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Dolphins preseason schedule here


DATE           OPPONENT                  SITE                  TV           TIME*

Aug. 7-10      at Atlanta Falcons      Georgia Dome     WFOR        TBD

Aug. 14-18    at Tampa Bay Bucs      Raymond James   WFOR        TBD

Aug. 21-24    DALLAS COWBOYS       SUN LIFE          WFOR        #TBD

Aug. 28         ST. LOUIS RAMS          SUN LIFE         WFOR        #TBD


*Dates and Times will be announced at a later date.

#Game will be broadcast live if sold out 72 hours in advance of game time.


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Lebron is an anti-champion.... He is a specimen that should be the best ever, but he doesn't have Jordans confidence, Malones drive, Jabbars intelligence, Magics magic, or Birds craftiness. Lebron is kind of dumb, that is his problem.

I would like to see how well Spo does without LeBron carrying him.

Wade will always be a heat. But I can see Bosh Leaving.

If LeBron Leaves, I don't even know if Riley would continue.

What the hell are you babbling about, Dashi? You already have the Heat LOSING in the Finals this year and are already blaming Spoelstra for it??

You are either drunk, insane, or a complete idiot. Possibly all three.

Why don't you go around to other NBA team's message boards and tell all those fans how horrible Spo is and how you are already blaming him for things that HAVEN'T EVEN HAPPENED YET.

Please tell them all the sheer misery you have to go through night after night as a fan of the TWO TIME DEFENDING NBA CHAMPIONS.

And then come back here and tell us all how it went, ok?


Life Experience and Life Expectancy are 2 different things.

I plan to be dead by the time I reach your age.

They aren't even the old Jazz, Kings or Knicks. It is a miracle they have 2 rings. Credit to Spo.

Posted by: Sagit | April 09, 2014 at 11:43 PM


You'll have to refresh my memory of the Kings dynastic years. When was that?

Dashi for all practical purposes, you already are dead.

The Heat aren't Playing like Champions. And Definitely not 2 TIME DEFENDING CHAMP!! With the Greatest Player in the game in his Prime!!


If the Heat Lose Erik Spoelstra Deserves to be Fired!!

I'm not even sure you ever lived.

The Kings had a couple of great teams back around 2000. Had some key injuries at the worst time. I never said dynasty. They were a damn good team though, just like Ewings Knicks Neither won anything. Spo deserves most of the credit getting this unbalanced Heat team back to back rings.

How many coaches have done that?

If anyone here thinks they know more basketball that Spo, they should be taken a way by the men in white suits

Does Spo really deserve credit for anything with the Heat?
They have the best team money can buy and still struggle to dominate.

Coaches Build Players!!

And when a Great Coach gets a Great Player!! They Become the Greatest tandem of all time!!

Jordan=Phil Jackson

Malone= Sloan

Kareem= J.Wooden, Pat Riley

Magic= P.Riley

Bird=B.Fitch, and L.Bird himself. Smartest player ever.

L.James= LeBron, has never had a real coach!! He is the only All time great that can say this statement. He has had M.Brown and E.Spoelstra as coaches!

The Kings had a couple of great teams? That's it??

Yeah, I can really see how making the playoffs (and never even the Finals) a couple of years certainly puts them on the same plateau as a Miami team that has been to three straight Finals and won the past two.

Y'know, the Jacksonville Jaguars had a couple of good years, too. I think that puts them on the same level as the Patriots, don't you?

C'mon, dude. You know damn well that comparison was beyond ludicrous. It's laughable, actually. The Kings??! lol



This is the same clown that chants M-V-P!! When J.Anthony use to step up to the free throw line.

I am out!!

But you can leave me your explanation on what Spoelstra does well as a Coach!!

The Heat have The Best Player in the Game and the Most Talented roster in the NBA!!





Learn how to read and comprehend, You have no idea what I'm saying with your 3rd grade Florida educations.


Do you have a poker stuck up your butt? You are ranting on a coach with 2 back to back rings as though he was a total loser. Every coach in the league wishes they did what Spo did,

Your argument is so ludicrous I have to wonder if you should give up the generic meds and pay up for the real ones.

Being the defending NBA Champions is not any form of "struggling to dominate" unless you are aware of some further title the Heat should have won.

Sorry they haven't gone 82-0 to appease rational fans like you.

You dumb phuckheads would be whining and moping just the same way if the fins had two back to back rings, you'd pout all day long about what they are doing wrong.

