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Dolphins need to let Mike Wallace run up on safeties

The last week of seemingly non-stop coverage of DeSean Jackson got me to thinking about, what else, the Miami Dolphins.

Much like the Eagles a season ago with Jackson, the Dolphins have a lightning-fast wide receiver in Mike Wallace. Unfortunately, the Miami coaching staff failed miserably to maximize Wallace and so he caught 73 passes for 930 yards and five touchdowns.

That's good, but not dynamic player good, not $60 million contract good.

But here's the thing, if the Dolphins in 2014 apply some of the principles to Wallace the Eagles applied last year to Jackson, there is a very good chance Wallace's statistics will grow to dynamic proportions.

And, with new offensive coordinator Bill Lazor coming from his job as the Eagles quarterback coach a year ago, he is perfectly suited to apply those principles to the equally explosive Wallace that Eagles coach Chip Kelly applied to Jackson.

More specifically, I'm talking about how the Eagles moved Jackson around -- sometimes putting him in the slot -- so that he could use his speed against a linebacker or a No. 2 or No. 3 cornerback and then deep against the safety.

If you'll look at the highlights below, you'll see at the 3:30 mark, Jackson in the slot against Tampa Bay. (I'm sure former Bucs personnel man and current Dolphins GM Dennis Hickey loved seeing this). And the Bucs play a zone with a LB under and a safety over the top.

Well, Jackson runs out of the LB's zone in a blink and the safety is not nearly fast enough to pick him up over the top.

The touchdown is caused because Jackson is extremely fast. But it also happens because the Eagles gave Jackson a matchup that allowed his gifts to simply blow away the Tampa scheme.

The Dolphins didn't do that last year with Wallace. He lined up 90 percent of the time on the right side of the line of scrimmage out wide. He rarely went into the slot. He rarely motioned.

Look again at the 5:27 mark of the highlights against the Vikings. The Eagles line up Jackson in the slot and the Vikings answer by matching up with safety Robert Blanton.

How do you think that went?

Jackson ran up on the safety and left him in the dust.

Lazor saw this time and again last season. He has a player on the Miami roster that offers exactly the same kind of explosion as Jackson.

If he's smart, Lazor will give Wallace the chance to run up on safeties in 2014 as Jackson did last year for his Eagles. The results could be dynamic.



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Looks great on paper, with Lazor bringing in town a bit of Philly's dynamic offense.
Now Tannehill must work on his deep ball and Wallace on his crocodile arms.
Also, at 12m/year, Wallace must do something else than go routes, like the few other guys in that pay range do

Wallace's stats would have been much better, if it wasn't for Tannehill's horrible accuracy. When top rank quarterbacks are hitting receivers that are "covered", Tannehill must of missed a wide open Wallace at least 12 times. Give Wallace 5 more touchdowns with a decent quarterback, such as Geno Smith, heck even Sanchez would have connected more, Brady, forget about it.

Our receivers are good enough. Gibson and Mathews must be amongst the best 3rd and 4th WRs in the league. A 1000 yard possession receiver as a no2 is pretty good too. I also liked what I saw from Binns before he got injured.

We should have good production in the passing game from Moreno and Miller. Clay's stats indicate that he's one of the best TE's in the league and he's only 25. Tannehill should be passing to 6-10 different players every game, just as the elite QBs do.

Which is why Lazor is the most important addition this off season, even more than Albert or whomever we pick up in the draft. Tannehill is a top 10 QB in the making and if Lazor is the guy this offence will be dynamic.

WhoTH is Michael Rios? Scrubs, scrubs all including Aaron Rodgers little brother.

John Aquino - Jets fan?

How else explain your admiration for Geno Smith? His completion % was 55. Compared to 60.5 for Brady and 60.4 for Tannehill. and remember Tannehill was enduring a vanilla offense and getting sacked and/or pressured constantly.

