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Burleson would have been insurance Dolphins still want

The interest in Nate Burleson by the Miami Dolphins was not so acute that they would get into a bidding war with the Cleveland Browns. Indeed, it was portrayed to me as a chance to investigate a solid veteran receiver who might be available at a relatively inexpensive price.

Burleson signed a one-year contract with Cleveland instead.

But the interest the Dolphins had raises some questions because it suggests the team saw the opportunity to purchase something that should not go unnoticed and now is unattended: Insurace for the health of Brandon Gibson and Brian Hartline.

Gibson and Hartline finished last season with knee injuries. Both are expected back for 2014 and, indeed, Hartline is conservatively expected back for June's mandatory minicamp, if not earlier. Gibson, who suffered a more serious patellar tendon tear in New England last October, is expected back at some point in training camp in late July and August.

But no amount of optimism about the recovery of two-thirds of the Miami starting receiver corps overshadows the fact the Dolphins felt a desire if not a need to shop for insurance (in the person of Burleson) against the possibility one of the two receivers (more likely Gibson) might not be ready for the 2014 season.

This raises the question whether the Dolphins will continue shopping for that insurance now that Burleson has gone to Cleveland? I believe the answer is yes. If another veteran receiver who the Dolphins think can be a good locker room add at a relatively cheap price comes along, I'd expect the Dolphins to show interest.

It speaks to having a secondary plan in case Plan A doesn't play out to script.

The script the Dolphins are operating under says Gibson and Hartline will be ready to play the 2014 regular season. Look for general manager Dennis Hickey to continue looking for opportunities to hedge his bet ... just in case the script doesn't go as planned.


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Dolphins need receiver help.

Apparently Mando was the last to get the memo.

Jace Amaro and the excellent WR 2014 draft class offers some very enticing long term options in the first two rounds of the draft.

Get one ...

Burlson also broke Hickey's closing streak. What happened?

Dam, looks like I'm going to have to work today... that's no way to spend a Monday.

Gibson should be on the Chopping block.

Not just from a Injury standpoint but from a Cap figure stand point. He is getting to much money for a #4 WR.

R.Matthews should already be starting over Gibson, even if Gibson is healthy. Matthews has better hands and breaks more tackles.

I would even start him over Hartline. Never been a big fan of Hartline. He has always been just an average WR to me. And it isn't cause he is white. Hartline runs one route and falls down as soon as he catches the ball.

I like the Fins brought in M.Bryant for a Visit. He fits a need. That is the kind of WR we should be looking for. I would be OK with a WR group of...

5- "Value pick" from Hickey

Hartline will obviously start at #2 to start the season. But by season end he should be the #4 WR.



The Trolls are sleeping. Don't wake them up. They had their own version of Ultrafest this weekend.

Its getting harder and harder to read Armandas stories. Dude just straight gave up.

Make up your mind, Armando. First, it's the Dolphins are set at receiver and Burleson's visit makes no sense; now they need insurance. Way to backpedal.
P.S. - Learn how to form coherent sentences and properly utilize punctuation. Maybe you could attend a grammar and punctuation seminar?

I see the Dolphins brought in M. Bryant for a personal workout and even brought in S.Henderson for a workout.

Love seeing Philbin at the UM pro day.

I see nothing wrong with the Dolphins favoring talent from Sfla.

We already know S.Ross is a Michigan Man. His first draft pick as an owner was Jake Long. Even hoped C.Henne would be the next Marino.

And if anything is possible the Dolphins are trading up to pick T.Lewan. He fills a need, RT/LT. And will be an excellent player at the pro level.

Trade up into Top 10, by using a 2nd rounder like Ireland would have done.

If I,Dashi, were Ireland and would still be running the team....


Posted by: Dashi | April 06, 2014 at 05:29 PM

Dashi, you may not like Hartline but our WRs didn't do anything the last game of the season after he got hurt. The Jets rolled everything to Wallace and dared the other guys to beat them which they couldn't.

I also would like an addition like Bryant but I'm not as high on Matthews as most others. I think Hartline is a much better receiver.

Sorry Dashi, ultrafest? maybe it's best I don't know.

Interesting take on Rishard Matthews. I can't say I see what you see but I hope you're right and I'm wrong. I really did like Gibson and I thought if he could've stayed upright, he might have been our most productive WR.