Spo doesn't get it done pretty, but he got it done. This is not a GREAT team like previous great teams. Nope, wishful thinking. This is a weird unbalanced team.

Uh, Sagit, try graduate degree. Did I question your intelligence? No. I simply said (and maintain) that the comparison to the Kings was (and is) ludicrous.

I think even you would recognize that argument wouldn't have much traction if you were to propose it to anyone even remotely connected to the NBA as a coach, player, analyst, historian, etc.

I "comprehend" it perfectly well.

And for those of you that think Spo is so bad, then you are saying Riley 6 rings is bad for keeping him on board.

So we have a few bloggers that know more bbal than Riley and Spo. Yeah, Right Uh huh. Sure.

Ex, can't remember the exact year, maybe 2001 Kings, I say are better than any Heat team ever, No question.

2001 Kings won 61 games and had the best record in the NBA.

That's a fine season by any standard BUT they didn't make the Finals... which to me would be at least a minimal necessary qualifier to even begin any comparison.

Their starters? Vlade Divac, Chris Webber, Predrag Stojaković, Doug Christie, and Mike Bibby.

A good one, to be sure. But I don't think too many folks would compare that to rolling James, Wade and Bosh out on the court.

Seriously---not disrespecting you at all but I just cannot go along with there being any reasonable comparison there at any level (talent, team success, you name it). But if you do, that's your prerogative.

Bob Sagit, why do NBA players rave at LeBrons basketball IQ?
Tony Tarantino is always bragging how smart he is.

I think I figured out why Jack Mewhort is rated as a possible 3rd rounder. Check this out, it's all pretty good stuff. But pay special attention to the last few sentences.

From CBS Sports...........

02/20/2014 - 2014 NFL Draft Scout Pre-Combine Top 64 Prospects: 61. Jack Mewhort, OT, Ohio State, 6-6, 306, 5.28, 2...Versatile offensive line prospect who played at every spot except center, and projects as a right tackle. Mewhort looked strong during drills at the Senior Bowl, making it difficult on rushers who lined up across from him. He utilizes every inch of his tall, stout frame (6-6, 306 pounds) and large wingspan (80 1/4 inches) to engulf and control rushers. Has two arrests, including one last May for public urination and for evading the police. - Frank Cooney, The Sports Xchange

OK, so would this affect your analysis if you were Hickey(or any other GM)?

Personally, I believe that sometimes, you gotta go.......YOU GOTTA GO! I also find it pretty impressive that a 6-6 306 lb. man successfully evades Police!

If this kid is still around in the 3rd, I say draft him.

is this still a fotball blog?

MIAMI FINS football blog??????

I don't blame the KID(s) Armando....

I blame you....this is what happens when you MAIL IN a blog topic....and you literally EMAILED this in....

Why didn't you just post a link to where we could find the INFO.....would have saved you about 30 more seconds....

I dont follow bball like I do football but if jones was given two shots a game and three pointers at that and made both wouldnt that be six points not seven? Dashi? As far as miami football goes, see what falls to you. Lewan would fit our scheme but we really need a dominating inside presence who can move his feet and actually hit the second level. At dt, starks is our inside pressure guy. And the new dt we signed can move so who is to say we cant rush from the middle?

Home, the original mobster Says:
April 10th, 2014 at 4:58 am
FA signings Smith at RG & Fox at RT
both are starters
So the prob might already be solved
Albert obv is gonna start at LT, Garner at RT Pouncey at center
So the O-line might already be set
Seems to Home
TE is now our biggest area of weakness
at this point
TE Ebron should be our 1st draft pick
Go get em
Home, the original mobster Says:
April 10th, 2014 at 4:59 am
release Egnew

Lewan probably going to Pitt

so The Dolphins

should target TE Ebron or LB Mosley

Ebron would be best cuz the fish need to put points on the board

Clay & Ebron would be a very good TE duo

Mosley would help fix the mistake of not drafting Kuechly

and Mosley can work w Wheeler for a year

Next season cut Wheeler
when it is feasible and the cap hit wont hurt sooo much

Love the closing speed of Mosley

Go Fins !

How bout the concentration and hands on TE Ebron !


Home does not believe we are going to trade up to get Lewan


1) Ebron or Mosley
2) Moses


Sorry fans. May as well yawn now cause the Fins will draft Taylor or the next available o line guy with the 19th pick.

