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Mack contract will impact Mike Pouncey extension

The biggest NFL story the past 24 hours and perhaps for the rest of this day is the drama playing out between Cleveland and Jacksonville and the contract center Alex Mack will soon sign. Mack, a two-time Pro Bowl center, is set to sign a deal with Jacksonville that is expected to pay roughly $9 million per year over the next two years and approximately $27 million over the next three years.

Do the math. That's a $9 million annual per year average (apy).

For a center.

And that matters to you because, why?

Because the Dolphins also have a Pro Bowl center. And he wants a contract extension. And he is watching the Alex Mack situation and ensuing contract with a lot of interest.

Pouncey is set to make $1.63 million in what is scheduled to be the final year of his rookie contract in 2014. Yes, under the collective bargaining agreement, the Dolphins can exercise an option next month and add another year to the deal. I have reported in this space the Dolphins absolutely will add that year to Pouncey's deal next month.

But the issue is Pouncey wants a contract extension regardless of the option. He believes he's out-played his rookie contract, which he has, and deserves to be rewarded for doing so.

He also believes he's become a leader on the team -- Wells Report nothwithstanding -- and the Dolphins have already conceded that point in both words and actions. Remember that when left tackle Branden Albert was signed the team brought two players to the celebratory dinner with the new acquisition and coaches. Those two were quarterback Ryan Tannehill and, of course, Pouncey.

That spoke to Pouncey's standing.

So the next few months as we head to the start of training camp will be an interesting time as the sides discuss an extension for Mike Pouncey.

So what does Alex Mack have to do with any of this?

Well, Mack's contract is likely to make him the highest paid center in the NFL. And while Pouncey likely won't reach those heights because he is not as accomplished as Mack and hasn't actually hit free agency, as Mack did, he might not get $9 million apy.

But $7 million apy?

Perhaps $8 million apy?

Those numbers will be in play.

Yes, the Dolphins can argue no center is worth that kind of annual salary. There are excellent left tackles in the NFL making between $7-$8 million. They can argue that unlike Mack, Pouncey has not hit free agency and is not designated as a transition player. They can even argue Pouncey is actually under contract for two more years, once the option takes effect, and so an extension is not in the offing at all.

But those arguments will fall on deaf ears for the player and his agent because they see themselves as being among the best at their position, going into the final year of a rookie contract, and being grossly underpaid.

And the only way to correct that is with an extension.

And once they win that argument, and they will, the next question is what is Pouncey worth? And that's when the Alex Mack deal will be raised. I suppose it may not be matched by the Dolphins. But it will surely be raised and used as a ceiling for Pouncey.

That's why it matters here.


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A rookie knows he can out play his rookie deal when he signs it. Pouncey gets his extension next season, especially considering his issues last season.

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Posted by: LazorFX | April 09, 2014 at 10:29 PM
LMAOROTFF! I haven't laughed like that in a while that's one funny F'n post!

Posted by: fin4life | April 09, 2014 at 10:32 PM

"And once they win that argument, and they will"


Mando, you are the environmentalist of all journalists. You just recycled the same "jason Peters contract will impact Brandan Albert" post you ran a few months back.

Very efficient.

Ebron would be a good player. He isn't a Top 10 pick as a TE. But he is a first round TE.

You have to remember he lost B.Davis as a Coach. Ebron could have played a lot better.

Instead of E.Ebron give me K.Benjamin.

Benjamin is a better player for his position.

Ebron has an Average NFL TE body. And He is fast but not super fast.

K.Benjamin is Bigger and Faster than E.Ebron plus he plays WRs. The guys guarding him are going to be smaller. And $2M a year for a #1 WR for 5 years is a better deal than doing it for a TE.

That is what the first round is about now. The ability to get a premium position filled for Cheap.

Posted by: Dashi | April 10, 2014 at 09:12 AM

Previous blog
NO Eric Ebron!

He's a good college player but he doesn't offer anything different to what Charles Clay brings to the table. Miami made this mistake a year ago by taking a luxury pick in Dion Jordan when Olivier Vernon showed promise as a rookie. Starks and Odrick can play the position effectively as well. Now, Clay had a breakout season and people want to double up at a position with a player having practically the same skill set? Really? Ball watchers! Take BPA and position of need at the same time. In whatever order you want to rank them this is players I'd focus on for round 1 consideration. Not the sexy pick but I'd take any of the RT/G before any other position because it would finally solidify that unit significantly. I like the versatile players Miami has in Dallas Thomas and Jason Fox and even Nate Garner that could fill in at so many spots. But make no mistake about it Miami has to come out of this 1st round with a Oline.

