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Burleson would have been insurance Dolphins still want

The interest in Nate Burleson by the Miami Dolphins was not so acute that they would get into a bidding war with the Cleveland Browns. Indeed, it was portrayed to me as a chance to investigate a solid veteran receiver who might be available at a relatively inexpensive price.

Burleson signed a one-year contract with Cleveland instead.

But the interest the Dolphins had raises some questions because it suggests the team saw the opportunity to purchase something that should not go unnoticed and now is unattended: Insurace for the health of Brandon Gibson and Brian Hartline.

Gibson and Hartline finished last season with knee injuries. Both are expected back for 2014 and, indeed, Hartline is conservatively expected back for June's mandatory minicamp, if not earlier. Gibson, who suffered a more serious patellar tendon tear in New England last October, is expected back at some point in training camp in late July and August.

But no amount of optimism about the recovery of two-thirds of the Miami starting receiver corps overshadows the fact the Dolphins felt a desire if not a need to shop for insurance (in the person of Burleson) against the possibility one of the two receivers (more likely Gibson) might not be ready for the 2014 season.

This raises the question whether the Dolphins will continue shopping for that insurance now that Burleson has gone to Cleveland? I believe the answer is yes. If another veteran receiver who the Dolphins think can be a good locker room add at a relatively cheap price comes along, I'd expect the Dolphins to show interest.

It speaks to having a secondary plan in case Plan A doesn't play out to script.

The script the Dolphins are operating under says Gibson and Hartline will be ready to play the 2014 regular season. Look for general manager Dennis Hickey to continue looking for opportunities to hedge his bet ... just in case the script doesn't go as planned.


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The only thing you are consistently "breaking" is wind.

Brady broke Glasskowski arm twice.

Both times he broke his arm was because Brady threw a Bad Pass. Not because he was running someone over. Or you forgot the last time Brady broke his arm? Because he threw a bad pass down the sideline against the Ravens.

If Gibson was so good, why did Matthews get more catches than him when he replaced him in the line up.

Gibson is an Average WR. He is nothing special. Never once has he gotten over 60 receptions or over 700yds or over 5 TDs. Not ONCE in his whole 6 year career. Not ONCE did Gibson go over 100yds receiving in a game.

And I am the one with Blinders on.

Once again we disagree.
We do not need to trade back in the first.
We need to trade forward:
1. trade 1st & 3rd to move into top 10 and GET THE BEST LT IN DRAFT not the 4th best at 19
2. Trade 2nd & 4th to move back into 1st and grab Sil'oswallow

Bottoms Up

I agree on Donald from everything I've seen & researched.

Not with ya on Lewan though. Feel like draft falls off after 4th. Doesn't compute in my cost analysis ratio lol..

If we could start trading some depth for late rd picks then turn those late rdrs into even an extra 3rd & 4th then I'd be all for trading up.

Should also note in 99% of mocks I'm going LB 1st but gotta chg it up once in a while ;)

Sometimes I see melting chickens.

Only significant thing with Gibson in 2013 was Tannehill getting him killed.

He was only brought aboard to be a size upgrade to Devon Bess. Nothing more, nothing less. Why Gibson is being discussed, except for Tannehill's accuracy inconsistencies, I haven't a clue.

Dashi @ 2:56 is correct:

Mathews is the starter.
Gibson is the backup.
Rios and Cone are the 'career backups' brought in by our 'career backup' GM to backup the backup.

Bottoms Up

The Phins will NOT be trading up to get a LT - they have one named Albert. And they are not going to trade up to get a RT, that would be just plain stupid.
And they are NOT taking a DT at 19, the Phins are already stacked at that position.
When are you fools going to start understanding that all GMs draft for NEED, not BPA unless it's the later rounds?
OL or MLB will be taken in the first unless Ebron falls (which he won't), and OL will be focus in 2nd and 3rd if MLB is taken in first.


If That is your starting OL, you are not going to the playoffs. How do we know? Been there, done that.

Can Donald score 4th qtr touchdowns? If so, trade up to get him if need be.

