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Tampering begins: Top 3 in areas of need for Dolphins

Let the tampering begin! At noon, NFL teams were actually within their rights to start negotiating with players on other teams. Yes, that's actually been going on for weeks, but you know the game (wink, wink).

The Dolphins need offensive line help. They need defensive tackle help. They may want middle linebacker help so they can kick Dannell Ellerbe outside. Safety? Sure. Running back? Maybe.

Below are fake GM Salguero's top three players in those areas of need as free agency negotiations begin this afternoon (legally):

Left tackle

1. Eugene Monroe, Baltimore: Young. Elite pass-blocker. Average run blocker. Think Richmond Webb without the big behind. He's quiet and a not a locker room issue, which should be a positive for the Dolphins. Will be expensive.

1A. Branden Albert, Kansas City: Also young (29) but not as young as Monroe. Has elite skill set but doesn't always get elite results. Also excellent in pass pro; not as good in running game but slightly better than Monroe. Will be equally expensive as Monroe. Loves and lives in South Florida. Albert has a history of back issues.

1B. Jared Veldheer, Oakland: Missed the first 12 games of 2013 due to a biceps injury, which raises the injury red flag. Better athlete than the other two, better run blocker than the other two. But feeling around the league is increasingly that Oakland is allowing him to shop simply to match the offer. Most teams don't like to work for the sake of having a player return to his current team.

Overall position analysis: The Dolphins had better sign one of the top guys or something is wrong. As to playing coy with the money, that won't work. The Dolphins have a huge need and everyone knows it. This is going to be an expensive proposition.

Right tackle

1. Zach Strief, New Orleans: The Saints are unloading talent to make cap room but want badly to re-sign Strief. That should tell you something that he's more valuable to them than, say, Lance Moore or Darren Sproles.

2. Austin Howard, New York Jets: Let's make the Jets weaker! Well, that's not a good enough reason to entertain signing a player but it can't hurt. Howard is not elite and won't require elite money to sign. But he's better than say, Jonathan Martin. He played better last year than Tyson Clabo. He's solid. Not great. Solid. You cannot have a Pro Bowl player at every spot.

3. No one. It's a baaaad free agent class at right tackle, folks.

Overall position analysis: This screams draft. But maybe GM Dennis Hickey has a trick up his sleeve. Or he's desperate. If all else fails there's always the stand-by Eric Winston, Tyson Clabo, Jeremy Trueblood gang at the last minute.


1. Zane Beadles, Denver: Excellent footwork and excels in pass pro. Great balance which is reason he's not often on the ground. His production is hard to argue with although he played much better in 2012 than in his 2013 contract year.

1A. Chad Rinehart: Very good run blocker. Hard worker. Versatile in that he can play either guard spot. Smart player. Plays with leverage and doesn't make a lot of mistakes. Not the most gifted athlete but he's a football player.

2. Geoff Schwartz: Want to improve the run game? This is the guy. Was a revelation down the stretch in 2013 and played better than previous starter to the point he beat him out. But ... was it the view of things to come or simply a stretch he was playing over his head?

2B: Jon Asamoah: The player who got beat out (see above). He's been solid for three seasons but dipped a bit in 2013. Interesting issue: Do you go with guy who played better at end of '13? Or do you go with guy who has more consistency over longer period of time? Asamoah is the latter.

Darkhorse: Davin Joseph: The Bucs released him this afternoon. He has always had a high ceiling but never really got there. Problem is he sometimes didn't even try to get there. He is also coming off knee surgery and he's 30. But his Bucs connections to Dennis Hickey cannot be overlooked.

Surprise candidate: The Dolphins like St. Louis Rams T Rodger Saffold as a possibility at either guard or tackle, acccording to The Herald's Adam Beasley. Saffold is solid but not very durable. He has not played 16 games since 2010. He has struggled with knee and shoulder issues.

Overall position analysis: The Dolphins can really use a veteran with good interior presence because playing with two rookie guards is a recipe for disaster. If all else fails, there's always Richie Incognito and John Jerry. Not.

Defensive tackle

1. Jason Hatcher, Dallas: Want to upgrade, Mr. Hickey? Here you go. A true 4-3 defensive tackle. A pocket-pusher. He'll get up field and disrupt. He'll also disrupt the salary cap because he will be very expensive.

2. Linval Joseph: Want a cheaper Paul Soliai? Here you go. A run-stopping player with limited pass-rush ability (less than Soliai). He's also not going to catch too many guys from behind. He was good in his contract year.