I would agree on hartline. In my opinion, this is a guy the team should be working on replacing. he's good for now but you're right, he falls down by the force of the passes. No threat at all after making the catch. In 2015, he's slated to count ~ $7.4M against the cap, all of it not guaranteed. If he can't kick his game up from the level of the last two seasons, then he's totally not worth it at that price. Would be a good guy to find a cheaper replacement for.

Hopefully Jordan can do the same for Wake this year. Guy will be a $10M a year cap hit and at 31-32-33 as he will be in the next few years, his days as a dominant force may be over.

Salguero is turning into "Sam" the way he is flip flopping.

At least not that many hate pieces.

The Dolphins have made some questionable decisions and not a beep from the local media.

To me Hickey has made only 3 solid moves, and they were no-brainers. B.Albert, B.Grimes, and R.Starks.

He is putting a lot stock on him getting a RT early in this draft. Now if he manages to pull a trade for T.Lewan. Hickey will have done a great job in his first off season.

As of now, The job is incomplete.

Wow Armando, as usual, you display an uncanny and unique grasp of the painfully obvious!!!

R.Matthews will develop into something special. You will see. His road will be a long one since he was a 7th round pick. But he does what you want a WR to do. Catch, run routes, fight for the ball, tough after contact, can run block. R.Matthews can do everything except burn a defense. He can get deep. Since he can run routes and fights for the ball when it is in the air. R.Matthews will make the perfect #2 WR in a year or 2.

He was K-nicks favorite WR in college. Had over 90 catches his senior year.

Hartline is an acquired taste. Some people like him, most people don't. You can put me in the majority.

Hartline runs one route, Back shoulder fade. Then he falls down after he catches it. Sometimes he falls down before he catches it.

Devone Bess is available.

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R.Matthews he has "Football" Speed.

Feel free to make T-Hill can't throw deep comments after watching.

Wallace can't catch with his hands.

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1000 yard WR's don't fall down after catching the football. Just dumb.

I can live with that draft Dashi. Don't like your 6th and 7th picks but if that's the biggest critique I have then that's a dam good draft.

Any draft that has us landing Lewan .. then still has us getting bryant, Borland, and Andre Williams would definitely have it's reason for optimism.

And even better no Mosely, Cyrus, Hyde, or Clinton-Dix or Pryor...

K-nick? How freaking gay.

Dashi, definitely, definitely agree on your assessment of Hickey. I was hoping the needs would've been settled by now, but he is banking on the draft landing us that combo of BPA and filling a big need which is a risky venture.

If he lands Lewan then he did his job. If he doesn't then it would definitely be filled with what ifs and could've moves that never happened.

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Hartline has great hands. Makes some amazing catches. If you want to knock the production of a receiver on the Dolphins start with Wallace.

Why not draft for depth? Or Wallace's eventual replacement? Round 2 WR?

Phinatic, it's not that Hartline is a bad players, he's actually pretty good. It's just that like Wake, if he can't take his game up another notch his cap figure will soon be too big for his performance and those type of players are the first that require addressing.


But I still find Wake Reasonable because O.Vernon and D.Jordan are on their Rookie Contracts. Even if he becomes a situational rusher. Sacks are like TDs for defenses. And Wake is still a double digit Sack guy. Even as a situational rusher.

Now on Hartline, I completely agree with everything you just said. And even at $5M, Hartline isn't worth it.

Gibson isn't either at his cap number.

Gibson is OK. I just feel that he is a progress stopper for R.Mathews. R.Matthews should be the #3 WR this year. And if he develops well as the #3(60+ catches 1000+yds 5+TDs) then Matthews makes Hartline expendable for next season. Killing two birds with one stone. Specially if you draft a guy like M.Bryant to develop as another starter.

The Dolphins started 3 WRs for most the season. NOT 2 TEs or a FB!!!

I got to disgree about Harline.

I'm not a big fan of him, but I like his play, as far I remember he didn´t break a tacle, but he is not Ted Ginn also. He got a very good body control to make plays on the side line, is an adecuate #2 recever in my opinion.

If we don't have a chance to grab Lewan in the first round I like to take Brandin Cooks. Is a young Steve Smith. He will compete for #1 spot in a season or a #2 spot rigth away.

Last line was directed at you, MIT.

CommonSense, there are alot of WRs with wicked size:speed ratios in this draft ...Brandin Cooks is the only guy with Walalce speed and will either be drafted by the jets or Eagles in the first.

But Jordan Matthews, Donte Moncreif, Martavis bryant, odell beckham, Bruce Ellington, even kelvin benjamin have the makeup to be heave the ball long and come down with the catch type receivers. You don't need to be a blazer to be a deep threat. You can go get it with size too...



