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Dolphins sign WR Damian Williams (updated)

Damian Williams had a solid season in 2011 when he started 13 games, caught 45 passes for 592 yards and five touchdowns for the Tennessee Titans. The past two seasons? Williams has been something of a ghost.

The Titans went in a different direction and relegated Williams to No. 4 wide receiver status and that meant he started only three games in two seasons and didn't get in the end zone at all.

Well, Williams is a free agent now and looking for an opportunity to contribute somewhere. So he visited the Dolphins on Thursday.

[Update: Williams signed a one-year deal worth $800,000, The Miami Herald's Barry Jackson has confirmed. ESPN's James Walker was the first to report the transaction.]

Why is this a thing?

This insightful report earlier this week explained the Dolphins are looking for some experienced insurance to hedge their bet should Brandon Gibson (who tore his patellar tendon last October) not be ready for the start of the coming NFL season. The team expects him to be ready but one never knows and having a backup plan is good business, especially with No. 5 wide receiver Armon Binns also coming off knee surgery.

So Dolphins GM Dennis Hickey was looking around.

And that search, which started with Nate Burleson but changed when he signed with Cleveland, re-focused on Williams as a cheap option.

Williams also had moderate success returning kickoffs last season. He only returned five but did average 24.6 yards per return. Cannot hurt. 



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Ata boy Hickey !

It sounds like a solid signing to me.

Sound good to me a big young receiver that also returns punts and kicks nice job

Hickey doing what Ireland did not. Looking ahead. I like it.

Mando, when you wrote that the Dolphins would continue looking for veteran, cheap WR options this is what one of the douchiest of your readers posted in the comments section:

Dolphins need receiver help.

Apparently Mando was the last to get the memo.

Jace Amaro and the excellent WR 2014 draft class offers some very enticing long term options in the first two rounds of the draft.

Get one ...

Burlson also broke Hickey's closing streak. What happened?

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | April 07, 2014 at 10:12 AM

People who call out the reporter should start getting called out when they are WRONG.

Oscar hickey is one smart cat

Who is Damian Williams? Never heard of him.

During the 2008 spring practice, Williams impressed and quickly climbed to be a starting receiver for the Trojans going into the 2008 season.[4] He developed into one of quarterback Mark Sanchez' primary receivers, catching 48 passes for 707 yards and eight touchdowns during the regular season.[5] In the 2009 Rose Bowl, Williams made 10 receptions for 162 yards and a touchdown.[6] Williams was First-team All-Pac 10 in 2009 as a Wide Receiver and Punt Returner.

Williams is a bad dude, and a great signing

Garn79 you are very impressive with those stats and bio

Anyone seen this turkey play?

Sounds like a nice signing. Don't know much about he guy but Hickey looking ahead to solve a potential problem is refreshing.

Who is Damian Williams? Never heard of him.
Posted by: Mike | April 10, 2014 at 09:02 PM

Another cheap scrub for a crap team. This makes the team worse.


Damian Williams will lead us to the SB! haha

Guys, take a deep breath and come back to reality. No team is going anywhere starting the season with an entirely new oline of players that never played together. It just doesn't happen.

The team is a wreck. By the time we fill in the missing pieces, the current pieces will be over the hill.

Hartline is bigger than him and he runs a 4.5, so...

But he does has very good hands and runs good routes.
He'll be matched against Davis and Taylor in camp.

Million $ question: how many receivers is Philbin keeping this year?
Last year only 4.

Garn I get we need to add at a few spots but the fact no team has ever needed to address 4 OL spots in one off Season tells me we need to go heavy there still and posted this earlier and wonder what you think?

We need the Tackle no doubt all know how I feel about the premium of the draft in the Post-2010 CBA ERA (CAPPED Rookie's) but if we're ever going to run again we'll need an Interior OL that can pull and get to the 2nd level opening up what every team wants which is the inside run game. If you have an inside run game your QB doesn't take the dreaded up the gut hit from the interior DL because many times they're caught holding there lanes waiting on the RB with Guards at the 2nd level blowing up LB's.

