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Dolphins preseason schedule here


DATE           OPPONENT                  SITE                  TV           TIME*

Aug. 7-10      at Atlanta Falcons      Georgia Dome     WFOR        TBD

Aug. 14-18    at Tampa Bay Bucs      Raymond James   WFOR        TBD

Aug. 21-24    DALLAS COWBOYS       SUN LIFE          WFOR        #TBD

Aug. 28         ST. LOUIS RAMS          SUN LIFE         WFOR        #TBD


*Dates and Times will be announced at a later date.

#Game will be broadcast live if sold out 72 hours in advance of game time.


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Zachary Martin will be our pick he's our guy ,,,but no guarantee he will be there

Oscar we need 2 starting lineman but who knows

I like the guard from ucla the somaoinn guy he's pretty solid a great run blocker

One thing for sure hickey wants to run the ball and control the line of scrimmage

But if we draft a safety, does that mean Delmas is an acorn?

Tampa always had a lot of running backs

Our secondary will be the most aggressive in al of football those boys will take your head off

What if teddy slides to us

Apparently, the low lives just woke up.

Miami will mean football again

Am I a low life ?

Posted by: The Woodshed Gang | April 09, 2014 at 05:09 PM

I watched Skov play some last Yr. and felt he was the heart of that D, I hear you but he wasn't exactly aided by great DT play either. I know lightning seldom strikes twice but all the hang ups on Borland are the same you saw out of Zach Thomas in 96 when he dropped into JJ's lap. Yet like Zach seems an instinctual player yet because of pass coverage he maybe best suited in a 3/4.

C.Jones needs to have a Fire lite under him at times but what a phenom athlete. His sometimes lack of heart for the game scares me given I saw him plenty in College and was balls to the wall in some games then like in BCS Title game lays an egg. Shazier probably worked his way into the late 1st or mid 2nd and can see the 49ers picking him late 1st to man the spot for Bowman who won't be back for them till Nov. and in the process you see what you have when Bowman comes back and make a decision on him or Willis in 2015 (can't have 2 10 Mil MLB's even if they are the best tandem)

I am just a football fan

Talent wise, Shazier could potentially be an all star MLB. I feel like Jones is a sure thing as a solid starter for years though.

That said, getting our running game and pass protection up to par has to be the priority.

I would like to trade back and get Saul-Filo late 1st and Bitonio or B. Thomas in the 2nd rd.

The RB I cover the most is Kadeem Carey because he can do everything well. He just lacks breakaway speed.

All nfl teams are under lockdown mode no one is talking just sending smoke screens

Posted by: The Woodshed Gang | April 09, 2014 at 05:35 PM

B.Thomas blew out an ACL ina Private Workout so he gets drafted and shelved till 2015 making him a luxury pick for most in 2014. I however would contimplate this move and quick with my 5th Rd'er if everyone let him slip past the 4th. I think Christian Jones is one of the overall best athlete's in this draft but does play up and down that said if your Miami and he's there Rd-2 you consider it and if there Rd-3 (unlikely) you can't pass. Don't lose sight of Az St.'s Carl Bradford can play ILB or OLB a very tough kid who alot say is the player Burfict wasn't at the program.

I don't know if you are a low life or not, Marc, but don't taunt me. This is not the same Blog it was in years past and it's not humorous anymore and rather silly. You taunt me , I'll get on your asss in many ways.

Who's that #20 S from FSU? He's impressive.

draft should be high drama

don't know if you are a low life or not, Marc, but don't taunt me. This is not the same Blog it was in years past and it's not humorous anymore and rather silly. You taunt me , I'll get on your asss in many ways.

Posted by: oscar canosa | April 09, 2014 at 05:44 PM

Did I miss something?

Marc from NJ @ 5:42

Not all teams are on lockdown check it out:


The Dolphins and Jags both needed OL.
The dolphins signed 2 career backups in Smith & Fox.
The Jags signed 2 pro bowlers in Beadles and Mack

The Phins GM Hickey is a career backup after 18 years as the backup GM.
The Jags GM Dave Caldwell is former Falcs Dir of Player Personnel.
The Phins GM signs career backups.
The Jags GM signed 3 super bowl starters + Mack + Gerhardt and has 11 draft picks next month.

Caldwell signed Henne to an extension and named him the starter 5 days prior to the beginning of free agency.

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | April 09, 2014 at 04:52 PM

Mack signed an offer sheet he's not signed the browns will match and the jags had 65 million to spend and they still suck

lol u just said it all, he resigned henne. hilarious

Hey hey settle down Oscar I'm not taunting you

oscar @ 5:44

There is a reason the blog is not humorous anymore: It's not funny anymore.
In 2008 when the 3 stooges (Parcells/Ireland/Soprano) came to town we could laugh because things were gonna be fixed.

6 years later we are a laughingstock:
-None of the QBs we wanted would sign here so we had to settle for Tanne
-None of the top HC candidates would come here so we got our 5th choice Philbum
-None of the GM candidates that we offered the job to would take it so we hired Hickey, the career backup GM from TB because he was the only one that would take the job
-Now career backup Hickey has signed 8 career backups to positions of need and so we have those guys clogging up the roster

So I ask again : whts's funny enough to laugh about?

