakening the Jets.

The other accomplished right tackle on the market is Zach Strief, who is actually a better player than Howard but is mentioned second here because he wants badly to return to New Orleans and the Saints want him as well.

Stief gave up only three sacks in over 1,000 snaps last season and that caused PFF.com to rate him right along with Drew Brees as the highest-graded Saints offensive player. Remember, if you will, Jimmy Graham also played on the Saints offense so this is a big deal.

Strief comes with the added value that he is a leader. And the Dolphins are looking for that. Strief was one of his team’s offensive captains and is known to be a top lockerroom leader.

Obviously, Strief prefers to stay with a Super Bowl contender and at a place where he's already comfortable. But at 30 years old, he must understand this will probably be his last big contract opportunity.

And the Saints, like most teams with a highly paid quarterback, don't have a lot of flexibility within their cap.


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Texas, sounds like a sound plan to me. Robinson at 2 is sound. At the next pick, CB is fine too. Gilbert to me is the crown prince of CBs. Size, tackling, speed, athleticism, nobody even came close to producing big plays. I do like jason Verrett of TCU as well - he may be in the cards for us - he's just short - but so is Brent Grimes and Verrett is pretty similar to Grimes in makeup - but stronger in the upper body.

Good point NeMo, I could see it going either way. My personal preference is Robinson.

If Tanny were coming out this year he'd be undrafted because he'd be on the bench or at WR behind "Mr. Football".

Pouncey does need to be in the long term plans of this team. He's getting crucified for the whole pussygate incident but from what I see, he didn't really do anything wrong. This team needs to build a nucleus of home grown players to personify the Dolphins way. The only guy of any prominence we have right now is Soliai to fit the mold. Hartline, Pouncey, hopefully Tannehill, Jordan, Vernon ... these guys need to stick around for a while and eventually we need to be a team that signs it's own worthy internal free agents instead of hoping other teams somehow can't afford good ones that would help us.

Bill Polian said that signing a FA OLinemen is a good deal if they fit your system as most have longevity. Only problem is I don't know what system do we have/ had along the O line. I believe Hickey wants good blockers in O linemen, so the best blocker of the OTs, Gs(Asamoah if Schwartz is not available?).

My thought on Pouncey was to get an extra pick only, I get what you're saying, time is now, he's anywhere from 1-3 best centre in league but if he could land us a 1st & extra pick could be a longer term solution to the Oline. Plus despite his talent he's made some questionable decisions as a young man.
I've yet to hear anything with his involvement with Hernandez trial..has anyone heard anything of substance in that regard? Just wonder if there's more to it?

In a couple yrs time were gonna need $$ money for Thill, Pouncey, Clay, Miller(if worthy) sure we can cut LB's but decent replacements are prob gonna be just as pricey. If anyone had asked me 2 months ago if I'd move Pouncey Clay or even Wake I'd of said an emphatic NO. But we're also going to need 2 DT's! If we land Monroe I'm guessing 9-10Mil, that's a lot of coin for 1 player. But hoping we get a Florida discount from his ties to Jax. I guess with this draft being soo deep & the more I'm analyzing I'm thinking this might be draft for a larger makeover..

..Nemo.Exactly..There is no reason to trade Dion Jordan. The signing bonuse we owe him all comes off the books now...

I'm sure that other teams would love to make a trade. He would be cheap, and definitely of value. They would not be on the hook for the signing bonus. So why wouldn't an opposing team at least put out a feeler for Jordan.

He may end up being a bust, who knows. This leak was meant IMO a shot across his bow to get it together. A lot of people blame the coaching staff for not finding a spot for Jordan. Just assuming that perhaps he was the issue, not the coaches. Maybe Jordan was flat not ready to play last year, and maybe that is on him?

Either way..Ireland did something that has never been done before in the history of the draft..Ever. Move from outside of the top 10 into the top 3 to draft a pass rusher...We have to at least see this through..Imagine trading this guy and him becoming a G.O.A.T.

I think Jordan stays. But he'd better work harder and be more committed if he wants more playing time.
FYI, I never said coaching doesn't matter - I said it's overrated. Peyton Manning is not a great QB because of coaching. And terrible players are not terrible because of coaching. A player's individual performance is his own resposibility. The coach's is to put the players in a position to be successful, esp. scheme wise. A new coach is not going to make Austin Howard a good tackle. He is what he is.

If Tanny were coming out this year he'd be undrafted because he'd be on the bench or at WR behind "Mr. Football".