I understand the game has evolved but felt our run production in 08-09 overrated given it was Ronnie on the option pitch that made the run game go out of the Wild Cat. Would love to see a Dolphins RB take a hand off and slice either way inside the Tackles gashing the D up the gut. Here is were you suck everybody up and open up the intermediate middle like the Cowboys did in the 90's and what made Jay Novacek's career! What's made the 49ers of late so tough as well with Gore making his living between th Tackles (when they have a passing game/players healthy) and the reason I have zero issue with drafting our more mobile M.Lupati in Sua-Filo.

I just hate doing it at 19 and the reason I'm now hoping the QB's slide a bit making a trade back plausible adding an additional 2nd Rd'er even if late in the Rd, heck even an early 3 were I feel you can still get a tough as nails RT in this coming draft. I don't know much about S.Smith but the scout report says run blocking (in the NFC West no less) is his forte so plug him in at RG keeping rookie LG Sua-Filo between Vet's at LT and Center.

My reasoning is I think you can still land a player like Tennessee's J.James who will be a solid NFL RT with the extra pick and I have my eye on NC's James Hurst as well who I've posted about plenty and is flying under the radar because of no combine due to injury in Bowl game but youtube Hurst Vs. Clowney and get a glimpse of my poor man's S.Vollmer. My ideal OL looks like this for 2014.

LT - B.Albert
LG - X.Sua-Filo
C - M.Pouncey
RG - S.Smith or winner of a battle for that spot
RT - JuWaun James yes this is my sleeper in the late 2nd or early 3rd with extra pick after trade back.

So Sua-Filo in the late 1st in trade back. In 2nd a LB please! In 3rd the RT James and a WR or T.E. with extra pick From there gravy!!

Nane the worst 3 teams in the NFL. Well guess what? All their fans are talking just like you. They all think they are a good draft away from making noise.

27 days and 22 hours = NFL draft

Yeah I'd like to think he learned from that mistake, my bet is 5.

Just watched some YouTube on this guy from college. Looked good then. Nice jump ball, fights in traffic, didn't go down easy. Also he was returning punts & looked nice doing so.

Lamar Thomas just inducted to UM hall of fame.
Good job my brother!


We don't have a true starting caliber RB. It's a problem. We have 2's, 3's and 4's. Unless every draft pick is a bulls eye, we are looking at 8-8 at best.

Guys, take a deep breath and come back to reality. No team is going anywhere starting the season with an entirely new oline of players that never played together. It just doesn't happen.

Posted by: Valdo | April 10, 2014 at 09:23 PM

No doubt this will be a source of contention early and the reason I believe we signed Moreno as opposed to going with a Rookie RB in pass protaction which is were I suspect Moreno makes his money this Yr. but I expect then to begin to gel by Mid-Season and depending on the draft become very steady in the 2nd half of the Yr. The issue here will be blown assignments and the reason we need to add vets to the equation but look at the Chargers of just last Yr. whose line went with 3 new faces in 2013. They started slow but were actually a strength late in the Yr. as they proved down the stretch keeping Rivers real clean.

Fin 4 life, thanks for your nice article. my problem with Juwon is he's just a plodder. He just can't run. He can't run to get to the outside to block a screen ( an absolute West Coast staple ) . He's not able to lead block on a moving zone scheme. He's a power pass blocker.
Benton coaches mobile players. Not statues like Juwon and Moses. And he gets lots out of them.


We don't have a true starting caliber RB. It's a problem. We have 2's, 3's and 4's. Unless every draft pick is a bulls eye, we are looking at 8-8 at best.

Posted by: Valdo | April 10, 2014 at 09:29 PM

Moreno is not a super star but is an upgrade over D.Thomas. I suspect Hickey picks up another RB in the draft to compete with L.Miller who is not a true #1 (neither was Bush) In defense of Miller I believe him a change of pace 3rd down back who comes out of the backfield and what a true West Coast Offense always has in it's arsenal. I'm hoping Lazor is more adept at getting the most out of what he has by putting it in a position to succeed something lost on the last 3 OC's in Miami.