3. Earl Mitchell, Texans: He's a one-gap guy but he has excellent quickness and athletic ability that translate to other uses. He can also push the pocket so he's not just a run-down player.

Overall position analysis: The days of Paul Soliai and Randy Starks seem over. Soliai is perhaps the best run-down player on the market. But he's a run-down player in a passing league. Starks is the best pure DT on the market in my opinion but he's 30 years old. And that one-finger salute that he extended to Joe Philbin and his coaches? That has not been forgotten.


1. Jairus Byrd, Buffalo: Want to break the bank? Here you go. But he also offers the best defensive playmaker on the market at any position. Man averages nearly one turnover every two games. 

2. Donte Whitner, S.F.: If the Dolphins were of the mind to get him, they could let Reshad Jones become the roaming free safety he probably should be. Whitner is a strong safety enforcer. He hits hard, he causes offensive players to think twice about going across the middle, he's a tackling machine. He is older and he probably wants to stay with a winning team.

3. Taylor Mays, Cincinnati: Only reason he's on here is his ties to Kevin Coyle. He's a north-south, stiff dude. But he's fast and he hits like thunder.

Overall position analysis: The Dolphins would do well to draft here. They need to unleash Jones. And paying too much at this position would tilt too much money, added to the 2013 Jones extension, to the back end of the defense. 

Middle linebacker

1. Jon Beason, New York Giants: Nothing will happen with him until Tuesday because he represents himself and teams cannot talk to players before Tuesday. But he's a savvy veteran. He has a great motor. And he loves Miami.

2. Karlos Dansby, Arizona: I think we know this isn't going to happen. He doesn't, um, love Joe Philbin. But ... playmaker? Check. Solid inside presence? Check. Hard worker? Check. Plays hurt? Check. Of course, all his abilities didn't translate to the Dolphins. Coaching the reason? Check.

3. Daryl Smith, Baltimore: Want a true team leader? Want a tackle machine who won't be collecting his tackles eight yards downfield? Want an accomplished A-gap blitzer? Want a solid player who isn't going to break the bank because he's getting up there in age? This is your guy. 

3b: Brandon Spikes, New England: This won't happen because Spikes has a mind of his own and Philbin doesn't like that. He's also really only a run-down player and very, very limited in passing situations. But want to help solve Miami's declining run defense? This would help.

Overall position analysis: It is just sad to me that a year after spending so much on Dannell Ellerbe in free agency, the case could be made that he really isn't suited to be a middle linebacker ... or that the Dolphins didn't coach him well enough to man the position at a high level.


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Miami fired the NFL Trainer of the Year so they could keep coach Baldy

. . . . and are now getting sued

So the Dolphins go that . . .


Agree Byrd would be a great signing at whatever the cost

Randy Starks will soon be 31 and his best football is starting to be seen in his rear view mirror. Was a good player. Did nothing in the flawed run D of 2013. Coaching has something to do with it I suspect. Can't say I'm overjoyed to still have Coyle onboard as DC.

Good post Julio. According to Barry Jackson's column it will be basically an offensive line off season. Free agency and the draft.

Probably se someone like Delmas to replace Clemmnons. Not hearing a lot about their plans for DT.

Maybe Odrick and a draft pick???

That's the point Dashi

Fish could have had Kuechly at #8
instead the reached for a WR masquerading as QB

Next pick after falling out of their chair laughing
Carolina picked LB Kuechly

Moore actually has a great deep ball

Bazooka Joe =Epic Fail

Where were all these Carolina Panthers fans last year around this time?

Julio in denial that Tannefail has been exposed as a fraud

Worst rated deep ball passer of all starting NFL QBs hands down is Tannefail


Tedd Ginn KR/WR

Year. Team. GP. GS. Rec. Yds. Avg. TDs
2013 Carolina Panthers 16 2 36 556 15.4 5
2012 San Francisco 49ers 13 0 2 1 0.5. 0
2011 San Francisco 49ers 14 3 19 220 11.6 0
2010 San Francisco 49ers 13 0 12 163 13.6 1
2009 Miami Dolphins 16 12 38 454 11.9 1
2008 Miami Dolphins 16 14 56 790 14.1 2
2007 Miami Dolphins 16 9 34 420 12.4 2

Yeah, he is a future HOFer. He isn't even a Brian Hartline.

I would like to know why home o didnt show up for months around here after cask scored one td at gone in the playoffs and did the bacon sizzle with one leg street a sack and giving yup instead of taking more punishment?

Like it or not Dashi

Fact is in 2013 w Tannefail

Wallace only scored as many TDs as 2013 Teddy Ginn


......probably wondering about Cam Newton and calling Ron Rivera rude names which is what the feeble minded do.
Will really enjoy the silence of these folks after the 2014 season.