Posted by: AtlFin | March 07, 2014 at 11:32 AM
only if

Yeah Mark @ 11:34, I agree with you. Add Charles Clay to list too and hopefully others as far as home grown talent goes.

Garn79, I understand your concerns about all of our free agent signings and not wanting to be in cap trouble, but I think we will be ok. The cap rose quite a bit this year and is supposed to in the future as well. Pouncey and Clay won't be all that expensive. They play at pretty cheap positions. If Tannehill has to be paid big money that will be a good problem to have imo. That will mean he has done something good to earn it.

We are still in great cap shape thanks to Aponte. I want the team to keep its contributors and build a strong nucleus so they don't have to be big free agent spenders every year. Trading for picks in theory works a lot better than in practice in my opinion anyway. Just my 2 cents.

The Dawn will never allow us to wallow in cap hell!! Hickey must love having her around

..At some point every team as to pay the piper. You are not going to be able to field a competitive team and always have a comfortable cap space. It just is not possible in todays game to sustain a ton of space every year. You have to be able to take advantage of the good years, and hope you draft well when you are light. Every team has to deal with this at some point. The cap will rise some. But so will the player salaries. It may offer some relief. But at some point. Even the Dolphins will have some cap issues down the road.

Per rotoworld.

Ohio State LB Ryan Shazier clocked sub-4.4 forty times at the Buckeyes' Pro Day.
This is in addition to Shazier's highly explosive 42-inch vertical and 10-foot-10 broad jump at the Combine. Shazier is a tick over 6-foot-1 and 237 pounds with striking and coverage skills. He's a likely top-40 draft pick.

Guy looks like he might be worth checking out at least in the first round.

Verrett may fall to 2nd round. He's scheduled for rotator cuff surgery. At least I thought I read that somewhere.

I agree about Gilbert. I think he's gone and my best guess would be the Lions.

NeMO, I agree with that philosophy of not trading for picks. The New England patriots for all the greatness they achieved since brady/Belicheck - I think they could've done more if they didn't concern themselves so much with value and trading back continuously.

I mean teh one year they went ballz out and got Moss et all - they dam near were the greatest team ever.

Thank god they were cheap fuchs...

Nemo I do get it & thx for reassurance lol maybe that's all I need. I'm not a college guy so the more I'm learning about this yrs draft I find myself re-examining everything. Love, Clay I saw Wakes 1st down in NFL in person & knew immediately guy was gonna be ridiculous!!

In regards to D Jordan reports..don't think it's BS..read last wk a report(don't remember source) out of Phi that they confirmed with Phi they put feelers out to Fins & we're told no.

Pouncey needs to be traded. He's facing a 2-4 game suspension plus random drug testing. He was a big part of the harrassment. Ross needs to learn to clean the entire house not just some rooms.

...Garn79...Of course teams would put out feelers. They would get a good prospect for next to nothing. Jordans contract is all signing bonus. Any team that was interested who saw how Jordan was used here last year would be foolish if they didn't at least make a call...I have no doubt teams showed interest.

NeMo, I love Shazier for this team - I actually have him in my top 10. Fits the mold of a 4-3 OLB - off the chartws athleticism and his production at Ohio State was also excellent. 140+ tackles and 6 sacks. He's in the mix.

Texas, if Verrett were there in round 2, you have to take him. Not this tells you how good a player he is, I think it's still worth mentioning - with teh shoulder issue - he benched 19 times at 190 pounds - how do you think Johnathan martin feels when reading that?

Now when you see "nat Moore" saying we should do something - the smart move would be to do the opposite...

If Tanny were coming out this year he'd be undrafted because he'd be on the bench or at WR behind "Mr. Football".

Posted by: AtlFin | March 07, 2014 at 11:32 AM

Very true.

Garn, I believe other teams put out feelers. I think he can really step up this year though. Vernon went from something like 3.5 to 11.5 sacks in year 2. It would be great if Jordan could do something similar like go from 2 to 10.

I don't blame you for needing reassurance at times Garn. Especially if you listen to the national media. Personally, I think we are a lot closer than it seems.

Free agents will want to come here. If we were really a joke with a terrible locker room I doubt Grimes comes back. I think things are looking up in 2014.

