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Watch for fibs, Albert and ... Jairus Byrd?

Today is the final day of official contact-but-no-contract courtship between NFL teams and representatives for players. Starting tomorrow, it becomes serious. Starting tomorrow at 4 p.m., players are able to sign with new teams.

The past few days?

The agent wild west.

As most NFL teams don't tell the media anything (rightfully so) about their plans for signing other teams' players at the opening of free agency, all the information is coming from agents. And some of that is misinformation.

"Love my agent counterparts for putting out such an awesome account of misinformation re: players, team interests, and team free agent activity," agent C.J. LaBay of Relativity Sports, tweeted on Sunday evening.

He's right. Many agents want to create buzz for their clients because buzz can raise the price on players. So a player who has talked to one team other than his own can be said to be "talking to multiple teams showing serious interest, according to a source."

And, of course, the teams are not identified. And the agent doesn't have to put his name behind the information.

And the media (me) publishes it because teams don't typically confirm or deny the information and thus do not correct the record whenever such information is only tangential to the truth.

Yes, there are many upright, honest and professional agents who deal straight with the media. Not everyone works the same. But to suggest the scenario I just shared with you never plays out excludes the whole truth from what's happening through today.

So as with free agency for teams, buyer beware with the information out there.

That said:

There is some information about the Dolphins market that merits consideration as Tuesday draws nearer.

1. The Dolphins interest in Eugene Monroe was cooler than expected. Yes, they showed interest over the weekend but it was not the full-on courting of the player many believed would be the hottest LT talent available.

Apparently, teams were lukewarm on Monroe for some reason -- maybe they didn't like his price tag that was married to his uneven play in 2013 and lack of overpowering physical presence.

2. Branden Albert was apparently the hottest commodity expected to come available. A handful of teams had him as the best LT about to hit the market and the Dolphins are one of those teams. Perhaps it is price point, a more even ability to run as well as pass block ... I don't know. Obviously it is not his age (29) vs. Monroe (26).

3. The Dolphins believe they are going to get Albert. Does that mean a deal is done? No. Does that mean one will get done 100 percent? No. But is it likely? Yes. And the talk on the annual average salary is between $9-$10 million per season.

4. The Dolphins were also interested in Jared Veldheer as something of a backup option at LT. And his price tag is expected to be between $7-$8 million per season.

5. The Dolphins are doing work at the safety position. Agent Drew Rosenhaus said on WSVN's Sunday night sports show in Miami that he and the Dolphins have talked about a contract for free agent Louis Delmas. Meanwhile, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reported Sunday evening that the Dolphins are "showing real interest" in Jairus Byrd of the Buffalo Bills.

That's interesting if true because Byrd is expecting a contract that averages between $8-$9 million per season. Let me repeat: Jairus Byrd wants a contract that would pay about $36 million over four years and that would include between $16-$18 million in guaranteed money.

So are the Dolphins serious about that?

I remind you that last year the Dolphins signed Reshad Jones to a four-year extension worth $29.36 million with $15 million in guaranteed money. They are not cutting Jones because that would mean approximately $13 million in dead money.

So the Dolphins are going to have a starting safety duo that represents approximately $16 million in average annual salary? They're going to tie up eight percent of the $133 million cap on two players, neither of which scores touchdowns for a living?

And in the meantime, they've got questions about who starts at cornerback opposite Brent Grimes?

Look, I love Jairus Byrd as a player. As I've written, the man is a turnover machine. He averages one turnover every two games. And then I found out what his asking price is.

And it gave me pause.

Adding Byrd makes a ton of sense when you're not already paying big bucks at the other safety spot. He's a big luxury.

Very big.




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This will be Hickey's first time to show what he can do. He better make some magic or this blog will go nuts! Armondo is up late tonight! This time change is a bi+ch to adjust to.

I see no problem adding Byrd. He'll help take a lot of "the bend" out of 2013's "bend, don't break" defense.

Lack of great playmaking was a huge part of the 2013 bends. Byrd can cover great TE's. That huge in this now pass happy NFL when your safety can blanket a dynamic TE.

He and Jones have great "in game interchangeability". That would be off the charts.

Safety is becoming a much more important piece now that the passing game has become more prevalent in the NFL. So having two high priced ones might be a "luxury" but I'd rather two high priced and good Safeties than 2 overpaid disappointing Linebackers...

