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Dolphins preseason schedule here


DATE           OPPONENT                  SITE                  TV           TIME*

Aug. 7-10      at Atlanta Falcons      Georgia Dome     WFOR        TBD

Aug. 14-18    at Tampa Bay Bucs      Raymond James   WFOR        TBD

Aug. 21-24    DALLAS COWBOYS       SUN LIFE          WFOR        #TBD

Aug. 28         ST. LOUIS RAMS          SUN LIFE         WFOR        #TBD


*Dates and Times will be announced at a later date.

#Game will be broadcast live if sold out 72 hours in advance of game time.


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Why are we still playing Dallas? I thought that would be over now that the entire Parcells' elephant dung stink has been powerwashed from the facility.

And why would St. Louis want to go down to Miami - that's a long trip for a preseason game to showcase your camp fodder...

f4l from the last blog, I keep hearing ATL pegs Clowney in a trade up but regardless, there are a lot of minefields to dodge for Lewan to get within trade up terrritory.

I had given up that ghost along with Donald until very recent chatter about them both falling.

Sam, who's your ideal first round pick? Carlos Hyde still? Just trying to get some alternative opinions.

Tyron Smith went from right to left to back again. Fisher, Johnson, and Joekel all started the year at right.

Johnson played right all year, the Peters got a 4 year extension with 15 mil + guaranteed.

Its not an unprecedented move and has worked before.

Posted by: NeMo | April 09, 2014 at 03:13 PM

First of all, Carlos Hyde isnt my ideal 1st rd pick, he's my lack of 2014 faith in Tannehill pick. Hyde's the #1 rated rb of the draft, I feel that #1 priority for Tannehill to succeed, drafthim "the best available run game possible. Sure, there are rb's out there in "lower rds", I just don't want to "roll the dice" when I believe a premium run game is absolutely crucial to Tannehill's success.

So, if we miss upon drafting Hyde, I much rather miss in drafting th guy who was rated "best available at the position", than miss because instead, we chose to roll the dice. Even uglier, if Hyde shows he was indeed the "real deal" with another team.

On the secondary part of your post. True those situations you posted happened and thus for are successful. But, the CRITICAL difference in those situations and Albert's, he was openly UNHAPPY with the Chiefs taking Lane Johnson so highly last season.

So, you think he'll do a total about face if Hickey trades up to draft guy like Lewan this season? I think not. Based on last season, we know Albert would not be happy at all. Have we forgoteen why Albert's now a Dolphin in the first place? I haven't.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | April 09, 2014 at 03:48 PM

They have to many needs themselves lik protecting Ryan to trade the ouse on Clowney.


The only revelation in this Mando post is we dont play Jax this Yr.

Now we can play the guessing game as to which game a starter will no doubt go down with a season ending injury.

Hopefully the last year we have 4 preseason games. What a waste of time & energy.

Have only 2 preseason and extend the regular season by 2 ...and increase the playoffs by 2 teams.

f4l, u may be right... the only thing I know about ATL is that they have a very smart Canadian pulling the strings so they will do the smartest thing... what that is for them, I don't know.

I'd pick Lewan myself.

I know it's UNPOPULAR, but, if Johnny Manziel slips out of top 10, I would trade up to get him. Manziel is the only player I would trade up to get. Still, only if he slips out of top 10.

I don't see Tannehill as bust, but I don't see him as a franchise qb either. From what I now see of Tannehill, he looks more "CHRONIC INCONSISTENT" than anything else. I believe we can be successful to some extent if he's surrounded with a GREAT RUN GAME and GREAT DEFENSE.

Anything short of his and I have no faith Tannehill can lead this team very far. A wobbly wagon will soon lose it's wheels unless tightened up or replaced. This is the Tannehill I thus far see.

Just my opinion...and not that he isn't worth the pick, but I really doubt that we are drafting RB in the 1st. Especially since we have acquired Moreno, it's more likely we draft a RB in a middle round.

The NUMBER ONE PRIORITY is to draft the BEST AVAILABLE OFFENSIVE LINEMAN, somewhere in the 1st...either from #19, or trading up to a higher pick, or whatever. I doubt we commit the same mistake that occurred last draft.

