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Burleson would have been insurance Dolphins still want

The interest in Nate Burleson by the Miami Dolphins was not so acute that they would get into a bidding war with the Cleveland Browns. Indeed, it was portrayed to me as a chance to investigate a solid veteran receiver who might be available at a relatively inexpensive price.

Burleson signed a one-year contract with Cleveland instead.

But the interest the Dolphins had raises some questions because it suggests the team saw the opportunity to purchase something that should not go unnoticed and now is unattended: Insurace for the health of Brandon Gibson and Brian Hartline.

Gibson and Hartline finished last season with knee injuries. Both are expected back for 2014 and, indeed, Hartline is conservatively expected back for June's mandatory minicamp, if not earlier. Gibson, who suffered a more serious patellar tendon tear in New England last October, is expected back at some point in training camp in late July and August.

But no amount of optimism about the recovery of two-thirds of the Miami starting receiver corps overshadows the fact the Dolphins felt a desire if not a need to shop for insurance (in the person of Burleson) against the possibility one of the two receivers (more likely Gibson) might not be ready for the 2014 season.

This raises the question whether the Dolphins will continue shopping for that insurance now that Burleson has gone to Cleveland? I believe the answer is yes. If another veteran receiver who the Dolphins think can be a good locker room add at a relatively cheap price comes along, I'd expect the Dolphins to show interest.

It speaks to having a secondary plan in case Plan A doesn't play out to script.

The script the Dolphins are operating under says Gibson and Hartline will be ready to play the 2014 regular season. Look for general manager Dennis Hickey to continue looking for opportunities to hedge his bet ... just in case the script doesn't go as planned.


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..Dashi..You are right.. I have seen first hand how effective the Oregon offense is. We have spoke on it before. But the whole success of the offense revolves around the run game. It sets up the pass in this offense off the principals of 2 plays...Inside zone, outside stretch.

The offense stalls when these are taken away. Sure against a lesser opponent. You can get away with throwing it every down. But the Oregon offense is a run first offense. Most pass plays are run off play action set up by the run.

I just wonder how much of this will be a part of what we do.


Dashi blames himself for the Home-o to be allowed back in.

Remember the other day when I told "Sam" to use his Original Name.

It was a day Dashi was going in on Salguero and Sam!! (Hey that sounds like a radio show!! Dashi won't watch it. But it sounds like a radio show.)

Ever since that day, The one "Salguero in Blue" said Dashi uses other names. Home gets the first half of the day. Sam gets the second half.

Now Oscar, I mean Salguero, won't do anything because he feels that is a way to defend himself.

The problem is that Salguero has taken the schtick so far that he knows we will bombard him with questions about why he let his BFF ruin his blog on a daily basis. Reason he is scared to even show his face on his own Blog anymore.

The Best thing the Dolphins can do is hand this blog over to a person with some self-respect who is willing to restore order to this place.

P.S- Dashi knows he is going to catch hell for speaking the truth. But somebody has to say it.

point is:

Lazor Aint Shiet!

yet the Dolfan Sheeple think he is their long lost FAV Uncle that used to give em $500.00 on Christmas Eve

They want to believe so bad

Believe in what?

A traded around nothing QB coach to now be the
Big Bad Miami Dolphin OC



Home is awesome
Posted by: Reel Dolphin In Sight w Home | April 08, 2014 at 09:38 AM


Some people diagnosed with a narcissistic personality disorder are characterized by exaggerated feelings of self-importance. They have a sense of entitlement and demonstrate grandiosity in their beliefs and behavior. They have a strong need for admiration, but lack feelings of empathy][2][3]

Hey Home they're talking about you on Wikipedia!

Dashi, I agree with that 100%.

Mando has lost the fire for this blog and covering his team.

Wish Barry Jackson did only Dolphins. I rad Barry to get knowledge then come here and post.

I mean look at Salguero's last 15-20 blog entries.


Hey gang! Check out this new Dolphins fight song I wrote!!!

Any time you meet a payment. - Dolphins!
Any time you need a friend. - Dolphins!
Any time you're out from under.
Not getting hassled, not getting hustled.
Keepin' your head above water,
Making a wave when you can.

Temporary lay offs. - Dolphins!
Easy credit rip offs. - Dolphins!
Scratchin' and surviving. - Dolphins!
Hangin in a chow line - Dolphins!
Ain't we lucky we got 'em - Dolphins!

Darkoak, you want that Home-O to get off his rant.

Tell him you can do somethign he can't do and watch him melt like the Wicked Witch of the West.

I found it very amusing that the couldn't get me out of his head for weeks when I told him that I can do something as meaningless as lift weight.

