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Update on Nolan Carroll and Dimitri Patterson

The Dolphins settled family business, to quote the Godfather, when they re-signed Brent Grimes on Monday.

The status of their other two 2013 starting cornerbacks has yet to be settled.

Nolan Carroll, who started 12 games last season, and Dimtri Patterson, who started four games, are uncertain about their status with the Dolphins at this hour.

Carroll, a pending unrestricted free agent, expects to test free agency when the market opens on Monday, according to a league source. That doesn't mean he won't return to the Dolphins.

Carroll's agent met with the Dolphins during the Combine in Indianapolis a couple of weeks ago and the team told him it would like to have Carroll back. But that desire has so far not been accompanied by a contract offer to make that return possible.

So Carroll will shop his services with hopes of landing somewhere he can at least compete for a starting job.

Patterson is an interesting issue because he is signed for 2014. But because that is the final year of the contract, and because his salary cap number is $5.4 million, and because he has been injured a majority of his time with the Dolphins, there is speculation the Dolphins will either ask Patterson to take a pay cut or restructure (set money off into incentives tied to playing time).

Or the Dolphins could simply cut the veteran and save $5.4 million of cap space because there are no negative cap ramifications in the move.

So far, the Dolphins have not notified Patterson of any pending move. So he remains on the team at his current contract.

But only for now.

Looks like the family has more business to settle.


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Those are a lot of players
Thanks ralph.
Now things don't look so bad.

Dolphins too dumb to sign Aaron Murray, will probably sign another kicker

Top 5 guards in NFL draft

1. David Yankey, Stanford
2. Xavier Su'a-Filo, UCLA
3. Gabe Jackson, Mississippi State
4. Chris Watt, Notre Dame
5. Trai Turner, LSU

Let then of five plays from last years? now I seen them on tv ll of them but youmust not have. maybe you just stupid if you said that!!!

Posted by: DAVID KANE | March 04, 2014 at 05:03 PM

David Kane... Do you NOT No the English Language?? Maybe you Ride the Little Bus. i don't know, but i have NO clue what said...

This is a deep draft for receivers
we should also able able to pick up a starter in the third round or earlier
the advantage of getting 2 OL in free agency (Maybe a tackle and a guard) is that it opens the draft wide open for the dolphins to pick an impact player with the first pick in the draft at 19 and not have to go with a tackle could be an elite RB or TE or WR or safety or LB
we could use any of those positions and upgrade if we get an elite player at 19
We can then get another tackle or Guard with the second or third pick.
It all depends on what we get in free agency.
So if we do not get at least one OT in free agency then our first round pick will probably be whichever tackle is ranked highest by the dolphins and still available at 19

Dolphins too cheap to pay for top players.

Mark in Toronto.. I LMAO, my Girlfriend doesn't want me watching the Fins, here in NY. cuz I've Broken too much also.... Maybe if the Fins have another Bad Season. Ross will make a room at the stadium, where we could all break stuff while watching the game.. : )


I am asked: Am I the one true CARVLAHO? Yes, it is now revealed. I am CARVLAHO!

New birds and golden pancakes are bestowed upon one and all.

Yes the O line is the number one priority, but I would try to keep Patterson he really looks like a player and would be worth his cap number if healthy. If you want to save some money maybe look at Matt Moore who gets 5 mil a year, Tannehill is our guy for sure and Devlin could be the back up.

Oh also forgot , yes we have to get rid of Wheeler no matter what is cost he sucks period.

Tannehill could develop into a Drew Bledsloe. Consistently decent but nor great. A back up might be the one who replaces him. Get rid of Moore and draft. Opens up some cap money

In what decade do we get a franchise QB?

Pattersons talent is not the question can he stay on the feild that's the question


Lets hope Hickey can draft QB's better than Ireland.

I have zero faith in coach philbin he is clearly a lame duck I never saw a football coach that does not make adjustments during the game

Pancakes for all hip hip hurray

Let them both go I say, we drafted 2 CB last year and they need to step up!! Carroll was not all that great, and Patterson is always hurt, waste of money and space. Try and pick up another CB, maybe Shileds from the Packers.

To much talk about keeping Starks and Solai.

We already have Odd Ball to take over for Starks. We can get a DT in free agency. Linval Joseph, Henry Melton, BJ Raji would be just as good and way younger.

This is a great year to need o-line help.

Many tackles and guards to choose from.

We also need 2 new RB's from the draft or FA. Cut D. Thomas and make Miller 2nd or 3rd string.