If nothing else, I would trade down and get an extra 2nd rd pick. From mid 1st rd to bottom 2nd rd, there's a very slight drop off in terms of talent level.

IMO, the entire 2nd rd is like an extended mid 1st rd in talent level. Just that everyone can not be drafted in the 1st rd. I would love a trade down and pick up an extra 2nd rd pick.

From the last blog............


Posted by: Mark in Toronto | April 09, 2014 at 01:27 PM

Not a bad mock Mark, objectively speaking. But I don't get your logic or your reasoning. The offensive Line is obviously our biggest area of need. But you advocate only using one high pick.

I get that, but then you lose me completely with your mock. Amaro at 50 is interesting. But we have an emerging Clay and Simms, and the probability of bringing back Keller(BTW-Doctors claim that Keller should make a full recovery due to the fact that there was no structural damage with his injury).

Then the DE's in the 3rd and 4th rounds really throw me. This is probably our biggest strength. Vernon got double digit sacks, Wakes a beast, and Shelby has been nothing if not solid. On top of that, the Brass has come out and said Dion Jordan will see more playing time, specifically at DE.

I understand the reasoning for not using so many high picks on the O-Line(I disagree though). But to make that statement and then advocate using the picks on TE's and DE's, it just seems a little contradictory.

Would of liked that Dallas game to be here.

Posted by: SAM I AM | April 09, 2014 at 04:00 PM

If Manziel fell out of the Top-10 past Tenn. he fall right in our lap and the trade talk goes into hyper mode!

Regarding Albert's perception of a drafted Tackle: the last time we looked there were TWO Tackles needed on a balanced line....so a draftee to play RT, and maybe later in his career moved to play LT shouldn't bother a TEAM player..Let's hope that was discussed with Albert before we signed him.

And BTW...directed at no one in particular....this is a blog......anyone unhappy with my sentence structure, punctuation, etc. needs to get over themselves..

My last essay format was a long time ago and my goal was to degree. That accomplished, English composition no longer concerns me here.

Can't believe anyone is still talking about trading up to get Lewan or Donald. Hasn't anyone learned from the Ireland years mistakes?
The Phins will NOT move up in this draft, unless their aim is to keep this a non-winning team.
So let's say the Phins do move up and get Lewan. So instead of staying at 19 can getting Z. Martin (or another OL or even MLB), you give up another draft pick to get a slightly better prospect. But then you no longer have that 2nd or 3rd round pick to improve the other areas of the team. So then this trade up has improved the RT position by 10%, but now that other need is not filled at all and has been improved by zero percent.
So in fact, the trade up has decreased the team talent level by 90%
Trading up would be a mistake.


IMO, Knowshon Moreno should not guarantee "into trading to back of 1st rd and taking Hyde. You have to remember, the Denver Broncos spent their 2013 2ND RD pick to draft Montee Ball to replace Moreno.

Just because Moreno is an upgrade to our awful 2013 rb's does not mean we have necessarily solved our rb issues. Denver didn't think so in drafting Montee Ball with their 2013 2nd rd pick.

Even when having Moreno on the roster who was their 1ST RD draft pick 4 short years ago.


I wouldn't take Manziel until the third. He's a major project. He hasn't learned protections and has not worked under center. This guy reminds me so much of Andre Ware that if I am GM I wouldn't touch him at all.

Now the other post about trading down, I would do that. I have a feeling the Brownies may try and wait until pick 26 for a QB and then get a little scared their guy will be taken by Arizona and trade up to 19. I hope at least as they have the 6th pick in th 3rd that looks like it should be Miami's. :)

Posted by: odinseye | April 09, 2014 at 04:06 PM

I missed this mock he put up last blog, went straight to posting. I agree with your assesment about the DE's given it is the one Pos. of strength I see unless were trading someone? I also don't get completely passing on RB's here either in Mid-Rds? To me Moreno is stop gap stuff more than anything signed as a personal protector for Tannehill (especially early with a new OL more than likely blowing blitz pick ups)

I'll put it another way to show how trading up would be a mistake.
Scenario 1: Phins trade 1st and 2nd rounder to get Lewan. Lewan is a player with an 8.0 grade.
Talent Score: 8.0
Scenario 2: Phins get Martin at 19, and use 2nd rounder on lets say a safety. Marting is graded as a 7.0 player, and S is graded as a 6.0 player.
Talent Score: 13.0.
Final Talent Score: Scenario 2 - 13, Scenario 1 - 8
The clear winner is Scenarion 2.

