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Update on Nolan Carroll and Dimitri Patterson

The Dolphins settled family business, to quote the Godfather, when they re-signed Brent Grimes on Monday.

The status of their other two 2013 starting cornerbacks has yet to be settled.

Nolan Carroll, who started 12 games last season, and Dimtri Patterson, who started four games, are uncertain about their status with the Dolphins at this hour.

Carroll, a pending unrestricted free agent, expects to test free agency when the market opens on Monday, according to a league source. That doesn't mean he won't return to the Dolphins.

Carroll's agent met with the Dolphins during the Combine in Indianapolis a couple of weeks ago and the team told him it would like to have Carroll back. But that desire has so far not been accompanied by a contract offer to make that return possible.

So Carroll will shop his services with hopes of landing somewhere he can at least compete for a starting job.

Patterson is an interesting issue because he is signed for 2014. But because that is the final year of the contract, and because his salary cap number is $5.4 million, and because he has been injured a majority of his time with the Dolphins, there is speculation the Dolphins will either ask Patterson to take a pay cut or restructure (set money off into incentives tied to playing time).

Or the Dolphins could simply cut the veteran and save $5.4 million of cap space because there are no negative cap ramifications in the move.

So far, the Dolphins have not notified Patterson of any pending move. So he remains on the team at his current contract.

But only for now.

Looks like the family has more business to settle.


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Agreed. I can see a team reaching for L.Thomas in the 3rd or 4th. Not a lot of real good QBs in this draft.

A QB that I like coming out is J.Franklin.

The QB from Missouri. The Mike Sam State.

He took it to some good teams this past year. If it wasn't for his shoulder injury I expect he could've even sneaked into the first round.

The kid can play. And he has the measureables and production in a top conference that you would look for in a QB prospect.

And if his shoulder is healthy, he is a better day 1 starter than all the other mid round QBs.

Byrd doesn't want to play in Buffalo anymore. I think he will be looking fora team with more playoff stability.

Talib wouldn't be as good in Miami as he would no longer get to play NE pat defense and that is do anything you like as long as you don't tackle the player before the ball gets there.

He would be a flag machine in Miami as he was in Tampa. he knows this too - he will re-sign or join the Seahawks...

Dashi, I do agree with your Qb scenario. I am sick at Matt moore - hated when we signed him and re-signed him. I would be ok with Devlin as the #2. Logan Thomas would not be a good #2 next year.

Yes for secondary help I would look at Byrd and Talib the closest. We could hurt 2 division rivals and improve our team at the same time.

Mark, I agree secondary should be down the list. Improving the secondary further is kind of my luxury free agent addition. D-tackle and of course O-line (at least 2 additions) are my biggest priorities. RB and linebacker at the right price as well.

I see Logan Thomas going round 3-4, just too much upside to slip. Murray I think will round 5ish. Just my 2 cents.

The Bills are a confusing team. they sign pedestrian DBs to sizeable contracts instead of signing great ones to huge deals. Cut this Aaron Williams fellow and give his deal plus a couple mill a year to Byrd. That's what I would do - oh well, not my problem.


Agreed. L.Thomas won't be ready to be a #2 for a little bit. But we need to decide, Moore or Devlin.

We could spend the call space elsewhere.

You know how good a $5M TE will be. Or even a $5M Safety. Way better than Matt Moore that is for sure.

Looks like Byrd is gone, I would definitely make a run for him. Kind of surprising they signed another safety and let Byrd walk.

TE, well they need to resign Keller. Then all is well in TE land IMO.

I don't see a problem with keeping Patterson. Patterson gives us security on the CB position. It gives J.Taylor and W.Davis a better chance to develop and earn a CB spot.

Even giving Patterson $5M to play 5 games is a better use of money than keeping M.Moore.

I like Patterson. Hopefully he stays healthy. Talib or Verner would be awesome, but I'd rather let the rookies play and see what you have.

