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Free agency tidbits before the launch of free agency

The purpose of free agency is to upgrade. Let's see what you got, Dennis Hickey.

The new Dolphins general manager inherited a mediocre (8-8) team rife with unmet expectations. The team needs an offensive line, save maybe one or two spots. The team has cornerback questions, defensive tackle questions, running back questions and linebacker questions despite investing heavily in the position last year.


Let's roll.

Look beyond the well-chronicled offensive line issues for a moment. Think defensive tackles to start. Randy Starks is actually looking at the Seahawks as a possible landing spot. Paul Soliai has gotten flirty eyes from Atlanta.

The Dolphins seem a distant possibility.

So where's the upgrade?

The Herald offered a handful of names as possible defensive tackle upgrades. And if you look at former NFL executive of the year Bill Polian's free agent tracker, one name is sticking out: Earl Mitchell.

Learn the name because you'll be hearing it the next 24-48 hours.

Mitchell has already been in contact with the Dolphins. Thing is he's also been contacted by the Bucs, Seahawks, Bears, Chargers and Cowboys. That's a lot of buzz for a four-year veteran with only 134 career tackles (33 per season average) and 3.5 sacks (less than one per season average) to his name.

Yet teams are loving him.

He is a high-motor, solid penetration, one-gap type guy.

The Dolphins will try to sign at least one defensive tackle in the coming days.

And that brings us back to ...

Yeah, offensive line.

Chad Rinehart re-signed with San Diego on Monday. Pfft.

The Broncos have encouraged Zane Beadles to shop around. Beadles loves Denver and loves playing with a winner. But I'm sure he also loves to get paid.

Geoff Schwartz is a possibility. Rams like him. He's going to be popular starting at 4 p.m. today.

St. Louis guard Shelley Smith of the Rams seems a good system fit for a zone blocking scheme, which is exactly what the Dolphins do.

KC's Jon Asamoah is also going to be very popular starting at 4 p.m. today. The Jets and Falcons are reportedly very interested.

About the Jets: They cleared nearly $18 million in cap space the two days by releasing Santonio Holmes and Antonio Cromartie. They have gone from the third most cap space in the AFC East, behind Buffalo and Miami, to the second most cap space in the AFC East.

They have flexibility that they didn't enjoy the past couple of seasons, which is not exactly good news for their division rivals, including Miami.

So if the Dolphins are interested in right tackle Austin Howard, as The Herald has reported, I offer two caveats to actually getting him:

1. The Jets have been trying to re-sign Howard, so let's see if he even makes it to the market.

2. Let's see what happens if gets to free agency and then both the Dolphins and Jets try to sign him. Talk about driving up the price on a solid-but-not-outstanding player.

On the cornerback front, the Dolphins have told Nolan Carroll, starter of 12 games in 2013, to shop around. He's doing just that. And Minnesota and San Francisco have shown interest.

The Dolphins re-signed Brent Grimes and that's good. But that doesn't do it all. With Dimitri Patterson cut and Carroll shopping around, a couple of things need to happen:

1. Last year's rookies need to show up. Neither Jamar Taylor nor Will Davis proved anything during their rookie seasons. One or the other -- Taylor most likely because he was a second-round pick -- will feel some heat to perform in 2014.

2. The Dolphins would do well to hedge their bet by adding a veteran cornerback who can, at minimum, be a solid No. 3 replacing Carroll.

And let me just mention one more thing:

Darrelle Revis is available via trade. If he doesn't get traded, Tampa Bay, under new management, will cut him by Wednesday because they don't want to give the Jets a third-round draft pick from last year's trade nor pay Revis a $1.5 million bonus atop his $16 million base salary.


Well that brings me back to Dennis Hickey. He was part of the old management in Tampa Bay that brought Revis to the Bucs in 2013. Just saying.


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Cannot afford both Grimes and Revis. Forget it.

Nolan Carroll will be a Dolphin.


What no mention of Davin Joseph to play G in Miami? Com' On Man!

My prediction, Dimitri Patterson will return to the Dolphins signing an incentive laden deal.

Revis to the Broncos for a reasonable salary. They have the need and the cap space. He wants to win.

IMO, Revis is on the downside of his career. I'd rather see the Dolphins second year players compete.


Revis will not be coming here. Even if he is cut by the bucs. he is in the twilight of his career and he wants big money. If he takes less money, it will be with a contender this year, not a rebuilding franchise; just saying......

Could tell from the opening line that this was another "no new news" fill in the space with rhetoric kind of day.

No doubt Patterson didn't want a pay cut but once he finds out what teams are willing to pay he'll accept an incentive laden deal with the Dolphins.

That's why you S.Florida sports fans are do ignorant, peanut gallery really Revis is in the twilight of his career at 28 coming off an acl injury 2 years ago. You people wonder why the American public dismissed you people opinions so damn stupid it's never gets old with you S.Florida sports idiots geez !!

