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Burleson would have been insurance Dolphins still want

The interest in Nate Burleson by the Miami Dolphins was not so acute that they would get into a bidding war with the Cleveland Browns. Indeed, it was portrayed to me as a chance to investigate a solid veteran receiver who might be available at a relatively inexpensive price.

Burleson signed a one-year contract with Cleveland instead.

But the interest the Dolphins had raises some questions because it suggests the team saw the opportunity to purchase something that should not go unnoticed and now is unattended: Insurace for the health of Brandon Gibson and Brian Hartline.

Gibson and Hartline finished last season with knee injuries. Both are expected back for 2014 and, indeed, Hartline is conservatively expected back for June's mandatory minicamp, if not earlier. Gibson, who suffered a more serious patellar tendon tear in New England last October, is expected back at some point in training camp in late July and August.

But no amount of optimism about the recovery of two-thirds of the Miami starting receiver corps overshadows the fact the Dolphins felt a desire if not a need to shop for insurance (in the person of Burleson) against the possibility one of the two receivers (more likely Gibson) might not be ready for the 2014 season.

This raises the question whether the Dolphins will continue shopping for that insurance now that Burleson has gone to Cleveland? I believe the answer is yes. If another veteran receiver who the Dolphins think can be a good locker room add at a relatively cheap price comes along, I'd expect the Dolphins to show interest.

It speaks to having a secondary plan in case Plan A doesn't play out to script.

The script the Dolphins are operating under says Gibson and Hartline will be ready to play the 2014 regular season. Look for general manager Dennis Hickey to continue looking for opportunities to hedge his bet ... just in case the script doesn't go as planned.


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During his tenure being bounced from one NFL team to another Bill Lazor , who the Dolfan sheeple are so enamored with - cuz they have nothin else . . .
has not worked out well or done anything in the NFL

In fact
He down right SUCKED!

Home said it!


It's possible you may be right....


I have to see games to decide if a guy is worth his salt or not....

So many measurables that can't be measured in the combine....

coaches can have intangibles...JUST like players....let's see if Lazor has it....he wasn' part of this filith that was BULLY-GATE.....

he deserves a chance IMO.....

Besides Home...

Last i checked....you or me won't be calling plays for the FINS anytime soon....

Sea Hawks

and now


Lazor did NOTHING w any of those teams QBs during his tenure
In fact none of those QBs even had great yrs while Lazor was there

The only exception was FOLES
and that was on Foles who has always been very good
and probably had a bit of a fluke yr

Foles was also kicked out of the Sea Hawks program and demoted back to college football

This unimpressive little man is now taking over play calling for the Miami Dolphins w ZERO NFL PLAY CALLING EXPERIENCE

Home's gonna say it

Lazor aint shiet

Dolfans will probably beg for Sherman to come back and call another great game like he did at home against the Patriots (when they had half a team)

Bill Lazor will be another Dolphin Stick In The Mud, just like Sparano and Bazooka Joe

Get a grip Dolfans
U dont know Bill Lazor and nobody ever wanted him on their team for very long

He aint shiet!


Foles always had good numbers in college and only got better
Foles TD to INT ratio was on him. Had nothing to do w "Bill Lazor"

Foles also took his talents to another level under Chip kellys offense and NOT Bill Lazor's coaching

Dolphins & Dolfans duped again on Bill Lazor, the Qb coach and rookie NFL OC

Foles led the Wildcats to a victory against Oregon State. Foles continued to start for the rest of the year, completing 260 of 409 pass attempts for 2486 yards, 19 touchdowns, and 9 interceptions

As a redshirt junior in 2010, Foles was the unquestioned starter
Foles led the Wildcats to a 7-1 start which included a victory against #9 Iowa on national television. Foles led the game-winning drive that ended with a touchdown pass to Bug Wright
Against Washington State, Foles suffered a knee injury that kept him sidelined for two weeks
Foles finished off his junior year with 3,191 yards, 20 touchdowns, and 10 interceptions despite missing two games due to injury.