Needs RT - Taylor Lewan, Zack Martin, Cyrus Koundjio
G - Zack Martin, Xavier Sua-Filo
LB - CJ Mosley, Ryan Shazier
S - HaSean Clinton Dix, Calvin Pryor
Starting OL Group A
LT - B. Albert
LG - S. Smith
C - M. Pouncey
RG - D. Thomas
RT - T. Lewan
Starting OL Group B
LT - B. Albert
LG - S. Smith
C - M. Pouncey
RG - Z. Martin or D. Thomas
RT - J. Fox or Z. Martin
Starting OL Group C
LT - B. Albert
LG - S. Smith
C - M. Pouncey
RG - D. Thomas or C. Koundjio
RT - C. Koundjio or J. Fox

And to play along the Dolphins have two roads to pursue... they can either offer him a long term deal in the next 12 months that will average less than Mack's contract (i.e. offer security now in exchange for lower demands)


They can play it out a la Ireland and then pay him his premium if he is out of term.

Like the old adage says ... pay a little now... or a lot later.

Looks like some people are coming around to that Eric Ebron = Charles Clay argument.. wonder where they heard it .. :)

Now Amaro, he adds something entirely different ... he is GRONKOWSKI

... but not at 19, trade down and get your RT and big dominant middle of the field receiver.


y don't
u answer davids q?

2 watt, can you please explain to me what he is asking? I can't decipher that question at all...

Pouncey deserves his money. Hopefully the Fins could even out the contract better. By giving him more years they can lower the per year.

It makes sense then that the Fins would be looking O-line Early. It even makes Cap Sense. If the Fins can trade up and get one of the Top 3 O-Tackles in the draft, They would only be paying him $2-3M a year for the next 4-5 years.

Another reason Jordan was such a steal. As the #3 pick in the 2013 draft D.Jordan got a 4yr/$20M Deal.

And to put it in perspective Tannehill signed a 4yr/$12M contract in 2012 as the #8 pick.

$3-5M a year for a potential Probowl RT for 4 years, that can move to the Left side when we have to get rid of Albert in 4 Years. Is a steal!! Even if we have to give up our 2nd round pick.

We can make do with the Guards on the Team. Just get a Tackle!! That is what this whole off season was Dependant on. Fix the O-line!!

The moving back of the draft really sucks.

Nice workout form Trai Turner, OG, LSU yesterday. Put him into consideration...

I would sign Pouncey to an extension. He should be a bit cheap now because of the whole Martin BS. I'd try get him at around 7 mil a year. That would make him the 4th highest paid center behind Mack, Kalil, and Mangold.

Have there be an out where if he gets in trouble with the league or the law we are off the hook.

I would also try to extend Clay and Odrick. Its time to start locking up the young talent on this team long term. I want us to be able to keep our best guys instead of signing some and losing others.

The best thing Hickey did was keeping Grimes and Starks. If Ireland had bit the bullet and signed Jake and Bush I'm sure we make the playoffs next year.

I agree Dashi, we need only get one real good lineman from this draft. I would be hesitant to trade and 1 and 2 but I would do a 1 and 3 for someone as talented as Lewan.

If we can get Lewan and a big athletic target in the first three rounds ... I would be entirely satisfied with this draft.

I think the Lbs we already have on this team and don't use are better than most of the ones that are in the draft (jenkins and Jordan). Shazier is great and could be a first pick depending on how things shake out but besides him... not seeing much. Just because LB is a need doesn't mean there is an answer in the draft. Other than Shazier the best LBs are outside linebacking with pass rush as their biggest strength... we already have that in Jordan.

last year was a good year for ILBs, higher picks like Bostic, Minter, Alonso, even Te'O are better than these guys... AJ klein as a late pick had upside too...

Fish cannot waste all their money and picks on fat guys

We already signed Fat Albert,Smith and Fox

all could start

We only have one good TE

We need TE Ebron

Two Charles Clays would be a great thing

We also signed a very good blocking RB in Moreno

All this blocking and no play makers would be useless

Draft Ebron!

If TE Ebron becomes a NY JET w TE Cumberland
RB Chris Johnson RB/receiver out of the backfield and WR Decker,WR/KR/PR Jacoby Ford and WR 6.4 Stephen Hill look out fish

fish will pay the price

Offer him 3 mil a year or let him walk it is not worth it to pay a center on a horrible OLINE that kind of money.

WR Decker 6.3

WR Hill 6.4

TE Ebron 6.4

TE Cumberland 6.4

How are the 5.6 Dolphin midget CBs gonna cover these gus

add CJ2 & Jacoby Ford and the fish secondary is lost

Lewan is lock w Pittsburgh

fish wont get him

1) Ebron or Mosley
2) Moses w great power & footwork

I actually agree with you on something Home, over drafting the O line would be of little long term benefit to this team. Lewan would work but other than him, I wouldn't be in any hurry to draft anyone else... get a RT or G in round 2 and get a playmaker in round 1.