Guys- Revis is 28. He's not done by any means. But there is already too much money tied up in the secondary but can you imagine having him? My goodness where would opposing QB throw?

Believe the fish are def staying the course w the lil speedy
UM RB & Gator RB

DT could be released any time or retained
not a reel keeper

Right now they wouldn't have to throw, they can just run right up our middle.

Pats may seriously be considering Revis but
he has to have reel expectations of a much lower contract

Aint nobody payin close to his deal w Tampa

Reel @ 733.
Exactly what I have been saying. The QB coach never coached. Rarely saw Tannehill and the QB coach going through still photos on the side line breaking down the plays. Bad coaching and therefore no pocket presence or foot work, moving around in the pocket etc. etc. etc....I guess he was coached to " Tuck it in and take the sack but don't throw an Int" We can always blame it on the "O" line.

Anyone here still saying Moore is a good QB is an idiot. Plain and simple.

Just go watch the game film from last year when he went in after THILL was injured. He looked like a Pop Warner player on that field. He was completely lost, over matched and he threw two interceptions in a matter of minutes. He was a hot mess!

The team is paying too much for a guy who clearly is a mess. I'd rather roll with Devlin as the #2 and see the Fins add a much less cost FA or draft a rookie in the later rounds as a pure backup to the backup.

If they keep Moore at his current salary that is fine, it's not going to kill the team but I assure you he will be gone after this year when his deal expires.

I agree jpao but you prob just opened the flood gates for the MM lovers..


I agree about Devlin, I think he needs to be the number 2 QB. Moore is way too costly to stay, I hope to see him either traded or released for EOB.

Let me just remind everyone of one name ALREADY ON THE TEAM……wait for it…..

Michael Thomas

You remember him right? He was signed from the 49'ers practice squad last year. He played against New England last December and he created two HUGE plays in the final 4 as Tom Brady was trying to score the winning TD. He broke up the pass to Edelman and then intercepted Brady on 4th down.

He is listed as Safety but played CB that game as players we hurt. This kid has great instincts, is humble and should be a viable CB or S for this team in 2014.

Watch him become a starter or our Nickel CB this year. Just saying!!

The fins will make another move on existing roster and restructure Wallace. Don't look for him to make 17m. Fins have to go by the Must, Need, Desire framework.

They Must sign 4 new O-line starters- They need them to be better, they'd like them to be stars.

They must add another DT. A good value here, not necessarily break the bank.

They must add a starting HB and FB . Power Runners!

They must upgrade MLB.

They need another Vet DB but Taylor was 2nd rated DB in last years draft, Strong, fast , talented. He needs to step up. I also think they can get Patterson back on their terms.

They want a better TE but whats on the roster isn't bad.

They want a better #4 WR.

OLB is want to improve but with New ILB, Jordan , Misi , Wheeler all have skills they need better coaching and schemes.

Expect top three picks to be best available OL, DL,

Today's the day Lady's and Gents. I can't wait to get a small glimpse of what we got in a new GM. IMO so far he's done a good job in getting Grimes and Delmas.

Get me Revis..That would be awesome...Him and Grimes...Yikes...Don't trade for him, wait until he gets cut...Give me Revis over Patterson and Carroll any day...

I think Revis will be looking to team up with an immediate contender like the broncos.

qb is
the #1
problem on
the dolphins
need a qb still

Dolphins can get two good DBs for 16mil a yr.

Can dude be sent back Home when RT sizzles in 2014?

What's gone on so far this offseason just underlines what a terrible GM Ireland was. Hickey is trying to fix all his mistakes now. The LT position should have been addressed last year. Hickey had to address that and also has to address 3 other OL spots. Both Starks and Soliai had their contracts expire the same year. Now Hickey has to fix the DT position. I checked out some draft publications this past weekend and they all said what a horrible draft the Phins had in 2013. One actually graded it an F. Now Hickey is stuck with huge question marks in the secondary (except for Grimes) and an albatross of a contract with Reshad Jones. Idiot Ireland let a whole slew of contracts all expire in the same year. Glad he is gone, but the damage he did is alot to overcome.

As a lion fan, I loved Delmas when he had healthy knees. Injuries have sapped his speed, and his ability to stay on the field, last year he played all but 1 game, but couldn't practice. He's a leader on the field, but goes for big hits and doesn't wrap up, and is awful in pass coverage. Good luck, he's a good guy.

How cool was signing Delmas to a 1 year deal that is only up to 3.5 million. That is a win for sure.

Am I the only one who hopes VOntae signs with Jets for a crapload of money? I think he could be abused by a speedy Mike Wallace, Vontae got killed by Tavon Austin. I think he was the only CB who was LOL

For people without twitter. Branden Alberts started following Tannehill,Louis Delmas,Lamar Miller. Offcial yet?

lions fan.2
Good riddance.

Not a chance Revis is coming to Miami. You can't pay two guys that kind of money to play CB and expect to win. Invest in the OL and make certain you don't leave yourself short at DT.

There will be other good, cheaper options out there at CB.

