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Winston is NFLPA president but not a Dolphins option

Today was a good day for Eric Winston. The former University of Miami offensive lineman was voted president of the NFL Players Association. So he will help lead the union that represents players' interests.

As to Winston's own career interests, there is none from the Dolphins at this point.

The seemingly annual flirtation with Winston as a free agent right tackle possibility has not begun -- not yet, anyway. The Dolphins have shown no interest even though offensive line coach John Benton coached Winston when the player was with the Houston Texans.

Indeed, the Dolphins have also shown no interest in bringing Bryant McKinnie back as a project move from left to right tackle (and they won't) and they've shown no interest in re-signing Tyson Clabo at this point.

The Dolphins, I'm told, are thinking of filling their right tackle need in the draft. No surprise there.

Obviously, it's a long offseason and things can change in the coming months. But right now the search for a starting right tackle has not yet devolved to seeking a veteran stopgap on a one-year deal.

By the way, if you're wondering why this blog (and my columns) have focused so much on the offensive line this offseason, then check out the video below ...


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Queue Clueless in Toronto's b&tch & whine fest over no more FA signings of significance!

I'd take Clabo or McKinnie over Winston. I think were drafting 2 O-lineman fairly high and going from there. Not sure if its the right strategy or not, but we will find out.

Winston isn't the answer.

Im on record as sayin that the dolphins are making a mistake if they aren't going to add one more veteran OL. Otherwise, the team feels the starting RG an LG are already on the team. Which as tells me that Brenner, Garner, or maybe Thomas as penciled in as a starter by the coaches. There are free agent options out there. I'm not sure what the team is thinking here other than that that are set at OG already.

Winston played well and ranked higher than Clabo by everyone. Don't understand what everyone has against him. Having said that, Clabo gained momentum last year. No idea why the Dolphins wouldn't already be locking down at least one. It's not just filling the gap, it's gaining some depth. One injury and we're back to major problems. Puzzled.

Blog, do you dream about me as much at night as you do doing during the days here?

Didn't know my commentary was so necessary in your life.



I think like alot of us thought that they could have done a better job shoring up the o-line in free agency.

It is easy for us to say though, we weren't the ones out there negociating. It was a big year in free agency for tackles and the guards we few are far between.

I don't think its that tall of an order to find 2 o-line starters in the draft. The trick is going to be getting 4 new starters to gel period.

I'm with you Frank. An o line with 3 first time starters doesn't exactly fill me with confidence.

Not the idea I had in mind when thinking about improving the line.

I don't get why we don't keep McKinnnie at RT as insurance if nothing else. The guy's not incompetent, which made him a real upgrade last season.

uh oh time for the losers to show who us who is the better couch GM

Agreed 3 first time starters is a nervous proposition. Still, no way it could be as bad as it was last year, right? I mean that was historically bad.

Alot of teams are up against it, regarding the cap, many couldnt pay for their rookie class as of today. These teams will need to make moves and free up some cap space. I am sure a few good OL will fall through the cracks and we can swoop them up. Maybe a quard and a back up tackle. i think Ja wuan James could be our RT this year.

haha @ 12:49, funny stuff

I was suspecting it for days but now I've come to grips with Zach Martin being the pick @ 19. I now see why Hickey sat on the pines for 18 years with no real GM prospects until 7 guys turned down the Dolphins job.

Using a first round pick on a RT is just hereesy...

Are you sure, deity?

Benton better be the OL prodigy he is hyped up to be.

Has Philbin been fired yet?

it's unwatchable.

Sign Clabo and still draft two. We have the money and we really need to give this offense a chance or we will have a fire sale again next year. Clabo woke up the second half of last year, he can be a good anchor while the draft pics get up to speed

A couple of teams played their first round OL pick at RT Mark, if I am not mistaken. I do not disagree that it is not a somewhat failed pick at a non-premium position. I don't know what their thinking is. I figured another good starter OL signing besides Albert. But I do know this, there were 4 problems on the line (Clabo saved a little face in the second half) last year and 4 of them are gone. One has been filled with a pro-bowl caliber player. The other 3? Well they are not last years problems, that is for sure.

