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First day of offseason workout in the books

The typepad platform that supports this blog has been down for a couple of days and has been having trouble all the way back to Friday. As it now lends itself to updating, here we go:

The Dolphins began their 2014 offseason workout program on Monday. Only one player of note did not attend -- wide receiver Mike Wallace. I am told Wallace will be part of the program in the coming days, perhaps as early as Tuesday.

And that's good because, frankly, one of the areas quarterback Ryan Tannehill and the offense must improve in 2014 is the deep ball, particularly to Wallace who is the team's most explosive and dynamic deep ball receiver.

Any Dolphins observer paying attention in 2013 knows Wallace scored only five touchdowns but might have had two or even three times that many scores if the number of deep passes that went his way when he was open behind defenses had been on target.

They mostly were not.

Tannehill is accepting responsibility for this issue. As he told the team's website (as in the past independent media was not allowed to speak to players at the start of offseason conditioning) the deep pass and accuracy has been a primary focus and he has been working on it.

That work, however, has not included Tannehill and Wallace on the same field playing pitch and catch -- doing things to improve their timing or chemistry or anything else. Wallace has spent much of his time since the end of the season in Houston with his family. Tannehill has spent most of his time locally.

That doesn't mean the two aren't on the same page. "I love Mike," Tannehill said, "He's a great guy."

And it doesn't mean what is happening in the synching of this combo is unusual as many receivers and quarterbacks don't necessarily throw it around between February and April.

But it is clear Wallace and Tannehill have important work to do and that work should begin now so that there is no repeat of 2013's underachieving results.

Speaking of underachieving, last season the Dolphins did not get what anyone would expect from the No. 3 overall selection in the draft. Rookie Dion Jordan was at times an afterthought in the defensive game plan.

Part of that was Jordan missing much of the preseason because the team was managing his surgically repaired shoulder. Part of it was what seemed like a tough marriage of talents (Jordan seems suited for the 3-4 more than the 4-3) to Miami's defense.

The injury part of that must be worked out and defensive end Cameron Wake suggested in his interview with the Dolphins website that was happening. Wake told the website he had spoken with Jordan, who is taking part in his first offseason program with the team, and "he's ready to go with that wing," meaning his shoulder.

This means Jordan is telling teammates, including Wake, his shoulder iss healthy and ready for competition. That was never really the case in 2013.

So the bar of expectation that was set so high for Jordan last year might be actually something he can reach for now without it hurting his shoulder.



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Ryan Tannehill 32 td passes, 11 ints, 5 rushing tds, 4500 yards passing in 2014. BOOK IT!!!

I, Dashi second that dbo the great.

So far I like the players Hickey has been bringing in for visit. He still has to draft them. But I like the type of players he is looking at.

K.Benjamin is the truth. If not ask J.Winston who has looked average without him this spring. He won't be available to draft at #19 though.

Other tall target I like for the Dolphins is M.Bryant. And Hickey already brought him in to check him out.

About a month away from the draft!! Aaaahhhhh!!!

Any other year this would be draft week!!

allow myself to agree with myself.....lol....

Corny,Desperate,Condescending, and Despicable... All words that describe Private Kris.

And LOL is for princesses. You Queen.

Salguero, I know you and a couple others feel D.Jordan is a better 3-4 OLB than a 4-3 DE. DJ can play both and he is built more like a DE than an OLB. When "Analyst and Scouts" say a guy looks more like a 3-4 OLB than a 4-3 DE is because the player they are scouting is to small to play DE at the Pro Level.

D.Jordan is 6'7" 260+lbs, That runs like a WR. A slow WR, but still pretty fast for a pass rusher.

What DJ needs are more snaps!!

And the only place to get those extra snaps is at OLB. Cause we already have 2 pro bowl type DEs. I, Dashi agree with that.

D.Jordan has the Athletic Ability to play OLB in a 4-3, and has the body of the PROTOTYPE 4-3 DE.

Everything but a denial....how Freudian of you....

Winston threw for over 400 at the scrimmage.
That's not average Dashi.

Kris, you are acting like a troll.

Or are you in denial?

Another hope for us is….as there was totally zero output from Irelands 2013 draft class, lets hope if just a few of these 2013 picks pan out this year, we will have something similar to a double emergence of players, assuming of course that Hickey picks some studs.
The Jets have improved but the Patriots seem to keep coming back to the rest of the division….we may really finally have hope this year of a division winner.