Wallace is worthless as long as Tannefail is starting and
the other two WRs are coming back with torn up legs

gonna be interesting Huh?

Dolphins tried hard to send 3rd string QB Thad Lewis to the Pro Bowl

Coach Baldy is going to like the biggest arseclown in his final embarrassing year here in Miami 2014

New OC will take care of Tannehill's deep ball success issues. New OL will help too.
The kid has had issues. I'm not hiding this. But he's also got tools that you gotta be born with like size, athleticism and arm strength. Just not ready to give up on him because he's had a dysfunctional system to work with. Plus, not really sold on what's out there either by way of the draft or other teams cast offs like Matt Schaub, Michael Vick, Mark Sanchez yadda yadda yadda....
The kid has tools and will succeed.


I would've taken Kuechly #8 and N.Foles in the 3rd. But as soon as we hired M.Sherman as the OC, you sort of knew that #8 was going to be Tannehill.

My 2012 Mock.


I know we are all correct when we look back.

No premium left tackle is going to sign with Miami

they have no interest to play for this haples team led by a HC and OC that together never called even on single NFL play

and a fake QB, no RBs, injured WRs and no oline, one TE and no FB

Yeah great team

6 wins will be a miracle

Cant wait fro Tannehill and Bazooka Joe to be fired

Hartline's injury, BTW, didn't even require surgery so there's that fact.
Any person anywhere will sign up to do anything they currently do when the $$$ is right.
That goes in any profession, so there's that fact.
There are a good # of good OL in FA and I will bet you we will land at least one of the big name ones and that includes Monroe, Albert, Veldheer, Saffold, Strief and or others.
Wallace, like him or not, got the highest $$$ here and signed here.
It is called life, and with $$$ in your pockets, its called quality of life.

Can appreciate ur optimism

Home has none for Tanehill finishing games or seasons
The pattern is there in college and the nFL

and he has Wallace who missed 30 times out of 36 deep passes

Every Qb in the NFL would like to have Mike Wallace
He gets open deep time and time again

Tannehill just does not have the "IT" factor


if that was ur real PRE draft 2012 Draft

Outstanding 4 Sure

Why bother to just go back to 2012 if we're gonna mock a backdated draft,
Why not go back to Jamar Fletcher/Drew Brees?
Geez, what's the point here?

O-line seemed fine some games like against the Patriots at home

Seems like Tannehill lovers cannot realize most sacks were on his poor pocket presence and inability to throw the ball away

This is Tannehill's last year and no scrap Dolphin oline signing will help the below average fake franchise Dink N Dunk pad the stats QB

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | March 09, 2014 at 12:50 PM

Thanks Dolfan Rick.
Maybe they'll go after Mitchell of the Texans or address DT in the draft. Dallas' Hatcher is a good player but he's 32 so can't pay him.
Hate to see both Soliai and Starks go but age is a concern and frankly our run D was bad with them so I'd be reluctant to spring a big payday to them.


Home also had Kuechly and pounded the table incessantly for the Dolphins to sign him

Matt Moore would have had at least 12 deep TDs w Wallace last season

And no need for the Ellerbee Wheeer Gizillion Dollar Waste of Money

Now we have a fake failing QB that cannot throw deep or close games/seasons and a LB mess

Also fake QB Tannehill that choked big time again was not sacked once in the final Jets game when he only got his offense in scoring range once after getting shut out by the Bills

Keep blaming the WRs and O-line instead of seeing the 800 lb gorilla in the room


Tannehill, worst starting QB in football?

I never insult another persons opinion or go to personal insults if it differs from mine.

Posted by: Dashi | March 09, 2014 at 12:19 PM

Sure. Right. Uh huh. i guess to your kind telling others to suck, swallow and dykass are not casting insults.

Andrew Luck played outstanding w Johnathon Martin as LT

He was not crying like the jaded Tannehill lovers

Great QBs make all players around them BETTER

Tannehill should go back to school at Nova and become a fake DR instead of a fake franchise NFL QB

He has already been exposed in the NFL

I only tell one dyckass to suck and swallow. And I haven't used suck and swallow in almost a year.

I just find it hypocritical to judge Dashi, when you are allowed to fornicate this blog.

The Patriots/Bills will sweep the Fins nad possiblt the Jets too, but prob a split

This year holding on to Tannehill and Bazooka Joe will result in Epic Failure

You are a Degenerate Master Baiting Fornicator. Daytona or whatever you want to call yourself.