We need our offense to stay on the field and our defense off it. We need 2-3 OL-players instead. If defense gets more rest they will be fine. We should make shure we have a quality LB before we get another safety.

I don't see any problem looking into Byrd. He is the best safety out there so why wouldn't you have interest. I would hope they would also show interest in Whitner. I think he brings an attitude on the field this team needs! I think he would be a big upgrade over Clemons!


Much of 2013's defensive problem was they could not get off the field on 3rd downs.

Also, offense staying on the field longer, does not solve our scoring issues. Gotta score points too. Byrd seems to be a turnover magnet. That gives the offense "MORE SCORING OPPORTUNITIES".

Meaning the offense is on the field longer because of greater defensive play.


While Whitner would add a "physical presence" his coverage skills may be worse than Jones. Its important to have a safety who can also cover in this pass happy NFL filled with dynamic TE's.

We don't need to spend big bucks on a safety who is average at best in coverage. May as well resign Clemmons for around the same amount of money.

Actually, TJ Ward is the "2nd best" safety in this free agency. Ward's better fit if not getting Byrd. The NFL is legislating how offensive players can "be hit" now anyway.

Whitner probably racks of penalties for "illegal hits". Dolfans already claim "Refs hate us". Why give them another reason to "act on that"(Whitner).

It is a copy cat league. The Seahawks defense dominated the most prolific passing team which makes me believe teams are going to look at how the Seahawks were able to play physical on defense within the rules and that is going to bring back the importance of the running game. This is the reason I prefer Albert over Monroe. Albert is much better at run blocking and a good but not great pass blocker while Monroe is pretty much just a pass blocker.

Would rather keep Mount McKinnie than sign the injury prone side line squatter Fat Albert to his last contract for 10 million a year/50 million contract

Albert will be only marginally better than Mount McKinnie

Strong feeling Albert will only play the 1st half of the season due to chronic plaguing back injury

Sign Byrd and pay the man
Then w one more CB to step up,the hapless fish could have the best secondary in the NFL

If Jones does not step up this yr
Release him next season
Feel Jones will step up w great players around him

The 10 million to Albert is going to be a total waste due to his injury
Only a marginal improvement over McKnnie

Unless of course Albert is healthy and can throw deep to the most expensive WR in the NFL - Wallace
cuz Tannefail cannot

Thanks Mando

Home, the Original Mobster

Dolphins unproven GMs love to spend Ross's hundreds of millions


Where did it get Ireland w the Dolphins?

Where did it get Hickey w the the Bucs?


How bout u & Home shop for the groceries?!


The past Dolphins & Bucs meals were terrible despite the enormous price tag


Can u find out where WR Eric Decker appears to be going?

Who has interest in WR Decker?

Patriots ?



Is Sproles heading to Denver to play w Manning?

But its not our money! and the cap is going up!

who cares if Ross wants to spend money?

Why would we not be interested in Byrd? Haha I want a better answer than money

Shop for bargains you idiot (Hickey)just prove to this fanbase that you can draft well. Free agency blows for overpaid guys like Albert Munroe wait til after June 1.st to shop for bargains !!

So I see the dashi boy was officially exposed over the weekend. Now we have proof he is liar and a fraud. Not that it comes as a surprise.

LT seems to be a done deal, if not Albert, the LT from St, Louis or both since he can play guard too. By draft day we should have more flexibility than we expected.

Miso, the LT from st. Louis as in Jake Long? Lol

Home Cookin, what you post is moronic.


And magically Mando has some new information.
What a coincidence.


At least 1 team will be embarrassed when Albert announces tomorrow, it'd be nice if it were another team for once.

Has Philbin been fired yet.?

If we did get Byrd, we are only on the hook for jones big salary for this year. We could cut him next year without a big cap hit. We draft a safety this year to replace jones who doesn't fit Coyle's defense.

This team needs a running back that will scare defensive coordinator's. They need competition at the offensive line positions. Player's fighting for offensive line jobs and create depth there. They need a Middle Linebacker who can stuff the run. Then they can find a Saftey.