Tannehill needs to develop better pocket presence and needs his blockers to give him another half second in the pocket. He needs Lazor to do a good job scheming and we'll see a dramatic improvement.

Get Mike Wallace a real QB.

Nick Savane....Wallace does run more routes how else do you explain the TD vs the Patsies

Did anyone else notice that most of those throws involve Foles or Vick extending the play, something Tannehill rarely does...

Its not fair to judge Wallace on his time with TannePuke. We all saw what he did with Big Ben.


I agree. Its odd that Tannehill doesn't extend plays very often - when he does he's pretty good at it, especially rolling out to his right. He's also pretty quick, he ran the 40 quicker than Luck and yet luck runs the ball more often and does a great job of getting 1st downs and has 9 TDs in 2 seasons. Some/most of the 'blame' must be the with the coaching, especially the OC. As I said above, Lazor is the most important addition this off season.


Obviously Wallace runs a few distinct routes. Still, he is a one trick-poney. The real WR1 in Pittsburgh was Hynes Ward, and he was the one who allowed Wallace to shine.

Apart from Wallace, 6 WR earned more than 10m in 2013 (
Megatron, Fitz, Harvin, Bowe, Marshall, VJax), and from those guys you can expect so much more than deep routes: slants, jump balls, catches in traffic, etc...

Wallace is not far away from being the most overpaid player in the NFL.

I understand Tannehill is athletic enough and more than fast enough to extend plays my concern lies in the fact that, Tannehill didn't appear to have awareness to either step up or slide out of the pocket as the situation demands. Regardless Tannehill has also yet to show he can consistently hit an open receiver deep. Hopefully these issues resolve themselves and I definitely think Lazor will be a huge part of our successes and/or failures this season but ultimately it all begins and ends with Tannehill.

Can't help but notice one obvious factor that comes SCREAMING off all but a handful of those QB throws. HE'S GOT ALL FRIGGEN DAY IN A BEAUTIFUL POCKET. There is no doubt Ryan Tannehill needs to work on his deep ball. But trying to throw accurate passes while YOU KNOW your going to get smeared is a bad way to do it. I watched Foles in the NCAA. He has nowhere near the talent Ryan does. What he had (and who we now have) is an O-Co that wrapped a scheme around him instead of wrapping Foles around a scheme. And I hear it all the time from people. "Miami needs to get an ELITE QB" ... Yeah... Sure man. I mean hell. All the talk about what QBs should or shouldn't be drafted is just a big blow hard. NO ONE but Miami wants an Elite QB... Right? Why don't they just go on EBay and get one? Oh I know, I know. All you geniuses just KNEW Russle Wilson was the dynamic QB he is. EVERYONE DID... Right? That's why he was drafted in the 3rd round.
There isn't anything wrong with Ryan Tannehill that good coaching and using the pieces we have correctly won't fix.

Yes, Tannehill either learns how to move in the pocket and gets his timing right or he's not a starting QB in this league. I just wonder how much the poor protection factors in. Tannehill has commented on the speed of the game compared to college, he should have adjusted to it by now but it must be hard to get into the rhythm required to throw consistently well with such poor protection. Rushers blowing straight past their 'blockers' and giving Tannehill 1-2 seconds to throw an accurate deep ball, even when the pressure isn't there its no surprise if he see's ghosts (like Brady does).

Mike Vick can flick his wrist and hit Wallace 60 YDs deep w his left hand

instead the Dolphins picked a WR at number 8 to throw deep to other WRs

Wonder what Home's draft pick Luke Kuechly instead of Tannefail is doing today ? ;)

Probably polishing that 2012 Rookie of the year and 2013 MVP of the year trophy


The 2014 Luke Kuechly authentic Pro Bowl jerseys are available now

U probably already have the 2012 Kuechly Pro Bowl jersey

Also a new NFL black t-shirts w Kuechly 2013 Defensive MVP proudly written on it are also available at the NFL shop

No Tannehill Pro Bowl jerseys or MVP t-shirts now or in the foreseeable future because, ... well, .. Tannehill sucks


^ correction ^

2012 season -2013 Pro Bowl

2013 season - 2014 Pro Bowl

Expecting the Dolphins to make a big splash this season

. . . well
more like a belly flop

Go Fish !

