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Dolphins will still be searching for an RB in the draft

Dolphins running back coach Jeff Nixon, on the road meeting with and scouting running backs, conducted a private workout with Towson's Terrance West last Wednesday.

"The Dolphins running backs coach [Nixon] likes me a lot. He told me I was high on his board of college running backs," West wrote in his draft diary for the Baltimore Sun.

"We did board work and met and talked and went over some different plays. It was a good background meeting and we got to know each other.""

And that leads me to this:

Despite the fact the Dolphins just signed Knowshon Moreno, despite the fact they like Lamar Miller, I'm told the personnel department would still like to add one more running back -- likely somewhere between the fourth-fifth rounds -- to add juice and get more talent in the backfield.

That player, from what is considered a deep running back class in this draft, must have one of the following abilities:

He needs to make defenders miss.

Or he needs to be able to break tackles (run through tackles) when the running is hard -- such as in the fourth quarter protecting a lead.

The Dolphins want a clock killer. Sure, they'd take a dynamic, big-play runner. But just as valuable later in the draft is a back who can go in with the team up a field goal with four minutes to play and run the ball against a defense that knows the Dolphins are going to run the ball ... and still gain yardage.

(Peanut gallery: But Mando, the Dolphins already have that guy. His name is Daniel Thomas. He's young, he's 235 pounds. He's relatively fast.)

Welcome back, gallery. No, the Dolphins don't already have that guy. Thomas has done little to prove he's that guy the last three seasons. He hasn't been a bull in short-yardage. He hasn't been a good pass protector. He hasn't been a break-away back on early downs.

Thomas has been Jeff Ireland's guy since the former GM traded up in the second round of the 2011 draft to pick him. Ireland is gone now. Thomas is going to have an interesting time making the team in training camp with his primary advocate gone.


Well, Thomas is a 3.6 yards per carry guy in his three seasons. And the Dolphins still have hopes for Lamar Miller. And they just added Knowshon Moreno. And if things go according to plan, they plan to select yet another back in the draft.

The numbers don't add up for Thomas.


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Moreno was signed on to play FB/3rd down back.

A RB, not AN RB...

Thomas has been given several opportunities to get it done. He has failed. I too as a fan still have high hopes for Lamar Miller. I predict Thomas will get the ax this training camp. Time to get new bodies and fresh runners into the mix here.

West seems like a 4th or 5th round guy to me. Still I think a combination of Miller, Moreno, and even a low draft pick could be good.

T.West is one of my Top 5 RBs in this draft.

He ran for 2500+yds and 41TDs this past season.

I know it was D-3. But still impressive.

Philbins has never liked D.Thomas work ethic.

1- L.Miller
2- K.Moreno
3- Rookie RB
4- KR- probably Thigpen

Thomas and Gillislee seem on the way out. I like it.

Dashi still claiming that Moreno won't be the starting RB lmao. Please someone rid this guy of this board.

Terrance West in the 4th or 5th round would be great pick one of my favorite RB's in the draft. West Miller and Moreno would be a very good stable of RB's!

Devonta Freeman from Florida state! He is an under the radar guy. HARD runner.

Tampa knows Rbs so whoever they draft I'm confident can play.

West seems alright. His pro day is coming Apr 7, like to see how that turns out.

..Terrance West is a hit off the pipe.. I am a huge follower of FCS football. This guy is legit. West has the skill set to eventually be better then any of the backs we have now. He would be a great pick.

If we are looking for a mauler. Sebastian Taliffero is another later round prospect.

Then my favorite. A guy That is a Barry Sanders Clone. Tim Flanders from Sam Houston State. Now I'm not saying he is Barry Sanders. What I am saying is if they did a movie about Barry Sanders, and had to have a guy do those spin moves, and jump cuts..This dude is the guy to play that role. Love me some Tim Flanders.

We already have a small, slow and weak rb in Mike Gillislee, so pass on Freeman.

Nobody from Florida State is under the radar. IF they have a low round grade, it's because they suck.