NeMo, Grimes was the #1 CB in free agency - he could've dictated his destination - he chose to not even test the waters. Obviously Hickey made a very good impression and Grimes believes Philbin isn't a total clown.

sure knows how
2 finish
2 seasons ago
it was 28-0
last season it was
19-0 and 20-7

Don't think we're trading or need to trade Jordan. Personally I love upside of having a guy you can put one on one with Gronk! Just sayin there was something to the story..

Pouncey is regarded by many coaches as no1 centre in league. Some baggage yep but GM's take risks all the time. His value might be perceived as low by Fin fans cause we're a bit morally disappointed. Hickey could fluff it up "yeah we're just ridding ourselves from any leftover stench, wanna be squeaky clean moving forward, nothing wrong with him, has a great work ethic" Lotsa GM's/Coaches would jump on him..

That's all I'm gonna say on Pouncey..movin along

smelly axx

NeMo, no FA that wants a SB is joining the Dolphins. Wake up and smell the coffee.

Grimes credited Coyle as a big reason he signed for 4 years.

Not sure if Shazier could play middle linebacker or not. Then we could kick Ellerbee outside. Even at outside he would be great to have. Just what we were missing last year.

Looks like he is a bit undersized, but thats the only knock on him. Maybe if we keep throwing first round picks at Coyle he will figure out how to use them haha.

Not aroma of chicken or goat. Season the Jamaica bowls.


NeMo, no FA


Realist, I'm not saying we are a number 1 super bowl contender destination for free agents. I'm also saying we are not the Raiders or Jaguars.

if/when the phins
come out
0-6 in 2014
coyle will be
interim hc and should
take over in

Don't think we're trading or need to trade Jordan. Personally I love upside of having a guy you can put one on one with Gronk! Just sayin there was something to the story..

Posted by: Garn79 | March 07, 2014 at 12:25 PM

You just pointed out my biggest problem with DC and how we misuse talent. I don't understand why we keep trying to use Jordan as a DE when he was never great against the run and never had big sack numbers at Oregon.

What he did well there was move everywhere and show excellent coverage skills and make big plays. Why he isn't our OLB is a complete mystery to me. I guess having someone that is 6'7 and runs a 4.5 in the 40 covering TE's, slot receivers and RB's doesn't appeal to Coyle for some reason.

Dion Jordan = Another Irescum bust

2 watt, I hope your 0-6 prediction is as good as your 1-4 prediction from last year.

Kevin Weidl ‏@KevinW_ESPN 1h

Heard OSU LB Ryan Shazier clocked in the sub 4.4 range at 237 pounds this morning. Had a 42 VJ and 10'10 BJ at combine. Explosive athlete!

1 more reply
Omar Kelly ‏@OmarKelly 1h

To @MoveTheSticks do you think Shazier is instinctive enough to play 4-3 ILBer?

Daniel Jeremiah ‏@MoveTheSticks 1h

@OmarKelly I prefer him as 4-3 WLB. He gets lost at times trying to sort through the trash.

I would keep Jordan period. I don't think our current coaching staff had the ingenuity to know how to use his skills. I hope they bumped their heads together and got it figured out of the off season.

Posted by: Texas_Dolfan | March 07, 2014 at 11:25 AM

If we trade this kid for a 2nd Rd pick we'll later be forced to endure watching him turn into a Top-10 talent at his Pos. elsewhere. I believe this! It will only be compounded by the fact we gave up the 3rd overall pick along with the 42nd overall to grab him just 1-Yr. earlier!

He flashed folks! In the limmited time he saw the field he showed pass rush ability (the whiff on shoving Luck aside) He also showed the ability to drop back in coverage ect...

I understand some (given his measurables) believe him a 3/4 OLB but if he can drop in coverage with the likes of Gronk then why not a 4/3 SOLB (OLB with coverage responsibility) I think some are just stuck on his size fitting best in the 3/4 but I believe he's such a PHENOM athlete that he could play either WOLB or SOLB in the 4/3.

I'd actually rotate him from the SOLB to the WOLB spot as well as RDE & LDE much in the way Arnsparger once used Duhe (ROVER) AJ Duhe in his day was a Big LB (6'4"/255 Pds) but he didn't possess as good as he was the freakish athletic upside DJ has!

Mike Wallace " I should have had 10-15 more TD's last season"


Nemo, we are the Raiders and the Jaquars even though you refuse to admit it. . There is no SB talk going on in Miami. 15 years without a playoff win....and counting.

all i want is the
best 4 my phinz
but the best
ain't there

in weeks 4 5 7 8 9
i was right on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Texas, if Verrett were there in round 2, you have to take him. Not this tells you how good a player he is, I think it's still worth mentioning - with teh shoulder issue - he benched 19 times at 190 pounds - how do you think Johnathan martin feels when reading that?"