I was readinG that Linvall Joseph might command 6 million. Thats about the same as Starks and Soliai. I wanted SOliai but I will take Linvall instead!

Armando, you must be bored. Your Dolphins in Depth usually has some depth to it. This one gave us info that we already knew. Not much of an update. You're still the man with the inside slant on the Dolphins. I'll come back when you actually have an update. Peace!

Solai and Starks? The Dullfins never keep their best players. They are the farm club for the NFL. Thats just part of the reason they have no fans.

Tannehill will be a Pretty Good QB.

He is not the problem. Fix the O-line!!

Get rid of M.Moore. The guy is taking up a roster space. And Cap Space.

What I would do is draft a QB in the 5th or 6th. L.Thomas VT

Have M.Moore and Devlin battle for the #2 Job in preseason. Loser gets cut or traded.

L.Thomas is a good project QB. He has the Tools, 6'6" 250Lbs 4.6-40yd Above Average Arm. The problem is L.Thomas was a former TE. So he still needs more coaching.

Heck, The Pats have had R.Mallett ride the pine for 4 years developing him to be a better QB. And Mallett Sucks!! M.Glennon is better than R.Mallet, they are the same type of QB. Statue with a Big Arm.

L.Thomas has potential. Real Potential. This guy could be better than Kaepernick. He could be a poor mans version of Cam Newton. He just needs to fall in the right environment. A team that is willing to bring him along for 2-3 Years. Teach him a Pro system.

I still wonder, when will Frank Beamer step into the New Millennium and evolve his offense.The guy could be one of the 5 Greatest College Coaches of All time if he ever evolved from his Pop Warner Offense. Heck, Shift to the new Spread Option that all the college coaches are using, you can still run the ball over 60% of the time out of the Shotgun or Pistol. Beamer can coach Defense and Special Teams. Can't coach offense. He should get himself a good OC.

I am not endorsing that L.Thomas will and could someday Replace Tannehill. That is ridiculous. Tannehill will be the 2nd Greatest Dolphin QB when it is all said and done. He will be a Top 10 QB in this league for a long time.

What I am saying is that L.Thomas will be a good QB to draft to develop behind T-Hill for a couple seasons, so we can trade him for picks in the Future.

Odrick and Raji.

With the Trio at DE. O.Vernon can move to DT on Passing Downs.

Vernon is 6'2" 275LBs. And has more strength than the average DT. He can slip inside on 3rd and Long.

Dashi....L Thomas is another Tannehill. accuracy is suspect and he's not a pure QB but more of a hybrid. Guy has great physical attributes for sure...but he is not a pure QB like Brady and needed to be convinced to switch to the QB position early on in college.

Dashi, I kept waiting for that package to appear all year. We saw it maybe three times - it worked really well once and then it was shelved.

Kevin Coyle went back to asking Turner to pull his finger instead...

They used the speed package some early and some late. I'm not sure why it was scrapped or rarely used at times.

I would use it almost every 3rd and long. I mean you have 3 pass rushers, why not use them in obvious passing situations.

I'm really hoping Philbin and Coyle improve and Lazor is an upgrade over Sherman. It would help the team a lot. Our D was painful to watch at times because of Coyle.

Stock piling QBs is like buying up real estate. Always a good move if you can swing it.


Yea he could become Bledsoe.

He also could become the next Montana.

I mean if you want to play the what if games

What do you fellas think about the proposed rule to move the extra point to the 25 yard line?

And in other news Brett Farve currently looks like the unibomber.

there is also overkill though. I remember not too long ago Gruden had like 7 Qbs in camp for TB. it was also his last year because the team was so bad. There are a limited amount of reps. Shouldn't have more than 3 real qbs in camp. Right now we only have one. The other two are undrafted free agent afterthoughts incapable ever of being starters in this league.

I thought he looked more like Santa Claus.

I don't see anything wrong with the league scoring as it is. man, the NFL commish job must be so boring with things running so super smoothly that he has to nitpick at something nobody else has ever thought about changing seriously.

The game is fine, leave it be...

Keep Patterson for 5 million gamble as was a stud for 4 games....Same risk we took last season with Grimes and it panned out. See yah Carroll as we have cheap labor and upside with Taylor and Davis.

Now let’s go get some 0-lineman, a middle line-backer who can stuff the run and re-sign starks.