Yeah, you can easily see that from ~12:00AM on the low lives here are already tanked and getting aggressive.

I did not like Howard Cosell. I met him once at the Sonesta Hotel while I was visiting a girlfriend in a beauty salon and he and his wife were there also and he seemed like a total Assshole to me. But the man knew Sports. That has to be given to him. I didn't know this Greg Cosell was Howard's son, but his analysis on the top 3 LTS, to my eyes, is spot on. Of course Jake Matthews is the most complete LT in this Draft and will be great. Robinson is very good and strong also. But Lewan is a project who might never develop at LT. Strictly mine and Greg Cosell's opinion.

Of course the OSU OLine and the Stanford one were the most dominating in College Football last year. Opening huge holes for Hyde, Tyler Gaffney, the Mewhorsts, Yankeys, Cameron Flemings, you draft from there.

If you shoot two shots a game and make them both, shouldn't you at least deserve another shot? Or do I also have to say that?

And you can score 7pts in 2 shots. If you know how basketball is played.

And I did say at least 2 a game. Implying that he would get more than 2 shots to score his seven.

All this he won 2 Titles. Which should have been 3, which should be four after this season.

But not once you Spo fans said, WHAT DOES SPO DO WELL?

Still waiting.

Don't worry it has been 3 years and I am still waiting for an answer.

The Dullfins are hoping for 8-8 while other teams are talking Super Bowl.

You see how condescending needle dick is @2:37.

Or let me clarify since that isn't specific enough.

You see how much of a prick "Kris" is.

Dashi is Board Moron


whatever are you talking about....I wasn't refering to you....I meant the other "kids"....

I didn't even mention you in my post....

my my....temper temper.....

seems to me that you should lay of the blog for a bit...and maybe...I don't know....spend the NEXT 16 hours of your day trying to get laid....

Mark in Toronto, in regards to C.J.Fiedorowicz yesterday, I didn't have a chance to reply but here's the way I look at it: Yes he's more of a run blocker than a pass catching TE, you're absolutely right,BUT he was WAY underutilized in that Iowa run-first offense. He did, however, improve in the passing game as the season went on, being such a huge target... Our Fins already have guys that can get open, we need a few guys who can run block and bring some physicality to our offense. He does all the little things right and he would be a great 3rd round pick. Just my opinion of course. I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up in Miami, I can only hope...Him and Moncrief would make me very happy...

Kris, when you see all these people that are right 10+ hours a day, I think it's safe to say a lot of them need to get laid...And maybe find a hobby...LOL!!

But you won't....Dashi....

You will be right here on this blog...during the off-season until 10 or 12 PM tonight.....

but you will tell us that you are multi-tasking from your "tablet"....

Go talk to a REAL person.....

Stop pretending your the ROCK....even Dwayne Johnson doesn't want to be the ROCK in real life....

effing pathetic....and highly laughable.....

"DO YOU SMELLLLLLLLLL the sh@t coming off of Dashi's keyboard....

Dolphins too dumb to take Ebron.

"We take someone like that, it's going to improve our offense too much. We'll start scoring points, the whole thing could blow up on us"............

"Caldwell signed Henne to an extension and named him the starter 5 days prior to the beginning of free agency."

Putting his team at least one more year away from any progress.


I concur.....there isn't SH@T going on....and won't be until the draft....

and then after that....the ONLY thing that really matters is week 1....and I'm not talking pre-season....

way to much time for people to commit to a sport that in basically in the off-season....

Franchise...Who's Henne? And why should we care? Seriously...You haven't turned the page yet?? Move on bro...

How bout the concentration and hands on TE Ebron !
Posted by: Reel Dolphin In Sight w Home | April 10, 2014 at 05:28 AM
Home does not believe we are going to trade up to get Lewan

And Franchise of The Fallen FAN


After dropping several passes during his pro day at Chapel Hill on Tuesday, scouts and draft gurus have begun grumbling about Ebron’s hands. To be fair, it’s not a new concern. Ebron too often dropped the routine play in the ACC, which was perplexing considering his knack for reeling in spectacular one-handed grabs and tough passes in traffic.

According to Rotoworld’s Josh Norris, Ebron dropped a troubling 11.43 percent of his targets in 2013. That alarming statistic coupled with Tuesday’s underwhelming showing could induce some doubt in the minds of the 18 clubs selecting ahead of Miami. And a little doubt could go a long way in an offseason where over-analyzing may become unavoidable with nearly two extra weeks to ponder prospects.