I would disagree on your choice of player though, but we have to disagree on something or the world would implode.

If we can trade a 3rd to get ahead of Pitt, do it..

Mosley is meh too...

Give Pouncey a new Free Hernadez cap & a handful o Mollies

garn, that approach reeks of panic...
It's about time this team starts drafting properly instead of acting like the guy in the boat sticking fingers in the holes trying to stop the water from coming in.
Who in the NFl has a line with 3 firsts, a 2nd and a 3rd on it?
Posted by: Mark in Toronto | April 09, 2014 at 01:56 PM

We've both agreed in past on how to approach draft instead of always trying to fill holes while missing on talent. The only difference in this draft between us is you'd spend 1pick on Oline within 1st few rds. I said I'd spend 2 with 1st 4rds. Given the situation.

Reeks of panic sounds a bit harsh MIT c'mon man...1 additional Oline doesn't smell like panic but more like what your grandparents would do. It's MF's vs individual Stocks. Even boring MF's maybe even CSB's.
You're a 100% on how many high picks this Oline could have & it's too many without doubt!!

It's contingency, the responsible safe boring play whether you agree with the play or not..
But I don't even care if we use 1st on Oline...

Ebron is a much better blocker than Clay. He's well worth picking at 19... if he's there. 2 TE threats have succeeded very well in this league as it's a matchup problem for defenses, but one of them at least has to be able to block to keep the threat of running the ball there when both are in the game. Clay had a nice season but will never be mistaken for even being an adequate in line blocker.

FA signings Smith at RG & Fox at RT
both are starters

So the O-line prob might already be solved

Albert obv is gonna start at LT, Garner at RT Pouncey at center

So the O-line might already be set

Seems to Home
TE is now our biggest area of weakness
at this point
TE Ebron should be our 1st draft pick

Go get em

Another reason Jordan was such a steal. As the #3 pick in the 2013 draft D.Jordan got a 4yr/$20M Deal.

Posted by: Dashi | April 10, 2014 at 09:34 AM


Settle down dude. We can't start talking about rather or not he's a steal until / if he starts registering double digit sack seasons.

Think it was Dashi who'd posted on D Jones yesterday? Good post, hope you're right he's definitely shown some good signs & agree depending on how we address the S pos in this draft would probably let us know how his role is viewed on the team.

Dion Jordan who only started special teams last year a steal at number 3 overall ??!!

Dashi u r really are a talking skid mark


4yr/20m is a way too much for 26 tackles and 2 sacks. Hopefully next year he can start earning his contract.

Interesting post. Mike Pouncey cannot sniff Alex Mack's talent. One guy is a Pro Bowl player with no side issues. Pouncey made the Pro Bowl last year based on ... what? Oh yeah, and he has the Wells Report and the Hernandez investigation hanging over his head.

No thank you.

Pouncey isn't a difference maker, just draft another center in the 2nd round next year

Perfect! That might motivate him to player at pro-bowl level. Then he will deserve to get paid that money. Thats what the NFL is all about. Getting paid the big bucks.

Dion Jordan is a big question mark and possibly another Jeff Ireland Reach

Dion Jordan only had 121 combine tackles and 14.5 sacks his entire career in college

and has a chronically injured bad shoulder

garn, i wasn't attacking you .. or even anyone when I cautiona gainst over drafting o line. I mean realistically, you can only count on your first two rounds to start. Your third is a guy who should start or be a significant contributor in about a year. the rest are guys you throw in the program and hope to eventually gleam anything worthwhile from or they are specialists (i.e. special teams)

I have no problem drafting another o lineman .. actually my mock ironically enough had 3 o linemen in it. One you expect multiple pro bowls from and the other two hopefully develop into starters down the line. But picking linemen when there are better players on the board in the 3rd and 4th round makes no sense to me.

For example in my mock (which was an actual fanspeak mock and not a wish list) those two DEs which got everyone excited had 2nd round grades on them from CBS (which in my experience is pretty accurate). Both of them combined for 26 sacks last year. They were a lot better than anyone else who was on the board. What am I supposed to do there? I would much rather grab guys who have immediate starter talent (i.e 2nd round grade) than grab developmental talents at positions like WR and OT just because we lack there. I mean at worst getting those two guys would've moved Jordan to OLB and replaced a meh player in Shelby.

In the draft you should always let the board speak to you and not speak to the board if you know what I mean. Seattle did that in picking jesse Williams last year. Seattle was flush with linemen but in a mid round pick saw a talented guy fall and traded up for him. They red shirt him for a year and now may get somethign worthwhile from a 5th pick.