Good morning, YG or Fraud, or Home-o.

Stop making up stats.

Winston by his own accord said he had a bad scrimmage that he misses K.Benjamin on the field. That he has to adjust to throwing to his new WRs. And everyone that has seen the Seminoles practice said Winston overthrew a bunch of his passes.

Winston is still a beast and next years #1 overall pick.

Just stating the Truth. Winston is going to have to adjust to throwing into smaller windows, and he doesn't have that guy who will just out muscle the DB for the ball. Nobody else on the FSU roster would have made that Title winning play that K.Benjamin made. You don't throw it across the middle at the Goal line unless you have a guy that can jump higher than everyone on the field.

Same goes for Lil Johnnie. He wouldn't even be half as good without Mike Evans. Reason all the real scouts have M.Evans ranked higher than J.Manziel. They know.

Season will come down to Bill Lazor's ability to generate a consistetnly productive offense. Does he have the ability, as a first time OC, to fix the OLINE, running productivity and deep ball issues this team had last year? If so, this team will make the playoffs. If not, we are looking at a long season that ends 6-10. The Jets and Bills will pushing to improve so there is little room for mediocrity to continue from the Fins.

I feel optimistic about Lazor's ability to improve the squad. Yes, even before the draft is complete. I think they already havea nucleus of players on offense that will work in this system; THill, Pouncey, Albert, Smith, Clay, Wallace, Hartline, Gibson, Moreno, Miller, Simms. I think these players gel and get into sync with the new OC.

Finally, I think the locker room issues will be resolved as the culture of this team will change for the better and all the internal distractions will be removed. I see a 10-6 year before a 6-10 year. Playoffs, here we come!!

Receivers make quarterbacks.

We need offensive weapons across the board.

Don't get me wrong at all we need a way better o-line.

Let's get this type pad issue resolved Mando, I want to post as myself again.

I'm very leery about this Wallace situation. What's up with the guy? Why WOULDN'T he report day one like almost everyone else? Is he somehow special? Indisposed? Has nothing to improve on? Negatory. The guy is just a diva. And a diva who doesn't back it up on the field, is as useful as an anus on my elbow. Tannehill can't improve...MIKE...unless he has his burner receiver there to practice with (by the way, I know the first few weeks are all strength and conditioning, but Wallace might be inclined to strengthen his hands (and upper body) to get off blocks and be able to catch balls that end up slipping through his fingers.

FSU scrimmage

Jameis Winston: 27-of-56, 396 YDS, 2 TD, 1 INT; 4 CAR, 38 YDS



It was a very average scrimmage both ways,” Fisher said

Even the quarterbacks, Jimbo, where Heisman winner Jameis Winston returns?

“Very average.”


Again, Winston is still a beast and will have a great season. But even the coach knows that things are not the same without Big K.

The Colts are doing it right.

They have Reggie Wayne.
They have T.Y Hilton.
They have Colby Fleener.
What do they do?
They add Hakeem Nicks.

I know we can't get rid of all of our receivers but I will in a heart beat.

need a
qb still

The Feds have entered the locker room. Yes.

The new scheme is the same Philly ran last year.

We need receivers


Don't worry. That is why Phibin and Hickey signed Finnegan. For corrective training.

M.Wallace isn't A.Johnson. M.Wallace isn't even Chad Johnson.

M.Wallace has been proven to have diva like behavior. And we all know Philbin doesn't like that.

Yes, We have a huge need at RT!!

But this is the Best WR draft since 1996. When K.Johnson, T.Glenn, E.Moulds and others came out.

You have probably the Best WR prospect to ever come out, Sammy Watkins. And you have about 4-5 other guys that can possibly become good to great #1 WRs in the future.

After this year, M.Wallace becomes expendable. Why not have his replacement already on the roster.

Does Wallace not being there the first day make any real difference? No but it doesn't inspire a lot of hope either.

NFL Network has CJ Mosley going at #19.

Wallace hates
the qb
y would he want
to be around him?
he cost him $$$$$
in incentives by hitting the dirt
on what should have bee 10-15
long td's.
tpuke should give him the $$$$
or lauren should ay him

The Dolphins should pick about 70% offence and 30% DF in this Draft. Their best option is to get out of that pick and collect more.

Wallace missed one day of lifting weights...calm down people...we still have OTA's, mini-camps, full camp & 4 pre-season games.