In an emerging defensive NFL

Luke Kuechly's defense
The Carolina Panthers defense allowed only 12 points to Seattle's explosive offense and did not allow the New York Giants to even score on them. This defensive group gave up nine points to Colin Kaepernick's 49ers

You guys keep bashing Tannehill it's funny because I can't remember a QB that was sacked 58 times and still threw for almost 4,000 yards with 24 TD's. He's been the best Qb since Marino and is still growing. The fact that he's been sacked so many times and keeps working should show you what kind of moxie the kid has. After last year, he could have easily turned into David Carr but he didn't. Tell how good any of you could do with 3 seconds to throw the ball and 300 LB linemen in your face...is that crickets I hear?? Thought so.

Build build build that's the problem here no one understands you must have patience you can't rebuild in one year we have a flawed roster folks

Tannehill's record:

2012 Worst 3rd Down QB in the NFL
2013 Worst Deep Ball passer in the NFL

and Kuechly drafted right after Tannehill at number 9:

Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly has been named the 2013 NFL Defensive Player of the Year. The 22-year-old middle linebacker came out ahead of a wide-open field of candidates to claim his second major award in only his second season in the NFL.

Kuechly won the Defensive Rookie of the Year award in 2012 and topped that with a stellar 2013 in which he earned his first Pro Bowl appearance. The former Boston College player had 156 combined tackles this season -- 93 total, 63 assisted -- to go with two sacks and four interceptions.

He also had one of the greatest single game performances by a defender in NFL history on Dec. 22 against the New Orleans Saints. Kuechly made 24 tackles, which nearly tied the NFL single-game record of 25 set by Brian Urlacher in 2006.

Tannehill passed the ball almost 600 times last season

Granny Clampett could have had 3900 YDs also w 588 pass attempts

5000 YDs a season is todays NFL or 50 TDs like Brady and Manning

not dink n dunk cuz his deep ball stunk Tannehill

2012 Ryan Tannehill Worse Home Game Loss since the early 1960's and that was against (lol) Tennessee

2012 Ryan Tannehill again cannot even come close to hitting the deep ball
Tannehill sets an all time NFL record w only 3 WR TDs as a 16 game starter

franchise QB ?


In 2012
Tannehill's 1st NFL game
Tannehill throw 3 INTs and 0 TDs

In 2013
Tannehill's 32nd NFL game
Tannehill throws 3 INTs and 1 TD

see the awesome improvement?

franchise QB ?


Home knows fish (the Dolphins)

U Get That, Huh?

Please god, commenter registration and blocking trolls. Get rid of the "TannePuke" fools and there are some smart people to learn from in these threads, but it's becoming too much trouble to search for gems in the muck.

Armando, you bring up a very interesting point, BUT, if you look at all those Jackson highlights, how many times did he have to come back for the ball? ZERO. Wallace was behind defenders all year long but often had to come back for the ball, which of course changes everything. Hit Wallace in stride and he's gone, just like Jackson. I'm not a Tannehill hater, I'm sure his little fan club here will ruffle their feathers and say: "Wallace doesn't fight for the ball, he's a diva, and all the rest of that crap but whatever... Bottom line is Tannehill's accuracy must improve or else nothing will change. As far as knowing how to use Wallace, yeah, Lazor can't do much worse than Sherman, that's for sure.

Truth Hurts on the Dolphins big miss and reaching for,
well, ... TannePUKE

and the F.B.I. would call this a clue:

In 2012
Tannehill's 1st NFL game
Tannehill throw 3 INTs and 0 TDs

In 2013
Tannehill's 32nd NFL game
Tannehill throws 3 INTs and 1 TD

see the awesome improvement?

franchise QB ?