I am just saying if Dashi or Ireland would be running the team this is who I would draft. I don't know if M.Bryant will make it to the 3rd. He might he a first round pick when it is all said and done.

But yeah that draft hits all the needs and gives us a chance to get BPA for the pick we have.

Dashi, no hiding my love for one TE in this draft -jace Amaro.

But it has nothign to do with him being a TE - it's with him being an extremely athletic 270lbs man. I consider him a strict receiver - blocking not included with this guy. Sever mismatches. This guy is adding a power forward, from a basketball mentality, to our offense.

You keep talking about adding a red zone threat - for me - there is no better red zone threat than this guy.

Who catches tds? Tight ends.

I can forget about every other TE in this draft though. Ebron IS Charles Clay - not Vernon Davis. And the only other one I like is CJ Fiedorwicz who is a blocker first and we got Dion Sims for that.

Dashi, my thoughts on Wake are he will be 32 or 33 when he counts $10M against the cap and will a situational pass rusher by then. he won't be able to stand up as a 4-3 DE at that age for every snap and warrant that kind of cap #.

I mean, what did Abraham get signed for last year? That is pretty much what he will be..

...I think trading up is more likely then trading down this year. A lot of those teams that want a quarterback may feel that they can get their guy later in the first round. So why not try an pick up an extra pick or 2 if you can? It may be that only 1 quarterback comes off the board in the top 10. Maybe there is none. This group of quarterbacks leave a lot to be desired. Seriously. Are any of them that much better then the guys that may go in round 2? Probably not.

It leaves the door open to another big move up the board. To bad we probably won't be in position to get into the top 3 like last year. Imagine if we could get Sammy Watkins..Pipe dream I know. But he is the best offensive player in this draft.

B.Hartline runs one route. And he is lucky Tannehill is the QB and can make the throw. Else, That back shoulder fade will be a pick 6.

Hartline is a Mediocre WR.

You can say Dashi has higher standards for what he thinks qualifies as a good player.

(Go ahead with the L.Miller joke, cause I will be the one having the last laugh)

By the way, forgot to add Michael Sam to your mock. He will be forced to be a Dolphins draft pick in the 5th to close the books on bullygate.

sam is not a pro prospect and the NFl will not allow Sam to go undrafted as he would normally go.

Smart business move on his part. Doubt he's even ghey...

Abraham got about $5M.

I agree, Wake will become a situational guy.

What I am saying is the Dolphins can keep him as long as they don't have to pay O.Vernon and D.Jordan. Wake has 2 more years before that decision comes.

Wake won't see the last year of his contract.

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Brian Hartline is likely the last problem the team has on the roster. Stop. The. Insanity.


Agreed, with everything you said.

And Sammy Watkins will be special. He is what J.Clowney is on defense, but with a bigger will to be great.

Sammy Watkins is the perfect package. He has Elite Athletic Ability, With the Desire to be one of the greatest to ever do it.

S.Watkins is the best football player on the field, when he steps on it. And he goes out and proves it every play.

I like to say, Sammy Watkins is what P.Warwick and R.Bush should have been. The Best Offensive Weapon to come out in a long time.

Its getting harder and harder to read Armandas stories. Dude just straight gave up.

Posted by: deity


It's the middle of the offseason and still a month away from the draft, with free agency nearly at a stand still. What do you expect him to write about, in fact it's amazing he posts at all.

Dashi, I discussed with ETF the Clowney situation.

personally, i think Khalil Mack is the more sure thing. heck I even prefer Dee Ford to Clowney. But I think GMs wouldn't have the courage to pass on Clowney. I think there's a huge bust factor with Clowney. His production was crap and his test results were above average but for the Andrew Luck of defensive prospects, way way too average.


Dashi,you might want to check back to 2008. Good ol Wayne Huizinga still owned the Fins when his boy Parcells drafted Jake Long out of Michigan #1 overall. Ross had nothing to do with it. Just sayin

Michigan? Wash your mouth out with soap. The Ohio State University is where it's at.

If we sign a veteran wr, then i believe that we should take a shot with Randy Moss. He has speed and still wants to play. If we draft a wr, then it needs to be a 4.2 speedster to pair with Mike Wallace. This additional speed paired with Wallace and Hartline will overwhelm all defenses. Hartline plays a MAJOR part in our offense. He is not very fast but he has the knack to get open when no one else can.