As soon as Tanne left T A&M they became an offensive powerhouse.

John Jerry has a better deep ball than Tanny

Dolphins only have one good lineman left and he is a gangsta - Pouncey

Chad Henne > Ryan Tannehill

Dashi = Big Liar

and who gave Chicken Lips Rizzi aka Frank Burns from MASH a speaking part

Rizzi thinks he is a HC or GM

Fact is without punter Fields
Rizzi would be a no name

Dashe who says only uses one name has been outed this morning by chief blogger Armando as a multiple name blogger. Dashe's word is what we call shyte on a shingle.

Dashe who says only uses one name has been outed this morning by chief blogger Armando as a multiple name blogger. Dashe's word is what we call shyte on a shingle.

Posted by: Saint Sunday | March 09, 2014 at 01:42 PM


One should man up and admit it when they've been exposed. but I guess it is hard to ask a little boy to man up.

Dashi, homework done? Dont lie boy.

Everybody seemed to like Kuechly, now. The only ones here that liked him, then, were odin and me.

The only ones here that liked him, then, were odin and me.

Posted by: oscar canosa | March 09, 2014 at 01:54 PM


oscar you are the only one here with a keen eye. These others are fakes that change their opinion to fit the season.

sure hopes its monroe and not albert like the other guys they are looking at also

Like it or not Dashi

Fact is in 2013 w Tannefail

Wallace only scored as many TDs as 2013 Teddy Ginn


Posted by: HAARPed Up Home | March 09, 2014 at 12:56

In Tannehill's 2nd season and first with Wallace's world class speed, they managed to get a career high in receptions for Wallace.

Granted, TD's are more important. But in just a short time together, Tannehill connected with him more than Big Ben ever did.

We wont even get into the O-Line Tannehill and Wallace were blessed with. Even though they obviously affect the deep ball more than anything. It suffices to say, Tannehill and Wallace have lots of room for improvement. But he's far from a fraud.

Home is an idiot. Go back Home. This blog is atrocious Sat and Sun. Dashi has a woody for Home apparently, defends RT except at Home. Phins make playoffs next year and win at least one playoff game. RT top 10 QB in 2014, we will see who comes back.


WTF are those guys off today? Or is it that no one wants to come here? Or could it be that Hickey is going to repay Philbum for voting against him getting the GM job?

Sherman had Tannehill throw an insane amount of times to help back up his macho tanno improvement thing

So Tanny looks better in YDs, TDs etc but we all were not impressed w dink n dunk football

We sucked as a team and loss

It's the QB Stupid eH?
Tamper with a QB You MORONS eH?

Ryan Tannepuke cant hit the broadside of a barn more than 10 yds away. Doesnt have the accuracy or fast enough delivery to be a pro QB.

If Tannehill were coming out this year he'd be undrafted behind "Mr. Football" Johnny Manziel.

I did want Kuechley and bad. True middle linebackers don't just fall of the tree ;) I just looked back at his college production and was sold on that alone. His numbers were off the chart. Watching the film only confirmed the numbers.

I like what I'm heraing so far about Hickey. He's supposedly doing exactly what I would be doing. Get two of the top free agent O-Lineman and draft two more in the first two or three rounds.

Delmas will be a good signing too. The money should be reasonable and he's a c;ear upgrade over Clemmons. I watched alot of Delmas in college and with the Lions. He's solid.

As soon as Tanne left T A&M they became an offensive powerhouse.

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | March 09, 2014 at 01:37 PM

Tannehill is not a pro QB.

For everyone saying we need a RB, what happened to Mike Gillislee? This year will be his second year out of Florida. He looks like he could be a promising back if we give him a chance, if we let him play this year, that eliminates the fact that we have to draft another RB. Maybe cut Thomas or miller and keep the other one. Just let Gillislee start, and get the rest of the o-line.

What announcements can be made today....?

I don't think anyone can sign anything until 4:00 PM Tuesday.

For everyone saying we need a RB, what happened to Mike Gillislee?

Posted by: Alex Pettit | March 09, 2014 at 02:34 PM

Admitted homer Jimmy Cefalo says we need 2 new RB's. He said none of our RB's can block, run, or catch. And that includes all of them! YIKES!

As soon as Tanne left T A&M they became an offensive powerhouse.

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | March 09, 2014 at 01:37 PM

Tannehill is not a pro QB.

Posted by: Fact | March 09, 2014 at 02:34 PM

You would put this on Tannehill........? Not that it matters, but Sherman left at the same time.

Personally, I will credit Mazeil for A&M's success.

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