At least "Sam" admitted to having a problem. That he got the diagnosis wrong. It must be his Cuban Doctor, Oscar Canosa. He to has severe mental issues. He has been caughg stealing pills from his patients at the VA. He likes the little blue ones. Oscar says it gives him the vigor to go through 3-4 Dolls a week.

EK, I don't think we are above shooing off a top end DT prospect. Everyone here knows that if we stayed at 12 last year, my pick would've been Sheldon Richardson. That is even with Soliai and Starks and Odrick there last year.

Starks is near the end of the road.

You need three DTs in my opinion.

I think the only position we are absolutely stacked in is DE... everything else is an option of some degree or another.

Now with Donald, I think he can be a centrepiece type of player and I'm not trading those away and surely not for a 3rd pick.

SAM @ 3:01

We are discussing Gibson because that is the blog topic kind of.

Our 'career backup' GM tried to bring 'career backup' Nate Burleson to back up Gibson who is now the backup to Matthews.

Burleson didn't fall for it so Hickey signed Cone & Rios, a couple of 'career backups' to backup Gibson who is now the backup to Matthews.


Bottoms Up

ETF, we lost more than we gained last offseason but still won more games.

How does your theory make sense?

Trade up for Manziel, if anything. Tannehill's already gotten his same coach fired twice.

Manziel also helps fix pass protection. He doesnt play sitting duck like Tannehill does. He also has a far more accurate deepball. Wallace would love Manziel.


Is it true?

Henne > Tannehill

ETF, I'm pretty sure I've been advocating trading up for Lewan as our first course of action here if he falls into the teens.

Not sure who sil'swallow is...

I see the picking of Donald if he falls or trading back as plans b and c...

MassDolphan, I don't really agree with not drafting for need. Look at Ireland taking Dion Jordan at 3 overall with a trade up.

Green Bay with Rodgers when they had Favre.

The Seahawks taking Christine Michael in the 2nd round with their first pick of hte 2013 draft. A RB when they have Lynch.

The list goes on I'm sure, but thats just 3 I remember right now.

I like that his name is pronounced "Man Zeal." Mmmmm!

The Phins have 3 starting calibre DTs and AJ Francis as a backup. Drafting another DT in the firt round is the kind of drafting that's led to this team being a mess in the first place.

What round is Bathsheba Coolidge going in? How about Uranus Smith?

Its a "what have you done for me lately" world. What were Tannehill's latest exploits?

The Bills and Jets will tell you.

Im ragging Tannehill's ass until he creates a newer and more positive reality. It's all about what have you done for me lately.

MassD, do we have any DTs that are capable of putting up double digit sack totals?

No, we have one DT who is near the end of the road and couple of serviceable guys. Knowing what pressure from the inside does with this type of defense we run, then yes Aaron Donald fills a need, however a DT is not an overall need, you hear?

You should look at the player himself instead of just the position he plays...

We played a weaker schedule than the season before.

You should look at the player himself instead of just the position he plays...

Posted by: Mark in Toronto



At 6-1 and 288 pounds, and with short arms, Aaron Donald will never be a centerpiece of any NFL defense. He's more suited for situational pass rusher, or to be moved to a 3-4 DE, but he's really not a 5 technique either.

If we draft Defense in the first, it better be a LB.

WE NEED TO SCORE MORE POINTS. Check last years points scored VS points allowed. Our D was much better than our offense. We also had more injuries on offense. We also have three high draft picks on Defense that we hope are going to be much better.

We need to pick BPA offense, 1st, 2nd and third round.

The Phins have 3 starting calibre DTs and AJ Francis as a backup. Drafting another DT in the firt round is the kind of drafting that's led to this team being a mess in the first place.

Posted by: MassDolphan | April 07, 2014 at 03:08 PM

Wow, Im not alone in "REAL WORLD THINKING". Mark In Toronto, you see this? :)


Look back at the previous page.

A couple people(Clowns) actually said that Gibson was the "Best WR on the team".

That he was better than Wallace, or B.Hartline.