Not sure those two DEs will fall that much but someone will and we should play to the strength of the board and not the weakness of the team because odds are with the 3rd pick onwards you aren't getting starting material year one anyway. So the immediate weakness of your team shouldn't be playing any part in your decision to draft - there especially.

Anyway, just wanted to explain myself. If you or anyone doesn't agree with what I'm saying, no worries, I'm not picking the players for the team anyway.

I am not on here nearly as much as some of you and I like a lot of your suggestions but as much as I hate Miami drafting lineman high they have to take one and have some semblance of a serviceable O-LINE. If they get beat up in the trenches constantly and Tannehill is running for his life again I don't think it will matter if we got a TE threat or a Middle Linebacker who becomes a rock of the defense.

You have to be able to control the line of scrimmage and keep your QB upright. If you have that then other things will fall into place. Just my opinion.

Dion Jordan also had a costly face mask penalty that led to one of his sacks and a costly off sides penalty

right now for a 3rd over all Dion Jordan is almost rated a bust

Dion Jordan has to start this season for his draft grade to be considered a success. I think most would agree on that. He needed to bulk up big time, I wonder what he'll be playing at this season?

I'm still in the camp that his place is at OLB.

We already drafted an Elite lineman in Albert for LT

and two starters for the right side in Fox and Smith

how many fat guys do we over pay over draft
especially if the big names are gone by draft pick #19?

and we have two TEs that suck and one good hybrid TE
that's it!

TE Sims and TE Egnew would not make the Patriots practice squad

Pff has interesting article on Dion Jordan. In breaking down his coverage, pass rush and run play - he played best in coverage, then run, then pash rush.

last year the major draft publications said this guy was a 4-3 OLB. His play in year one mirrored this opinion. We are strong at DE and weak at LB.

I seriously hope we have this guy at OLB. Us ehis entire toolbox and in order of strength too. This guy is a pure rover and his base position should be OLb who on obvious pass downs may line up at DE.

Dijon has rox
between his ears
how do u make
brains out of rox?
and like u homers
he is clueless
against the run

all this talk about another TE. With what appears to be a new OC with a new vision maybe just maybe we could get simms involved. He was so under used by old man sherman.... just my 2 cents

I think the writing is on the wall for the Dolphins GM. The Fins most draft a center in 2014 a la Bryan Stork, Florida St at 6-4 315 this kid can do the job as well or better than Pouncey ever did.

If Jordan bulks up too much
he loses speed and effectiveness

So bulking up big time would be a mistake

Jordan is already at Jason Taylor's weight in season 4 for JT

JT came in the NFL 2o lbs lighter than Dion Jordan

10 more lbs of lean muscle tops for Jordan or he will be too slow

all he can do is pass rush and hopefully cover a TE
If u fatten him up Jordan will be useless

3rd pick of the draft Dion Jordan needs to be a pro bowl calibre player to justify that bad trade.

Posted by: 2 watt | April 10, 2014 at 10:20 AM

Same old shtick 2 watt, when's your next Tpuke repeat?

I'd trade Pouncey if he passes his psych evaluation.

how 'bout that dumbaxx?

If Hickey had a pair of balls and the Texans draft their QB Johnny Football

Hickey trades w the Rams and drafts Clowney

then trade old Cam Wake ASAP

Clowney, Jordan & Vernon not bad pass rushing future for the fish

Yep, keep Jordan at about 265 tops. He's 6.6 - he can carry that much weight and move it in space...


Where is your proof that Ebron is a better blocker? He spends so much time split out and working the slot. He may be a willing blocker but so is Clay and Clay isn't good at all at blocking. Dion Sims was one of the worst rated blocking TEs in football last season. No thanks on Ebron for me. Same skill set as Clay.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | April 10, 2014 at 10:19 AM

I really liked what I saw from Jordan the few snaps he got last season. Unfortunately the coaches seem to want to play guys they feel have great practices. Jordan showed up in games but I guess he doesn't practice hard or whatever rationale Philbin has for not playing his more physically gifted players.


Jace Amaro looked awful at the combine. I know it's just a workout in shorts, but he looked stiff and unathletic. I definitely would take Troy Niklaus. Smooth transitions in routes and easy hands.

That's what Home said
Dion Jordan is already 260 lbs

10 lbs of lean muscle, tops!

otherwise too slow

cheap ross
should have
paid fasano

I think Philbin is old-school and just doesn't let rookies play much, for the most past. Davis and Jamar didn't touch the field and I thought they looked better than Nolan Carroll (Thank god he is gone!).

Posted by: 2 watt | April 10, 2014 at 10:25 AM

What are you 12? Try English sometime, and remember all name calling does is expose your mental deficiencies....jus sayin.

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