I agree to leave it alone. But there are some changes I think must be implemented. Good article on ESPN about some things. Such as a 50 yard pass interference call, 53 man roster with only 46 that can dress (why? teams are killed with injuries every year, expand the roster and/or players available on game day), 2 coaching challenges not to mention the always thrilling booth review (has the NFL seen college football on this matter?) If you play your 3rd QB none of the other 2 can come back in the game (what the heck is that?)

I don't know if I would keep Patterson at 5.4 mil. I'm really conflicted at what to do at the corner position now that Grimes is signed. I think I'd try to upgrade the position. Maybe get Shields for 6-7 mil a year. That is not that much more than Patterson at 5.4.

Not quite the same gamble clee, Grimes got hurt once, for one season. Patterson has a long history of battles with injury. I would look to replace Patterson but dont forget about the 2 rooks from last year. These guys will be players this season, hopefully.

If a tree fell in the woods Mando would be the only one around to fabricate a story about it.


With Patterson, his contract isnt guaranteed. You ride him out through the preseason and see how he is looking and make the decision then. If he is healthy 60-75% of the time, he might be worth it

Yeah RDubs, I'm conflicted on the guy. Lots of questions about him. Can he stay healthy? Can he sustain or come close to the high level he played? Is he worth 5.4 million considering all the factors. Its a tough decision.

Its a rare day that I will do this but Armanda used the phrase "harrassment scandal" instead of "bully scandal" in his column. Kudos Salguero. Good job.

Carroll and Patterson,

There comes a point and time you have to move on. Carroll is just a "progress stopper" at this point. He's a marginal player as a whole. Jamar Taylor and Will Davis are both waiting in the wings. Add either Darrelle Revis (yeah right!/ via trade or let the young bucks fight it out.

Patterson is supposedly a good locker room guy and a leader type. Can this team afford to lose any more leaders? I don't care Patterson is making $5 M. Unless Miami adds a big time vet which seems very unlikely with them already having Grimes, then I like Grimes and let Patterson fend off Davis and Taylor and spend a mid rounder on a depth guy/Special teams DB.

clee, like the idea to gamble with greatness as to be honest when patterson was in, he was our best CB - the guy darn near averaged an INT per game played...

As far as the money, not my money, we can afford toa llocate teh cap space and Taylor should be ready to step in as an insurance policy should Patterson falter. And if worse comes to worse there will be someone of Carroll's talent available come the late summer. heck, there are 22 free agent cbs on the market rated better than Carroll. No reason in the world to lock him up with substantial money ... the supply is enormous...

NeMo, shields is way overrated. Watched GB a few times last year and one, their defense was horrendous. and 2, their secondary was horrendous. And Tremond Williams was the Pack's best CB. Shields looked worse than Carroll.

Thats what she said.

The Old NFL you needed your QB to be a pocket passer. In today's NFL the QB should have some athleticism.

What I am saying is L.Thomas or M.Moore. Again, I don't want or expect L.Thomas to takeover for Tannehill. I expect him to become our #2 and be able to get trade value down the road.

A.Murray is a 6 ft version of M.Stafford. Really nothing Special.

The guy from Alabama played with the most talented players in college football.

T.Boyd threw to 3 first rd pick WRs in one of the most exciting offenses in college football.

S.Morris has the tools but has also been given the proper coaching to get better and yet he still makes the same mistakes. He has already reached his potential.

Out of the late round QBs Logan Thomas will make the most sense to take a risk on. And if he or the team wants, you can Convert him to a TE if he doesn't make it as a QB. The Fins could always use an extra one of those.

Definitely need to let Carroll walk. Let the younger CB's on our roster have his playing time. Guy's a bum and I don't want to settle to bring him back because he's cheap. We need to keep churning these guys until the best players are on the field, period. Carroll won't be missed.

Here's the deal: Patterson proved he's a legitimate talent when healthy. The gamble is whether or not he can be healthier in his final year. The good news is that his health issues were surrounded around the same nagging injury. If he demonstrates full recovery from that injury going into next season then I humbly feel we retain him for his talent. He'll have one year to prove himself and we'll have full freedom to make a decision on whether we want to try and resign him or let him go. I think 5.4 mil. is worth it for what I saw him do when he played this year. He played at a Pro Bowl level, especially glaring performances in the Browns and Cincy games. I want him back.


Def agree with you on find players who make plays and not just another guy like Carroll is.

Shields did take a step back last year, but I think he could be a good number 2. That whole Packers D was bad especially with Matthews hurt.