He scored 2 TDs in one game and every one thinks he is a world beater. He didn't do squat!! The other games.

R.Matthews had a better one game performance vs the Tampa Bay Bucs. R.Matthews is younger. And has the Best Hands on the team. (He caught the most passes thrown at him)

I wouldn't say it is reckless to talk about Gibson. It gives something else to talk about. This is the off season. To prevent the monotony of the offseason, we like to change up it every once in a while.

I figure you would be tired of saying T-Hill sucks all weekend. Even you must get bored from constantly repeating the same nonsense.

Im ragging Tannehill's ass until he creates a newer and more positive reality. It's all about what have you done for me lately.

Posted by: SAM I AM


So, you're a grown man who will be spending months in the offseason basically typing the same thing over and over and over on a football message board?

Really sounds compelling.

Really, 3 -4 DE??? That is the postion he is least suited for.

You should get acquainted with

Geno Atkins
Warren Sapp
John Randle

Three undersized and powerful DTs in this system we play and see what they did.

EK @ 3:02

I was not trying to say that McKinnie/Martin/Incogs/Jerry/Clabo was a postseason caliber OL.

What I was saying is that replacing those 5 with Albert and 2 career backups makes us worse then we were not better.

Jerry was and is a phat phuc - I get it.
Evidently Albert is also.
Now Albert starts for us and Jerry starts for the NYG a team that has won 2 SB in last 6 years.

If there is one consistency coming through on all of my posts since FA started it is this:

Hickey is a career backup himself suddenly thrust into the starting role and he is better at signing career backups than legitimate starters.

MIT, Aaron Donald won't have double digits sacks as a DT in the NFL either.

You wouldn't draft a dynamic DT who crushed the pocket from the inside because we have AJ Francis who was cut twice on the roster...

Is this smart?

I guess we will have to put bragging rights on the line there with that one MassD.

We will hold each other to our difference of opinion.

But let's say he is that type of player, are we good enough to say no thanks? I don't think so.


I like this draft. Any draft that you can get these 4 guys is a win in my book. I could care less who the rest of the draft is.



You should know by now, all MIT really cares about is everything "matching up" with his so called expert evaluation.

MIT is daytime accountant, expert talent evaluator, expert Herald blogger. While traveling the world, hitting the strip clubs, and everything else we can all only dream of. He's a real life living prodigy.

A.Donald will be a beast at the Pro level. We have bigger needs at #19.

A.Donald might be Stocky. But he automatically will be one of the strongest DTs in the NFL. He has the Athletic ability to be successful at the pro level. Plus, he has good technique.

He might be 6'1" 290lbs but he is built like the Juggernaut. He isn't one of those 300lb fattboys that everyone is salivating over.

Fraud, we replaced 3 over the hill players and 2 career backups with a pro bowler and 2 career backups with the chance to improve in a new system with a new coach. Add the draft to that and we should be better.

Jerry went to a team that won less games than us last year. Albert was a pro bowler and dominated Robert Mathis on the fast turf in Indy.

MIT, yes the team must say no to Donald. DT is one of strongest positions on the Phins. He'd just sit and rot on the bench, or be a part time player in a rotation. The Dion Jordan thing all over again. Must draft starter with first pick. It'll be OL or MLB.

Why are we still talking defense when the Jets and Bills shut us down on Offense?

It's the offense that needs the most work.


I could see the Vikings taking A.Donald early. M.Zimmer has had experience with players like A.Donald.


who gives a sh#t about a has been receiver in Burleson....plenty of young solid to good recievers in this years draft that are mountains better with higher upside if Miami wants to go that route. He's better off in Cleveland, they seem to like washed up talent like his and guys like dansbys sorry @ss anyway...Move ON!!!Just sayin!!!!

I guess we will have to put bragging rights on the line there with that one MassD.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | April 07, 2014 at 03:20 PM


What this really means is 5yrs from now he'll still be bragging to you on such a meaningless real world item.