During the 2011 season, Foles completed 387 of 560 passes for 4,334 yards and 28 touchdowns
He ranked first in the Pacific-12 Conference and fifth among all NCAA Division I FBS players with an average of 352.58 yards of total offense per game
He also ranked second in the Pac-12 and 20th among all FBS players in total passing yardage

Foles graduated from Arizona with a degree in communication

Home shed's the light

Bill Lazor Aint Shiet !

Now trade Foles for Tannefail and we might of finally done something good


Bill Lazor Aint Shiet !

Lazor is yet to miss the playoffs as a FINS coach....

I think he get's a clean slate...


Today, Mars, Earth, Sun are in perfect alignment. A lot more than weirwolves will be out tonight. Can you psycho-babbelize this for us too?

Posted by: SAM I AM | April 07, 2014 at 07:16 PM

I haven't been here in more than 8hrs. Lmao!

Posted by: SAM I AM | April 08, 2014 at 01:08 AM


HaHa!!!! To you to B!tch!

Dumb MFer can't even count to ten without straining his brain.

And we all know you have been trolling in between that time. Who do you think you are lying to.

I know, I know. Play along with the idiot or he is going to go ballistic.

In what decade do we get a franchise QB?


From Wikipedia...

"In February 2008, Ross bought 50 percent of the Miami Dolphin franchise, Dolphin Stadium and surrounding land from then-owner Wayne Huizenga for $550 million, with an agreement to later become the Dolphins' managing general partner. On January 20, 2009, Ross closed on the purchase of an additional 45 percent of the team from Wayne Huizenga. The total value of the deal was $1.1 billion."

So Ross was 50% owner in February 2008, before the Jake Long Draft.

Again, Jake Long was picked because S.Ross was the owner. And he wanted a Michigan guy.

Don't believe the Parcells BS. You know who Parcells picked when he had the #1 pick previously. Keyshawn Johnson!! Ahead of J.Ogden!! And nobody can honestly say that K.Johnson was a better prospect or pro than J.Ogden.

long was picked
b4 the draft
but u clueless stupid homers
wouldn't know that as usual

and it was all
fat axx fatcells

Foles is average.

Agreed. That Lazor maybe had nothing to do with his success.

But everyone with half a brain knows that it was the Chip Kelly Offense that was the star. Not Foles, or the OC, or Lazor.

C.Kelly has a great system. The play is based off of what the defense gives you. He forces the QB to get rid of the football in under 2.5 seconds. At most the QB gets 3 progressions to go thru after the snap, usually only 2. The coach is the one making the presnap reads, not the QB. U.Myer runs a similar system. Notice even mediocre QBs(Tebow) can look like stars in this system.

Now, from what has been said by the coaching staff and some of the players. Lazor will be implementing some of those concepts to the dolphins playbook.

Just expect the Dolphins to finish making the transition to a spread offense this year. Some of you guys are going to hate it. We won't be running many power formations. NO FB!! 4-Wide with L.Miller in the backfield.

And yes, you can run out of 4-wide!! The Eagles led the NFL doing it last year. You just need the O-line to do it.

So far Hickey is still missing one piece. A Quality RT. Remember when you are running 4-wide. Your RT needs to be almost as good as your LT.

7:44 post correction
*Lazor was kicked out of the Sea Hawks program*

Rabid Home foaming at the mouth over the ignorant Dolfan sheeple thinking Billy Lazor is the second coming of Christ or Sean Payton calling offensive plays


Home shed's the light

Bill Lazor Aint Shiet !

Posted by: Reel Dolphin In Sight w Home | April 08, 2014 at 07:55 AM

Now trade Foles for Tannefail and we might of finally done something good


Bill Lazor Aint Shiet !

NOT Lazor

QB Foles and Chip Kelly

Foles w Chip Kelly in his offense finished the 2013 regular season with 27 touchdown passes and only 2 interceptions, the best TD-INT ratio in NFL history and a 119.0 passer rating which was the best of the 2013 and third in NFL history trailing only to Aaron Rodgers' 122.5 rating in 2011 and Peyton Manning's 121.1 rating in 2004
Foles led the Eagles to a playoff berth, the first since 2010
Hosting the Saints in the playoffs at Lincoln Financial Field, the Eagles lost by two points as the game ended at 26-24
Foles threw for 195 yards, 2 touchdowns, and no interceptions, for a passer rating of 105.0, in his postseason debut
Foles was awarded the "NFL Greatness on the Road" award for his 7 touchdown, perfect game performance against the Oakland Raiders during a road game in 2013

Billy Lazor and Ryan Timothy Tannefail
QB Foles % Chip Kelly

Ignorant Jaded Dolfans have been deped again

Billy Lazor Aint Shiet !