Somebody please inform Bazooka Joe Philbin


Looks like it's just you and me. Can you please just shut the f-ck up?

You're clogging up blog space. Here's the thing- my QB Ryan Tannehill is a better QB than yor QB Cam newton. I would take Ryan Tannehill any day of the week over cam newton. I wish kuechly was in MIA. I will give you that he is an amazing player. Other than that, I don't know why you come here. You are obviously a troll (I guess that's the name regulars on the blog give you), but do you go on the other 30 nfl team blogs respectively and spout the Shyte you do?

Lightweight built for speed receivers don't like to come back and wait for the ball only to get hospitalized by a safety or LB

common sense

Tannehill already got Keller, Gibson, Hartline and Binns nearly killed just last season

All the receivers left in a stretcher w season or career ending injuries

Time to end the WR at QB experiment w Tannehill

ThanX for the pleasant thoughts and comments

and u might want to compare Cam Newton's rookie stats to Tannehill's and look who the REEL QB is

Sorry u have no skills evaluating NFL talent

not to worry
Home gotcha covered!

love the fox signing, could be a big one

Interesting point Mando. We all know the reasons as to why Wallace wasn't as productive as he should have been (Mike Shermans play calling).

For all those people saying Tannehill struggled with the deep ball...maybe so,but it's incredibly hard when you've got defensive players in your face 90% of the time.

Another reson why we have to go Oline,Oline and more Oline in the draft...


I am surprised by your overall positivity lately. Keep it up ;)

Posted by: Reel Dolphin In Sight w Home | April 03, 2014 at 06:54 AM-7:51

i come real rdubs, if i like how things are ill say it, if i dont ill say it. hickey has been solid so far, fox was a very solid starter for lions till he got hurt. if he can get it back this one could be a very solid move

Hmm, 24 TD passes on a team with a terrible Oline and RB corps as a 2nd yr QB.
Seems like a legit QB to me.


I feel ya.I am just a dumb homer/lemming. I will always give my team the benefit of the doubt regarding their decisions etc.Although their record over the last decade should make me reconsider that LOL


Which was double the TD production from year 1. That fact isnt brought up enough. That is just crazy

thill is fine, yes its a big year 3 for him. but what hes had to work with in first 2 years its amazing hes still able to walk


Buddy! Cam newton season 2 vs Ryan Tannehill season 2. My boy Ryan wins that one. Remember during season 2 of the cam newton "experiment"? He was accused of not ring a good teammate and CAR was actually thinking that they had the wrong guy at QB. Just saying...

I'm by no means an nfl talent evaluator. Never claimed to be. I'm just stating that I would take Ryan Tannehill over cam newton anyway.

Don't forget, that little kid in the TV commercial is going to be CAR QB next year after Cam severely regresses. Mark it down!

I agree that RT-17 needs to bone up on his deep throws, the kid should be practicing his distance targeting at least 2-4 hours a day during the offseason if he wants to make those throws.


Did any of you guys that lambaste him all the time watch Peyton Manning in the SB this year? He couldn't hit the broad side of a barn beyond 25 yards in that game. His long balls looked very similar to RT's. I watched a lot of the "elite" QB's this past year, none of them are dead on the money on the long ball more than about 50% of the time.

Brady, Ben R., Drew, Philip R., all those guys miss big time on the long ball. The problem we had with Tanny is that we only called the long ball once every 1.5 games. Give him more chances to throw the long ball and we'll see more connections.

With just about every QB in the league the 30+ yard routes are a coin flip. We just need to give RT more chances in a game and he's bound to hit on at least one of them. The elite QB's throw more than one bomb a game, that's why they rack up the yards, its a percentages thing. We don't throw them often enough to see any results.