Rd 1 Ryan Shazier OLB The Ohio State University
Rd 2 Brandon Thomas OG Clemson
Rd 3 Brandon Coleman WR Rutgers
Rd 4 Jerick McKinnon RB Southern Georgia
Rd 5 Connor Shaw QB South Carolina
Rd 6 John Urschel OG Penn State
Rd 7 Dezmen Southward S Wisconsin

i be estatic if we start free agency iff with byrd albert and saffold. mind u we were 8-8 w 5 losses by 3 a sack less that kills a drive and a pick could of turned all 5 games. mind u albert 5-50 mill and prob 5-35 for saffold but people forget cap is going up 22-25 mill next year and wallace goes down 5.5 mil and ellerbe will be cut for 6.5 savings. and in 2016 cap will be up to 170-175. so give albert 6 this year and saffold 4.5 cut patterson for 5.7 in relief that 5 mill for two possible probowlers for a guy worth 6 games out of 19 games

Albert cried to the coaches that he could not play even one snap and sat out the entire games
Albert missed 7 games completely over the last 2 season
Crying to the coaches that his knee hurt, his back hurt and he refused to play



Albert is all about himself and soon will scam the Dolphins for millions as he leaves them bankrupt w no LT

GO Fish !

Good post, Mr.Salguero.

Gave us insight into how most sport journalist create Propaganda.

I guess value wise, B.Albert makes the most sense. We still need to sign 2 more linemen, a RT and OG.

I am 50/50 on J.Byrd. He is a good FS and signing him will guarantee we have one of the Top 5 secondary for the next 3-4 years. The price tag worries me. But they say the Salary Cap could be about $160M by 2016. And we are really only paying 2 people in our secondary right now. J.Taylor, W.Davis, and D.Jones are on Rookie Deals for the next 3 years.

I am 50/50 on J.Byrd.

Posted by: Dashi | March 10, 2014 at 08:41 AM

As if anyone cares.

Dashi has admitted to using multiple names and to lieing.

How many names will Dashi use today?

a. 3
b. 5
c. 19
d. Depends on how many arguments he is losing

Dashi = Fraudshe

Linemen wont help a bit when we dont have nearly enough playmakers on offense.

Dashi = Board MORON

remind everyone besides paul allen ross is worth atleast 1.3 bill more then every owner. new tv deals including sat cbs especially if it hits starting 15-16 each team will get 325-360 mill in revenue before tickets food and merchadise which means coaches training staff grouds keepers prob 20-25 mill thats prob coverered by events held here but say its not a 225-250 mil payroll and say 30 would be 280 thats still 75-100 mill profit a year for guys whos its a secondary business and there mavericks ross made it clear a superbowl is # 1 thing he wants hes in late 70's dawn aponte is a accounting wizard let the guy worhth 5.1 bil more money he can even spend when hes already 75 and has 350+ mil comming in a year

Albert went out on a freakin golf cart in week 13 game and then missed the rest of the season
Albert is listed as playing in only 12 games last season and 13 games the season b4
Old and injured is what u r gonna get from Albert

Back to the Dolphins hiring players from the MASH Hospital
Anybody is going to fake a physical w injections and pain killers for 50 Million Dollars

Go Fish !

Home, no doubt we should've kept Jake Long.

Mark Lee,

You're writing is atrocious and unreadable. Get an education and then return to the blog. Thanks.

Atlfin = one extremely bored individual.

Albert = Greedy Con Man


My main concern is that they pull together an OL that is able to keep Tannehill standing long enough to throw long passes consistently. I hope they fix the OL mainly in FA so we can direct our draft picks more towards best available players including a first rate big RB to replace Thomas and be the lead rusher, a big pass catching TE to complement Clay (unless coaches are convinced that Dion is the answer), and a middle LB

This team needs a running back that will scare defensive coordinator's. They need competition at the offensive line positions. Player's fighting for offensive line jobs and create depth there. They need a Middle Linebacker who can stuff the run. Then they can find a Saftey.

Posted by: noreastdolfan | March 10, 2014 at 08:23 AM

Not to mention the need for a new QB.

mark lee must be that idiot budzki, they both write like boat people

And you are in denial of everything.

Think about that.

I, Dashi, admit when I use another name or when my opinion is wrong.

Somehow in your twisted mind you think that isn't ethical or morally correct.

You, whomever you choose to post as(#1 Home-O), Are/Will Never Admit that You are Wrong or that you switch your names every 3 Months, hopping we will forget every ignorant thing you said for the past 3 Months.