Mark, I believe JMart would be SAD and need some tissues there in Mamby pamby land.


It does say a lot about Verrett's toughness and strength.

go l00k

D.Jordan has the ability to be the Centerpiece of a Defense. And with O.Vernon developing on the opposite side, the fins wouldn't need to use their LBs to rush the passer.

F4L, I agree 100% about Jordan and I do not want to watch Miami squander that kind of talent. He made more big plays per playing time than the whole Miami D. I am talking percentage wise folks. We need him on the field more.


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2 watt, lol indeed.

Texas and Mark, I like Verrett, but I doubt he falls to us in round 2. I guess there is a small chance just because of his size. I like the small, but tough, fast, and strong players like Cooks on the offensive side of the ball.

Cooks = Steve Smith ?
Verrett = Grimes ?

yes yes f4l, Jordan should always be on the field and be playing either OLB or DE in obvious pass downs. His superior coverage skills for a LB proves he can play 4-3 OLB. Coyle repeatedly marching Wheeler out here was not only a fireable offense but enough to march him out front of a firing line

Well done article on post comparing FA LT's.


Nemo, we are the Raiders and the Jaquars even though you refuse to admit it. . There is no SB talk going on in Miami. 15 years without a playoff win....and counting.

Posted by: Realist | March 07, 2014 at 12:41 PM

I think both the Jags and Raiders have better near term prospects than the Dolphins. They should both have top QB's soon and I cant find a reason to be positive about Tannehill,Philbin, Hickey, or Ross.

rdubs, new seasons? really? i guess Julian bought too many rum n cokes with the $500k he retired with ... Freedom 35.

My thought on Pouncey was to get an extra pick only, despite his talent he's made some questionable decisions as a young man.

I've yet to hear anything with his involvement with Hernandez trial..has anyone heard anything of substance in that regard? Just wonder if there's more to it?

Posted by: Garn79 | March 07, 2014 at 11:38 AM

The problem with moving Pouncey isn't just in the hole you open at his Pos. which to me is considerable! I still think back to the win Vs. Seattle in 2012 were he pulls all the way around LT J.Long whose on his keester back at the line while Pouncey does his job of snapping at Center pulling for Cogs (LG) and then finnishing doing Long's job escorting Bush into the endzone from around our 25 yardline. I don't think alot of people noticed or paid attention but I did and knew we found our most athletic Center and maybe OL ever!

I've read your posts the last couple of days and they were good and get from them that like myself you've been watching long enough to know you don't find many Centers in a Generation with that ability. I have since seen him do it on many an occasion and figure it was our way of masking Incognito's complete inability to pull (slowest Guard I ever saw pulling) I find it laughable that Salguero would post that the incident in Miami aside Cogs would be a hot FA Commodity.

The worry here is that apparently he was somehow connected to a drive by shooting in Gainsville that Hernandez is being investigated for. They were close by all accounts and Pouncey will be brought into Court and pressed on some of the issues. The St. Attorney could be fishing but my worry is Pouncey doesn't perjur himself in open Court. As far as anything else they might have we'll have to wait for the trail but worrisome that our Pouncey is the one NFL Hernandez friend being targeted in this. Making Mike a bit of an enigma to trade anywere in the forseeable future.

No need to sign FA OGs before the draft.

Zach Martin would be a Pro Bowl LG out of the draft.

Miami already has Sam Brenner and Dallas Thomas to compete at RG.


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neMo, I do love Cooks and Verrett. Cooks to me is more a strong Desean jackson ... which I guess does make him a Steve Smith, haha .. but I guess with better natural athleticism.

Verrett is a stronger brint Grimes. Even at 5'9 he would be able to get in a Wrs face. With Verrett and his shoulder injured 19 reps on one side and Taylor's 22 reps on the other, we'd eb able to jam up WRs all day - not that I expect Coyle to ever play one single play away from his beloved zone.



Maybe Blake Bortles, but no other Qb in the first or 2nd round of this draft has the physical talent or mental accumen tannehill does.

Fin4, Jordan was just another square peg being forced into a round hole we've seen countless times. Even a casual fan knew Jordan's strength is OLB not DE. But yet our brain trust knew better. It's all about recognizing a players strength and finding a way to use it.

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