I like Lache Seastrunk. Compact RB with break away speed that would fit in well with our zone blocking. Give him a year behind Moreno and Miller he can be a guy that can come in next year and carry the load it split time. He can block run and didn't do a lot of catching in college but had good hands and instincts. I have him rated higher that Sankey and Hyde

Seastrunk is a 4th rounder with 1st round talent

My mock draft as things stand.
1. CJ Mosley LB
2. Jack Mewhort OT
3. Devonte Adams WR
4. Terrance Brooks FS
5. Terrance West RB
6. Jon Halapio OG
7. Late round CB.

actually make that Bitonio in the 2nd instead of Mewhort.

...Dashi..What was the dumb bet I made with you about M. Sam?? I think I am going to lose that one. Start thinking of my debt. I may have missed the boat on that one....

Losing Dolphins driving Ex Dolphin QB's to madness:

In a transcript excerpt provided by HBO, Lucas admitted he considered killing himself before he hooked up with PAST. He thought about driving off the George Washington Bridge and into the Hudson River below.

"I was thinking 'Go on the GW, make a right in the middle.' You know what I'm saying?" Lucas said. "Just screw it. I didn't want to kill myself in the house because the girls would be there."

Lucas became addicted painkillers while trying to cope with injuries accumulated over eight NFL seasons. He was a gritty quarterback who wasn't afraid to run out of the pocket and challenge defenders.

"I'm bankrupting my family because I needed the medicine," Lucas said. "I mean there was times when I was going to shave and I couldn't shave because I didn't like who I was staring back at. I wanted to punch him right in the face."

Lucas described how he would appear to be just fine as a television analyst for SNY. He was able to conceal his problem well enough to recently win an Emmy Award for his work.

"I would stop taking the pills the night before," Lucas said, "but when I got off the [SNY] set, and going to get my truck and drive home, I was taking about a handful, 15, 16 pills at a time.

"You know, 450 pills a month is not a game. That was my life. That was my life every friggin' day. And the only time I got out of bed was to go do my TV show, the only time. So family life, was none. Father, wasn't there. Husband, not there."

Ex Dolphins QB Bernie Kosar has struggled mightily w drug and alcohol abuse as well as divorce and business collapse leading to more financial disaster and bankruptcy

Kosar started drinking n drugging heavily as a result of being a Miami Dolphin

The spiral went all the way down .

Bitonio would be miles better than Mewhort in my opinion.

Would love Adams but don't see how he's there in the third.

Not a big Mosley fan personally...

After leaving the Dolphins a perennial loser
Dan Marino turned to Sambuca black & cocaine as well as marriage infidelity and finally it was revealed Marino fathered a "love child"

Marino was recently fired from his CBS analyst job and the city is proposing tearing down the statue of the Miami QB as Marino is now known a disgrace

all from being a part of the Miami Dolphins hapless embarrassing team

Marino also threw 5 INTs on Thanksgiving day and shrew astute HC Jimmy Johnson knew this was coming all along

Ronnie Brown also said he Dolphins turned him into an alcoholic

​Dolphins running back Ronnie Brown's blood alcohol level was almost twice the legal limit when he was arrested for DUI in suburban Atlanta. Now reports suggest the football player lied to police and narrowly missed a head-on collision with another vehicle.

Brown was driving 50 to 60 mph in a 35 mph zone, and after speeding through a blind curve, he narrowly missed an oncoming vehicle.

He took two BAC breath tests, the lower of which came in at .154. That's close to twice the legal limit in Georgia

Davonne Bess is now running through airports naked and high on Meth as a result of being a Miami Dolphin on the losing hapless franchise:

The police report detailing Davone Bess' alleged assault of a deputy at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport Friday depicts an unstable, violent man, likely on drugs.

It's the same condition in which authorities discovered Bess, the former Dolphins receiver, in his Cooper City home 10 months earlier — and the reason his family had him hospitalized against his will.

Six BSO deputies were needed that night to restrain Bess, who was screaming, “Hide the guns!” “Where is my weed?” and “I want to get in the end zone; throw me the football!” according to the incident report.

Word of Bess’ prior meltdown was never made public until now.