Looks like Kounandijo is the most probably pick at #19 and I could not agree more! (Lewan will not be there at 19).

Fill out the OL with OT & OG first, then focus on ILB, RB & maybe WR/TE in the later rounds.

Only facts.

We lost to the Bills because we missed a field goal and then they drove down the field and made a field goal.

Is that T-Hill's fault?

Yes it is. Right

JC...I believe we missed the FG because Tannehill took a sack and lost almost 10 yards on the play...very similar to the final drive in the Ravens game.

Only facts.

We were leading against the Panthers with a chance to add when we missed a field goal.

Then they marched down the field and scored a TD.

T-Hill's fault right?



They probably should get a backup to Wallace. But if you're getting Wallace's backup AND Tannehill's backup, how many spots to you have left to fill holes THIS year? It'll be tricky for Hickey!

Only facts

Ravens drove down the field to kick a field goal.

qb's who cant hit their best WR deep, number 3 overall pick who contributed nothing (along with a 2nd rounder and third rounder), 3 average to below average WR's coming off serious knee injuries, 2 highly paid under producing LB's slated to start, and lets not forget a head coach that inspires zero anything...this is shaping up to be another great year! can't wait.

Ryan Tannehill 32 td passes, 11 ints, 5 rushing tds, 4500 yards passing in 2014. BOOK IT!!!

Posted by: dbo the great | April 21, 2014 at 10:23 PM


I second this one as well. I really dislike everyone bashing Tannehill so much. I would guarantee if Manning, Brady, Rodgers, Brees or any other elite QB gets sacked as many times as he did last year and pressured they do not put up their "usual" stats.

That was the Ravens game he took the sack but it was a 53 55 yard kick. He had enough on it it was just off.

But that's T-Hills fault.

Even though he made 60 plus kicks

cocoa/NH, it DOES make a difference. There was hoopla over here because DeSean Jackson did the same thing. Wallace is worse IMO. First off, he's the highest paid player on the team. Second, we're just off an embarrassing year when there was little to no (or the wrong kind of) leadership. So Wallace now being a veteran in the league and on the team for a couple years should be wanting to set a good example for his teammates. Lastly, isn't EVERYONE on the team fed up with losing? Aren't they HUNGRY to make the Playoffs? Don't they understand one day could be the difference between a catch and a drop? A TD and an INT? A win and a loss? This is a league filled with parity, so every little detail matters when the margin of error is so tiny. If Wallace had an excuse (on vacation, on a honeymoon, visiting his sibling in jail) then I wouldn't have a problem with it. But just not showing up, even if it is voluntary, tells me you really don't care if you don't make the Playoffs, you'll get paid either way. And as a lifelong fan, that's disturbing.

is the least of the
o's dysfunction

DC...while I agree with you that the 'optics' are not good for Wallace missing day one of weight training, you and I both know it means nothing in the long run.

Manning, Brady, Rodgers and Brees would never get sacked as much as Tannehill as they make much quicker decisions and get rid of the ball more quickly.
That being said, I am still hopeful Tanne can progress this year with better talent around him, and those numbers posted by dbo are certainly attainable.

JUSTIN CREDIBLE - Since when is it "always" the QBs fault for sacks? The last time I checked, they do not block. Yes they can get rid of the ball sooner or throw it away. However, sometimes they do not have time to do that or they could get called for intentional grounding.

okay so what did Dion Jordan weigh in at?

MassDolphan - I do not disagree with that, but they still have a better Oline than Miami and have more time than what Tannehill had last year. Those guys are also a lot more experienced as well. Look at Mannings first few years in Indy -- A LOT of sacks!! I just dislike the Tannehill bashing, because under circumstances (youth and disaster Oline), he did well in mt opinion.

U cannot blame Wallace for takin an extra holiday day off and missing the 1st workout

Wallace will go through the motions
realizes he is not going to win the division this year or realistically any year on this team w Tannehill

I'm not even going to blame it on the kicker because it is a team sport.

Our O-Line didn't open up any holes for our running game. They also were horrible in pass blocking.

Our RBs couldn't break a tackle couldn't pass block or make people miss.

Our receivers didn't get any yards after catch.

Our D-Line got pushed backwards on almost every play.

Our LBs couldn't even tackle our RBs. That's sad.

Our LBs couldn't cover any tight end.

Rashard Jones had a bad year.

The other corner back spot was up and down.

Clemons didn't make any plays.

Our kicker missed to many field goals.