We did a big breakdown of who the phins will or should be picking up right here!! Come by check it out and vote on our poll!! http://phinsnews.com/?p=998&preview=true

I started watching that vid and started throwing stuff around the computer room. Arrggggghhhhh (well that is not what I said and what I said can't be repeated on this blog anyway)
I still say it is coaching. Note the depth of Tannehill from the nearest lineman. Just because he is far back doesn't mean he was safe. In fact the further he was away from center the greater the opportunity for a hole.
They were not in a position to win a one on one battle.

Rdubs,,,, right on,,, about the thought process,,, don't know much about the player,,,

Wow...watching the video is interesting...the line was a sieve. I know there were 58 sacks...but I don't remember it being that bad. There was on one coverage sack and that was against the Colts...the rest were just bum rushes - embarrassing our OLine.

That is a fail on the linemen...and the line coach.

This needs to be playing constantly in the Dolphins training facility until it's fixed!

@ArmandoSalguero: Devin Hester wants $4M per year? No wonder he's still unsigned:

The one that I see over and over again is the sack in Buffalo when we were leading. Williams was 3 feet in the backfield on that effen go and go go. Up goes pouncey's butt and then go. Well my granma would have been that deep too. Our OC last year was the worst play caller ever. He easily could have called a little run on that play to catch Williams. What a buffoon that OC was along with his buddy the HC (may his name never be uttered by my lips).

Dolphins officially in REBUILD MODE

Mark: so, whom do you like in the 1st round, if not an OL guy?

Not criticizing you, just curious.

deity, the OTs picked last year played RT but are slated to eventually play LT. Zach martin at LT will not happen for 3 years at best. It's a useful pick at 19 but has ZERO chance for future greatness. Same reason why I hated Pouncey at 15 or whatever it was. Pouncey is a pro bowler and what impact did that even have on the o line let alone the offense ... not much.

And yes, last year's starter was awful but still at worst one of our starters will be a guy who was backup to those awful starters.

I get the desire to be optimistic here but man so much has to go right for this to work and any time you are depending on hopes and prayers before the season starts is not the optimal situation.

Very difficult video to watch

Anderson I would love an lineman in round one if he was Taylor Lewan, Greg Robinson, or Jake Matthews but those guys won't be around. Martin is far behind those guys in talent for the NFL. When you are drafting a tackle at 19 and most people are already saying he may not be a tackle ... cripes that's scary.

Also at the position we draft, we could eb drafting the best player at another position and not rolling with the 4th best OT (who may not be an OT).

If you would like to see who I would draft right now, in order, here it is (the only guy who may move down the list is Amaro - still unsure on him)

Aaron Donald
Taylor Lewan
Khalil Mack
RaShede Hageman
Dee Ford
*Jace Amaro
*Ryan Shazier
*Greg Robinson
*Brandin Cooks
Jason Verrett

Very difficult video to watch

Posted by: Go gogo | March 19, 2014 at 01:18 PM

We agree, you are!

I am always optimistic, my football cells vibrate on that frequency. I thought they'd bring in another high caliber guy. I wish I was a fly on the wall at Dolphins HQ. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

This is a 2 year plan at least, Dickey is going to build the line Through the draft, so forget about 2014

A rookie is a rookie and they take time to get up the speed. So to expect we are going to have 2-3 rookies ready to go at good NFL level play by week 1 is a lot of wishing. Same idea applies to any backup player still out there.

The general sentiment here is that we are going to be ok, but what if we get a couple of Dallas Thomas coming our way

Three weeks into free agency the Dolphins have signed one sure fire starter. (Not Counting their own players) and that is Branden Albert. The rest are either rotation guys, a "hope he stays healthy" safety and a "hope he has some gas left in the tank" corner. then we are led to believe that help will come in the draft. The problem is "our coach" does not like to play rookies. Yeah, new coach and GM next year again.

Mark, I saw some highlights and saw some combine numbers from Bradley Roby from Ohio State. He's a guy I like, but I doubt we take corner.

From your list there its looking like Lewan, Mack, and Robinson are gone for sure. I doubt we take D-line, WR or corner and some of thsoe guys might be gone already. So, to me its looking like Shazier or maybe Amaro after trading down a bit from your list.

..Kindry..Good point. A more experienced quarterback probably get sacked at least 12-15 times less then Tannehill did.

