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Burleson would have been insurance Dolphins still want

The interest in Nate Burleson by the Miami Dolphins was not so acute that they would get into a bidding war with the Cleveland Browns. Indeed, it was portrayed to me as a chance to investigate a solid veteran receiver who might be available at a relatively inexpensive price.

Burleson signed a one-year contract with Cleveland instead.

But the interest the Dolphins had raises some questions because it suggests the team saw the opportunity to purchase something that should not go unnoticed and now is unattended: Insurace for the health of Brandon Gibson and Brian Hartline.

Gibson and Hartline finished last season with knee injuries. Both are expected back for 2014 and, indeed, Hartline is conservatively expected back for June's mandatory minicamp, if not earlier. Gibson, who suffered a more serious patellar tendon tear in New England last October, is expected back at some point in training camp in late July and August.

But no amount of optimism about the recovery of two-thirds of the Miami starting receiver corps overshadows the fact the Dolphins felt a desire if not a need to shop for insurance (in the person of Burleson) against the possibility one of the two receivers (more likely Gibson) might not be ready for the 2014 season.

This raises the question whether the Dolphins will continue shopping for that insurance now that Burleson has gone to Cleveland? I believe the answer is yes. If another veteran receiver who the Dolphins think can be a good locker room add at a relatively cheap price comes along, I'd expect the Dolphins to show interest.

It speaks to having a secondary plan in case Plan A doesn't play out to script.

The script the Dolphins are operating under says Gibson and Hartline will be ready to play the 2014 regular season. Look for general manager Dennis Hickey to continue looking for opportunities to hedge his bet ... just in case the script doesn't go as planned.


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2010 Mike Vick w over 105 QBR passes on the 1st play off the game for an 88 YD TD pass leading his WR Desean Jackson

a throw Ryan Tannehill could NEVER make

of course Andy Reid was HC

DD@10:34, Great point.

On P.Manning.

Manning runs a similar offense, except instead of the coach calling the play Manning is the one that calls it. Manning makes all his adjustments presnap so when he snaps the ball he already knows who he is throwing to. Reason he lets the ball out in record time. He isn't going thru his reads post snap thinking. He already has his target.

And that was a great breakdown on what the C.Kelly offense does. They call plays depending on the coverage.

I use to watch the D-1, Conference USA and WAC games all the time(I had FTA satellite) Now not as much. Now I have to catch the games from Game plan and what the Regional TV wants to put up.

In only 12 games in 2010 Mike Vick had 30 TDs and a QB rating of over 100

He was the talk of the NFL, again

God Bless Mike Vick and pastor Bob Coy !

DD.< i don't think we would spend pick 19 on him either... just saying what I may think I'd do.

As far as Amaro goes... I think he can do soemthing Clay can't do and that is attack the heart of the defense ... I see a mirror relfection of Gronkowski when I see Amaro. Again, I could be wrong.. but just what I think.

One thing that bother me about Niklas is the 4.84 speed... man, we finally got rid of Fasano... Guy has a 2nd round grade on him and I think it's just as unlikely we use a 2nd on him as we do use a first on Amaro.

Again, for the draft wish list for me.

1. Move up to select Lewan if he falls into the teens and we can move up using a 3rd (kind of long odds on that one)

2. Stay put and take Donald

3. Move back into the tail end of the first round and take whoever falls from Amaro, Shazier, Martin, Sua'Filo, hageman, Jason Verrett, or bradley Roby...

After the first two guys, I see a bunch of guys that are very similar...

only qb
to score
0 pts
in 2 dec games

Oh, didn't elaborate enough on what Clay - he's great in the flat and along the sidelines but at 6'2 just doesn't ahve the size to make a good target over the middle.

Amaro to me is similar to Niklas in terms of size/height but the speed and athelticism tips heavily into Amaro's favour. I'm not putting a lot of weight into blocking since we have Dion Sims for that... I'm looking for a guy to dominate the middle of the field and end zone primarily.

bunch of no name armchair QBs studying men hard in their underwear and playing Fantasy draft and Fantasy football will not help the Dolphins one bit


only qb
2 get his coach
fired 2wice

In closing, . . . . . Lazor Aint Shiet!