Some of the plays were called at the wrong time.

Like I always said.

It's a team sport.

Its not T-Hill's fault.


After seeing 4 of the other receivers out for the season and needing to get cut open, have surgery and possibly earn no more big paychecks,why would Wallace want to fight for misplaced footballs from Tannehill

Wallace gets it
It is only a silly game on the playground for entertainment purposes to generate money for the Billionaires

Scoop the 17,300,000.00 dollars off the table over a million at the end of each and every game
and walk away healthy
Does'n matter what the records is . . .

the Dolphins have 16 games and they're done

just go through the motions

. . . as usghe

he Miami Dolphins have no heart

53 disconnected jocks all out for themselves

plenty of other exciting teams to entertain u w wins
if wins is what ur looking for

If u root for Miami Dolphin's losses and and cheer each year for them to be eliminated from the playoffs . . .
u will have sooo much more to cheer about and
walk away happy

Home says,

. . . Go Fish !


Where do you see that I blame him for a sack?

The thing I seem to notice is that we still don't have a handle on what the objective for this draft is. People talk about filling holes in the roster but realistically speaking most rookies won't start with Philbin as HC unless there is no on else to play that spot.

Indiana/Mass --- It's no secret that our OL was in complete disarray last season, no thanks to Richie Incognito's antics.

Cogs/Martin/Turner/Sherman - Gone
Albert/Kouandjio/Moreno/Benton/Lazor - In

There will be DRASTIC changes to our offense this season, especially on the O-line.

Albert/Kouandjio(#19 pick) and Moreno representing MAJOR upgrades to Tannehill's protection in the pocket.


I'm not bashing T-Hill.

I'm saying that the team lost as a team.

That it's not T-Hill's fault.

Just being sarcastic.

Home has heard some completely hard headed fools
suggest letting Wallace go next season

Instead of the starting QB that is the worst deep ball passer in the 2013 NFL and worst 3rd down QB in 2012

Even chubby boy Bart Walker still in complete denial on the inaccurate QB that has been a failure to date in college and the NFL

Amazing how jaded and ignorant a sports fan can be when they anoint a player to Pro Bowl or HOF status b4 the player has ever done anything above average or in Tannehill's case below average

way below average

like worst deep ball passer in the 2013 NFL

. . . so let's get rid of the wide open deep ball threat WR !!??


typical of Tannefail Lovers

again, smh

Home: Here's a clip of Tannehill's game vs. Pats last Dec.
Notice who gets most of the passes (including a nice TD throw....one Mike Wallace).


Stop feeding the hype that Tannehill cannot spin the pigskin.


Is Brady practicing yet?

Home: who won that game? oh yeah, Tannehill beat Brady.

So w Wilfork and MAYO OUT
and no Revis & Browner

u r excited about 1 long ball throw out of 36 from Tannehill to Wallace?!

that worst deep ball passer in 2013 NFL is imressive
. . . NOT

Hope Revis can sleep at night


Come on Home, why all the hate for Tannehill?

a Better clip

is the 2 interceptions rookie CB Milliner got in the final Dolphins JETS game

CB that Dolfans think is no good
Rookie Milliner picked off 2 Tannehill passes and 35 yr old Ed Reed picked off another Tannehill pass

3 INTs for Tannehill's final game w little pressure and no sacks, thanks to the Dolphin's o-line giving up zero sacks in the final game

Tannehill was awful

Very 1st NFL game Tannehill = Awful and 3 INTS
32 NFL game annehill = Awful and 3 INTS

No improvement
nothing to see here


The team plays with no fire and that is 100% on Failbin

I'm coming around to the idea of Kelvin Benjamin, but not as an outside the numbers traditional perimter WR - espcially between the 20s.

I said since the combine, the guy moves like an atheltic tight end more than he does a WR. Noticed some teams are now seeing him the same way. As a "joker" tight end type. Also noticed Bruce Arians is planning to do the same with Larry Fitzgerald now as he's getting older.

So yeah, if the plan is to use KJ over the middle of the field then yes, I can see that being a great pick ... and then jump balls in the end zone ... that'll work.

I put him on par with jace Amaro and everyone knows how much I like Amaro... I think Benjamin would even be better than Ebron working the middle field and seam.

MassD, you do realize Brady was sacked 40 times last year with much better line than ours, right?

Come on NHFinsFan,

Why all the love for the worst deep ball passer in the NFL?

makes no sense

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