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Dolphins add OT and WR

Busy day for the Dolphins ...

Right tackle Jason Fox, who is visiting the Dolphins today, has signed a one-year deal with the team, according to a league source. ProFootballTalk.com was the first to report the signing. I don't expect this will be much more than a minimum salary type addition.

[Update 1:44: The Dolphins have confirmed the signing.]

[Update 1:51: An NFL source tells me Fox got $795,000.]

Meanwhile, the previous blog discussed how the Dolphins are not in the market for high-end wide receiver but will be adding receivers for the bottom of the roster, for depth, for special teams possibilities and he will preferrably be a bigger body type.

Well, the Dolphins have agreed to terms with receiver Kevin Cone, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Cone is 6-2 and 216. He is what former Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland would have termed an acorn. Despite four years of experience, Cone has one career reception.

He has played 28 career games but most of the work has come on special teams.


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but still need
a qb

We found an acorn wr who's only found 1 acorn(rec) in 4 seasons in the league. lmao......

cheap ross

1 yr huh?
ross is moving the phinz
to London
trump buys bills
and moves them to so flo
good riddance
gtf out of here ross
be sure to take
tpuke with u

6'2" 216lbs.

That is what Dashi is looking at. He is nothing more than a Camp body. But notice that Philbins has a Type. He got rid of Bess and the Fins don't have 1 WR under 6'.

If you have Big Strong WRs it is easier to run block out of the Spread!!

Camp bodies are not a bad thing, not every signing will be a starter.

Sam, like I said before, ahve to wonder if that unamed AFC scout is the guy that recommended the Bengals take Eifert, who i like.

I have two opinions on this...
1) If you take the top 10 TEs this year vs the top 10 last year ... which would in effect represent the entire class then yes 2012 is a stronger class.

2) However, I would take Ebron/Amaro over Ertz/Eifert anyday. I like Eifert but he won't be better than Amaro and Ebron v Ertz is not even close. Even though I think Ebron is way overrated, he is still miles better than Ertz.

As far as Amaro v Ebron, all we can do is wait for pro results to either support or refute my convictions.

Like the Fox signing to push some of our old reserves like Gardner.

2watt you're embarrassing yourself. get out of here!

not bad $$$$
not even a year
phinz seasons are always
over jan.1st.

Hi I 2watt
I like
little peas
as of now
we need
make a
steve ross awesome
now that
makes sense


haha, so 2 watt, which qb are you picking first at 19?

AJ McCarron?

haha, you would be the best gm in the long run for the team, make sure we would eb drafting first overall the next year...

And our present Qb depth chart would look like

1) Aj McCarron
2) Matt barkley
3) Michael Vick
4) Ricky Stanzi

Even when Hickey does not get all of the top talent in fa, at least he shows he covers his ass before the draft. I like the pick up of Jason Fox for this reason.

Ireland rarely covered his ass. Exactly why he's now "FORMER" gm.


The pick at #19 will be a bust.

There will also be a high draft choice for WR in the Draft. Mark it down.

trump would make
a good owner
the other 31 laugh at

Is he related to David Cone?

me tell
dumb dumb
he needs
betta chew gum
or he make
pee pee crumbs


Agreed. Not every signing has to be a star player. We need to fill out the roster for camp.

What I like about signing like these is that it gives us insight into the type of players they like.

You can tell from the O-linemen we have picked up this year we are making a conscious effort to try and run a Zone-Blocking Scheme. With Ben & Jerry on the team you just knew they were never trying to run a Zone Scheme. You couldn't.


Donald Trump is the man who destroyed the USFL by ignoring their own business plan (which had been working) and then insisting on a Fall schedule in a suicidal move to take on the NFL directly.

He HAS been a pro football owner and was horrible at it.

Oh, and by the way...Stephen Ross is actually worth FAR MORE that Donald Trump for all his self-promoting bullsh*t. Ross could hire Trump as his pool boy.

Just read a pff article breaking down Dion jordan's season and his main areas of strength in order were

Run Defense
Pass rush

So it makes sense this team uses him strictly as a DE right?

Please tell me the coaches won't be that stupid.

Trump is a dBagger.

the coaches aren't
the players are.