Home said it

Home-o remember, don't talk to Dashi unless you want these nuts "In ur Mouth" like Dashi use to at the SS.

And Bird Brain. You have said the skidmark remark over 100 times already.

Isn't it time to get your diaper changed.


Home is smelling like Chit again!!

only qb
2 have his college
throw a parade
as soon
as he left

still need
a qb

Greatest Comeback in Football History (Eagles, Vick, Jackson


..MIT..I actually think Niklas could be had in round 3. Actually all of the tight ends are over-valued IMO. I think the only one that will go in round 1 is Ebron. And I wouldn't take him even if he fell to 19. I just do not like him for what I think we need offensively.

I am totally down with Aaron Donald. I know there are the rumors he said he wouldn't play for the Bears(because he wants to play for the Dolphins..People should applaud him)...Hageman I don't see being a fit for us.

I like Shazier, but it doesn't appear the team does. My gut is that we will draft a lineman. Who that is? The Phins are holding their cards close to the vest. They haven't had any of the top prospects in for a visit yet...it is kind of interesting.

Chocolate? This is doo doo babay!!

Yeah 2 watt we got that the first 1000 times you repeated it.


what kind of man uses the term ... lol?

Dashi, what word am I looking for here, to describe men that use the same phrase as 14 year olds texting on their bedazzled cased iPhones?

Have we signed another acorn lately?

2 watt you write like a parrot with poor grammar skills.



just got done watching the greatest comeback ever.

Yes, I said ever. I know, there have been others, but anyone else see a team score 28 points in the last 7:55 to win a game? I could be wrong, but I don't think that has ever happened before.

The Eagles were dead. The Giants fans were already making plans for that home playoff game and the NFC East title. I know because I'm an Eagles fan and I have friends who were Giants fans. I was miserable, and my friends who were Giants fans were ecstatic. All of a sudden, Michael Vick found a wide open Brent Celek to make it 31-17.

Who cares? It's still 14 points and a little over seven minutes left.

Then the Eagles kick an onside kick and Michael Vick races into the end zone. Good try Eagles, but there are still five minutes left and you are still down seven. The Giants moved down the field, and then finally got bogged down.

The Eagles started inside their own 15 with no timeouts.

But Michael Vick took off again, this time to the 40-yard line. Then he took off again, and the Eagles were in business. So, tie game, and the Giants get the ball. The Eagles defense stops them, and the Giants punt with 12 seconds left.

Surely they will punt it away from DeSean Jackson—but no, the punt is a low line drive that Jackson muffs, then scoops up off the ground and races the length of the field as time expires. Eagles 38, Giants 31.

Nick Laham/Getty Images
Michael Vick rushed 10 times for 130 yards Sunday vs. NY Giants
Eagles fans everywhere rejoice.

This game will go down as one of the greatest games ever played. It was a tale of two halves. The Giants dominated the first half and the Eagles the second half.

I still can't believe it. First, I want to tip my hat to Michael Vick and DeSean Jackson. What a great second-half effort by Vick, and even though Jackson was quiet most of the day, he came through when it mattered most. Michael Vick rushed for 130 yards and passed for another 242 yards in the Eagles victory.

You also have to give credit to the defense. They were demolished in the first half, but in the second half they allowed only seven points, and that was off a turnover that was not really a turnover—but more on that in a minute.

David Akers made a great onside kick, and the Eagles executed it perfectly. What a great day to be an Eagles fan!

Now, for a couple of negative notes, how did the coach the Eagles have assigned to the booth not tell Andy Reid to challenge that DeSean Jackson play? He clearly was touched and thus down by contact. Terrible job by Reid and also by the coach in the booth for not challenging that play.

It could have cost us the game and you have to challenge in that situation.

I also thought Reid did a terrible job, as always, using his timeouts, randomly using them when it did not make sense. Reid still can not manage the clock.