A Lions fan? You constantly make fun of the Dolphins and you're a Lions fan? Oh boy...What's wrong with this picture?

ro$$ is going
on the cheap.
orders to the crack of dawn
he need$ $$$$ for
the joe upgrades

hey genius
those are quotes from lions fans
man clueless homers

With the same bad 0-line and no receivers or TEs emerging back in 2011
Matt Moore started 12 games:
16 passing TDs, 2 Rushing TDs to 9 Ints
61% completion
over 87 QBR

Imagine if he had the new emerging TE Charles Clay, wide open deep threat WR Mike Wallace & excellent slot receiver Gibson and a breakout yr w big WR Mathews

UR Miami Dolfans would have been in the PLAYOFFS

y'all livin in denial w 6-36 Tannehill to Wallace


who was team mvp again?
oh yeah

Craig- agreed but just imagine having Revis and grimes! You are talking about taking out a teams number 1 and number 2 WR one on one! You can cheat the safeties up and knock the block off the te or number 3 WR coming across the middle. I wish it were possible but agree that wrapping up Revis would cost too much....

I didn't want them to cut Patterson now. If they did - they better plan on doing something significant with that cap money. I'm sick of this team being $40M under the cap. If you are continually that much under the cap - you just aren't trying hard enough. So please re-sign Paul - not some inferior but younger - sign a another star or two besides Albert. I don't want anymore "shrewd" signings like Louis Delmas who isn't a significant upgrade from Chris Clemons and far less durable.

Do something significant!

"As a Lion fan"...That's what you posted you retard...


Thanks for the updates. Yeah the Colts are nut to give Davis that kind of money. Hes not that good. He'll he'll get lazy once he gets the big contract. Its their funeral. And heres hoping he ends up with the Jets, under a big contract. Good point.

Home... you do realize that Moore had Marshall right? That guy was kinda good.

Oh yeah and a running game.

Funny you didn't post his fumbles : )

Agreed JPAO, Moore is a genuine turnover machine and worth nowhere near the $5.5M million he's counts toward the cap. he should've been the first cut before Patterson. patterson playing four games last year was a much higher value than Moore. Moore plays horseshite in teh preseason, plays horseshite in teh regular season.

And the only idiot who thinks he's anything is the crown prince of all jagoffs in Home-O - who makes Daytona look sane by comparison.

NFL Network is saying Fins are one of the teams interested in Ben Tate, RB Houston. We could use an upgrade over D. Thomas but is Tate the guy?
I'd rather wait and grab someone like Charles Sims, WV in the 4th round.


Jets are making huge run for Vontae and have lots of cap and at this point are frontrunners for him and his grandmas services. Subject to change of course

well 2watt agrees, but they are the same person so w/e

Michael Bush got released by the Bears. I'd take him over Thomas.

yeah moron
2 watt is a lions an
wow dumb f'ng

I would love Ben Tate...At the right price of course...But I also love Carlos Hyde at #19...I've seen enough of Daniel Thomas...

tpuke has 9 funbles

Matt Moore will be traded. Devlin will be the back up and a rookie QB will be the 3rd string.


In my humble opinion Delmas is an upgrade over Clemons if he can stay healthy. And last year Delmas played in all 16 games and started 15. Plus he can catch the ball. I wouldn't say he's a huge upgrade but an upgrade.

What is making me wonder is Delmas in his 5 minutes yesterday said he's a SS not a FS in heart but has been playing FS in Detroit. After signing Jones to that deal I don't see them getting rid of him but it is maing me wonder about the plans ahead.

To add to that Michael Thomas (the guy that intercepted Brady last year) is a FS but was playing CB for us last year in that game.

Met Vontae Davis his 1st day @ Miami Dolphins Training Camp
Always liked him, always will

If he ups his game, ..... look out
the man can be Ferocious albeit a lil mentally challenged but then again so was, . . . Mike Tyson

I would love to have Revis opposite Grimes, but I just can't see that happening. That would be way too much money tied up in just 2 positions. I think the Phins let Taylor and Davis play next year.

If you're not a Lions fan why do post it then? You're as dumb as a rock...Now I'm starting to understand why the "2 watt" name...Good choice of name...

Ben Tate would be an upgrade at Tailback. No doubt about it.

Frank from PA,

I'd love to see Revis and Byrd in the secondary this season. They'd help immensely. Unfortunately this is real football and not fantasy football. We just can't afford to add all these guys. Just not possible.

Agree w MassDolphan

Expecting Taylor to start opposite Grimes
not so much Davis

Negatives: Lacks the bulk most teams prefer. ... Likes to evade blockers, rather than taking them on and shedding blocks. ... Resorts to low tackles and will, occasionally, duck his head and swipe. ... Can be more pesky than forceful as a tackler and will get dragged, at times. ... Aggressive defender; can be beaten with play-action. ... Questionable level of competition.

Will Davis was the worst cornerback I have ever seen in a Dolphins uniform when he was in games last year.

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