Foles was/is much better than Tannehill

Chip Kelly was/is much better than rookie NFL OC Billy Lazor

Rookie NFL OC Billy Lazor + 2013 NFL's most inaccurate deep ball passer Tannehill = :(

Foles is way better than Tannehill


Foles is a big athlete with good height and stands tall in the pocket to survey the field. He has good (not elite) arm strength and can easily make all the NFL throws with effortless deep passes. Foles does a nice job evading pressure and stepping up in the pocket with improved pocket presence and awareness. He stays poised under pressure, keeping his eyes downfield. Foles throws well on the move and does a nice job shuffling his feet in the pocket to buy precious seconds. He is a very confident passer and shows very good accuracy and feel when in rhythm. Foles sees the entire field and understands coverage. He makes quick reads and spreads the wealth (eight Arizona players had at least 20 receptions in 2011), showing better ball placement from past years and throws very catchable passes. Foles uses good technique, squaring his shoulders to the target and stepping into his throws. He also uses deceptive and deliberate ball fakes to hold defenses. Foles works through his progressions and is content with underneath throws, but is not afraid of taking chances downfield, trusting his big-play targets. He is a very good competitor and is a crafty passer, doing whatever it takes to compete the pass. Foles is comfortable handling the ball (used the shuffle pass numerous times, including three times vs. USC in 2011). He has improved anticipation as a passer, making much more throws before his target is out of his break. Foles made better decisions as a senior and didn't suffer his first interception until the fifth game of the 2011 season (210 attempts without a pick). He has a short memory and bounces back quickly from mistakes. Foles is a vocal team leader and an ideal teammate, showing field general traits in the two-minute offense with no quit in him. He has very good practice habits and work ethic, watching a lot of film. Foles plays calm, confident and very even-keeled - never gets too high or too low regardless of the situation. He plays with his heart and is extremely tough, often playing hurt and grinding through injuries. Foles was highly productive in college, finishing as the school's all-time leading passer (10,011 yards) and led the Pac-12 in passing yards (4,334), completions (387), attempts (560) and second in completion percentage (69.1%) as a senior in 2011

No problem if Lazor has not called any plays during game time, we got Failbin, he called a lot of plays in..........what?, Failbin has not called any plays either?.......well, I am sure Sherman will be on the phone with them, so we should be ok

Go gogo is back baby!

and which
phinz rogue
was harping
2 get foles?
and now u dumb
homers r stuck
w/ tpuke

Dude just give it up already. Go down to your usual overpass spot and start your daily blow for food. Your constant regurgiatation of the same old nonsense is played out and tired.

Posted by: Reel Dolphin In Sight w Home | April 08, 2014 at 08:49 AM

Wow now you quote yourself lol. How far can your narcissism go?

I don't get you Dolphan's that keep saying to 1) Draft a Tight End or Receiver. For those of you saying this how many games did you actually watch last year?

Charles Clay was a stud last year and posted some of the best numbers for a tight end in dolphins history. Why would we waste a high draft pick on this position? He was a top 7 TE in the entire league! Please stop saying draft a tight end. There's a good chance the tight end's in this draft will turn out to be Jermichael Finley types where big years are always expected but never happen. Just b/c you have a Graham/Gronkowski body type doesnt mean you will put up those numbers those guys are a function of the offense and immensely talented football players. Every clone after them has not come close to their success and this years crop of guys probably wont be any different.

Clay was money--our best offensive weapon, drafting a TE this year is a total Ireland move.