A month after his hospitalization, the Dolphins traded him to the Cleveland Browns, where he remains to this day. A team spokesman said the Browns are aware of the situation and are working to gather more information.

Bess, 28, already had drawn scrutiny in recent days for two pictures of what appears to be marijuana that he posted on Twitter.

Then on Friday, his problems worsened. Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested him at the airport, charging him with assault, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest without violence.

Here’s what happened, according to the report:

Early in the morning, Bess was seen walking down the airport concourse “acting irrationally” — singing and dancing with his pants falling down.

When BSO deputy Thomas O’Brien, who works the airport detail, approached Bess, the football player crushed a cup of coffee on him and got into a fighting stance.

O’Brien, fearing for his safety, struck Bess in the leg with his baton. It apparently had no effect. Bess took off his shirt and got back into a fighting stance.

Finally, after backup arrived, Bess surrendered and was taken into custody. The deputy believes Bess was on drugs.

“He appeared to be looking through me when I was talking to him,” O’Brien wrote

Agree about DT
Prob will be on Heroin soon

Not a Philbin guy

..MIT..Don't worry about West' Pro Day...Watch for yourself. Check out the Eastern Illinois Game (Playoffs on the road, v Garrapalo) 350 plus yards on the road in the playoffs. Awesome. The UNH game is good "tape"(whatever that means..You tube it)

West only had 99 yards in the Chipper, but Towson was playing from behind against NDSU the whole game.

West carried, no pun intended Towson to the Chipper. They beat Eastern Illinois the 1 seed in their bracket, they beat Eastern Washington the 2 seed...Both on the road. West is a friggin beast. Check him out and tell me what your eyes see..Forget the Pro Day stuff.

Should we get into what being a Patriot did to Aaron Hernandez?

KnowSho MorAnus is more of a Philbin guy

Expecting MorAnus to have a drunk driving arrest in the near future

Does anyone actually like Armanda? The dude comes off as a straight up prick on a daily basis.

Pouncey to soon be suspended and prob jailed for gun charges

Pouncey is gangsta punk and is usually drunk at stip clubs on weekends and
Hookin up w Incognito w weed and mollies

Go Fish !

(Peanut gallery: But Mando, the Dolphins already have that guy. His name is Daniel Thomas. He's young, he's 235 pounds. He's relatively fast.)

Mando, I think you need to spend more time with the peanut gallery. No one in the peanut gallery is trying to hold on to Thomas. We are well aware that he's not worth the time.

..Ray Lucas should have took better pills..15-16 at a time..To quote Ron Burgandy..."That's just dumb"

DD, no offense but college production - especially D3 only tells so much.

I like to see transferable pro level athleticism too.

His broad and vertical scores scare me a bit for this guy.

Love his size, speed ratio and production obviously was good.

I see a mixed bag here.

he has a 3rd round grade on CBs and I don't see a third round athlete. Later on though, who knows...

Who's beatin or stabbin their wife today?

Chad Johnson, Tony McDaniel or Brandon Marshall?

Got to love Bess' fighting spirit though... baton to the leg had no effect, hahaha


From last blog...


Just a question (because I've been reading about your Jace man crush). Not that I'm opposed to drafting a REAL TE threat (not a bust like Egnew).

But let's say Dustin Keller is cleared to play and wants to play on another 1 yr contract for Miami. Do you bring him back? PLUS draft Jace. Let him compete and see who wins out (with very limited liability). Or is he enough of a stopgap to go after a QB or other positions of need instead of TE for a year (not sure what next year's crop will look like comparatively)?

Posted by: DC Dolfan | April 01, 2014 at 09:56 AM

Daniel Thomas is garbage. Always has been.

Ray Lucas should kill himself! He was terrible! How much pain can you be in from starting for half a season in 8 years?

Home, I believe the answer is Ray Rice.

Towson is actually div I-AA not division 3, but I get what you guys mean.

Again Mark he doesn't seem perfect, but as a 4th or 5th rounder I think it would be a good pick.