That right there told you the guy is 5'1 103lbs. I like him in his role in Game of Thrones though ... Tyrion is a funny character. Well done, Home-O.

No one hates the Jets more than me, but that petition to keep Vick away from training camp is EFFING STUPID AS EFFE! Don't people have anything better to do with their lives than HATE (I'm probably asking the wrong crowd). Such hypocrites. The man paid his price to society, did his time, came out a "changed man," no mention of recidivism, so what's the problem? Why can't this man move on with his life, concentrate on his career, and take care of his family? Some of you people with your fetish with domesticated animals are SICK! Yet you go on eating beef, pork, fish. You talk the talk, WALK THE WALK. You feel like that, you should be a vegan, point blank. No difference between a dog and a pig. Actually, there is. Pigs are smarter and much more like humans than dogs. But I don't see anyone at the bbq joint, picketing people who walk out with rib breath for being an accessory to the slaughter of a pig.

LEAVE MICHAEL VICK ALONE! Go bang your goat if you're such an "animal lover."


Nice, james!!

No doubt Home is psychotic, narcissistic to a degree but mainly very confident and of course an awesome south Florida Beach & Party Guy w . . .

ZZZ Best Reel Dolphin In Sight

Mando is a Miami Dolphin God of Reel Info

Mark should worship him and kiss the ground Mando walks on

Mark up in Toronto would have no speakin part

esp in our Great Country!

Go Dolphins !

Haha, south beach party guy ... it's true. I've been known to have a couple of drinks at some of clubs.

Caught a pic of Home-O and his wingman here ripping it up..


Hi Home!
Had fun last night!!

agree w DC Dolfan

Great post

thousands and thousands of folks are involved in that awful doggie death sport

only Mike Vick & Jesus Christ paid for his sins and the sin of many others

Wish Vick much success!

You talk the talk, WALK THE WALK. You feel like that, you should be a vegan, point blank.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | April 08, 2014 at 09:54 AM


I am. And I've never been healthier or more fit, either. Went vegan five years ago and never want to go back.

I don't care what anyone else does or doesn't eat but wonder why so many people seem threatened in some weird way by vegans and vegetarians---to the point they actually get MAD about it.

Not saying you at all, but they exist and they are staggeringly weird folks. I wonder what the psychology is behind that.

MIT I don't care if he gets off his rant or not, he's irrelevant. What I do care about is that he understands that when he posts what I actually think about him, that he's mentally disabled and/or sick with NPD and ASPD most likely. Pretty sad stuff when you think of it. I give his POV the same consideration I give the howling homeless person I see in my way to work, which is none.

Hi Twink! ;

Posted by: DC Dolfan | April 08, 2014 at 09:54 AM

"F" Michael Vick!

Thank you!!

I hope you will sing it when we score TOUCHDOWNS!!!

Exactly right Darkoak, I used the 60 year old drunk waste of life example at last call but howling homeless hobo also works as a perfect analogy.

hahaha, go bang your goat... Home-O can tell us what that's like...

Posted by: DC Dolfan | April 08, 2014 at 09:54 AM

"F" Michael Vick!

Posted by: Woof! Woof! | April 08, 2014 at 10:00 AM

You tell 'em Woofy!

"F" Michael Vick.

He's a loser.

Chip Kelly & QB Foles are an awesome combination of winners

Billy Lazor & QB Tannehill are a sad combination of losers

Except it
Embrace it

Get ready to laugh at the Dolphins again as usghe in 2014 and
replace Phibin, Lazor & Tannehill in 2015

90% of Dolfans & bloggers do not even know what their new hero looks like, . . . Billy Lazor

When u get a good look at this new false Dolphin God
U will laugh ur arse off at this wimpy traded around do nothin QB coach from 5 NFL teams plus college



That is why I like talking football with you. Even though we have a different opinion on what we want to see our team become. You have an exceptional understanding of what you are watching.

You know the 2 plays C.Kelly sets his whole offense out of. The inside zone and the outside zone. Those are the bread and butter plays of that offense. If those 2 plays are clicking. He will drop 40pts on anybody. Those 2 plays set up the play action, the bubble screen, and the deep ball.

The advantage we have over the Eagles is that Tannehill can run. Foles is slower than Molasses. Nobody ever thought of him keeping one and taking off.

I still believe that if the running game isn't clicking the offense will still work. Because C.Kelly doesn't give up on the run. He likes to keep the defense honest.

The beauty in the C.Kelly offense is in them rushing up to the line after every play.

What Chip does is he forces the Defense to show how they are going to line up. Then he calls in the play.