Frankie from PA

Cam Newton has been to two Pro Bowls now in three yrs
including this years 2014 Pro Bowl

Ryan Tannehill of course did not come even close to winning a Pro Bowl or set any REEL NFL records other than pitful embarrassing losing records, unless u think most pass attempts by a losing QB is awesome


pro bowl,lol who cares about worthless pro bowls. thill has very good potential. he needs to show it this year if we finally give him some protection

Here u Frankie

It will help educate u on an NFL QB called CAM NEWTON:

In his rookie year, Newton broke numerous rookie and all-time NFL records for passing and running the ball. He became the first rookie quarterback to throw for 400 yards in his first game, shattering Peyton Manning's record by 120 yards
He also broke Otto Graham's 61-year-old record for passing yards by any quarterback in an NFL debut
Newton would go on to become the first rookie quarterback to throw for 4,000 yards in a season, as well as the first rookie QB to rush for 700 yards
He also ran for 14 touchdowns, more in a single season than any quarterback in NFL history, and of course went to the Pro Bowl his rookie yr

Ryan Timothy Tannehill always "thought of himself as a QB"
Passed fro only 3 WR TDs in 16 starts his rookie season, setting an NFL record

I think Tannehill's issue with long throws is how he throws it. He throws the deep pass on a rope like he is throwing a 15 yard out. He just needs to put air under it and let it fall in an arch.

The best deep passer in my memory was Jeff Blake who dropped rainbows to Chad Johnson. BTW, that should tell you how insignificant throwing deep passes really is in the grand scheme of Quarterbacking. Jeff Blake was mediocre at best overall.

Cam Newton & Luke Kuechly 2014 Pro Bowl jerseys now available

pictures of Tannehill sitting on his couch patting his dog also available

Heard Tannehill might also play CB, like ur other Ex elite tall goofy CB Sean Smith

below average player of many positions, master of none in the NFL = Tannehill

newton 13-19 first 2 years thill 15-17 wins and losses all that matters. go finssssss

Fox said he had 47 straight starts in college but had a rough start to his pro career. Said he's 100% healthy now & ready to come in & give everything he has to compete for a starting job.

Having an old school Offensive Coordinator hurt the offense and the production of Mike Wallace. I have high hopes for the Dolphin's offense with Lazor as the OC. If Tannehill can not hit an open Mike Wallace deep or at any distance he will be replaced.

Cam Newton 12-4 last season and division champs

Tannehill has never had a winning record and def will never lead the Dolphins to 12-4

more likely 4-12


Heard Tannehill might also play CB, like ur other Ex elite tall goofy CB Sean Smith

below average player of many positions, master of none in the NFL = Tannehill

Posted by: Reel Dolphin In Sight w Home |

I think Tannehill's issue with long throws is how he throws it. He throws the deep pass on a rope like he is throwing a 15 yard out. He just needs to put air under it and let it fall in an arch.

The best deep passer in my memory was Jeff Blake who dropped rainbows to Chad Johnson. BTW, that should tell you how insignificant throwing deep passes really is in the grand scheme of Quarterbacking. Jeff Blake was mediocre at best overall.

Posted by: The Woodshed Gang | April 03, 2014 at 08:36 AM

First of all, you need your memory checked out...Jeff Blake the best deep ball QB? That is just comical...Second of all, no offense, but that's a pretty ridiculous post...Throwing deep passes insignificant?? My God, just when I thought I read it all here...Dude, I hope you're kidding right?

Lazor never has been an NFL OC nor has he ever called even one play in the NFL

Do not expect much

simple minded folks just like the name Lazor for some reason

2 months ago they jaded Dolfans never even knew this guy


As a UVA fan I know Lazor is good for the Dolphins. He runs the same formations as Sherman but his play calling is very unpredictable. Oh yeah, if something isn't working he won't inexplicably keep trying to do it unlike Sherman.

Don't see the rookie play caller "Bill" out coaching Rex Ryan's defense and certainly not BBs new elite CBs in New England

Dolphins Clean House in 2105

T-Puke can't hit the broadside of a barn if it's more than 10 yds away.

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