..Not division 3..FCS. Plenty of very very good players that come from the FCS..Think of all the FCS teams that beat FBS teams..EWU beat Oregon State, Georgia Souther beat Florida, NDSU beat Kansas State. There isn't too much difference between the Elite FCS players and the very good FBS players. Just the singular players themselves. I get the competition point. But this guy can play..

Where did you get division 3??

Home was at Miami Dolphins football camp called
"All Pro" w his son who went back to back to the camps during the Summer

UM coaches and Dolphins coaches and players attended
Was an excellent camp and could not talk more highly about it

During the camp the star attraction was Chris Chambers
who was great

Prob was Randy McMichael our former TE was suppose to be there too

Randy McMichael could not make it because he was jailed the night b4 for drinking heavy and beating his wife

How Bout Them Dolphins!

Terrence West Highlights:


1. He can make people miss
2. He can lower his head and push the pile
3. He can stay back in pass protection

I don't know where he stands on the big board, but he reminds me of Ray Rice.

DAVIE — Miami Dolphins defensive tackle Tony McDaniel appeared in a Broward County courtroom Sunday morning, charged with domestic violence, according to police and court records.
McDaniel, 25, and his girlfriend, Alaina Smith, got into a shoving match outside their Davie home Saturday morning. They were arguing over unanswered phone calls and a late night of partying, according to McDaniel's arrest report.
The fight happened about 8:30 a.m. Saturday in the 3100 block of Palm Tree Landings.
Smith told investigators she had just returned from buying breakfast for houseguests when McDaniel confronted her about not answering her phone when he called. He had just returned from a night out with friends, the report said.
He grabbed her purse and pushed her to the pavement, where she hit her head as they struggled over the bag, the report said. She ran into the house, told their guests to call 911 and, according to the report, ran back outside, where he threw her phone to the ground, shattering it.
Police said Smith refused medical treatment and officers didn't see any head injuries, though there were scratches on her fingers.
McDaniel gave police a different version. He said Smith, who was mad about his arrival home in the early morning, attacked him, slapping and scratching. He used his forearms to block her and stop the attack, according to the report, which also said he had scratches on his fingers and hands.
The houseguests told police they witnessed the couple arguing, and McDaniel throwing Smith aside, grabbing her phone and smashing it.
Davie police arrested McDaniel on a misdemeanor battery charge. He was released from the Broward County jail at 10 a.m. Sunday on $3,500 bond.

I beatdown Mrs HOmar yesterday for a good martial arts workout.

I'll bet all the position coaches are working out potential picks. Leave no stone unturned. Does not mean we are drafting a RB. Especially if we are looking at that caliber of talent. Could be looking for UFA.

If there is a Marshon Lynch out there, we would draft a RB. Otherwise we are set.

"Trade Up For Mike Evans" campaign

MIT - Jace Amaro over Mike Evans? Are you crazy? Amaro is a big target. Yes. But he is not the playmaker at the NFL level that Mike Evans will be.

Jace Amaro would look fine in a Fins uniform. I am not saying he is not worth a draft pick. But he is not the reason you don't 'gamble' on a trade up fo Mike Evans.

Besides, I see Amaro being a bit of a gamble like Egnew. Both were "tight ends" but were really big bodied slot receivers that roamed the middle of the field. Both are not known for their blocking. I think that I'd like to see one more year of Egnew and Simms with Mr. Lazor at the helm before we draft another TE.

I am with DC - IF Keller is healthy invite him to camp on a limited one year deal and give him a shot. If nothing else he is a good leader for the locker room.

Reel Dolphin In Sight w Home, you are a joke.

DC, I'm not drafting a QB period. I don't beleive in 4th or 5th round qbs. That's like asking for a unicorn for your birthday.

Keller would be a nice story and the uninjured Keller would be very productive but if I had a better read on his physical progress, that may impact how I feel to a degree.

But materially I believe in getting the best player regardless of position. Mainly because you aren't acquiring this player for one season, but for five and five years is an eternity in the NFL and these first round guys should be centrepieces to your franchises, not guys taken to fill holes.