If you win, throw it in his face more than thrice, and you'll be accused of being his personal stalker. :)

..MIT..I agree Donald is a stud. He would be a nice 3 technique in our system. I just do not think he makes it to 19. If he does. I would think it would be a no brainer.. I would even move up ahead of Chicago, or Dallas to grab him if need be. Now I do not know how the team has other D-Lineman evaluated, or if they are even thinking that this is the direction to go. I can only opine. But after looking at ho has visited the team, and applying who may be a first rounder. There aren't any guys. The highest rated D-Lineman is Will Sutton.

He makes sense further down the draft as a replacement in the rotation for Soliai. We signed Mitchel-Starks. but what we lacked last year was solid interior push. Soliai was constantly getting eaten up, or pushed back. It is not shocking if you go back and watch the Rewind all 22..More timed then not the opposition would establish control of the line of scrimmage. Not us. This has to be a concern.

Anyway..I know that the visits can be smoke screens, they can mean nothing. I would just think if we were thinking of a guy round 1...We would at least bring him in for a visit.

EK @ 3:25

Exactly the point I am tying to make.

I like Donald and he's one of the players on my first round wish list. Which in being realistic if I have 1 player on that list then more than likely I am going to get upset at the pick. There are several talented players that will be available at 19. My wish list is below. Some of these guys could be had with a trade down too.

Mike Evans WR
Trade Down to get more picks - deep draft
Zach Martin OT
Xavier Sua-Filo OG
Hasean Clinton-Dix FS
Eric Ebron TE
Odell Beckham Jr. WR
Justin Gilbert CB
Aaron Donald DT
Ryan Shazier LB
Calvin Pryor S

Hickey replaced the DT, CB and safety that we lost in free agency. I think he did OK.

Then he started looking at offense. Tackles, guards, RB's Wr's. I think that is awesome. At least he gets it. WE NEED TO SCORE MORE POINTS.

I can't understand this mock drafts where you have the dolphins picking Rb, lb, S and everything else but a OL. Did you people watch last season 58 sacks atrocity?

I got a strong feeling we are going to get a re run this year

Did anybody watch the video Mando put together for us?

He did okay bringing in bodies but nothing is improved.

DD, Dashi, yeah, we may be debating over nothing because the odds are he will be gone or hopefully we would have played our hand by then and moved up for Lewan.

If the old TB guy was still calling the shots on the Dallas defense then I would say write DOnald's name in ink for their pick.

..Here is a list from last week. It isn't updated so Terrance West is not on it

Justin Anderson, DL, UMass (PRO)
Ken Bishop, DL, Northern Illinois (LOC)
Luke Bowanko, OL, Virginia (PRO)
Martavis Bryant, WR, Clemson (PRI)
Ka'Deem Carey, RB, Arizona (COM)
C.J. Fiedorowicz, TE, Iowa (SR)
Marquis Flowers, LB, Arizona (PRI)
Devonta Freeman, RB, Florida State (LOC)
Seantrel Henderson, OL, Miami (LOC)
Brendon Kay, QB, Cincinnati (PRO)
Keon Lyn, DB, Syracuse (PRI)
Tre Mason, RB, Auburn (COM)
Caraun Reid, DL, Princeton (SR)
Shaquille Richardson, DB, Arizona (PRI)
Michael Schofield, OL, Michigan (INT)
Austin Seferian-Jenkins, TE, Washington (PRI)
Will Sutton Minnesota Vikings:
, DL, Arizona State (SR)
Logan Thomas, QB, Virginia Tech (COM)

If a team uses their first round pick to improve 'solid interior push' then they aren't even drafting for need at that point, they are drafting for "mini-need" - one eight the size of a regular need.
Sure, let's draft a DT in the first round. Then watch everyone complain that the OL and MLB positions weren't addressed in the draft when the team can't run the ball, protect Tanne, or stop the run with a MLB.

Hickey is doing the best he can with what he has to work with. At least he seems pointed in the right direction.

If he trades up to #3 overall and picks defense, I wiull join you ETF.

You guys know smith Has always been a backup and a 6th round pick?