I like the draft Mark. My 1 worry as you may know is that we did not get Tannehill any help at WR. I know the TE is a huge threat but I still feel we need not only what I would call an upgrade at WR but insurance because all the injuries. Bryant or Moncrief would make that draft my dream. Latimer or Norwood make it better.

What are your thoughts on Troy Niklas and Seferian-Jenkins?


I completely agree, trading up for Lewan, Im not feeling it at all. Lewan is light years away from what Jake Long was at Michigan.

Any here expecting Lewan to be shades of what Jake Long was his first few years here, may be HUGELY disappointed. Hope Ross doesn't poke his nose into this either. Just because Michigan is his alma matter does not mean a player he likes from there will automatically become ultra successful.

I agree MassDolphan. I dont care how good Lewan looks, theres no way we should even consider moving up in the draft. A trade down would be better if Lewan, Martin or Mosley are all gone...

This guy reminds me so much of Andre Ware that if I am GM I wouldn't touch him at all.

Posted by: Texas_Dolfan | April 09, 2014 at 04:12 PM

I hadn't thought about it but Andre Ware in the gun out of the Run-N-Shoot at Univ. of Houston is a very good comparison to alot of what you see Manziel do on the field. He and Klingler killed College spread QB's for a couple of decades! Some talk about the inovative Urban Myer and his Spread O but it really is a variation (shameful rip off) of Jack Pardee's Run-N-Shoot with even some added elements of real Old School Wishbone O.

Okay...my deepest belief...we could draft Superman in the 1st, and without a better O-line, even he couldn't make a difference !!!!!


The SF 493rs are the absolute best trade up partners. Perhaps they may be hot on safety Calvin Pryor and may be interested in trading up to get him.

SF is the best trade up partner because they have two 1st and two 3rd rd picks this year.

MIT, your mock was good until you had the Phins taking a DE in the 3rd and again in the 4th. Uh, the Phins have 4 quality DEs in Wake, Jordan (well not yet but maybe next year?), Vernon, and Shelby.
Again, when an area on your team is stacked, you don't waste high rd (1-3) draft picks on those areas. That is how you ensure other positions stay weak, and your team stays out of the playoffs.


Posted by: Texas_Dolfan | April 09, 2014 at 04:18 PM

By all accounts a very good player some hd pegged as BA @ Pos. but with sub-par QB play they went to Sankey to carry the team. I really like this player and would take if there at my pick Rd-3.


Lewan is a lot different than Jake and IMO will be as good or better in Miami's current blocking scheme. Lewan is a whole lot more athletic and Jake was a power blocker.

Jake was better at Miami's blocking scheme at the time he was drafted.

Im out for now. Getting a little fatiguing rehashing the exact same discussions over and over again. Damn draft can not get here soon enough. 29 days and counting. :)

Posted by: SAM I AM | April 09, 2014 at 04:19 PM

In last Yrs. scenario with 2 picks in Rd-2 giving up one to move up I would do it in a heartbeat because to mke he's better than the 2 LT's that went last Yr. However this Yr. with no additional pick and a host of L needy teams in front of us it will take a King's Ransom to move up on this player so I wouldn't do it either but only because of the cost.

Sam, agreed on that one. Too much time to speculate even tho I do it and its fun. Draft definitely didn't need to get moved back two weeks.


What I do not like about San Fran being the trade partner is they pick AFTER the Pats. :) BTW San Fran has 1 first and 2 second round picks.

I really wouldn't mind trading with them to get one of them 2nd rounders.

Odin, I can explain this simply.. I don't care what our immediate needs are to a large extent. I would acknowledge that we need at least one starter to the o line and I knocked it out in round one with the best guy in the draft. However, if I chose to go Donald for example in round one, i would bend by BPA rules to makes sure I get a lineman by the end of round 2.