Patterson had an absolute terrible game—he missed tackles and got beat all day. Yet somehow, despite all that, the Eagles won.

The Eagles essentially just won the NFC East with a win, and what a great day to be an Eagles fan!

Why are we talking about WR? Our wr corps compared to our OL unit is an all pro bunch

DD, I'm with you on Ebron, now to me this guy is a carbon copy of Charles Clay. i know the ESPN nitwits keep using the Vernon Davis comparison but he is nowhere close in the athletic department - nobody is anyway.

Also with you hageman... but I like the player ... but he is similar to Starks and what Mitchell is supposed to be ...well close enough anyway. f4l used the Daryl Gardener comparison and I think that's accurate.

Shazier I think will make a lot of teams regret passing in him ... I see him as being the next big thing in Linebacking.

Is that right about Donald .. I heard rumours about the no report to the Bears ... but is the reasoning because he wants Miami to draft him?

Isn't it odd about first round picks not making visits? I don't think Tannehill or Jordan made visits either ... probably more before them...


I know you like Amaro, and consider him to be the best TE in this class. But I still feel Ebron will be a better pro.

C.Clay is an H-Back. Which means he is our starting FB and our #2 TE. (#1 last year cause Keller got hurt.)

Right now I don't see the Fins addressing TE in the draft.

The question that should be on all our mind. Specially, Salt hero. Is D.Keller healthy? Will he be able to return?

Else, expect to see Clay, Sims, and Egnew as the TEs.

Lazor is faux Dolphin God

Lazor Aint Shiet!

a freakin rookie NFL OC kicked off of 5 other NFL teams plus 3 yrs in college at only 41 yrs old


Lazor Aint Shiet!

Vick shoud not be breathing right now, waste of good air.

..MIT..I'm not trying to talk you off Amaro. WTF do I know, you could be right. But Armaro didn't catch the ball down the field. That wasn't his game in college. Mosyt of his receptions were underneath 1-5 yards. That is not great from the slot. We are talking a bit about the Oregon offense. They do not use 2 slot tight ends. There has to be an in-line tight end for blocking purposes, hot routes, and play action seam, or at last the threat of down the field in certain personnel.

Niklas can do all that.His fourty time doesn't bother me, as he is a big bodied guy. He fits this scheme best of all the guys, and I think we could get him at good value.

Now..We may not even be in the market for a tight end. That is possible. Simms may be that piece. But if we are going to run any of those Oregon concepts. We are going to need some in-line blocking from the tight ends. I don't see Amaro, or Ebron being that player. Jenkins, Niklas, perhaps the guy from Iowa(can't spell his name) This is if, and a bif if..We are even in the market for a tight end.

Dashi, what word am I looking for here, to describe men that use the same phrase as 14 year olds texting on their bedazzled cased iPhones?

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | April 08, 2014 at 11:09 AM


The word you are looking for is Princess.

#Princess, if you want to sound hip.

injured last year

Mike Vick QBR 86.5

Dolphins "awesome franchise QB"

Tannehill QBR 81.7



..MIT..No Donald didn't say that...But he should...all these prospects should. Fu(kers!

Darkoak and oscar = same person

Posted by: Reel Dolphin In Sight w Home | April 08, 2014 at 11:18 AM

No one goes to the stadium to see Tannehill


How to find out if you are a homer

If u believe in one of the following, then u are a Homer

- we are not rebuilding
- OL is ready to go
- good value acorns is the way to go
- dickey got good in his way to Miami
- that no coach in offense has ever called a play is not a problem
- all our holes will be filled in the draft
- the old fool has the right people in place
- Failbin knows something
- leaving a lot cap space available is a good thing
- dolphins are not a joke

If one of these fits you, then stick ryour chest out and scream to the world I AM A HOMER

I AM A HOMER!!!! Living in MA!