Now this is part o the learning process, and on some of the sacks Tannehill was trying to make a play out of nothing, or he was trying to make a big play when passing on an open checkdown(possible he didn''t see the guy on a few occasions)

What I saw..And what he needs to get better at is stepping up into the pocket when the tackles depth equals his. What I mean is if you watch good quarterbacks. The second the outside foot of either tackle reaches the depth of the quarterbacks drop..You have to step up. Now sometimes he did into a collapsed pocket. That is certainly not his fault. But there were at least a 10 plays that I counted that had space to step up, and extend the play that way. Instead Tannehill took more depth,or left the pocket to take a sack..

I'm sure he has been coached up on this. At some point you have to be able to do it. Experience should help with lower sack totals on its own.

Wow....poor Tannehill, guy got wrecked all season long.

1. He had about 2.5 seconds to throw on most blitz packages
2. The RB's cannot pick up the blitz for s**t
3. Most of the pressure came off the RT
4. Tannehill held the ball too long about 20% of the time

Not even the great Peyton Manning could make a play with that swiss cheese OL.

Just imagine if Ireland made these two critical moves last year:
1. Paid Albert
2. Paid Leach

I'd say we probably win 2-3 more games and easily make the playoffs.

gogo, the way that things are looking right now, it would be great if Dallas Thomas could be one of our starting guards...

Chicago played last year with 2 rookie OL I think. And their OL wasn't really the problem. It can be done.

Whatever anyone thinks, if Tannehill doesn't have time to throw, or the RBs have room to run, then there's no math to 9 wins (not with Seattle's defense or any other machination you can think of). So the OL needs to be fixed. We have a stud at LT (unless he gets hurt) and C. We need a RT. 1st round is a steep price to pay, but the possibility of a Dallas Thomas if we don't get one 1st round should scare anyone away from that option.

So don't get your panties in a bunch hoping for some sexy pick, it's going to be a RT. And that's probably the wisest decision the GM can make this year. Blame Ireland for tying our hands. OL needs to be fixed.

I'm no expert but if the current thinking is that it takes 2-3 years for a drafted OL to become a starter...and there are plenty of experienced OL available in FA, then why are we not signing more OL now?

We will draft a few OL in the draft and 'coach them up'...but we need starters NOW, not in 2 years.

Someone please explain this...

..NHFinsFan..I disagree. I'm not looking for reasons to bang on Tannehill. Some of those sacks would have been avoided by a more seasoned quarterback. No doubt in my mind.

Tannehill stood up admirably to that porous line. No doubt. But he has to be better at understanding his protections, his checkdowns, and play in the pocket. I would be the would agree as well.

No knock on him. All young guys have this learning curve.

Tape Don't lie!!

58 Sacks and not 1 of them was because of L.Miller!!!

I saw #33 miss a couple assignments and go the wrong way after the play action.


L.Miller wasn't responsible for the QB getting sacked. Now, The Tackles last year sucked and the Guards weren't any better.

I would like to thank Salguero for showing Video Proof!! That L.Miller wasn't responsible for T-Hill getting killed.

Now some will still say L.Miller can't pass block because they need something to hold on to. DOESN'T MATTER WHAT THE TAPE SAYS!!

If nothing else you can sign Clabo, Winston, McKinnie for some depth. Counting on a drafted rookie seems shortsighted

...@ 1:53...I would be the would agree as well???

I meant. I bet Tannehill would agree as well.

NeMo, I love Bradley Roby - he has a 2nd round grade on him at CBS. He's in my top five of guys with 2nd round grades.

bobbyd12....that's what I'm talking about. Get some depth on this line and coach em' up!

NFL Net. reporting that the Eagles are indeed shopping DeSean Jackson and are in talks with the Patriots.

Resign Mckinnie......

Even if Tannehill avoided 10-12 Sacks by releasing the ball faster. 48 Sacks in a Year is still a lot.

..Dashi..We do not know what the blocking assignments were. I agree that Miller gets a bad rap..Go back and watch again. Miller gets run over on more then 4-5 occasions were he is the last line of defense.

My point is most back that were asked to block as much as ours were are going to be overmatched. What I saw, is that we could have used another blocker, a real blocker, and not used so many 3-4 wide formations. We could not protect. If we could have, those formations would have worked much better. Clay..he can't block, the tape definitely showed that. Egnew...He was ok for 2 weeks until Tampa Bay figured out you could just run a guy at him and blow him up.

It was a failure to adjust. This isn't Millers Fault. I wonder if there is a stat for how many times backs with a percentage of pass plays were asked to block? I would bet Miller was right in the middle. not the best, not the worst. But certainly not as bad as the folks here tery to make him out to be.