As far as receivers go, Wallace was disappointing with more dropped passes than what we would have like to have seen, times where he didnt seem aggresive enough fighting for the ball, but honestly he did his job most of the time beating deep coverage. Tannehill underthrew him all season long until the last few games where he decided to overthrow him instead. If Tannehill gets more accurate on the long ball to Wallace the difference will be NIGHT AND DAY.

Brandon Gibson will be back and Gibson was undoubtedly our best receiver prior to his injury. He caught everything and broke tackles. What more do you want?

Brian Hartline? Do I need to say anything he doesnt break tackles but the guy has ridiculously sticky hands.

Rishard Matthews stepped up last season in Gibsons absence and had some really great games.

What the hell makes you think we need a receiver with high draft picks?

Draft OT's/LB/RB and a late round QB to develop and push Tannehill.

I can't wait to see Dickey draft

keep at it
the stupid homers are 'bout
2 hang themselves

Tannehill would be on the practice squad if Foles was our QB

Chip Kelly is the successful innovative brain behind the offense & Foles is a very good college & NFL QB

Rookie NFL OC Billy Lazor & Failed WR/QB experimental player Ryan Timothy Tannehill Aint Shiet !

Lazor has to prove it at this level as an OC, obviously. But let's see what Kelly and Foles can do in year 2 before everyone is hanging off their nutsac. Remember when the option/spread option took over the league the year before last? Not so much last year, right? These different offenses that come in for one year and take the league by storm (ahem Wildcat) don't usually translate to year 2. You see, there are these people that get paid a lot of money to study and shut your arse down. They are called DCs. Quit being bipolar media personalities looking to sell the next story.

Dashi, Kris, both trying to have discussions with the knob known as Home-O?

Sheesh, that's even worse than debating YG.

One makes up theories off the toop of his head and tries to pass them as facts and the other is wears tin foil hats ...

Next time try talking to the 60 year old drunk who's pizzed his life away at the end of the bar at 2:00 am. That is the real life parallel.

just that somehow these two never was' here somehow learned to use a computer.

Probably at night school at the local Annex.

This big Home-o thinks he is fooling people. We all know he is 2 watt. And many other names.

It seems to me this clown is stuck on pause. And everyday is groundhogs Day.

Here some advice. Do something different today. Maybe you will be able to move forward.

we all know that we need another "good" veteran receiver. i think Hickey should take a look at Sidney Rice... at this point in his career, he needs a change of scenery. the great Northwest isn't the place for him anymore. i think coming to the dolphins is a win-win situation for both parties. The Dolphins get a big fast veteran receiver...and Rice would get a chance to prove that he still has the talent and desire to play in this league. he would only need to sign a reasonable one year contract....and if it works out, then that would be something both sides could look at towards the end of the season.

Eagles have had a very bad offensive line for years

Every year Vick & Foles were w the Eagles the O-line was awful


Foles 1st year starting 27 TDs passing to 2 INTs

Tannehill 12 TDs passing 13 INTs
& worst rated 3rd down QB in the 2012 NFL

Wake Up Dolfan Sheeple

We don't have a franchise QB

We have Tannefail!

Chip Kelly & QB Foles = Winners

Billy no team wants to keep me Lazor & QB Tannefail = Losers


Posted by: 2 watt | April 08, 2014 at 09:10 AM

Yeah people are really affected by your weak ass trolling and Home's acting like the village idiot.....you guys are pretty high on yourselves when in reality you are at the level of just a temporary annoyance. Keep thinking you make some sort of impact on people though, it's all you guys got.


You know I don't converse with the Home-o. Both of them.

I was just dropping some knowledge to all that ignorance he was spewing.

On top of that. Home-o knows not to start with Dashi. Notice he won't respond to anything I post. He knows his role.

32 total posts on this page and Home had 11 of them..

Hickey & Billy Lazor were picked out of default from other cites discarded decaying worthless garbage


That's It mattybinnc,

Home must be losing his touch


Lazor Aint Shiet!

hey darkdork
u replied

You're increasing your percentages.. 35/13

Best thing the Dolphins can do is go get Lewan & then sign Moses

Shine the Patriots Cleats and

Get ready for 2015

That's It mattybinnc,
Home must be losing his touch
Lazor Aint Shiet!
Posted by: Reel Dolphin In Sight w Home | April 08, 2014 at 09:26 AM

Or losing his mind thinking people care what he has to say. Home ain't shiet either.