The only way you can combat that as a DC is to either have a great MLB who can adjust your defense on the fly. Or call 2 plays every time as a DC. One to get C.Kelly to call the play. And the second one to switch to after everybody on Offense looks to the sideline.

Now in College, I have seen C.Kelly combat this by calling another play after the defense switches. But in the pro's that might be difficult to pull off because the play clock is less.

Lazor Aint Shiet!

Home said it

I live outside Philly and have followed Vick pretty closely. Personally, I agree he HAS paid his "debt" but still view him as something of a creep. Just can't help it.

But forget that part. In football terms the guy just isn't a good player anymore. He had become a turnover machine with the Eagles and had many, many extraordinarily bad games. His speed and elusiveness are nowhere near what they once were, either. People forget just how old Vick actually is and he has slowed considerably.

Bottom line? The Jets have nothing going at that position with or without Vick.

Home-O did Bill Lazor steal your milk money or something?

Were you bullied?

Well, that's in clear violation of the Johnathan martin memorial Code of Conduct.

No worries, Stephen Ross will not stand for this!!

He will get you abck your milk money and Bill Lazor will be punished, don't you worry.

Lazor is an exceptionally bright young guy who opted for the Dolphins job over the Lions, largely because he has a strong belief in Tannehill's upside as a QB.

He was extremely well regarded here in Philly and fans were sorry to see him leave the organization.

Your unceasing negativity changes none of those facts.

...So I have done a bit of research on the tight ends we may be interested in. I wouldn't spend a first on any of them after doing some digging. Now I found a guy that I would like in this offense. This is what I found.

There are 4 top tight ends in this draft. 2 of them are more slot type guys. Ebron, and Amaro. Ebron lined up in the slot 71.74% of the time. Amaro a staggering 87.5 %..I would say mark both of these guys off the list right now. We want a guy who can block, and stretch the field. Amaro caught 46.88 percent of his balls within the 1-5 yard area. From the slot. That is not what we are looking for. He also had a low 5.82 YAC, and an even worse 2.96 yards after contact.

Ebron caught 32.26 percent of his passes in the 1-5 yard area. But he also caught 33.87 percent of his balls in that 11-20 yard range. He averaged a nice 8.84 yards after the catch. 3.5 yards after contact.

This brings me to the 2 guys I think we should be looking at. I think both could be had in round 2-3.

david, I hear you. I don't eat red meat or pork (just fowl and fish) and people look at me like I'm a commie (get remarks like, "you don't eat steak, how can you live?") I don't get it either. Frankly, I'm happy with a portabello burger, they're delicious. And on the health side, as long as you're getting your protein and nutrients, then you're right, it's a great lifestyle.

I was just referring to people who "protect animals", yet eat cow-products without any disdain for the poor, sad life that cow most likely went through (poor conditions, unsanitary, fed hormones and other unsavory products never meant to be ingested by humans). I myself am pretty careful about the animals I eat. I try to get organic, vegetarian-fed, no-hormones, free range chicken, sustainable fish, DEFINITELY get my meat from a butcher (not the grocery store which generally doesn't cut their own meat, they purchase pre-packaged meat). And I don't consider myself to be some kind of animal activist. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE animals. But I just think people are going overboard hating on Michael Vick. It's human abuse, and it needs to stop.

That right there told you the guy is 5'1 103lbs. I like him in his role in Game of Thrones though ... Tyrion is a funny character. Well done, Home-O.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | April 08, 2014 at 09:53 AM


You made a typo. Home-o is 5'1" 301lbs.

It is easier to jump over him than to go around him.

New Dolphins first time NFL offensive coordinator Bill Lazor won’t be afforded much of a learning curve in Miami
The Dolphins hired Billy Lazor, quarterbacks coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, to turn around Tannehill's offense that scored seven points in Miami’s final two games
The Dolphins missed the playoffs again last season
If it happens again, both he and coach Joe Philbin could be looking for new jobs in a year
“My future and his future are together,” Billy Lazor said of Philbin
Philadelphia was second in the NFL this season in total offense under first-year coach Chip Kelly and featured an unusually up-tempo offense
Lazor has worked under 5 NFL head coaches none keeping him too long, but has a background in the West Coast Offense that Bazooka Joe Philbin will likely want to keep
Lazor, who will be calling plays in the NFL for the first freakin time, said he wasn’t sure yet exactly what type of offense the Dolphins will run
But he said it will cater to Miami’s talent or lack thereof
“The No. 1 factor in what we do and specifically how it looks is going to be the ability of the players we have,” he said

DC, I hear you and agree 100%.

Have also had people literally get agitated/angry about my choice to be a vegan and I find it so bizarre...especially when I could give a flying f*ck less what THEIR diet is. I don't judge people that way.