I've wanted Byrd for awhile, but the Bills always held the tag. Now idk, he has been offered a good deal of money and still isn't happy. Very talented, but would he be a problem?

next year anyways

Dashi, said the same here yesterday, a $5M cap space on the first year of a long term deal buys a mighty fine starter ... mighty fine (Byrd for example). I would do it in a second. I'd be happy with Devlin and a Logan Thomas backing up Tannehill.

NeMo and Dashi,

Dustin Vaughan is another potential development QB that could be had in the 7th or more than likely a UDFA.

Someone posted this video of him a while back.


Here is his 2013 stats.

Completion %

Agree with cutting Moore. The team doesn't need a top tier backup, they wouldn't win with him anyway.

Thoughts on picking up AJ McArron (spelling) if he drops to 3/4/5?

I think I would cut Moore and save the 4 or 5 million or whatever it is. Is more really getting us to the playoffs if Tannehill is out for a significant amount of time? I doubt it. He's a good backup, but 4 million is too much for that.

4 or 5 mil can get us an elite guard in free agency, I'd rather allocate the spending there.

Mark inside Toronto,

I put three (3) almonds on a yellow plate this morning and within five (5) minutes they began to tell me stories in Spanish and another language I believe to be Romanian.

Reincarnation is real. We can come back as almonds.

moore is token joes
he ain't going

Byrd wants top safety money (10-11) and frankly, I think he's worth it. Aponte can shape it the same as the Wallace contract where the initial hit is small and you have one year where it's a giant hit like Wallace's this year - which really didn't negatively impact our cap space any... Could be had for a cap hit of ~ $5M for this year (Wallace was $3M last year). Here's a list of the top paid S for 2014...

1 Eric Berry at Safety $11,619,700
2 Troy Polamalu at Safety $10,887,500
3 Eric Weddle at Safety $10,100,000
4 Antrel Rolle at Safety $9,250,000
5 Dashon Goldson at Safety $9,000,000

When Moore last played extended time as a starting QB in 2011 he registered a passer of 87.1. Since then he has only thrown 25 regular season (preseason? Really??)
He's only 29 years old. You think he's gotten worse? I think it's short sited to let a guy like this go.

the clueless homers
are wrong every season on
everything phinz so don't fret
moore ain't going anywhere

Mark inside Toronto,

I put three (3) almonds on a yellow plate this morning and within five (5) minutes they began to tell me stories in Spanish and another language I believe to be Romanian.

Reincarnation is real. We can come back as almonds.

Posted by: A Special Morning | March 05, 2014 at 11:46 AM

That's actually pretty funny lol

Thank goodness fumbles don't count in passer rating ....

Thank goodness fumbles don't count in passer rating - Russel Wilson

I don't think safety should be ignored. We need a hammer back there and Clemmons is average at best and Jones good but inconsistent. Not sure if we can afford Byrd but I don't think Delmas is the answer.

Not resigning Matt Moore would get a little scary if Tannehill were to go down. We have no idea how Devlin would respond in real game action.

If we just sign one DT Soliai, Starks, or a free agent. I would think a DT in the draft would become a necessity. We would be getting thin on guys to rotate.

I like Byrd. But I don't see the need to spend so much on the secondary.

There will be a bidding war for Byrd. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets $60M for 5yrs. with $30M guaranteed.

Don't think thats a luxury we'll be able to afford.

If AJ McCarron falls to the 4th rd. the Phins should definitely take him. No higher than a 4th though, too many other needs.

Agree MassDolphan,

Taking a QB before the 4th would be crazy with all our need areas.

I believe its sink or swim with Tannehill this season.

I don't see a problem with keeping Patterson. Patterson gives us security on the CB position.

Posted by: Dashi | March 05, 2014 at 11:33 AM

I guy who only played 4 full games is security?

Some of you should think before you write.

to Mark in Toronto
Safety is very important and when you can sign the #1 top ranked safety in Byrd even at 10 to 10.5 Million a year it is well worth it - It immediately helps in our pass coverage and overall defense just like bringing Grimes to the Dolphins did.
Signing Byrd would be a coup for our new GM
it would be his signature addition to the team and not a bad one to start your GM reputation.
We do have plenty of CAP room to sign Byrd and it would be a great addition to our team.

