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Dolphins sign WR Damian Williams (updated)

Damian Williams had a solid season in 2011 when he started 13 games, caught 45 passes for 592 yards and five touchdowns for the Tennessee Titans. The past two seasons? Williams has been something of a ghost.

The Titans went in a different direction and relegated Williams to No. 4 wide receiver status and that meant he started only three games in two seasons and didn't get in the end zone at all.

Well, Williams is a free agent now and looking for an opportunity to contribute somewhere. So he visited the Dolphins on Thursday.

[Update: Williams signed a one-year deal worth $800,000, The Miami Herald's Barry Jackson has confirmed. ESPN's James Walker was the first to report the transaction.]

Why is this a thing?

This insightful report earlier this week explained the Dolphins are looking for some experienced insurance to hedge their bet should Brandon Gibson (who tore his patellar tendon last October) not be ready for the start of the coming NFL season. The team expects him to be ready but one never knows and having a backup plan is good business, especially with No. 5 wide receiver Armon Binns also coming off knee surgery.

So Dolphins GM Dennis Hickey was looking around.

And that search, which started with Nate Burleson but changed when he signed with Cleveland, re-focused on Williams as a cheap option.

Williams also had moderate success returning kickoffs last season. He only returned five but did average 24.6 yards per return. Cannot hurt. 



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On my current 1st round mock I have Lewan going to the Rams at 13. I really can't see him slipping past there. I have the Rams going S. Watkins with the 2nd pick. IMO I wouldn't trade up for a 1st and third. If it only costs a 6th, yes, I'd trade up and maybe a 5th but anything in the lower rounds, I would say no. This draft is deep and we would be giving up the chance to land a guy like Andre Williams in the 4th.

Sua-Filo is the best OG in this draft and will plug and play for 10 years. He could be had in late round 1 and we could grab another 3rd to trade back. Plus, Miami could use a strong presence up front to allow THill to step into the deep throws to Wallace and Martavis Bryant. Ok I am hopeful we can land Bryant.


Any truth to the rumor that you love stroking the weiner schnitzel?

EK, I agree with you but the real depth of the WR guys are in the 2nd round. Unless you advocate for brandin Cooks ... which i wouldn't be adverse too but he's more like Desean Jackson than Julio Jones...

Who cares about the crap Dolphins?

...Damian Willliams is nothing more than a camp body to run routes if the other receivers aren't ready to go. Somebody has to be out there. So IMO this signing isn't great, or for depth. It is purely out of necessity.

Mark, what is the knock on Benjamin?

"Williams has been somewhat of a ghost". LOL

This is 2014.

If you still think we should be running an offense that is best seen in B&W you need to get with the times.

On Defense

A 4-3 is better for covering than a 3-4. All 3 LBs in a 4-3 have to cover the pass. In a 3-4 only two cover. 1 OLB is always rushing. And 1 of the ILB is really only there for run support. He isn't good in coverage.

3-4 Defenses are built to stop the run not the pass. Remember, NT- Big fat guy that can't rush the passer. DEs are usually 300lbs and primary job is to occupy linemen so LBs can make plays. The LBs are big and slow in a 3-4. And usually in a 3-4 the SS spends a lot of time in the Box.

4-3 Defenses are built to stop the Pass. The DTs are required to also now how to rush the pass. The DEs are paid to get sacks. All 3 LBs are suppose to run sideline to sideline. And the Safeties are usually in a Cover 2.

Hey Everybody....The Detroit Lions have the #1 rated WR in the NFL and a pretty good QB throwing him the ball and they finished at 7-9-1.

Having a Megatron at WR guarantees nothing...just ask the Lions or even the Falcons.


so if you disaree with Dashi....he will call you gay....

how Junior High of you....

I don't care if you disagree.

You come on here to try and bully people and talk down to them.

So yeah!! That makes you gay in my book.

A Big Gay Bully!!

Great post Dashi.

When we went from the 3-4 to the 4-3 we stopped giving up those big plays. Our run stopping suffered but the trade-off was worth it.