And I'm sure the good people of Buffalo would LOVE Trump as soon as he tries to uproot the franchise and relocate it to Los Angeles.

Goodell would be wise to keep that a-hole out of the NFL.

When LA finally starts building a new stadium, let the Rams return home---as is strongly rumored.

Rams or Raiders. I think it should be the RAI-dahs. FKK the Rams.

Buy your bills and buffalo merchandise while you can..

The Bills will move to Toronto when Rogers makes the first $2B franchise acquisition cost in the history of sport and moves them to Toronto.

They will then get rid of the stupid name Bills and for the first time in my life have to not support a sports franchise in my city.

If they take the Bills out of Buffalo then NY has no pro football team left. Oh sure try to sell us the NY Jets and Giants. Please, everyone knows NJ scum when they see it.

la phinz
ross was already
out there
sticking his ears
in2 the project.


Agreed. Rams or Raiders.

I don't see the Bills moving to LA. The Jags will move to LA before the Bills.

The Bills will either move to Toronto or move to England.

Trump is a joke. Always has been.

He might make a good baseball owner. But he will suck in the NFL.

Add to it that Trump doesn't have REAL MONEY!! His money is all tied up in his investments. He would need a Group to buy a NFL team.

And isn't there some kind of rule that you can't own a Casino and own a Professional Sports franchise?

It would suck to have the Bills in Toronto. Everyone would forget that no team in modern football history went to 4 straight SBs and lost all of them. That's a consistent choke factor that should be remembered, not forgotten in the new history of the Toronto Nitro or whatever name they come up with.

When it all shakes out (that is, when LA actually gets around to building a stadium) I think you'll eventually see both an NFC and an AFC team there.

The most likely candidates right now are the Chargers and Rams.

The Chargers because they have gotten nowhere in getting a new facility in San Diego and the league would not stand in their way moving a couple of hours up the coast.

The Rams because they are also at an impasse in St. Louis and have an escape clause coming up soon. Oh, and one of the Los Angeles developers working to get a new stadium there? None other than Rams owner Stan Kroenke.

It would be ironic if both went there as both have LA roots. And to be honest, "LA Rams" still sounds better to me even after all these years.

Bills in Toronto? I could see it. I'd feel bad for Buffalo, though. They don't have a lot to cheer for there and it would destroy an old rivalry for the Dolphins.


I see 1st rd worthy players available to us, but none worthy to forsake trading to "getting extra picks" and still getting a "quality 1st rd'er".

This draft class seems definitely a "buyers market". The more the merrier.

Apparently the Rams owner bought 60 acre parcel of land in LA but it's not big enough for parking, the stadium and road work. Maybe he adds to that soon? Rams seem very likely to move.

trading down

haha, Darkoak, think Toronto Mounties, haha

There's a lot of people who are still upset the Raptors aren't the Mounties.

And as far as choking, they will fit right in with the rest of our teams.

Sheesh, I feel bad for these kids toady. At least I can remember the Blue Jays winning back to back WS and the Maple Leafs making game 7 of the conference final ... but that was the early 90s...

Toronto Nitro!! Hahaha!!

Sounds like an Arena League team.

Cone will lead us to the SB!! LMFAO!!!!!!!

Actually, the Jaguars are the team that could wind up in London. Their owner (forget his name) has very deep business ties there already.

I think it would be a horrible thing and complete nonsense even with the lackluster support in Jax but you know Goodell lusts over that "global market" stuff.

And enough of the Dolphins moving crapola. Hate him all you want, but Ross actually has VERY deep roots in South Florida (graduate of Miami Beach High and had Dolphins season tix for a quarter century) and he's proposing to spend 400 MILLION of his own money in a stadium upgrade.

Not to mention South Florida is now the fourth biggest metro area in the country and an immense TV market.

The Dolphins aren't moving anywhere. If you think they are (2 watt) you are beyond clueless.

When I look at Hickeys fa moves so far, it seems to support "trading down" in this year's draft is more likier than not.

He seems to be "covering all bases" in terms of need areas. Even if only adding more competition to the slots.

JTF, Buffalo is a dead city. When the Bills and the Buffalo Sabres are the biggest industry in town or 2nd best behind Cellino and Barnes injury attorneys, it's time to move on.