I agree that we are probably going to loose either Solai or Starks to free agency
whichever one gets a hefty contract offer next week, in free agency will be gone - we will not match it and then we will work to keep the other one as a Dolphin
If we loose both it is not the end of the world either, as we do have pretty good players already in our roster that could take their place. We would have to bring in some backups in the draft, but they come at one tenth the cost of Solai or Starks
I for one hope we go after Byrd

Just hope Byrd isn't tackling running backs in the open field because the Dolphins can't afford run stopping DTs.

As always, there's a few of you who want the Dolphins to take a page from the Dan Snyder playbook and spend wildly in free agency, even though it has been proven over and over and over an over that it does NOT work.

Never has and never will.

Ever notice that the franchises with the most enduring success over the long haul also tend to be the ones having the most BORING offseasons? The ones who only VERY occasionally make any kind of splash in free agency? Teams like the Patriots...the Steelers...the Giants...the Packers.

Sure, you target a couple of guys (with the OL obviously being a huge need) but you do NOT upset your entire salary structure and go on crazy shopping sprees. How has that worked out for Washington?

But some of you will never get it.

Posted by: ps61 | March 05, 2014 at 12:28 PM

Who did we pay last year that stopped the current safeties from doing the same thing? Let Starks and Solia both walk. Like both players but they can move on.

Is Patterson's injury prone ?
Or did he just have bad luck with that groin injury and tried to come back before it was fully recovered
Please correct me if I am wrong but it has been the groin injury off and on that has sidelined him right ??

If he is fully recovered from that Groin injury then he should have a shot at returning to th Dolphins
agreed contract could be re-written to give him playing incentives just in case and extended at the same time
I would not guarantee a large portion of the contract unless he is healthy
he will probably agree to something like that
If he stays healthy the whole season(a big if)we would have a formidable tandem of CB with Grimes on the other side - and then if you add Byrd - WOW lookout teams you will now be facing one of the best backfields in the NFL.
Patterson is not only good when healthy he is great.

Dolphins FA Needs

E.Monroe- LT
R.Saffold- RT
L.Delmas- FS
D.Jackson- MLB
Soliai- DT
Keller- TE

Do this and you can trade the whole draft for Sammy Watkins.

And if you cut Matt Moore you can add a Decent $5M RB like MJD to team up with L.Miller.

Brandin Cooks will be the best WR in this draft at the next level. Watkins will be good but not Andre Johnson or Calvin Johnson

Heck, if you cut Moore, you are most of the way there on paying Ben Tate.


here is a list of the top free agent safeties
almost all the different rankings agree on the top 6 or 7 order
which of course brings up the question if you are not going to get the top safety then Clemons is ranked higher than Delmas and Clemons is lready familiar with our D and they would both cost about the same
So I would spend the extra 4 Million and go for Byrd
big drop off in production from Byrd to Ward
Byrd = elite
Ward = Good
The rest = average

Safeties available in FA

1. Jairus Byrd
2. T.J. Ward
3. Donte Whitner
4. Antoine Bethea
5. Chris Clemons
6. Louis Delmas

7. Malcolm Jenkins
8. Stevie Brown
9. Michael Mitchell
10. Nate Allen
11. Major Wright
12. Charles Woodson
13. Steve Gregory
14. Nick Collins
15. Ryan Clark
16. James Ihedigbo
17. Bernard Pollard (Re-signed two-year deal with TEN)
18. Usama Young
19. Kendrick Lewis
20. Mike Adams
21. Chris Crocker
22. Yeremiah Bell
23. Quintin Mikell
24. Roman Harper
25. Kerry Rhodes
26. Michael Huff
27. Brandon Meriweather
28. Ryan Mundy
29. Taylor Mays
30. Ed Reed
31. Jim Leonhard
32. Husain Abdullah
33. Will Allen (Re-signed undisclosed deal with PIT)
34. Sergio Brown
35. Darian Stewart
36. Craig Steltz
37. Darrell Stuckey
38. Quintin Demps
39. Matt Giordano
40. Reed Doughty

A week ago I told you losers that next week Ross' face would yet again be the first thing you see when you log onto The Herald for sports news, and here it is. I used to root for a football team, now a days you root for floppy ears and his expensive toy. The RossPhins are the lamest team in all of sports today. The face of your franchise is not a player but rather its elderly freak of an owner. It's a shame that you no lifers are a part of the joke that is The RossPhins. Hooked on football like it's crack lol. In here going on about salary cap numbers and draft prospects in frikken March roflmao.

