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Update on Nolan Carroll and Dimitri Patterson

The Dolphins settled family business, to quote the Godfather, when they re-signed Brent Grimes on Monday.

The status of their other two 2013 starting cornerbacks has yet to be settled.

Nolan Carroll, who started 12 games last season, and Dimtri Patterson, who started four games, are uncertain about their status with the Dolphins at this hour.

Carroll, a pending unrestricted free agent, expects to test free agency when the market opens on Monday, according to a league source. That doesn't mean he won't return to the Dolphins.

Carroll's agent met with the Dolphins during the Combine in Indianapolis a couple of weeks ago and the team told him it would like to have Carroll back. But that desire has so far not been accompanied by a contract offer to make that return possible.

So Carroll will shop his services with hopes of landing somewhere he can at least compete for a starting job.

Patterson is an interesting issue because he is signed for 2014. But because that is the final year of the contract, and because his salary cap number is $5.4 million, and because he has been injured a majority of his time with the Dolphins, there is speculation the Dolphins will either ask Patterson to take a pay cut or restructure (set money off into incentives tied to playing time).

Or the Dolphins could simply cut the veteran and save $5.4 million of cap space because there are no negative cap ramifications in the move.

So far, the Dolphins have not notified Patterson of any pending move. So he remains on the team at his current contract.

But only for now.

Looks like the family has more business to settle.


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Our FA are
Clemons---seems to not be a priority(maybe a run towards Byrd?)
Carroll----long gone
Mckinnie----if and only if he gets in shape he would make decent depth
John jerry----bully gate. Should leave
Devlin-----should be back
Yeatman-----like Devlin should be back
Keller------i want back, the duo of Keller and Clay sounds great
Binns---who cares
Stanford---who cares
Spitler----who cares
Freeny----who cares
Clabo-----gone. Just not good enough
Watkins----who cares
Incognito----resign!!!!no just kidding!!

devlin already signed. rest of those guys are all gone, thankfully

Russell Wilson Works Out With Rangers

Pedro Gomez reports from Surprise, Ariz., where Seahawks QB Russell Wilson participated in workouts with the Texas Rangers.Tags: MLB, Rangers, Russell Wilson, Ron Washington, Pedro Gomez, Alex Rios

SURPRISE, Ariz. -- Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson says he's going to hang up his No. 3 blue Texas Rangers jersey (with "Wilson" on the back, of course) somewhere in his house when he gets home. But will he ever try to be a two-sport star and wear it in the major leagues someday?

"You never say never," Wilson said following a full day of activity with the Rangers at spring training in Arizona. "I've always had the dream of playing two sports. If somehow it was a miracle that it could work out, I'd consider it. At the same time, my focus is winning the championship with the Seattle Seahawks and hope to be playing for a long time."

Wilson said he missed the game of baseball, which he started playing when he was 4 years old (he started swinging a bat when he was 2). Maybe that's why he wasted little time returning, at least for a day, to his baseball roots.

The former infielder got his day started early Monday. He was in the clubhouse by 7 a.m. for breakfast and then trotted out to the back fields for an individual infield session with manager Ron Washington. With plenty of cameras trained on his every move, Wilson went through the session as Washington, known as one of the top infielder instructors in the game, showed him a few pointers and worked on improving his hands and feet.

[+] Enlarge
AP Photo/Tony GutierrezRangers manager Ron Washington said that with work and repetition, Russell Wilson probably could be as good a baseball player as he is a football player.

Wilson made the manager a believer.

"If he continued to work and get the repetition, he could probably be as good as he is a football player," Washington said.

That's high praise from a baseball lifer.

"He surprised me for not being out on the baseball field for a while," Washington said. "I might have burned his legs up a little bit, but he made it through all the drills and did a fantastic job. He's got tremendous aptitude. That's why he is who he is. You give him something, and he knows how to apply it."

Johnny "Mr Football" Manziel > Andrew Luck

"Matt Moore will be the starter for the opener. Philbin has had it with Tannehill."

I'm surprised some of these commenters are even able to operate a computer.

Emperor, have you heard anything about Keller's recovery status?

yes kellers fine now, hes settled in nicely to his new job selling cars


" . . . settled nicely into his new job selling cars." Damn , that's harsh , bro.

Keller has no desire to return to the Dullfins as long as Tanny is QB. His inaccuracy almost got Keller killed!

Posters my assistants will keep our Herald Liasons updated on a regular basis after Dawns staff edits the expose before Salguero and the others get their mitts on it.

We appreciate your learned comments on this blog and encourage you if your in the neighborhood of Dolphin headquarters to drop your suggestions in my box that is why I have it.No guarantees but if I like your suggestions I will recommend that our CEO give you a BIG DISCOUNT on season tickets.

I can see why Hicky didn't jump the gun and sign Solia or Starks yet. There are a lot of good D-Line men on the market. B J Raji would look nice in powdered aqua.

Agree with several here regarding Patterson being a talent, nearly up there with Grimes. Look, Grimes recovered from a MUCH more severe injury. If Patterson restructures for 1 year, with options for more IF he stays healthy...and makes plays, I'd hope he stays. Guys with his talent don't grow on trees, and he's a lot better than Carroll. A LOT better.