Posted by: Jeremy in the Canadian Cowtown | April 10, 2014 at 09:33 PM

That's a real good point and to be honest I didn't see Tennessee play last Yr. and am basing my selection on tape of the Big J.James. Your point about a plodder is one I took into consideration by not posting Mewhort given I saw enough of Ohio St. to know he is the very definition. The scout report on JuWaun James says he's a very athletic type at his massive size. Your thoughts on Hurst whose flying high under the radar because of injury which has kept him from any Pre-Draft work outs? Bitonio is another one I hear about but haven't seen Nevada either. I hate posting or raving about a kid I didn't actually see play.


Looked up the scout report on James here it is.

JuWaun James, OT, Tennessee
Height: 6-6. Weight: 311.
40 Time: 5.34.
Projected Round (2014): 2-3.
4/5/14: James played well for Tennessee overall in 2013, including versus South Carolina. He got some double-team help when going against Jadeveon Clowney, but James kept Clowney from recording a sack.

James is a tough run-blocker and a reliable pass-protector. He is surprisingly athletic for his size. At most colleges, Jones would have been a starting left tackle. Sources have told WalterFootball.com they see James going on Day 2 of the 2014 NFL Draft. He could be a nice sleeper pick. James didn't impress at the Combine.

Still dont have a #1 WR

Still dont have a #1 WR
Posted by: Jay | April 10, 2014 at 09:47 PM

Ross is too cheap to have a #1 WR.

By the way anybody catch the story on the Miami Police investigation into Colin Kaepernick, Quinton Patton and Seahawks WR Lockett at the Viceroy Hotel? Seems they were drinking and smoking pot with a female on April 4th who no alleges they sexually assualted her. Even if the charges go nowhere the assertion they were all getting high with the allegations should be enough for Roger (Wyatt Earp) Goodell to take action under his conduct unbecoming policy.

Another cheap scrub for a crap team. This makes the team worse.

Posted by: Monte | April 10, 2014 at 09:14 PM

Your attitude makes the world worse.

Well Jay, when Mike Wallace is being covered by 4 DB's, I would call that a #1.

You remember the TD when Clay was wide open againsr Pitt.

Actually I thought it was logical. It's what I'd suggested a wks ago also in regards to a trade back. Then last wk I'd read an article as Cle would be a likely candidate, then I noticed you'd posted that too. I see Cle & SF as likely trade down partners although I haven't examined it closely. I know SF roster is stacked and I see them looking for impact this yr. I'm not sure Fins are high enough on board for them? But if their guy is in sight I don't think they hesitate and I think the same can be said with all the contenders even NE. Imagine us trading with NE. But it could happen. If any of those teams see a piece dropping that they think will help them get over the hump, think they're all willing to spend. Hageman, Donald etc etc

Now as GM, this what I'd do, wait for draft to come to me..who's there at 19 could be very intriguing. Say Martin is there at 19 but Den also covets him or even NE, I'm open to all offers(obviously) But in this draft I see trading back will be way more profitable long term than moving up because it's just that deep. Potentially starters in 1st 4 rds.

So then with my extra pick say 2nd or even 3rd, I have no problem grabbing the best G in draft with my 1st pick, none whatsoever!! It's secured, no more worries!! Then either go BPA at whichever pos(I agree LB preferred but I'm not above other positions also especially if Shazier is gone) with next pick & like you say come back @OT. To me with 2 top Oline in 1st 3 or even 4 rds I'm ok with only 2oline. Reason I believe need to spend high picks is to plan for worst case scenario. What if Albert goes down? What if Pouncey? We are screwed! And a contingency plan had better be in place!