Jason Taylor "Some football fans need a hug and a hobby."

That means you.


"The Dawn" did an excellent job of structuring Grime's contract like usual. Only year 1 and 2 guaranteed. Only a 4 million dollar cap hit this year.

Team still has about 35 million in cap space even after the Grimes deal. Only 4 teams in the whole NFL have more.

Great work by Aponte/Hickey again leaving us plenty of money for free agency.

Given Ross' droopy Terrier dog look, and his Basset Hound ears. Wouldn't Ross be better suited to own The Browns ?

...I would still look as high as round 3 to draft a quarterback this year. Especially if there is a thought to release Moore. Ask yourself this... What are the odds we find a starter from the 3rd round in any draft? Not great..20 percent? So If there is a guy that the team has evaluated as a worthy prospect. There is no reason to pass on a quarterback. Especially if you are a buyer of the BPA philosophy..

There are to many reasons not to seriously think about exploring this option..

1..Both of our backups stink.
2..We need to fix this issue as it is almost a certainty that Tannehill will get knicked and miss some snpas over the next 2 years.
3..As an insurance policy if Tannehill can't play
4..As an option if Tannehill is not worthy of a long term second contract.
5..Because I said so...

I would take QB Garrapalo in a second if he was available in the 3rd round. Talk about made for fit. Quick release, big, accurate, leader. Nice player.

I pray Carroll doesn't return. He is too inconsistent and proved he can't handle talented receivers. This is why Minnesota let him walk years ago from their nickel spot. Paterson is great when he is healthy and I'd rather put in someone that I can rely on to play every week then put out his type of money for a coin toss if he suits up.


Hey - It's not going to happen
Lets get over that and move on
Ross has no intentions of selling the team
He is willing to do whatever it takes to improve the team
He is willing to spend the big $$ to make the team better
so............ Lets just move on
Our owner and our coach are here to stay (At least for this next season)
so lets concentrate on the team
we all have our opinions on how to improve the team
but ultimately it is one person who will make the decisions on who to go after and who to let go and that is our new GM
Ross has given him a green light to do whatever it takes to improve the team (and manage the CAP)
so for now let's just hope that we add the right folks in Free agency, and draft impact players so our team can get better
We all need to give our new GM a chance, so lets support him, and hopefully give our comments to help him since it is probable that he or his staff reads this blog.
I know Armando does and that has been proven to shape some of his articles in the past.

I know you want the best for our team and Ross has already stated the Dolphins are not for sale
so lets just move on and rally behind our team.

Darryl, agreed on Garrapalo in round 3, but I think he is gone in round 2, possibly early round 2. I could see Houston taking him at at pick 1 of round 2 actually.

need a qb

Agreed NeMO, really what you have here cap wise is a 2 year, $14M deal. The rest has to be earned. Glad to see I'm not the only one who appreciates a good numbers massage ...

Mediocre, pedestrian writer = mediocre, pedestrian blog.

Good job by Hickey so far. Signing Grimes and (evidently) seeing what Ireland did to the LB position turned into a flaming pile of turd.

I'll play GM: make an offer to Solia, somewhere around 3yrs/15mil. Let Starks walk. Make a run at Hatcher from Dallas. From what I've seen, a very disruptive player.

Tell Patterson we'd love to have you, but at lower guaranteed money for this year, but with incentives. Say goodbye to Carroll. Let Taylor and Davis duke it out for the job

Go hard after OT Monroe. Use 1st and 2nd round picks on the 2 best O-Lineman you can get.