Now back to the mock and my reasoning. Where most people get lost is drafting for the next year in isolation. really beyond rounds one and two, how many players are actually ready to play let alone start the immediate following year.

A small percentage. You are drafting for five years, not one. In the enxt 24 months Wake will be finished. Shelby, I don't give a dogs balls about - he gives us nothing - he's an undrafted free agent. If you can add a rotational DE who is actually a force witha 4th pick you do it.

You also have to look at the players themselves and not merely the positions they play. kareem Martin for example is a big dude who is capable of rushing the passer from the inside. You want to talk needs, who do we have as a consistent pass rusher from the inside? None. So he plays obvious passing downs from the beginning right from the start.

Again with this o line... the 6th, 7th picks you throw in the program, maybe you get a starter in a year or so from one of them.

One thing I can't stand though is this spend the first, 2nd 3rd pick on the o line. Who in the league has 3 1sts, a 2nd and a 3rd pick starting on their line? The answer would be nobody. This if anything is classic overdrafting.

I mean this may not make much sense here now but if you applied my reasoning to last year's draft and we take strict BPA according to the board I had, our first pick at 12 was Sheldon Richardson even though we had Soliai and Starks.. could've saved $5M on the cap by making that pick and having Starks walk.

2nd pick jamie Collins - solve a big part of our LB need even and this pick would've been made evenb though we just spent big on Wheeler/Ellerbe

2b was Terron Armstead - there's your right tackle

3a Brian Schwenke - there's your guard

Even though we had cover at all these positions, if we stayed at 12 and taken BPA, we would've handled almost all our 2014 needs.

Drafting for need first and foremost is constantly playing from behind. Fill the holes in free agency, take the best players in the draft and in the long run you are further ahead.

Let's see how everything plays out...

F4L, do you think S-Jenkins will be there in the 3rd? I like the kid too.

Texas, I like 1 te in this draft that's Amaro

Others that are ok include

C.J. Fiedorowicz - strictly a blocker and no way i take him in round 3
*Eric Ebron - think his athelticism is way overrated - nto worth the first
Arthur Lynch - meh
Crockett Gillmore - meh

I would've loved to add a WR in the 3rd but by the time I got to pick - the good ones were all gone - which probably explains Amaro falling to 50... would've been an either/or scenario the way this draft shook out I guess. I prefer Amaro to the WRs that were there at 50

F4L, do you think S-Jenkins will be there in the 3rd? I like the kid too.

Posted by: Texas_Dolfan | April 09, 2014 at 04:31 PM

I doubt it! Physcally alot of Jimmy Graham comparisons and faster 40X than Amaro so again highly doubt it but if by some stroke of luck he was there then I couldn't pass on him with my pick in Rd-3.

MassD, any player drafted after round 3 only has a 10% chance of ever becoming a 3 year starter period.

Again in two years, Wake is finished, and you have his replacement ready in two years, Shelby will have moved into his next career too.

There is a RB Tyler Gaffney, 5'11", 220 who hits hard as hell when tackled and gets the tough yds. Of course, he ran behind the great OLine from Stanford last year, Yankey, Cameron Fleming.

By the way, MassD, picking two linemen in the first two rounds if anything would mirror what Ireland did last year in Picking Jordan.

We had a 3rd pick in Vernon that NOBODY pencilled in as a starter. DE was viewed by many as an immediate need.

If we draft two guys in the first two round we may be doing the same thing considering we have Thomas and a few others on board. Again, if you can't have a functioning line with 3 first round picks on it and two of them being pro bowlers .. then god help you.

And a final thought, you guys should also be aware that the Dolphins have been at several pro days watching D linemen .. they may be coming whether you think it's reasonable or not.

I strongly doubt Hickey will draft an OT, WR or RB at #19. Plenty of those available in later Rds. This is one of the deepest Drafts overall that I have ever seen.




There will be a run on QBs in the first it always happens nowadays. So that will bump some prospects downward. Is there anyone projected in the 10-15 pick range that is a good fit for us?