Something very deep and weird going on psychologically with those folks, for sure!

Your unceasing negativity changes none of those facts.

Posted by: david t. | April 08, 2014 at 10:13 AM

Don't talk facts, that really sets him off. Remember this guy is not right in the head, trying to reason with him is a waste of time.

..Now here are 2 guys I think are much better fits considering our personnel. Austin Jenkins, and Troy Niklas.

Now The reason I like these guys is that they were in-line tight ends. Yet they caught the ball down the field. Yes Jenkins caught a ton of balls on screens. 30 plus percent. But he also caught 37.19 percent of is passes in that 11-20 yard range. He lined up in line 47.17 percent of the time. He did not have a great YAC..3.4 an he gets tackled easy..1.69 after contact. But he gets down the field.

The best tight end IMO for this offense is ND TE Troy Niklas. And it isn't close.

Niklas is a pure in lime tight end. 70.59 percent of the time. He caught the ball in the 6-10 yard range 43.75 percent of the time, the 11-20 yard range 28.13 percent of the time. He averaged 6.41 YAC, and 3.63 yards after contact..The best in this group of 4.

It tells me he can get down the field. He doesn't need to be in the slot. This is huge. If Clay did not emerge last year. Ebron or Amaro would be in play. But we have that guy already.

I would mark tight end off the list as possible first rounders. I think we could get the best guy for us in round 3.

I am not saying it is a fad. The spread/option still has it's place in the league and it is here to stay. But if you think they will do this year what they did last year to defenses you are fooling yourself IMO. This is the NFL, people get paid millions to study what you are doing and stop or slow it down. Defensive geniuses are in the league just like offensive geniuses. This aint the Pac-12.

Posted by: deity | April 08, 2014 at 10:25 AM

Exactly it's hard to be successful in the NFL for years with the same offense, or offensive style. Defensive Coordinators figure it out.

What Vick did was wrong. But people have also blown it out of proportion.

Vick wasn't the one killing the dogs.

Vick was just the financier of the whole operation.

That he should have invested his money in something else. True.

But he wasn't there killing dogs after the match.

Mike Vick isn't Marcus Vick. Now that guy is a lowlife.

And no team will succeed with Marty Mornhinweg as OC. The only OC worst than Spo in my book. The guy is the worst I have ever seen. I was Happier than Pharell that they kept him as their OC.



hahaha, Dashi, you can bounce Home-O down the street or at a concert like one of those giant beach balls.

DD, we will disagree on Amaro... but one guy I've very interested in and can't get a good handle on him yet is joe Don Duncan of Dixie St. Geez, nice name and school combo... but the guy is interesting.

Since you are the small school guy here, what can you tell me?

The Dolphins confident they reached and drafted a franchise QB at #8 overall (lol)

then selected Jon Martin in the 2nd round
Dolphins thought martin made Andrew Lucks career (lol)

in the 3rd round at #78 the Dolphins chose TE Egnew (lol)

in the 3rd round at #88 the Eagles chose QB Foles

Despite not starting the entire year

Foles 27 TD passing 2 INTs

smh @ the Dolphooons

Dashi @ 10:28

Re: Marcus Vick

I live within minutes of VT and I follow the team. Marcus Vick was a better athlete than Michael and was projected to be even better.
But within a short period of time he got something like a speeding ticket, then a week later got pulled over and there was weed in the car and then 2 weeks later was in someone else's car that got pulled over and the driver had an unlicensed weapon.

I think Mrcus is the guy that stomped on Elvis Dumerville's face in a bowl game.

Anyway 3 relatively minor events and his career was over before it beegan.

It was stunning, literally.

And sad.

..Dashi. Thanks for the shout..Back at you.

What you said about Chip Kelly, and how the offense forces the defense to show their hand is absolutely the truth. I know I talk about Montana football too much. But their ex HC Robin Plfugrad came from Oregon, and he brought the same offense out here. We ran it for 3 years while he was HC. Anyway. He did his coaches show every Sunday. He would do a bit explaining the basics of certain plays.

Everyone gets all dripping wet because Peyton Manning will run the ball when the defense is in cover 2. Well this offense is kind of same. We want to stretch the defense so we can run inside zone, and play action off that look. When the defense is condensed. We will stretch the zone, try to get it down the field. now these are not absolutes, just the basic concepts. The quarterback also has the option to keep in both zone concepts. Now at this level, I'm sure that we will try and limit the keeps by Tannehill, but the option is there.

Seriously, And I know this is only from seeing it in college. This offense only stalled when the run game was shut down. When they were running it, up tempo, lots of plays...Hard to beat.