Clowny will be a bust??? Ive seen it all on this board now. A joke! Can someone please tell me the competition Mack played??? Lol cmon Mark! Its not all about combine numbers

If I am GM I wouldn't force the RT by trading up in the first to try and get Lewan. If the opportunity happens I would trade back in the first. I realize a trade partner has to have a player they want but if the QB's fall some team may want to trade ahead of Arizona to make sure they got their guy. Fear is such a great motivator.

IMO in this deep draft the more picks you have the better.


I wouldn't say Clowney will be a bust.

He is a better football player than he is Athlete. And he is a pretty good athlete.

My fear with Clowney is that he doesn't want to be the Best at what he does.

The difference with Sammy Watkins. Watkins had as much to lose as Clowney just by playing, but he still played all out every game.

He is no S.Henderson. ;)

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The "WHO" picked J.Long has been debated ad nauseum here.

J.Long was picked "for" S.Ross. If you want to be specific.

But it was still because of Mr. Ross.

MIT that really you? Not signed in as per usual..


Mack will definitely be a very good player for years to come. IMO he's a stronger Von Miller.

But Clowny IMO is the best D player to come out in a long long time. His lack of production was due to double and triple teams. Granted it seems he doesn't have the desire at times but that is a hard thing to judge without knowing him personally. IMO he's been able to make a name for himself through his football career on talent alone but he's going to get shocked in the NFL and learn real quick he's got to work. IMO he will work and has a desire to be great.

Now now, let's not put words in my mouth. I'm not making any predictions. But how many of us here would lay our mortgages down on a wager that all players being healthy, Clowney will have the best career of them all?

I certainly would not. he may end up being the best of this draft but I'm not confident in saying so. I mean a college player should fall into more than 3 sacks a year even in the SEC. To be so unprodcutive has a major odour to it.

As fas as Mack goes, want to see what he does against top competition - check out the Ohio State game. Surrounded by nobody on his side of the ball and against an o line that boasts at the very least three drafted linemen, he put up ...2.5 sacks, 9.5 tackles,and an INT returned for a TD. He put up almost all of Clowney's stats in one game.

Now Clowney may end up being the best but Mack is a no doubter... multiple time pro bowler signed, sealed,and delivered if he stays healthy.

Exactly Dashi, actually his physical traits and test results are just fine - of course deserving of a high first round grade.

It's the production? You ever remember a DE who healthy all year finsihed with 3 sacks and was a top pick? Especially in a draft this loaded?

Garn, it's me. For some reason this browser won't let me sign in today ... but whatever. Tecchnology is like women, unless oyu always press the right buttons, you sometimes find yourself having to do things manually.

texas, desire is a big part of the equation , all I'm saying. And I don't buy that double and triple teams. you think the other top college players weren't seeing it? You think he wouldn't see the same in the pros? How many times have we seen Cam Wake given that much attention? It's not like all of a sudden teams will foget who he is. If he can't beat double teams in college, it will only get worse in the pros.

Mando your flip flopping on the WR issues is pathetic really.

I think the 'insurance' is already on the squad and the #1WR is available in a trade up situation in the Draft. The 'insurance' is Mathews, Binns and Hartline. The #2 is Wallace. Gibson is #3 as the slot. If Gibson is not ready you can use Mathews as your 'insurance.'

I continue with my TRADE UP FOR MIKE EVANS campaign. Trade with Minnesotta the number #1, #2 and next year's #2. Evans become the big boddied dominant #1WR we need.

Hickey can use picks #3 and #4 to fill OL issues.

I'd be fine wihtout getting a LB in the first 4 rounds if we could get Evans aboard and fill OL needs. I'm fine with Misi (ILB), Ellerbe (OLB) and Jenkins competing with Wheller for (OLB)>


Miami Dolphins: What will it take for the tandem of coach Joe Philbin and GM Dennis Hickey to be more than a stopgap measure until owner Stephen Ross lands a big fish? Will Ryan Tannehill regress at all after years under former coordinator Mike Sherman dating back to college? Have they added nearly enough to address an offensive line that was in need of a total overhaul? Adding tackle Branden Albert, who has some red flags, and guard Shelley Smith probably isn't going to cut it, and the line will have to be a point of emphasis in the draft.

At wide receiver what we need is someone to beetch-slap Wallace and wake his near-worthless asss up.


With 1 starter and 2 career backups.

Business as usual in Miami.


Lacanfora: "Adding tackle Branden Albert, who has some red flags, and guard Shelley Smith probably isn't going to cut it..."

need a qb

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