The Dolphins and Jags both needed OL.
The dolphins signed 2 career backups in Smith & Fox.
The Jags signed 2 pro bowlers in Beadles and Mack

The Phins GM Hickey is a career backup after 18 years as the backup GM.
The Jags GM Dave Caldwell is former Falcs Dir of Player Personnel.
The Phins GM signs career backups.
The Jags GM signed 3 super bowl starters + Mack + Gerhardt and has 11 draft picks next month.

Caldwell signed Henne to an extension and named him the starter 5 days prior to the beginning of free agency.


Here's my draft where I traded back in the first and second rounds to get 3 picks in the 3rd and 2 in the 4th. It is offensive heavy early but good depth value players that could be eventual starters.

I really like M. Huff at FS.


Posted by: Mark in Toronto | April 09, 2014 at 04:42 PM

Based on your school of thought I will say this, if teams let B.Thomas slide into Rd-5 because of the injury hoping to pounce on a guy you shelve on the cheap till 2015 then I would pounce and fast come our pick. I believed him a day-1 guy before he got hurt ending his 2014.

IMO, the entire 2nd rd is like an extended mid 1st rd in talent level. Just that everyone can not be drafted in the 1st rd. I would love a trade down and pick up an extra 2nd rd pick.

Posted by: SAM I AM | April 09, 2014 at 04:05 PM

Have to agree.........to an extent.

I definitely think there will be some quality O-Lineman available through-out the 2nd round and even into the 3rd.

Thrown into last years draft class, some of these guys would definitely be rated much higher than they are.

The reason for my offensive heavy draft is I really feel Miami needs to be at about 26 PPG average and not the 19 PPG they've been at for the last. I don't know how many years. That will help, then help keep the offense on the field and keep our D well rested.

My personal pick at #19 would be Calvin Pryor, a murderous hitter S but with more coverage ability than that also hard hitting S NO picked up last year.

Posted by: Texas_Dolfan | April 09, 2014 at 04:52 PM

I like the way you addressed Positions here accross the boards. I also like the trade back with Sua-Filo very much as I've posted. I would however with your addtional picks in 3rd and 4th look at LB with Borland, C.Jones, Skov and Sam Bradford as all welcome additions and as I posted earlier I would moniter the slip by Clemson's B.Thomas based on injury nd if he fell to me Rd-5 would take and shelve a sure fire future starter at OG.

I would love Aaron Donald at #19 but I think he will be picked up earlier in the Draft.

Of the ILBs, I believe Borland is the most rangy and hardest hitter and he can be had in the 2-3Rd.

Posted by: Texas_Dolfan | April 09, 2014 at 04:52 PM

I second what fin4life said about your draft.


I have to disagree with you about Shayne Skov. I wouldn't waste a pick on him. He plays very slow and has a lot of ankle grab tackles as a result. He will whiff on those in the pros.

If I'm looking at ILB, I'm taking Shazier or Christian Jones. Mosley looks like a bust. I like Borland but he looks like a 2 down LB because his lack of speed and short arms make him a liability in pass coverage.

I have a feeling we won't be surprised by Hickey as we were by Ireland when, for example, last year they said, Miami has traded up and selects Dion Jordan! And I and many others said, WTH!!

I'm still an advocate of Ebron (if available). I understand the needs on the OL and those are valid, however, Ebron is a special talent that can have a huge impact and doesn't come along that often. He is a game changer. I would then go for an offensive lineman in the 2nd. If Ebron gone, then OL or MLB if Mosley available.

Thrown into last years draft class, some of these guys would definitely be rated much higher than they are.

Posted by: odinseye | April 09, 2014 at 04:53 PM

I'll flip that convo on you, if you took the Top-10 picks of the 2013 draft in placed them in this draft I believe nobody goes were they were taken and some take a big tumble Rd-1. For starters neither Fisher nor Joekel could hold Robinson or Lewan's jock.

Given the chance a trade down would be the smartest move another 2 would be a great oopurtunity for hickey to further patch our holes in the roster

Oscar you are so wise

I for one am ready for the draft I can't wait anymore

Don't believe the hype now. There is still a month to go to the Draft. All 3 of the goodie QBS and of the 3 LTs will be taken top 10. Who knows which Player they might push down to us? Ebron, Donald, others??

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