Bottom line f4l is I want as many picks as possible in this draft especially in 1st 4 rds. So for me, your analogy works perfect. Spot on in Dallas I might add! The other way to look at is if Martin is there @ 19, what does that mean? What is mindset of these other teams, we know there are Oline needy teams ahead of us, so it could be everyone is going to take a rational approach & understand Oline are everywhere in draft. So maybe I'm more comfortable actually leaving Martin on the board if there's better BPA available.
Also I have no problem just taking 2OT's with understanding of one competing for start @guard in preparation for worse case scenario. We need some serious linemen to open up some holes inside for a run game. Yes we would have too many high picks on Oline But we HAVE to get this Oline resolved without ANY excuses.

Hope that all made sense, doing this from my iPhone & it's a pain goin back looking through everything .

take a QB, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 !!! UNTIL THEY GET IT RIGHT!!

Wallace was NEVER a #1 on the Steelers. He's only #1 on a crap Dolphin team.

Tell that to SF & Sea, two best teams in league with game managers @ QB pos. Tell it to Manning who had his ass handed to him in SB.


What the heck is Kaepernick thinking?

Why didn't they just go to Tootsie's like J Martin and Cognito?

Now they have to pay $$$$.

Make no mistake. Seattle has a top 4 QB.

You mean when he's making the pro bowl every year with the Steelers?
Carolina didn't have one DB that could cover Mike Wallace.

Sherman is the douche that kept him on one side all year.

Hartline and Gibson knows all 5 receicer positions, Wallace knows 3 and Sherman
was to dumb and stubborn to move them around.

And now we hear they don't even practice throwing deep. WOW! Talk about a handi cap.

Sea has a No1 game mgr..my opinion..but he's not at his ceiling yet.

Beginning to look like we have a real gm in Davie. In the past Ireland signed these kind of players to be starters. Hickey signs these kind of players to be plan B.

Garn79 | April 10, 2014 at 10:16 PM

I do remember you posting a few weeks back about the trade back scenario. At the time I was set on Z.Martin but to be honest am now not so sure he's there for us at 19. My guess is if the Rams take Robinson at #2 overrall a combo of the following grab the other 2 (Matthews, Lewan) Oakland (everybody has S.Watkins here but who blocks Shuab's backside?) they inexplicably let the in-house guy walk for a wash in Saffold only to lose him because of a failed physcal. This puts them in the sweepstakes if they learned anything from watching us in 2013.

Followed by Atl. were they have spent the Off-Season re-tooling in the trenches to compete again in the NFC and I believe it continues can't believe they let S.Baker play LT in 2014. This leaves Tampa, Det., Giants, Pitt., Ravens splitting the last 2 were I don't believe the last of the Big-3 gets past Det. With Z.Martin left to slide past 3 teams so IMO and way of looking at it I now operate with the assumtion that he's off the boards. I now look to Sua-Filo in a trade back and count my blessings because he would go much higher than mid-20's in most drafts.

The Cards are a Wildcard here for us if the Browns opt to pass QB at #4 because they would be wise to figure QB GURU Arians in AZ. will like a QB to groom for the future, likewise the Texans eyeballing one at 33 MIGHT be getting nervous and looking to move back into Rd-1. Manziel or Bridgewater (one of them) is probably still on the boards with D.Carr who I'm starting to like as a good value pick and you can start your trade scenario's.

Another are the 49ers you mention remember both Bowman and Willis make over 10 Mil per with their QB looking to re-up on his deal (let's see were his Miami troubles go?) so somebody has to walk in 2015 can't have 2 MLB's making over 10 Mil and then you compound that with Bowman being out till probably Nov. on what maybe a wash Yr. for him and Shazier must look good in trade up as well as Safety Pryor both should be there at our pick. So there is room to maneuver we'll see what Hickey has soon enough. I also covet the extra pick in a deep draft to try and address at least 3 spots with 5 picks in drafts 1st four Rds.

The Dolphins dont have the talent to really compete. Still need a new QB, a star RB, 2 OL, and TE.

Posted by: how about a Lazor Hot offense | April 10, 2014 at 10:43 PM

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When you have a preimiun Lt just going into his 2nd contract you don't draft LT. You do not draft a lt(Martin) projected to be a great guard either.

Especially when the best projected guard is supposed to go 2nd rd. His name is Su a-filo.