If we could score more points to force the other team to pass, we are where we need to be.

Kris just STFU!!

It is like your sole purpose in life is to argue and fight!!! (Reason you choose the Army for life)

You Hypocrite!!

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You do know the definition of Hypocrite!! You Hypocrite!!


Of course you have to have a complete team. We had Marino, Clayton and Duper and didn't win the big one.

Our D is much better than theirs and I fully expect Tannehill to play better than Stafford.


In most taditional cases...and teams...I would say you were right....but the FINS are anything but traditional when it comes to the buisness aspect of football....

I'm not saying I agree with it....but I believe that Philbin is safe....

I don't think Ross can afford (reputation wise) the firingh of a GM and coach in consecutive seasons...especially after thee Harbaugh fiasco....

anything better than 4 wins....and I believe Philbin contines to stay...and I don't believe his philophy's are wrong...he just needs to get a better handle on the pulse of the team....

lol @ Dashi....

I think he is having a MELT-DOWN....

Perhaps its because he spent yesterday trying to prove that this blog isn't his life....

now he is posting again....and he is having SENSORY OVERLOAD....


"What a lovely place and what lovely people and god food etc".

When i visit a new place I typically say, "That place isn't shht".

EK @ 10:03

I don't agree with you. New orleans showed the world last year on MNF that the way to beat is is to throw often and throw deep.
Put us in a hole and force us to throw, that was our weakness last season.



I don't know how people can get the two mixed up. When for the last 20 years the 4-3 cover 2 is regarded as the Best Pass Defense out there, not the 3-4.

I also agree. This Offense needs to Averages at least 4 more points a game for this team to be a perrenial playoff contender.

Another reason I don't get how some Clown(Kristal) can say this team needs "rebuilding". THE DEFENSE IS ALREADY BUILT!! AND MORE THAN HALF THE OFFENSE IS ALREADY BUILT!!

To me that is were Ireland hurt himself the most. He rebuilt the Franchise twice. When people were still judging him off the first rebuild.



Which brings up the question. Would Ireland have to rebuild the team a second time if he would have landed Harbaugh like he wanted the first time. Or if the Fins would have signed R.Ryan instead of Spo the Puppet Coach. Both coaches run a Power scheme and are fans of the 3-4 defense.

Again, Hickey isn't rebuilding Squat!! He is just finishing what Ireland started.

Whomever thinks otherwise is Uncivilized.


Anyone who watches football knows when you go into that Zoo in NO, anything can happen. Especially on Monday night. They got ahead, we got desperate and the rout was on. One game does not prove an entire season to be wrong. Shot happens.

Dashi, I do remember all those back breaking long pass plays that killed us. I welcomed the 4-3. Now we need to find a way to score points.


You are sounding desperate. AND CONDESCENDING!!

I already told you I am over you.

And everyone here knows DASHI NEVER GETS ANGRY!!



Then 15 of last year's players will have to cut in order to meet the roster limits.

Does anyone here truly believe that Fox and Smith are better than Jerry and Incogs? Who are Cone, Rios and Williams gonna push off the roster?


I agree and have been pushing WR in the draft. Moncrief and Bryant are a couple of my favorites and they are slotted 2nd round at the moment. I also like Beckham but he'd have to be picked in the first if he's even there. The other 2 I like a whole lot are Norwood and Latimer.

There are many I like but the ones I like most are listed. These are guys that get open quick, catch the ball and can run after the catch.


You are sounding desperate. AND CONDESCENDING!!

I already told you I am over you.

And everyone here knows DASHI NEVER GETS ANGRY!!


Posted by: Dashi | April 11, 2014 at 10:24 AM


Are you guys reading this (those that actually take time to read his stuff)....

Who is he trying to convince....HIM or HIM.....


I know, lets keep the team just like it was last year and hope we win more games!!!

"The definition or insanity is to repeat the same thing over and over and hope for a different result"

What I am saying is once New Orleans did it then everybody we played did the same thing.

I'm not optimistic enough to believe that our secondary is better now than it was when the season ended.