There is a tonne of money in Toronto ... a friggin tonne. 3rd biggest market in North America too ... or 4th. It's a bigger market than Chicago...

Agreed Sam, after Lewan and maybe Donald, one guy is not much different than the other as far as we are concerned and Zach Martin is not an elite enough prospect to merit absolutely needing to stay at 19... trading down certainly has it's merits if Taylor Lewan is out of range.

I believe the NFL doesn't like restructuring divisions. And moving an East Coast team to LA will take a lot of reshuffling.

The Chargers can make the move. The raiders. And even the Rams. All of those are already considered West Coast teams.

Trade down for more crap.?

Mark, I know...I know. I get it with Buffalo. And I also think Toronto is one of the truly great cities in North America. There's no comparing the two.

But I am allowed to feel bad for the fans in Buffalo. Losing the Bills would be traumatic for those folks.

Agreed JTF, but it's only a 2 hour drive...

Now is it crap or garbage?

WHo is the BPA between crap and garbage?

i pick garbage ... you can recycle that ... but crap?!?!

Just one note on the Bills, however. Goodell is from that part of the country (Jamestown, NY) and has already expressed his desire that the franchise remain there.

He has been notably silent about other teams such as the Rams and Chargers regarding a possible move.

He might just involve himself in efforts to keep the Bills where they are.

There IS precedent for that, by the way. After Katrina, Tom Benson was trying to relocate the Saints to San Antonio and it was the NFL that put the brakes on that and invested heavily in the Superdome upgrade.


You hit it right on the head. The Bills will move to Toronto because of the Market!!

And people act like Toronto is that far from Buffalo. Toronto is closer to upstate New York than NYC is.

True enough it's only a two hour drive to Toronto but I doubt the Bills would retain much of their current fan base. The team just wouldn't be representing them anymore.

Actually, that's been in evidence even when they've played in Toronto AS the Buffalo Bills. Remember the time the Dolphins played them there? That crowd was mostly pro-Miami and anything BUT a "hone" game for the Bills.

Exactly Dashi, people saying oakland to Los Angeles is a short move.

Buffalo to Toronto is 98 driving miles... an hour and a half.

Many people drive more than that right now and it's only driving that much 8 times a year.

And there is infinitely more Corporate money here.

We would need a new stadium but that shouldn't be a problem. Our govt loves giving Rogers money to build sports stadiums..

The only thing that would suck about the Bills leaving Buffalo is that they will try and forget their history.

With R.Wilson gone anything is possible. I know as long as he was alive. The Bills weren't going anywhere.


I drive an hour to work.

The question is: would you become a Bills fan?

Several problems with the Bills in Toronto series, JTF, not the least of which was ticket costs.

Rogers paid s much money for these games that to recover their costs, they charged a fortune for tickets.

For example, nosebleeds at the 50 for that same Dolphins game were about $300 each at cost... it was just retarded.

People weren't coming up for Buffalo when that represents half of their season ticket cost for one game.

Mark so you think the CFL would be dead once you bring the NFL to Canada?


Goddell might put up a good fight. But the 32 owners he works for wouldn't mind a team in the 3rd biggest market in North America.

Here's a little tidbit I think most Dolphins fans are unaware of (and has been little reported):

If Ross is able to get the wheels turning on the massive stadium rehab (which is likely now given the new proposal) it involves some huge construction items such as installing a partial roof over the stands and literal reconstruction of the sideline seating to bring it closer to the playing field.

It's a big enough project that the stadium might not be usable for a year. If that happens, the Dolphins would have to play a year elsewhere...most likely Orlando, which has a big enough facility and no conflict with dates.

There's plenty of precedent for something like that. The Bears played two years in Champaign, Ill. at the University of Illinois when Soldier Field was rebuilt...the Seahawks played a year at the University of Washington...the Vikings are going to play the next two years at the U. of Minnesota...and even the Giants played a year in New Haven (at Yale) while Giants Stadium was being built.

Just a thought, but it could happen.

Texas, yeah an hour and a half two hours is nothing but JTF is right, Buffalo would forget the Bills and just become Steeler or Giants fans.

Dashi is right that the city would disassociate itself completely with the Buffalo Bills name.

And no, I wouldn't leave the dolphins ... ever.

it's my favourite team in any sport.

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