On another note, I see the 10 million increase in the cap not so much helping the dolphins, but helping the cap strapped teams with real playoff chances just get stronger. That 10 million will get them a pro bowl starter SOMEWHERE among the FA. Who wouldn't rather go the NE, the Seahawks, the 49'ers, or others with less baggage then the Dolphins. I'l also wager the F9ins are at the top of the list of having the most UFA's?

While its risky to take Keller again. He can be brought on the cheap. A low risk high reward if you ask me.

Thats true Imawriter, but let me add that most of our FA are not top priorites.

Patterson is never on the field, that won't change.

We drafted 2 rookie CB's last year. Time to give them their chance.

If Keller never plays again, can he sue Tanny? (Not so LOL)
Tanny personally took out 2 of the Fins best offensive weapons in one year with horribly errant throws.

sure ima

I agree. I would love to see Keller in powdred Aqua again. I think he would have had a big year last year. Look at what having two good TEs did for the Patsies a few yars ago. It creates big match up problems for defenses. With Hartline and Wallace on the outside and Mathews emerging and With a decent O-Line and a better RB that can actually pick up a blitzing defender. we could be tough to match up with.

Dion Sims is the teams best TE. The coach just dosen't know it,


Good riddance

Shut up.

Dashe got toasted I see. What a turd.


Can't blame him either.

TPUKE cost Wallace MIllions in incentives by not reaching 10 TD's and leaving 7-9 of them on the field because of TCHOKES inaccuracy on deep balls,Wallace should have a NOOSE PARTY With TannePUKE Being the guest of honor eH?

Carroll is horrible. I've never been so mad at one player as I have been at Nolan Carroll the last two seasons. He just comes in, looks lost, and gives up big plays at key moments. He came in against the Patriots when Patterson got injured and gave up a touchdown the very next play. If other teams can see he is a liability then the Dolphins should, as well. Let him walk. Sucker to the team that signs him! Let Jamar Taylor play. The kid was a baller at the combine and at Boise.

I hope the Dolphins take a QB later in the third or fourth rounds. Said it all last year. Tannehill isn't the answer under center. With a better offensive line this year, there will be no more excuses. Mike Wallace's head is going to pop off. It's laughable to hear Tannehill say he is a leader. He doesn't say anything when lineman or running backs miss blocks or when receivers don't make plays. Even worse, he doesn't lead by example.


Wallace = will be broke in 6 years

Posted by: Emperor of Reason | March 04, 2014 at 06:55 PM

Yes, agreed.
BTW, AJ McCarron may get overlooked the first 3 rounds. Murray has the better arm (?) but McCarron has/had the better looking girlfriend. Is she still his squeeze?
If so, imagine the cat fight. Tanny will have a lot off 'splainin' to do at home.
Musberger will want to call Fins games just to point out the wives and girl friends.
Back to McCarron. He, like Murray has Pro Style offense experience, and would be an upgrade from Matt Moore who is a turnover machine.
If Murray is gone, having McCarron would insure continuity of play, or maybe better.

There isn't any hurry whatsoever with Patterson. There is no reason to cut a very solid CB loose when you can bring him into OTA's and camp... see how he is doing with the groin dealio... and make the choice to keep or cut then and STILL save the doe. There is no time frame Miami is stuck to with him.

If you go back and watch the games Patterson did play in... he is a VERY solid starter. I see no reason to cut a good CB loose unless his groin is still injured... Miami isn't broke... they are not short on cap and they need to address that position if they allow both Patterson and Carrol to walk....

Let it be..... See ya in the summer Dimitri.....


It's laughable to hear Tannehill say he is a leader. He doesn't say anything when lineman or running backs miss blocks or when receivers don't make plays. Even worse, he doesn't lead by example.

Posted by: A Realist | March 04, 2014 at 07:39 PM

And he didnt say or do anything about the racism and harrassment on his offense either.

Patterson is a very good player, but even if he takes a pay cut he still is not worth it if he doesn't play....it's a risky call....

Update- Monroe and Baltimore still far apart on negotiations. With each passing day, Eugene monroe will test the FA waters and his first stop should be in Miami and then they proceed to not let him out of the building. They will have to give him $10 million/year but that $10 mill alone can come from the cap increase that every team got this year!

Monroe, Albert, or Collins- The team needs to sign at least 1 of those guys. And I also hear that the team like LG Zane Beadles from Denver who is a quality OG.

I hope they fix the oline soon so you guys can finally get off the subject all day and all night for months on end. Doesn't it ever get tiresome? Doesn't it start to make you puke?

How many friggen times a day is someone saying sign Albert or Monroe? Yeah, we got it, we got it, we get it,

Go ahead and post it 18 million more times now.

I think our first priority should be to fix the Oline. We need to get some top notch FA's and draft some also. What do you guys think?

Phantom of Opera = LeBron James = more focused

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Dolphin Ownership is a Total Disgrace. That Cheap Bum does not deserve a Franchise

I see Dashi got exposed and slaughtered this afternoon...and he is still in denial! No surprise LOL. Fun to watch though.