Exactly why I see the best draft parameters for our Dolphins is trade down, perhaps picking up an extra 2nd rd pick.
Mr. Hickey get trwnt Balken(SF Niners) on the horn right away. He would gladly trade one of 2nd rd picks to pick up safety Calvin Pryor. That's no secret.

Hickey hasn't disappointed in free agency. Hope he doesn't get a severe brain fart in draft day's war room either.

Beginning to look like we have a real gm in Davie. In the past Ireland signed these kind of players to be starters. Hickey signs these kind of players to be plan B.

Posted by: SAM I AM | April 10, 2014 at 10:43 PM

I like the way he's quietly working the roster. I'm guessing LB is in his draft plans. The one thing I do like about Hickey is in Tampa's Cover-2 days they were a base 4/3 squad with D.Brooks in the Middle before Brooks they signed Hardy Nickerson from Pitt. so he knows a 4/3 MLB and is aware he has a SAM/WILL right now out of Pos. The reason I keep posting about the LB's in the draft. All things being equal if Miami took C.Jones or Carl Bradford (a sliding Shazier is a pipe dream at 50 IMO) I wouldn't be upset in the least. If he manages the trade down he still has two picks left in Top-90 picks given if trade is back into 3rd I suspect it won't be low-ball 3rd.

Hickey = Loser

Yes Lazor FX, I was thinking of you when I wrote that.

The one thing I do like about Hickey is in Tampa's Cover-2 days they were a base 4/3 squad with D.Brooks in the Middle

Posted by: fin4life | April 10, 2014 at 10:56 PM

Funny you should mention this. I made a post last week pretty much of the same content. With a 144 tackles and coverage ability, would Hickey see SHAZIER AS A TRANSITION TO MLB?

If so, Shazier could become the SURPRISE Dolphin 19 pick. You know I crazy want Hyde, still, it wouldn't shock me to see Shazier. 144 tkls from any lb position is of the charts.

Shazier has all of the tools needed to play mlb, just needs experience.

Posted by: SAM I AM | April 10, 2014 at 10:53 PM

IMO with all due respect to the pundits if Sua-Filo fell to picks 31-32 he could go to either Denver or Seattle in a moment. Think about those 2 teams. Denver just lost Beadles and picked up the DB,S they needed a pass rusher and a very good WR to compliment D.Thomas. What's Elway's need here? To me it's obvious with him taking a RB before the 4th as well. The Seahawks actually played with McQuistan at LG or most of last Yr. you think the West Coast player lovin Carroll wouldn't be tempted to solve that Pos. as well?? Sua-Filo will be in play late Rd-1 and the reason S.F. is the last possible team to move back with before you could lose him. By the way incredible value as well I believe he's Top-15 last Yr.

27 days to go till d-day

Shazier has all of the tools needed to play mlb, just needs experience.

Posted by: SAM I AM | April 10, 2014 at 11:02 PM

If we stayed put @19 this is one of the few moves you really like as a fan especially if he picked up a Trai Turner later.


Not worried about the og positions in this draft at all. 3RD deep just like the tackle position. Finally, our luck, whjen the oline needs rebuilding, one of the deepest drafts for it in recent memory.

I can see a trade down in rd1 if we can find a partner I have supreme confidence in Dennis Hickey this is not his first rodeo

Blood eagle to all


Shazier has sideline to sideline speed with coverage ability. I wouldn't be to upset if Hickey chose him over Hyde. But, please, no olineman.

Enough of those to fit the bill in rds 2 and 3.

We added a lot of depth in free agency things look good so far

1. " Still do not have a #1 WR"
2. "Ross is too cheap to have a #1 WR"

Agree with 1. but completely disagree with 2.

Wallace's guaranteed money (27 million)is second only to Calvin Johnson (42 million). Wallce is getting the same guaranteed money as Larry Fitzgerald and more than Andre Johnson and Brandon Marshall.
The problem was not that Ross was cheap but that the GM and coaches picked the wrong WR.

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