So, my favourite guys that are within reach for this draft in the first round are
1) Donald
2) Lewan
3) Khalil Mack
4) Jace Amaro

Now Donald and Mack are both expected to be gone before us and they are both positions of strength for us so I wouldn't kill myself to get either.

However, Lewan is that combination of BPA and player of greatest need so I would go the extra mile to get him. If he is within reach, I mean what four spots or so ahead of us, I do what I can to trade up and get him. I won't mortgage the entire draft but if I can trade a three and move up to do so, I do it.

Now Amaro, a lot of people think 19 may be too high for him. If that is true, trade back, maybe pick up another 2nd or third and get yourself more ammo and more linemen who may be similar in terms of talent as the linemen available at 19.

This would be my open handed approach to the draft personally in fantasy GM world...

Did Miami just lose their 3rd round pick!?!?!??!?!?!?!

As penalty for Babygate???

Chad Johnson is no stranger to domestic violence the former NFL star was secretly found guilty of battering a woman in 2000 ... 12 years before he allegedly struck again.

Johnson was arrested for misdemeanor domestic battery in L.A. on February 7, 2000 ... just before he began playing football for Oregon State University.

Sources close to the case tell us the victim was his GF at the time ... and she told police the football star had slapped her in the face after he accused her of cheating on him.

According to court records, Johnson -- 22 years old at the time -- pled no contest ... and the court found him guilty of domestic battery.

Johnson was sentenced to 3 years probation and ordered to serve 45 days in L.A. County Jail. But Johnson struck a deal with the court which allowed him to avoid jail ... as long as he completed 30 days of graffiti removal work with CalTrans. Johnson was also required to complete a 12 month batterer's counseling program and ordered to stay 100 yards away from the victim.

But Johnson didn't complete his probation requirements in a timely manner ... according to court records, he blew off the hard labor AND the dom. violence program for years.

After a judge tacked on an additional 15 days of graffiti removal, Johnson finally completed his legal obligations in 2002 ... when he was a member of the Cincinnati Bengals.

Johnson has been accused of several other GF beating accusations but never convicted.

Now, Johnson finds himself in a similar situation ... having been accused of battering a woman once again ... his wife Evelyn Lozada. Evelyn has a received a 4 inch gash to her forehead from Chad Johnson apparently head butting her.

JPAO, I hear what you are saying ... if that is Julio Jones at 9, I am like, ok, not sure Mike Evans will be Julio Jones or Calvin Johnson though.

Let me also play devils advocate...last season in the NCAA

Mike Evans 1,394 yards 12 tds
Jace Amaro 1,352 yards 7 tds

hhaa, Marc on Lucas. I think playing for the jets made Lucas go nuts...

Jordan, Dashi thinks Moreno was signed to be a 3rd Dow back / FB.

A Full back? LOLOL He'll never leave the blog or stop backing the flimsy Lamar Miller. Just get used to ignoring his posts.

What would you miss by skipping his posts? Grand misinformation like Moreno being a full back.

DD, didn't mean to insult with Div 3 comment, ok FCS, still it is a step down in average play when compared to the big conferences.

I'm not writing off the guy, I just think personally he's borderline. Personally I'd rather have a more proven RB candidate who may be available in a similar round like Sankey, Charles Sims, or Lache Seastrunk. Lache is tiny but those legs are piledrivers...

Darryl Gardener went gay and was last seen wearing a banana hammock w a queer look on his face and entering steroid body building contests

after his tenure w the Miami Dolphins

Mark - I know the numbers look similar. But Evans is more likely to become J. Jones or C. Johnson than Amaro is becoming T. Gonzalez.

I'm also not sold that Amaro is a true first rounder this year. I see him falling to round #2.

Randy Starks was so angry w the Dolphins he not only flipped them off last season, . . .
He also tried to run over a cop on South Beach

Who was the Dolphin db arrested on south beach drunk driving and yelling at cops a couple yrs ago ?

Marc Anthony's love for the hapless losing Miami Dolphins cost him his wife J LO and her priceless arse

If you want the worst possible information on the dolphins, track what Dashi & homely say.

If you want horrible cap Analysis follow Marcia in Toronto

If you want real dolphin information, ignore them.


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