Lastly, not have to worry about Sherman sabotaging the offense with terrible play calling. And hope Tannehill makes the leap from year 2, which was a nice growth year, to becoming a top 12 or so QB in year 3

Matt Moore = NFC and AFC Offensive Player of the Week awards in his career and a team MVP award for 2011.

Holds Dolphins team record for longest scoring drive in team history in terms of both time of possession and number of plays.

But the two no lifers who are clearly dumb because they have short memories, Dashi and Mark I dream of waitresses who want nothing to do with me in Toronto, they believe that Moore "sucks".

Because of his pre-season performances lmao.

Circus leader Ross drafted Tannehope specifically for dunces like these two.

Notice how they're both on Tannehill's nuts, but Moore without the first round hype can do no right.

This lack of objectivity qualifies as stupidity.

Even second round picks suffer the same wrath from stupid fans.

You can bet your a s s that Ross and his team of marketers understand this all too well.

Ask Reggie Bush who got a thousand yard season specifically because of Moore's deep ball accuracy if Moore "sucks".

It's one thing to have no life and obsess over football all day long like these two idiots, Dashi and Mark creepy posts pix of women he'll never know.

It's something else to obsess over football all day long and not have a clue what you're going on about.

Ed Kaplan : "Anytime someone uses the word sucks to describe something you know that they're a moron."


ralphflorida, you have way to much free time on your hands

ralphflorida, you have way to much free time on your hands

Posted by: Parcells must die | March 05, 2014 at 02:11 PM

It is my day off today
usually I just read a few comments and do not have the time to post

No way did they settle family business: Solai and Starks just as important

Two biggest steals of 2013 draft IMO were K Alonzo & E Lacy both 2nd Rounders while Lacy almost made it to the 3rd.

There is something that almost everyone here & the NFL are missing and no I do mean that in a demeaning manner. No one is mentioning this anywhere. Before you read further..DO SO WITH AN OPEN MIND. The reason I ask that is, what I am about to propose is not of the popular opinion BUT it doesn't mean it's not accurate.

1st I would ask all, who are the 2 most dominant teams in the NFL? If you said Sea & SF you would be correct. If you said otherwise you need to rethink your answer.

What do both these teams have in common? Dominant D's, physical & a Ground & Pound Run Game! Lynch & Gore + Physical O Line! It's Old School Football Recipe. E Lacy single handedly turned GB run game from ranked 20th to 2nd by wk 13.

All the analysts say how RB position is losing importance in the NFL!! It's complete & utter BS!! They need write about something, stir the pot, make themselves sound clever about how the game is changing and add to the debate so everyone will chime in!! They all(most) say that RB's are a dime a dozen. THIS IS A MISCONCEPTION PEOPLE. A GOOD RB IN THE NFL IS ACTUALLY A SCARCITY!!! Anyone who's ever played FF knows this!

The Dolphins need a BRUISER, a POUNDER!! I haven't given up on Miller or Gillislee yet but I don't think either can grind out the clock and wear down a D & Impose their will on the opposition either. SF & SEA DO THIS!!

Yes there are top3 talent @ Oline in draft BUT guess what, we ain't gettin them! Unless there is a top echelon @ 19 here's what we should do. TRADE DOWN!!!! The draft IS that deep at Oline. At 31st overall or even an early 2nd Round from a trade down grab one of these Bruiser type RB's! If the drop off isn't that much which it's really not supposed to be then we could have an extra pick for more Olineman, get that DT that YES were gonna need Big time!!

Albert & Byrd??? Please these guys are nothing but Cancers selfish headaches, please NOT Miami. Like to have Munroe But can we afford him? We've many holes to fill & 4mil doesn't go as far as ya think.

Carroll may be cheap as someone stated but when he costs you games I SAY THATS PRETTY DAMN PRICEY!!

THOMAS from SF practice squad WHO WON US THE NE GAME!! How much you think a practice squad player is gonna Cost? NOW THAT IS WHAT I CALL CHEAP!!

Reason I draft a RB so high is I don't think the too 2 last as long as they're projected to..

Restructure Pattersons contract & if he's not willing Cut'm loose..

Let Thomas, Davis, Taylor & f/a duke it out..


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