..One last thing about the tight ends..Who did Philly draft last year? Ertz. Why? He wasn't the mot athletic, or the best pass catcher. He was the best all around tight end. Sure he is probably a bit more athletic then Niklas. But kind of the same player. That is the type of tight end I think we would look at if the position is on the board.

That is really the question. Will we even be looking? I can't say we will.

TannePuke ranked 37th in yards per attempt. And he wasnt too swift in 4th quarters either.

The whole no Donald to the Bears thing was an April Fools joke I think on a Bears fan site.

Nick Foles 6.6 245 lbs

2013 QBR 119.2

2012 Draft pick in the 3rd round
after Tannehill, Martin and Egnew
Foles was selected 10 picks after Egnew

I am a Homer and I am Proud!!

Now you 2 Home-o's , Go GoGo out of here.

I rather be a Homer than a Home-o anytime.

Is Gogo ripping off Jeff Foxworthy's material?

You might be a Redneck if you believe loading the dishwasher means getting the wife drunk..


At least it would be the first time he makes a Funny.

a lot of men here have 25% or more of their comments about homosexual behavior or homophobic behavior about others

. . . interesting

. . . . . interesting indeed


..You guys have a good one...I am teaching a class today...Scary right. Molecular gastronomy.. Reverse Spherifications, Tapioca Multidextrin emulsions, How to use a emersion circulator, and gelatin foams...

To a bunch of 4th and 5th graders...

Have a good one.

And 100% of your comments are Useless.

Nick Foles 6.6 245 lbs

2013 QBR 119.2

2012 Draft pick in the 3rd round
after Tannehill, Martin and Egnew

Foles was selected 10 picks after Egnew

So look guys, hiow are we feeling at linebacker? I am not loving where we are at there. Are we playing jordan at lb? Shouldn't we have at least upgraded either Wheeler or ellerbe by now?


"It's Chip Kelly and QB Foles, ...stupid"

Lazor Aint Shiet!

home said it

Hey, whats wrong with the Egnew pick?

I am proud of those who are proud to be homers

Go dolphins

Darkoak and oscar = same person
Posted by: . | April 08, 2014 at 11:22 PM

lol you're wrong again, must be frustrating to always be wrong.

As far as my who to draft list only guy I would trade up for would be Lewan. Top 5 talent at a need position.

Shazier would be the player I'd want the most at 19. I just see him as one of the best available there and at a need position. I'd also be happy, but not thrilled with Zach Martin at 19. Also, Justin Gilbert if he slips.

Donald I don't think will make it past the Bears at 14. He fits the mold of players they like and is a need position (athlete, good combine numbers)

Also, like mark in toronto said trade back and get an extra pick and a ton of options. Sua-Filo, Amaro, Hageman, even one of the corners or WRs would be an option. Hell, I'd look into Dee Ford if he was still there at this point even tho its not a need position.

I am Go gogo, Homers Vigilante

Thanks Dashi...Princess ... I believe my Greek in laws would also refer to them as "pusti"...

Friggin grown men sitting at home combing the hair on their My Little Pony figurines between posting...

The homers have a big sign on their chest,"I AM DUMB" haha

Home wanted Kuechly not Tannehill

That's why Home hates Tannehill

Dolphins draft under Home 4 GM

1)LB Kuechly (not Tannehill)
2)WR Jeffery over 1400 YDs 7 TDs, better than Wallace (not Martin)
3)Foles 27 TDs 2 INTs or Wilson B winner (not Egnew)

Home wanted Kuechly not Tannehill

That's why Home hates Tannehill

Dolphins draft under Home 4 GM

1)LB Kuechly (not Tannehill)

2)WR Jeffery over 1400 YDs 7 TDs, better than Wallace (not Martin)

3)QB Foles 27 TDs 2 INTs or QB Wilson B winner (not Egnew)

Home, you would've done better than Ireland.

then Moses

trade away all the rest of the picks for xtra high picks in 2015

let these linemen develop and pick new skilled positions in 2015

Fresh update

Tanne and Wallace just found their rhythm, the key is for tanne to throw the ball as soon as they hick it, then mike will run it down

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