I would much rather play the Rams week 3 than 4. Week 3 is the true test (as far as the preseason goes). And the Rams will be a better team (especially defensively) than Dallas. They would test our OL more. Watch us beat Tampa when it doesn't matter (instead of beating them when they were winless).

Home, the original mobster Says:
April 10th, 2014 at 4:58 am
FA signings Smith at RG & Fox at RT
both are starters
So the prob might already be solved
Albert obv is gonna start at LT, Garner at RT Pouncey at center
So the O-line might already be set
Seems to Home
TE is now our biggest area of weakness
at this point
TE Ebron should be our 1st draft pick
Go get em

release Egnew

Did see Ebron make 4 or 5 one handed catches pulling the ball in for acrobatic catches

or under/overthrown balls Ebron tipped to himself then caught w one hand

With Tannehill's inaccuracy problems,
Ebron's hands and concentration would certainly help Tannehill

Ebron can really go up and get the ball despite knowing he is about to get slammed by two defenders

U can tell Ebron is going to be a good NFL TE
w the power forward leaping ability, good hands, breaking tackles and getting good YAC

TE Clay and TE Ebron would be a great duo for the fish


You condescending prick.

Dashi wasn't the only one on here at 10-12. After 12, it was the two LowLives. (So think before you Talk, Kid. You condescending little Richard Sherman.)

Which I, Dashi left a question to... What Does Spoelstra do Well??

(One of them actually knows a little bit of basketball, the other is just an Ultimate Homer.)

I came back this morning to see if they had answer my question, That I, Dashi has posted many time in 3 years,across many Blogs... WHAT DOES ERIK SPOELSTRA DO WELL AS A COACH??

Now, Again, that you have Daddy Issues, is not my problem.

Like you said Idiot!! It is the Off season!! There is not a thing to talk about. So, I, Dashi am Talking Basketball, and Talking Baseball, and yesterday Ultimate Warrior died, So I was talking a little Wrastling. If you smell what Dashi is Cooking Jabroni.

I am already past you.

I do not want to be the one responsible for setting you off kid. Don't put that devil on me Brother. Then they come looking for me cause Dashi bullied you to death. Nah, I'm cool. I rather argue with Truth and Home, at least I know the worst that could happen is one goes on a rampage at the Trailer Parks and the other one goes all Geriatric in the nursing home.

NFL scouts & Home think Ebron has tremendous hands

watch the link above


Excellent targets for any NFL QB

Keller is done
Gibson may never be the same. can save almost 4 million & 1.3 million cap by cutting Gimpy Gibson

Ebron projected to go as soon as # 16th overall

Rex Ryan from the JETS is eyeing Ebron big time
Rex was excitedly standing right behind Ebron at Pro Day

Jets pick right b4 the Dolphins at # 18

NO Eric Ebron!

He's a good college player but he doesn't offer anything different to what Charles Clay brings to the table. Miami made this mistake a year ago by taking a luxury pick in Dion Jordan when Olivier Vernon showed promise as a rookie. Starks and Odrick can play the position effectively as well. Now, Clay had a breakout season and people want to double up at a position with a player having practically the same skill set? Really? Ball watchers! Take BPA and position of need at the same time. In whatever order you want to rank them this is players I'd focus on for round 1 consideration. Not the sexy pick but I'd take any of the RT/G before any other position because it would finally solidify that unit significantly. I like the versatile players Miami has in Dallas Thomas and Jason Fox and even Nate Garner that could fill in at so many spots. But make no mistake about it Miami has to come out of this 1st round with a Oline.

Needs RT - Taylor Lewan, Zack Martin, Cyrus Koundjio
G - Zack Martin, Xavier Sua-Filo
LB - CJ Mosley, Ryan Shazier
S - HaSean Clinton Dix, Calvin Pryor

Starting OL Group A

LT - B. Albert
LG - S. Smith
C - M. Pouncey
RG - D. Thomas
RT - T. Lewan

Starting OL Group B

LT - B. Albert
LG - S. Smith
C - M. Pouncey
RG - Z. Martin or D. Thomas
RT - J. Fox or Z. Martin

Starting OL Group C

LT - B. Albert
LG - S. Smith
C - M. Pouncey
RG - D. Thomas or C. Koundjio
RT - C. Koundjio or J. Fox

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