Yabba dabba dooshi
u r wrong 'bout everything
as usual

Home likes the smell of Grilled Dolphin in the Morning


and yet darkdork
u reply 'bout home

guys, ignore
the stupid homers
and the will go away

Foles was used to playing behind awful offensive lines
still producing

Foles can move in the pocket and has good feet, doing a better job stepping into the pocket while working through his progressions
Foles was a consistent producer despite an inconsistent supporting cast Foles played behind a young offensive line in 2011 (only one combined start entering the season)

Foles is heads & tails above Tannehill

matty, that's below his usual pace.

he's slowing down.

How many of the 11 had a different point?

Everyday he comes up with some meaningless drivel and just pollutes this site with it.

You do know that you are talking about one of the crown princes of this blog. One of only two to ever get banned... Daytona of course being the other.

You have to have a high level of insignificance in your daily life to concentrate enough effort to get banned.

And of course the Herald's crack IT team somehow lets him back in...


I know some people think that the Chip Kelly offense will be a fad. I have been watching it for many years. It won't be a fad.

The beauty in the chip Kelly offense is that each play is based off of what the defense is doing. Reason you see them run to the line and all of them look over for the play.

You add that C.Kelly only gives the QB 2.5 seconds to release the ball. And he runs the ball enough to keep the defense honest. The system works.

N.Foles might be a fluke. Which he isn't. I actually wanted him as a 3rd round pick that year. I wanted Koochie in the first.

The best thing I can say about the C.Kelly offense is also a slight jab at him.

Any QB he puts in that offense looks good. Just look at the QBs he had at Oregon. Not world beaters. And look at the 2 QBs behind Foles. Garbage and Trash. Aka Sanchez and Barkley.

Posted by: 2 watt | April 08, 2014 at 09:29 AM

Darkdork seriously, you have the mind of a mentally disabled child. I'm starting to feel sorry for you. Who thinks name calling is a burn other than children or the mentally challenged lol.

Foles could really help Miami get to the playoffs and would be excellent w Mike Wallace

Too bad Chip kelly would not trade Foles for Tannehill+ 2 first round draft picks

No way Chip Kelly makes the trade

Kelly certainly will release the floating QB coach so some morons like the Dolphins can make him OC

Freakin Dolphins, . . . SMH

Home has Reel Dolphin In Sight

ZZZ Best

Jaded Dolfans cannot handle the truth to fix this hapless inept team

Nick Foles will regress to the mean this coming season. He did not even start the whole year last season so the sample to too small to proclaim him as anything.
The NFL will adjust to Kelly's offense (just like they adjusted to the wildcat) and have also found out that Foles holds onto the ball way too long and will end up being sacked a ton or hurt this coming year.
And now without DeSean Jackson things will get even worse for him.

Home is awesome

Posted by: Reel Dolphin In Sight w Home | April 08, 2014 at 09:35 AM

You made your point 12 worthless posts ago, you think Lazor's a bum. Most people can say it once and leave it at that, unless you're psychotic.

U R right MassDolphan

Foles did not even start the whole season
27 TDs to 2 INTs

Freakin awesome

Tannehill started his whole 1st season
12 TDs 13 INTs

Freakin Loser

Also take in to account the Eagles faced 3 horrible defenses 6 times last year, the Cowboys, Redskins, and Giants. Wish the Phins had faced that 6 times last year!

Ridding the cancerous gangsta Desean Jackson

Chip Kelly now can use that 10.5 Milion saved and
sign his entire 2014 NFL Draft class

Brilliant move by Chip Kelly

They dont sign 60 Million Dollar WRs that only got 5 TDs for the team and won't paticipate in off season practice w a fledgling awful QB like Miami


MassD, of course Foles will fall back ... you aren't going to put up that kind of td to int ratio consistently ... not even the best who ever played managed to keep up that kind of pace. He's established himself as a starter though and good for him...

you're psychotic.

Posted by: Darkoak | April 08, 2014 at 09:39 AM

Home says,
"So what's ur point"

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