Just read the article on Thill where he states, he has to make a huge jump from where he is at to where he has to be in 2014.

Its amazing to see that Thill is much more accurate on his position with this team than the majority of his balls over 20 yards.

Fair play to Thill he knows that its now or never on his career with the Dolphins. Take note the rest of you, you know who you are, I won't honour you in any way because the majority of fans all in on Thill are pretty empty lost, thick fans.

They front loaded the offer with so much front money that the Browns can't match.


I agree about B. Thomas and he would be a great pick to shelve on IR for a year.

Josh Hamilton out again 8-10 weeks great free agent signing huh poor poor angels

Posted by: oscar canosa | April 09, 2014 at 05:44 PM

How can you say that in the year EarForce1 was born ???

lol u just said it all, he resigned henne. hilarious

Posted by: dusty bottoms | April 09, 2014 at 06:14 PM

You think that's funny? How about this:

Fox and Smith are starting OL for the Phins

Rios and Cone are the WRs brought in as insurance for Gibson

Delmas and Flannagan are starting in the defensive backfield.

I forget the funniest thing of all:

Mike Wallace makes $17mil this season

The browns have a lot of cap space they will match

the Browns will still suck, true. Sadly we are in the same position with suck a weak coach as Joe Philbin. I thought that after CCAm Cameron we were through with these admin coaches, not so.

Philbin likely to be gone this season.

gibson?? hes most likely getting cut, matthews is the 3. nobody named flannagan on team,lol u are basically clueless

We'll see

Oh boy the troll king is here Oscar where are you

careless what wallace makes, i dont pay it

I think we go 8-8 again just saying

Posted by: ExposingThe Fraud | April 09, 2014 at 06:20 PM

with Wheeler playing with these dudes we could well lead the NFL in 15 yard penalties next year. However They are both an upgrade on Carroll and Clemons, easily.

well marc philbin better be fired day season ends

Dude we are 8-8 or 7-9 every stupid year that's where we live we are a mediocre team we are not bad but we are not good either the browns and jags are truly bad teams

nobody named flannagan on team,lol u are basically clueless

Posted by: dusty bottoms | April 09, 2014 at 06:22 PM

I watch alot of games at Flannagan's off U.S.1 and 27th Ave. at entrance to Coconut Grove?

Dusty I have never been a fan of philbin he is like a zombie on the sideline no emotion

So...let's not even see how the season plays out. We just need to make sure Philbin is fired either way, right?

And you wonder why Dolphins fans are a laughingstock nationally.

Why does Gibson get cut ??? The guy is our third best player on O after Clay and Moreno.

Flannagan: the CB released by Rams because he gives up too many big plays and is too slow to play CB anymore.

Given a multi-year high dollar contract by GM Career backup Hickey

See what the old fool has done, there is not a single day we do not fight with one another.

Dolphans brothers, the fight is not against ourselves is against this dictatorship regime


Finnegan! Flannagan? What confuses you about these two names?

agree marc, philbin is horrible. should of been first to go

agree marco and sadly enough fins talking about cutting him

nope nobody named flannagan was signed sorry

Let's see how everything plays out...

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | April 09, 2014 at 04:30 PM

Indeed! That's what it's all about.

Thanks for the explanation. I get what you're saying and agree with most of it wholeheartedly. The problem is the condition Ireland worked the O-Line into. Compounding the problem of course was "Bully Gate".

These two issues put us in an extreme position of need. In my mind, this requires some extreme measures in order to get it fixed.

So, while I agree with your line of reasoning, I believe Ireland's folly and Bully Gate trumps everything. Therefor calling for some extreme tactics during the draft.

Personally, I would take the best O-Lineman round 1. Then I would definitely target another in one of the next two.

Myself, I like Jack Mewhort from Ohio St. He would be a Coup in the 3rd!

WTF has Farmer done in FA ?

WTF have any of the GM candidates done better than Hickey ?

After the Bullygate, DawnJoe fiasco its a miracle any player wants to come to ~Miami.

In my book:
Philbin = Philbum
Sporano = Soprano
Columbo = Columbus
Finnegan = Flannagan


Also, please do not attack our fearless leader Mando for posting meaningless articles. It is not his fault that all he got to work with is Smith, Delmas, rios, fox and the guy that made JJ watts good

Don't u think he would have loved to rave about Byrd, Revis, etc?

Think hard Dolphans brother, search the truth

Marco @ 6:35

None do want to come here that is why we end up with the Smith/Fox/Rios/Cone/Flannagan/Delmas' of the world.

And that is why the blog is not humorous anymore which was oscar's point at 5:44.

Later dummies.


Posted by: ExposingThe Fraud | April 09, 2014 at 06:35 PM

What about Tannebum?

Pick your favorite addition:

- The ascending player
- the 76% burned and 136 QBR
- the guy that made JJ Watts good
- any of the other acorns

Please feel free to explain your selection

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