...I think why people get confused is the 3-4 is a better scheme for rushing the passer. Not neccesarily stopping the pass. Now I know that plenty of 4-3 teams have been great at pressuring the quarterback. But the 3-4 offers so many more options as far a disguise, and elements of movement to confuse offensive lines. 4-3 defenders are usually single gap responsible with the line backers in Tackle Zero Tackle-Over or Under. Filling those gaps that the lineman leave void in the run, and rushing the passer.

Scoring points should be the main focus in the draft. Last year we gave up just short of around 19 PPG and we scored 19 PPG, hence the 8 and 8 record. Most good team average 26 PPG or better. We need to get there and adding better WR's for THill and a 6'5" TE that can stretch the middle would help in that aspect.

27 days to go till d-day
Posted by: Marc from nj | April 10, 2014 at 11:05 PM
someone needs to get a life lol
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I believe Lazor will have some influence on this draft to help his new high powered offense he's installing.

Texas, I have to admit I do not consider myself a great judge of college talent. The people you are talking about may be great, I don't know.

I do know I saw Travis Benjamin Catch the winning touchdown in the national championship game with 13 seconds left. The mocks say he will be there for us. What is wrong with him?

Posted by: LazorFX | April 09, 2014 at 10:29 PM
LMAOROTFF! I haven't laughed like that in a while that's one funny F'n post!
Posted by: fin4life | April 09, 2014 at 10:32 PM

Here late as always,that lazorfx post was the best in awhile.Awesome!
Posted by: P.a Yuengs-n-wings | April 10, 2014 at 08:26 PM

Damian Williams will lead us to the SB!!!!!!!

DD I think we run a more aggressive defence (more conventional blitzing and less dline stunts)and a screen based quick dump off offense and we have the right players. That will open things up for big plays on both sides of the ball.

Williams started only three games in two seasons and didn't get in the end zone at all.


Everybody knows, From what I can tell the biggest knocks on Benjamin is that he is raw. He is not a great route runner and might have trouble in the NFL where it will be harder to overpower corners from a physical standpoint than in college. He also had some concentration drop issues during the year.

Thats just my amateur 2 cents on the guy.

Nothing wrong with Kelvin Benjamin he's another I like but I just like some of the others a little more. The knock on him now is a little stiff in the hips. I wouldn't care as he'd be a huge mis-match in the red zone.

The main reason I mention the others is they can be had later in the draft. I have a feeling Miami will go G or OT with that first pick depending on availability. IMO Sua-Filo OG can be had if we were to trade down a bit in the 1st round. There are a few possibilities for that.

I believe Benjamin will be picked between 20 and before we pick in the 2nd round. if we take him #1, I am absolutely fine with that. if he slips to our pick at 50, I am ecstatic.

I believe Lazor and Hickey are losers as bad as Sherman and Ireland.

Su'a-filo has less upside than say, David Yankey, as he will be a 23 year old rookie. Gotta be very careful with players who were older than everyone they faced. He also "lacks a mean streak and will take some plays off". 2nd rd at the earliest.

Posted by: LazorFX | April 11, 2014 at 10:34 AM

OK LazorFX they thought it was funny 3 days ago, step down off the cloud now.


Lazor the Loser sounds like the nickname.

Forgot to mention those are just the knocks on Benjamin. He is a physical freak and made clutch plays all year. I bet he goes late first round or very early 2nd.


I coudn't believe he reposted the kudos from Fin4Life the 1st time...

but hey...If that helps him smile....to each his own...

...Darkoak. I think it depends, game to game. I am re-watching the games from last year on the all 22 replay. I beg you guys to get this feature from NFL.com. It is sweet. Anyway. I have gone through the first 2 games. It takes a long time to do so. The Cleveland game we played much more 1 gap stuff. Straight forward. We also did not switch coverages nearly as much as week 2.

Week 2 was a different animal. We were stunting, lineman dropping back into coverage. Lots of different coverages. More single deep safety, and more man, especially Nolan Carrol.(I think he is a much better player right now then Cortland Finnegan..I still can't get behind that signing)..