I guess what I'm trying to say is if you could get a second stud corner for 6-8 million instead of Patterson at 5.4 would you do it? Talib, Rodgers-Cromartie, Verner, or Shields. I would definitely consider it. Getting Talib at a similar salary to Grimes would be a big blow to the Pats.

I would consider the possibility. I mean I know Patterson looked great in the 4 games, but it is a very small sample size and the guy has had a bad injury history. Just something to think about.


Agreed. I just don't understand it. The same people looking at it as a bargain to bring the guy back "for cheap" next year are the same people that called for his head when Patterson went down and Brady torched him literally plays later. Do these people want to have a relentless defense like SEA has or do they want to settle with a guy we KNOW won't bring much to the table besides mediocrity with a good game sprinkled here and there? Give these younger guys a shot and see what happens. It's like some of our fans don't want the best out of our players. I'm not looking at this from an economically savvy point of view, I'm looking at this from an "I WANT TO BE A CONTENDER" point of view.

But eh, just one man's opinion.

Dashi, of all the Qbs you mentioned, the only one who looked like a Qb is Aaron Murry. logan Thomas has a very intriguing skill set but he would get killed stepping onto an NFL field next year. he isn't evenn ready to be a #2.


You already know how disappointed I am with K.Coyle and his Dyckass play calling.

We have the players on defense to throw the kitchen sink at people.

P.Wheeler didn't have to start last season. Even if you signed him. He could've been the 4th LB.

The Fins could've played a 3-4 on early downs and a 4-3 on later downs.

One of the best passing formations I have seen the Dolphins deploy on 3rd and long is Wake and D.Jordan at DE, Odrick at NT, and O.Vernon standing up right next to Odrick as a Rush LB. Sometimes dropping in coverage.

Coyle is a Good Secondary Coach. He has proven that. He got rid of V.Davis and S.Smith and managed to get better CBs in under a year.

But as a Play caller K.Coyle is suspect.

I expect more aggressive play calling. Ellerbe and Wheeler are going to be in year 2 of playing in the system. I expect less thinking and more reacting. We are probably only going to be breaking in 2 new starters this year on Defense(DT & SS), I expect the D to play to its potential this upcoming season.

This should be a Top 10 Defense even with P.Wheeler starting.

Dashi, I agree with you when you say that Logan Thomas is the best developmental QB prospect around. I originally thought it was Jimmy G from Eastern Illinois, but his stock has gone too high for us to take him as a backup.

The bad news is I think 31 other GMs will like Logan Thomas too. We might have to take him in rounds 3 or 4 to get him for sure.

NeMo, I agree that the idea of adding another top corner is attractive. I don't think Shields is the guy. I think Verner, Talib, DRC... heck even Vontae and Peanut Tillman would work. But not Shields.

But if we are going to add someone in the secondary, I hope it would be jarius Byrd though. We have a lot of prospects at corner between Patterson, Taylor, and Davis. Heck, even a cheap vet at camp time in case everything falls apart would serve.

It's a fine idea but I think it should be way down in the list of priorities for this team.

If the team wants to move on from Patterson (which I think would be a mistake), I think they should take a good, hard look at Aqib Talib. Imagine a Grimes/Talib tandem? Might be top 3 tandem in the league.


I would agree with A.Murray. but then I see that he is listed at 6'. He is short and he isn't a good Athlete. Double Negative in my book. And just like S.Morris, A.Murray has been brought up in a Pro System the last 4 years. He has reached his potential. And that is a turnover machine.

I am not saying start L.Thomas at any point in the next 2 years. He needs coaching.

What I am saying is Draft L.Thomas in the 5th-7th. Make him your #3. Give him snaps in the 4th qtr of preseason games. Make him the practice squad QB for the next 2 years.

Make Matt Moore and Pat Devlin Battle for #2 this preseason. The Winner stays, The Loser gets Cut.

Tannehill shouldn't see a lot of snaps this preseason. The new O-line and the Run Game will need to see a lot of time in the preseason. But as long as we see Tannehill throw 2-3 Bombs and Connect. We shouldn't have to watch Tannehill in the preseason.

Bring in L.Thomas for Mop up duty in the 4th. Plus, if Lazor is a QB guru, he will take L.Thomas as his pet project.

Ian Rapoport ‏@RapSheet 2m

The 4-year extension for #Bills S Aaron Williams is worth $26M, per source. It can be worth up to $27.25M over the course of the deal.

Byrd will cost more

I don't think we need to spend top dollar on a safety.

Get Byrd and I will be impressed

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