The Fins should've went 10-6. Which is what I had predicted, Dyckass.

Now go shoot yourself. Dyckass.
Posted by: Dashi | March 04, 2014 at 12:22 PM

So this is what he means by being right? Helllooooo? LOL

Why are you guys Dolphin fans? I mean seriously a loser franchise

with a losing mentality.

Half way through the new era......blow it up. Yeah that will keep the fans coming in.

The better question is why in the world any FA signs with Miami knowing your asz is going to get traded or cut . Could you imagine if Manning signed there? Then traded or cut 4 months into his contract.

MLB needs to take over this pathetic team first and foremost, then obviously move it out of NY south


tell you what we must get Monroe. I hate the Ravens and this would really deal them a blow, worst than stealing Ellerbe. They gave up a 4th and 5th round pick for Monroe so not only would they loose him, but they are down 2 picks...

I would give him 6YR/60Mil 30MIL guaranteed

bet he jumps at it....

then sign guard and draft 3 o-linemen and now we are strong again...

Get Sense...would you happen to be one of those guys with a crooked smile that walks like he has a poker stuck up his butt?

Dooshy, tell us again how Joe Philbin is Don Shula 2.0

Putin=Hitler, 2014=1938, Ukraine=Austria, Obama=Chamberlain
Go Dolphins


No one is going from the recent SB Ravens to the dysfunctional laughingstock Dolphins. Get a clue!

unless we need the cap room, I'd keep Patterson--why let him go?--he's good when healthy and only has 1 year left on his deal anyway…..best case is he starts and stays healthy enough to play a good bit, and we have an excellent starting CB duo…..worst case is he's injured again and misses some games, and we spend some money that we'd rather not spend, but only for 1 season--he is a solid vet CB after all, a premium position--keep him, pay him.

Posted by: OVB | March 04, 2014 at 10:14 PM

Ellerbe came from Superbowl winning Ravens.

and I think Miami is seen as a team with a lot of potential, and we have upgraded our coaching staff as well. A lot of young players reaching their prime.

It's a new year and a fresh start and has started very well as far as I am concerned.

does anyone know how big BatWings Mathison's pubes were?

Failbin is a complete loser. Don't get your hopes up. He will Fail completely. Failbin is a complete loser

Vick got Reid fired
RG3 got Shanahan fired
Thill got Sherman fired
anyone see a pattern here?

Thill got Ireland fired too.

Ireland got Ireland fired....

Top tackels and Guards available in free agency

In a class of their own
1. Eugene Monroe, OT, Baltimore Ravens
2. Alex Mack, C, Cleveland Browns
3. Jared Veldheer, OT, Oakland Raiders
4. Branden Albert, OT, Kansas City Chiefs

Solid starters
5. Rodger Saffold, T/G, St. Louis Rams
6. Anthony Collins, OT, Cincinnati Bengals
7. Michael Oher, OT, Baltimore Ravens
8. Jon Asamoah, G, Kansas City Chiefs
9. Zach Strief, OT, New Orleans Saints
10. Zane Beadles, G, Denver Broncos

top Offensive tackles in NFL draft
Only 4 maybe 5 considered elite after Zach Martin there is a big drop and only the top 4 are probably worth a first round pick

Rank Player Pos. Pos. Rank School Class Ht. Wt. Proj. Round
2 *Greg Robinson OT 1 Auburn rSo 6-5 332 1
3 Jake Matthews OT 2 Texas A&M Sr 6-5 308 1
9 Taylor Lewan OT 3 Michigan rSr 6-7 309 1
12 Zack Martin OT 4 Notre Dame rSr 6-4 308 1
35 *Cyrus Kouandjio OT 5 Alabama Jr 6-7 322 1-2
46 Morgan Moses OT 6 Virginia Sr 6-6 314 2
55 *Antonio Richardson OT 7 Tennessee Jr 6-6 336 2
61 Jack Mewhort OT 8 Ohio State rSr 6-6 309 2
79 Billy Turner OT 9 North Dakota State Sr 6-5 315 2-3
96 Joel Bitonio OT 10 Nevada rSr 6-4 302 3
111 JaWuan James OT 11 Tennessee Sr 6-6 311 3-4
126 *Cameron Fleming OT 12 Stanford rJr 6-5 323 4
152 James HurstInjured OT 13 North Carolina Sr 6-5 296 4-5

3 elite tackles in free agency
4 elite tackles in NFL draft
that is 7 total
Can we get one of them ??
who do we go for

If we get an elite Guard in free agency do we wait for the draft to get our second tackle ??
We need 2 tackles Mc Kinney if switched to R tackle might be very effective - he did do a pretty good job as a left tackle for us the last 6 games
but he is past his prime and could be better used as a right side tackle or a backup to both
He is still pretty athletic even though he is carrying a bit extra pounds.

Ireland got Ireland fired....

Posted by: wallyfin | March 04, 2014 at 11:35 PM

Well, if Tannebust scores more than 3 pts a game down the stretch the team makes the playoffs and Ireland gets extended.

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