So, I have a feeling things aren't so black and white.

Kelvin Benjamin from Florida St. is the large bodied WR this offense could use but that is really a want and not a must have or need, so I just can't see the Phins taking him unless he slips to the 2nd. Even then, I can't see the Phins focusing on WR in this draft.

Posted by: Texas_Dolfan | April 11, 2014 at 10:30 AM

I would agree with you here of course but I see us scoring more points not just by adding playmakers but by sustaining drives and keeping our defence off the field. When you are forced to rely on the chunk plays that's when things get ugly. That was us last season on offense with no running game and a one dimensional pass offense.

We had a lot of 3 and outs last season especially at the start of games.

There are no stars on the team. No talent.

I think the upside with Benjamin is too good to overlook. Having said that, I would prefer someone who could start earning his money this year. Upside does not get you in the Bowl.

I just know what my lying eyes told me. Our receivers are not great and we need to upgrade. So far it seems Hickey sees the same thing. His team beat us last year so he knows our weakness.

There are no stars on the team. No talent.

Posted by: Sad but True | April 11, 2014 at 10:51 AM

That's just not true, do you watch football?


Filo is 23 but will still have a 10 yr NFL career. I have no issues with Miami drafting him or Z. Martin in the late 1st. IF we trade back.

We had a lot of 3 and outs last season especially at the start of games.
Posted by: Darkoak | April 11, 2014 at 10:51 AM

TannePuke led the league in 3 n outs for the 2nd year in a row. That puts tremendous pressure on Coyle's D besides being an anemic offence.

Texas, like I said ordinarily, I wouldn't trade up for anyone (except a Qb I guess) but the temptation of landing a Lewan is just too much for me to resist. There are a million ways the draft can go down and it may be a moot point.. but if he gets by the Rams... then I would be cursing a blue streak if we couldn't swing a trade with teh bears.

these are desperate times and lewan would just be too valuable.

I mean Albert is good but he has maybe two years left as a very good left tackle .. Albert is also an injury risk... and if we are as good as I expect us to be, a left tackle of Lewan's value won't be available to us for a long time in the draft... too many reasons to not pull the trigger even at the expense of a third pick... but that's as high as I'd pay.

We have tons of defensive talent. Just no offensive playmakers.

EK, benjamin is too stiff, not explosive, and too slow in my opinion. I like what he presents in the red zone but between the 20s and to move the chains ... I think there are better .. like Jordan matthews, Donte Montcrief, and Martavis bryant to name a few.

We have tons of defensive talent. Just no offensive playmakers.
Posted by: EVERYBODY KNOWS | April 11, 2014 at 10:56 AM

The D is weakened without Soliai. But I agree the offence has no talent starting with the QB and RB's.

TannePuke led the league in 3 n outs for the 2nd year in a row. That puts tremendous pressure on Coyle's D besides being an anemic offence.

Posted by: LincolnContinental | April 11, 2014 at 10:54 AM

Link? Can you prove that statement because I know I can prove it wrong. In his rookie season his 3rd down percentage was not the worst nor was last season. They weren't a very good but not the worst.

Stop making things up to get your point across. Just say he was bad on third down which is correct.

The issue with 23 year old players is they are often successful in college because the were at least 2 years older than everybody else (physically and mentally more mature), which gave them a significant advantage. Then they get to the NFL, that advantage disappears, and the 'real' player emerges and they aren't that good. Not saying Phins shouldn't take him, but they really have to do their homework and definitely not reach for him in the 1st.

Posted by: Darkoak | April 11, 2014 at 10:45 AM

Dirkoak no cloud. You prefer reading likes of Go etf home and not something positive and fun about your team?

Now I understand why your name begins with Dirk.

Perhaps you should think about changing it to...

I'm not saying last year's team was perfect, if it were then Ieland would still be working for his paycheck (instead of playing golf everyday and collecting his paycheck).

What I'm saying is that other than Albert and Moreno none of these guys are an obvious upgrade, I'm not sure any of these guys are even as good as what we had.

Top that off with all these one year contracts and it gets even more transient not stable.

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