Do you know why? I tell you. He is a horrible pass protector

What in earth makes you think he dramatically improved during the off season?

The kool aid about being a good fit physically?


The stars that were going to comein and take us to the next level.

That has not happended.
Albert is solid.
Moreno is solid.
Everyone else = meh

Now we need the draft to bail us out because
-the 19th best player is better than anyone we have
-the 51st best player is better than anyone we have
-the 83rd best player is better than anyone we have

BUT they are still the 19th, 51st & 84th best college players not the best of the best

..Here are the Jets

Beau Allen, DL, Wisconsin (EW)
Jace Amaro%, TE, Texas Tech (PRI) (COM)
Dri Archer, RB, Kent State (PRI)
Odell Beckham%, WR, LSU (PRI) (COM)
Kelvin Benjamin, WR, Florida State (PRI)
Bene Benwikere, CB, San Jose State (EW)
Ted Bolser, TE, Indiana (EW)
Blake Bortles, QB, Central Florida (COM)
Tajh Boyd, QB, Clemson (SR#)
John Brown, WR, Pittsburg State (EW)
Martavis Bryant, WR, Clemson (VINT)
Carrington Byndom, CB, Texas (EW)
Brandin Cooks, WR, Oregon State (PRI)
Pierre Desir, CB, Lindenwood (EW)
Dakota Dozier, G, Furman (EW)
Matt Feiler, OT, Bloomsburg (EW%)
Phillip Gaines, CB, Rice (EW)
Jimmy Garappolo%, QB, Eastern Illinois (COM) (SR)
Ryan Groy, G, Wisconsin (EW)
Matt Hazel, WR, Coastal Carolina (EW)
Allen Hurns, WR, Miami (EW)
Gabe Ikard, C, Oklahoma (EW)
Marqise Lee, WR, USC (PRO%)
A.J. Marshall, S, Wake Forest (EW)
Jeff Mathews, QB, Cornell (EW)
Jordan Matthews%, WR, Vanderbilt (COM) (SR#)
Zach Mettenberger, QB, LSU (COM)
LaDarius Perkins, RB, Mississippi State (EW)
Dillon Quinn, DL, Forham (INT) Rashaad Reynolds, DB, Oregon St (EW)
Bradley Roby%, DB, Ohio State (PRI) (INT) (PRO)
Ryan Shazier, LB, Ohio State (COM)
Prince Shembo, LB, Notre Dame (EW)
Dez Southward, DB, Wisconsin (PRO)
Tyler Starr, LB, South Dakota (EW)
James Stone, C, Tennessee (EW)
Marcus Thompson, DL, Rutgers (LOC)
Jason Verrett, DB, TCU (PRI)
Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson (COM)

MassD, calling Jordan situation a bad one because he didn't play year one a bad situation is at the very least very short sighted.

You do know we have him for four more years and Wake is near the end of the line. Addiitonally he should be on the field more this year - perhaps playing many positions - hopefully since he's our best OLB too.

Again, we have Starks for what is most likely one more year. AJ Francis is a nobody and Mitchell and Odrick are just guys.

You don't pass up top tier playmakers for their position just because you have a beat up pick up truck and decent players.

Mike Wallace isn't an every down, #1 WR like Brandon Marshall was. He wasn't a #1 at Pittsburgh, Hines Ward was. He wasn't a #1 at Ole Miss, Shay Hodge was. Why is he a #1 here? He is someone to take top of the defense - a glorified Ted Ginn. We need a Mike Evans to carry the load.

Do you know why "Sam" loves the internet?

Because he can stalk more than one person at the same time.

Since everyone here knows, Dashi has it in with Sam's mom.

I have seen the layout in the basement.

Sam has 6 computer screens. 4 he uses to blog on here, the other 2 he uses to watch his neighbors.

Sam doesn't have a chair, they don't make them in his size. He has a Broken dirty stained love seat that he calls the action couch. It is wrapped in plastic for hypoallergenic reasons.

After a few hours of his fat ass typing on here it smells like musty old leather down there.

If pigs could sweat, that is what Sam smells like

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