You are a Bi-Polar Sociopath with Obsessive Compulsive Behavior, Who has been on a Meth Binge for the past 72 Hours.

You shouldn't do Drugs and Blog.

Somebody is mentally unstable. And every time he breaks down he blames Dashi.

Home is one blogger w many personalities
but def no relation to Dashi

Home is a veteran blogger & attends almost every day at Miami Dolphins Training Cam and provides hundreds of seasonal pics& close up talks to players and coaches
pics r posted every year usually same day only minutes or hours after taken

Home had club level seats for years

but two season ago w the drafting of Tannefail insteado Kuechly and the inexperienced HC Baldy and fired fro college and all the Pro teams he's on Mike Sherman,
Home sold his season tickets to a private party that still believed in this team and fake QB

Home waits to return as this whole Miami Dolphin Hot Mess starting w the fake QB and fake HC BLOWS UP

Dashi boy, the record shows that Saturday night you were denying it was you, and it was confirmed that it was you by the chief blogger.

So, you are FOS and one sad and pathetic creature.

Mando, you got to see the big picture here. when a talent like Jarius Byrd (who is the closest thing to Earl Thomas available or be available for years) you get him. Sure it means paying a lot to safeties but Rashad Jones in 2016 has an $8m cap hit. it would be nice to be available to let him go knowing you already have Byrd on your team and just draft a cheap SS or get one in free agency at a lower proce. Byrd is a special talent and you shoudl go for it. The deal doesn't break the bank - do it Miami.

Also love that Hickey appears to have Albert sewn up - and would also like him to close the deal on Saffold. That makes the offseason a smash.

This board will get awful quiet in the meantime...

Just so I'm understanding this correctly...we weren't keen on giving up a draft pick for Albert last season, but we're willing to give him 8-10 million a season now because our new GM gives him the Dolphins stamp of approval? So basically all this money Ross plans to shell out for a LT (that was considered lazy and injury prone up until his contract year) is based purely on perspective? This would be such a typical Miami front office move: They'll overpay for a hometown guy so he can lay on the beach and loaf around for 2 seasons before we cut him.

The Miami Dolphins...where mediocrity is a lofty goal.

Dashi is Duncehead

Albert left on a golf cart last season in week 13
Albert never returned for the rest of the season

The Chiefs would not let Albert take a physical no way, no how last year and expected the Dolphins to take him as is and give up high draft picks incl a #1

Chiefs were smokin some good stuff

Albert out for 7 games the last two yrs and not getting younger or healthier

beerphin, i love your rounds 1,2,6,7

you lose me in the middle though. Especially with Connor Shaw. he isn't an NFl qb in stature or skills from what I see.

Actually Home, he did return after being taken off on a gold cart. He started near the end of the season again and the playoofs - you knwo where his offense but up 44 points on the road and only allowed two sacks.

Thanks for playing along though.

Albert played in only 12 games last season
Out early in week 13

NFL records record Albert as playing in only 12 games in 2013 and 13 in 2012

Check it out yourself and knock off the BS

If we fix the O-Line in Free Agency. We would have a chance to pick one of top DT in the Draft.

A.Donald. I heard someone describe him to a John Randle Type. In a 4-3 you can always use one of those on the inside of the defense. He is a 290lb DT that can run sideline to sideline (4.68-40) and is as strong as an Ox(35-BP).

He has probably become a Top 10 pick after the combine. But he is worth trading up for.

Specially if we manage to get J.Byrd in free agency. We need to have one more Starter on a Rookie deal to even out the cap.

THED, so what's your alternative? We need 3 new lineman - get em all in the draft?

By the way, if they got Albert last year, tehy would've had to give him the contract they will give him this week anyway. And throw in the 2nd pick to boot.

Albert is a first round NFL talent and has always performed well. Missed some games, yes, but all in all he is a very good left tackle.

All right Hick! U got one chance to get this right !!!!

No pressure....

Would much rather have safety Byrd w Jones who will get back on his very good game when surrounded by Byrd and Grimes

Now we need to cut chronically injured Patterson and his hugenumbers removed
2nd yr CB Taylor needs to step up

KC fans were livid last year when we moved up to take Jordan instead of making a trade for Albert.

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