...I'm not making any excuses for the line. The whole team can get better. Tannehill included. Some of those sacks were on him as bad as the line was. 58-48 even 38 are too many. We have to look at all the reasons that this happened last year. The easy answer is the line was horrible. They were. but it would be totaly irresponsible to think that they were the only factor in that crazy number.

DC, hope you're feeling better.

One of Chicago's rookies was a 5th rd pick in Jordan Mills. They got plenty lucky last year.

Also one of their picks was genetically engineeered football player in howie Long's boy. Only one of those on the board this year in jake Matthews and he will be long gone.

Starting two rookies CAN be done but generally it doesn't work out too good...


I did look.

All the time a RB was getting rushed or missing an assignment I saw a #33 on the jersey. That is the truth.

I saw Miller get runned over once or twice. And it was because Ben & Jerry would Miss a DT coming up the middle.

I also saw how on certain plays, Miller will chip block and hold his assignment at bay.

But most the time I saw a RB getting run over it was #33!! Tape don't lie.

Didn't realize there is another new blog- More reason to pass on Winston - thanks Mando.
So to re-post for Dashi.

Your post at 11:53 (last blog) to Kris is so hypocrital that you disgust me.

Do YOU EVER want to talk football without resorting to arguing and insulting everyone on the blog? It's a tiresome act my child.

This statement from you is an outright lie- "It doesn't matter if you are right or wrong with Dashi. Dashi never calls another posters opinion idiotic."

It DOES matter to your fragile ego when someone makes a valid point and calls you out on it.

So you want to talk football? I'm still around in between all of the useless name calling and childish banter. I am going to respond to your list the other day, followed by your insult at the end of the post that contradicts what you just said about not calling other posters opinions idiotic.

Just a tip for you- If you can have a normal healthy debate with other posters without flexing your muscles like an arrogant know it all, maybe you wouldn't get dumped on the way you do on this blog. Not sure you understand the concept of gaining respect by respecting others.

you won't like the list because it's much more factual than the horsecrap you've been spewing. You and Ireland ought to get together for a beer and discuss you insecurities

Posted by: tvegas | March 19, 2014 at 01:46 PM

How much of the OL failures are on departed coach Jim Turner and how much is on 'lack of talent'?

I'd say 50/50

Here's your reality roster list Dashi. I know you would have rather seen it as a victory for me not to respond. Sorry for that.

Painful that I have to do this and actually spend time arguing with an insane person.

For starters, not sure if you could read, but I said show me the list of players selected SOLEY under Ireland’s tenure that have been a success. Parcells was shopping for the groceries for players that appear on your list, so don’t count players that might not be in Miami if Parcells wasn’t in charge at the time, something that not even you can argue. Cheater! Let me remind you when Ireland took over again in case you forgot. On September 7, 2010, Ireland assumed full command of operations on a day to day basis. Bill Parcells became a daily consultant for the Miami Dolphins. Now let’s revisit your list.