Posted by: Yelü Dashi | April 08, 2014 at 10:28 AM

You know Dashi, Charles Manson kind of had the same program going on with people! I'd say they are both equally liable! I agree people should move on though. The man paid his debt to society with years of his life. He should have a clean slate on that account.

DD @ 10:34

Was the offense that you describe being run by legitimate first team athletes or by career backups?

marcus Vick ran a 4.7, how was he a better athlete than Mike? That's a stretch...


I am not saying that C.Kelly will take the NFL by storm again. Or that he will have the same season as last year.

What I am saying is the way C.Kelly runs his plays work.

Why do you think even Belichick has asked for his advice. Were do you think the Pats took that running to the line before the defense is set from? C.Kelly.

Why do you think N.Saban wanted to add a stop before every play? So he can have 2 defenses called to prevent them abusing the defense.

The Spread-Option has been in the NFL for a Minute. What C.Kelly brings are concepts and fast pace to the equation.

The QB only gets about 3 post snap reads. And the play calling is based off of what the defense shows you.

C.Kelly offense has a strict set of rules. That is the difference.

The proof is in the Pudding. C.Kelly never produced one starting NFL QB at Oregon. N.Foles and M.Vick had their best season ever.

College Coaches who run a similar system that can succeed at the pro level?


I guess it would be more accurate to say that he was considered to have a higher ceiling than Mike.

He was the starting QB for a top-20 team and cut from the same cloth as mike Vick, Newton, kaepernick, Manziel etc.

He would've been a top 5 draft pick before the new CBA so he would have got paid big.

If only he had hired security to keep himself ut of trouble...


Marcus Vick wasn't half the player Mike was. Mike Vick was the most Athletic QB of all time.

And you also forgot the multiple times Marcus got arrested for having sex with underage girls.

...ETF...It doesn't matter. The concepts are basically the same. Watch Philly. This is what they do. I concede that what I saw was college level. But the whole offense that Kelley ran was too. Sure there are some tweaks for the professional level. I know that..

But to answer your question..Most of those guys are probably selling cars, or worse..Teachers.

MIT..I like small schools. But I had never heard of Duncan. He did show up on some of the metric stuff. I know he is a pure slot tight end. That is it.

That is where we differ. I don't think we need another slot guy. I want a guy who can play in-line, and a guy that can get down the field. I don't know if Amaro is that guy. Maybe he can be. But he didn't do it in college. I think you have to be a bit cautious of the system that Tech runs..Amaro probably never had to block in college(See Egnew) He doesn't seem physical at all. I don't see what you do. Perhaps he is what we need? I jus can't see us using a first round pick on him.

Dashi = skid Mark in Hebrew,
does not know what the heck he is talking about if he thinks "Mike Vick had his best season ever under Chip Kelly"


In 2010 w no offensive line Vick was amazing
His MNF jersey from 2010 was imeediately taken to the HOC in Canton, Ohio
If not for a dropped passes (all passes incompleted were rated dropped passes) Mike Vick would have had the league's first perfect game
Dozens of players in that game said they never saw anything like it

best game of Michael Vick's career: six TDs -- four passing, two rushing -- 20-for-28 passing, 333 yards. In fact, it was the NFL's best offensive performance of this century. And it could have been even better. "I easily could have been 28-of-28," the Eagles QB said of the 59-28 win over the Redskins on "Monday Night Football." Here's the inside story of the Nov. 15, 2010 game some of the participants said was like the "Madden NFL" video game come to life.



Do whateva u have to do to get Chris Johnson, Then get drat two more lineman, 2LB's a Quarteback and a safety



The first play of the game with Washington Redskin, Michael Vick pass 88 yards touchdown in 18 seconds of the game on Monday Night Football (Nov 15, 2010). Eagle, Philadelphia set a new record for making 4 touchdown in first quarter of Monday Night Football. The score ending of the first quarter is Eagle 28 - 0 Redskin. More than 5 minutes left before ending of 3rd quarter, Eagle is setting another record for "Most Scoring Team" on Monday Night Football with the spank "Eagle 59 - 21 Redskin". Eagle also set a new record for "Most Scoring Team On The Road In NFL". This is an amazing night for Micheal Vick performing. The final score of the game is "Eagle 59 - 28 Redskin". Michael Vick Record Night

Funny, ETF, i was plenty grown when Marcus Vick came threw school as did Mike at VaTech and never heard anyone mention Marcus in the same breath as Mike until you.

I remember Michael running cirles around everyone in college. The only guy to come close was Seneca Wallace at Iowa State.

marcus though, it was thoroughly understood that he was inferior to his brother.

was home
loss at the joe

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