Players brought in by Ireland not Hickey
Tannehill***** (really a 5*?? Show me! This is Tanny's make or break year- far from a 5* so far)
Moore- (good backup)
Devlin+ (who knows?)
L. Miller+**** (how about big fat ? -4* my arse!)
D.Thomas—(a joke that Ireland traded up for)
M.Thigpen (his return game regressed last year- that’s all he’s got)
M.Gillislee Sucks!!---(but you LOVED the pick- LOL)
C.Clay*** (fair grade-better if he can show up every game)
Sims (?) (yep)
Egnew (Sucks)
Wallace*** (overpaid for sure)
Hartline* (Parcells dummy, and he’s a lot better than a 1*)
Gibson* (? Cuz he’s always hurt but better than a 1* when he is healthy)
Matthews+ (fair grade)
Binns (c’mon, why even list him!)
S.Brenner+ (fair grade)
D.Thomas? (couldn’t sniff the field with horrible OL)
N.Garner (versatile player- guess what? Parcells!)
M.Pouncey**** (fair grade- thug but good player)
Odrick*** (fair grade- could get better)
Starks* (a 1*? What are you smokin’? He has been one of our most consistent players- too bad PARCELLS found him)
Wake**** (Parcells again.- this is getting old)
O.Vernon**** (best pick so far by Ireland)
D.Jordan?*****(5*?? How about incomplete and hopeful he will play more than 30% of the snaps? He better be a 5* soon cuz Ireland traded up for the dude!)
Shelby+ (potential)
Misi+ (average player-not a difference maker, don’t think he ever will be)
Wheeler---(overpaid potential bust)
Trusnik- (not bad- actually was ST guy that saw the field and not bad when called upon)
Spliter- (ST)
Ellerbe (? Again, he better step us his game quickly or FA bust)
Jenkins?+ (potential)
B.Grimes****(one of the few FA finds)
J.Taylor?*** (Forget the *** ?.... period)
W.Davis?***(same as Taylor)
M.Thomas (he was a pleasant surprise)
R.Jones** (from good to disaster last year)
J.Wilson+ (decent nickel- big deal)
D.Jones?+* (the other best Ireland pick- go figure, our punter!)
Sturgis?- (Carpenter outkicked him by a mile)
Almost 40 out of the 53 players on the team were selected by Ireland. About 75 % of the roster. About a Dozen Impact Players.
Dashi 5 - Star System
* - Very Good Player in my book
+ - Player with potential to be a good player
? - To Young to Tell
- - Sucks!!
I count at most 6 impact players and two are Parcells boys. Considered upper echelon are Vernon, Wake (Parcells), Starks (Parcells), Pouncey (?), Grimes and our Punter. I would include Clay on the list if he can be more consistent. Until last year he was a zero. Hartline is a good #2, would be a great #3, and was another Parcells player. The offense was devoid of top playmakers, and our Average PPG and record showed it. Let’s see how they do with an improved OL (hopefully).

The rest on your list, including Tanny, are still question marks, and many would not make a loaded NFL roster. Last year’s draft is as incomplete as ever, with no players seeing the field enough to make a difference. Jordan better rise quickly or he will be considered a #1 failure with the 3rd overall pick that Ireland traded up to get.

A fan with any knowledge of the Miami Dolphins would agree with about 25% of your grades. For example, you have Miller as a 4*, while Starks and Hartline are a 1*. Funny stuff! Thanks for proving what an ignorant fraud (in denial) that you really are!

Oh sorry... I forgot. No name calling. I'll play nice when you show me some respect

Posted by: tvegas | March 19, 2014 at 01:53 PM

My favourite play from the o line all year was against the Jets, 4th and inches and we run and get tackled in the backfield because John Jerry totally whiffed on the guy standing inches in front of him and gave himself a face plant in the dirt. never saw a guard whiff on a 4th and inches play before. Usually the best D linemen can hope for in that scenario is to hold an o lineman up and have a linebacker make the tackle.

Man, our line disocvered a new standard for crapitude last year


You know I have been saying the Dolphins love going 4-Wide. But I do agree, you need a good O-line to consistently go 4-wide.

I also agree on your point that the Fins should have kept a TE instead of a RB to block.

Even in the Shotgun. Any of our TEs can do a better job in the Backfield blocking than a RB.

I am not saying Miller is an excellent Pass Protector. But he is a lot better than some here think he is.

Their is a reason the Fins are looking for a RB. And Not a Starting RB. Because L.Miller is the Starter.

..Dashi..My point is(and I made this point yesterday)..Miller is not a horrible blocker, not as bad as a lot of folks here want to claim. Now,missed assigments? We will never know exactly. It certainly looks like there are more occasions of Miller being in the wrong spot then just whiffing on a block.

Or maybe Miller was in the right spot, and Tannehill blew it. That is what I am talking about. It was clear that there were some plays that guys were confused or in the wrong spot. This rarely happens on teams that have quarterbacks that are in charge of their own offenses, or have a full grasp of the offense(this is a better explanation)

How many times do you see Brady move a back into the right spot pre-snap? This should come with more experience. With these snaps come more command.

mark...and if I remember correctly we tried that same play a few weeks later with the same result...loss of yards. Not sure if Jerry got a face full of dirt, but it was pitiful to watch.

That's a dirty trick Mando. Including those terrible clips of last season. It actually made me mad for a second watching them. But that's last year. I noticed a new mock draft showing the Ravens taking Zach Martin at 17. If that's the case then I think you have to look at BPA and that may be CJ Mosley ILB Alabama. After Martin I think the O-Linemen kind of level out through the next couple of rounds.

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