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First leak of NFL schedule upon us

The Dolphins will play at the Detroit Lions in Week 10 of the NFL season, the Detroit Free Press just reported.

The full schedule will be announced at 8 p.m. and I assume some reporters (me included) are trying to get as much of the schedule as possible prior to the announcement.

Miami's opponents in 2014 posted a record of 103-103-2 in 2013.

The team will host Minnesota, Green Bay, Baltimore, San Diego and Kansas City as well as AFC rivals Buffalo, New England and the Jets.

The Dolphins will host Buffalo on Thursday, Nov. 13 for a prime time game.

The Bills will be Miami's second game of the season as the Dolphins will travel to Western New York on  Sept. 14 at 1 p.m.

The team will visit Detroit (in Week 10), Chicago, Jacksonville, Oakland (in London on Sept. 28), and Denver, as well as divisional opponents New England, Buffalo and the Jets.

The bye week will be Oct. 5 -- following the trip to London.

[Refresh as I will continue to update as more information comes in.]


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Not sure that is right. Lions are supposed to play an AFC team on Thanksgiving (they played Green Bay last season, and they alternate AFC/NFC)- that newspaper has them playing Chicago. I was assuming they would play the Dolphins on Thanksgiving.

Miami is not the only AFC team Detroit is playing so why would you assume they would be the Thanksgiving opponent?


Opener at Chicago 1pm, thanksgiving at Detroit 12:30, finale at New England 1pm, Monday night home game week 9 Ravens.

No one wants to see Bills at Detroit on turkey day not that dolphins are much better.

Opener at Chicago 1pm, thanksgiving at Detroit 12:30, finale at New England 1pm, Monday night home game week 9 Ravens.

Who cares about non divisional/conference games?!?!?! If u can't keep up wit your own teams from the division/conference, then why bother????? Out of all the AFC teams, KC is only the team to be worried about... non divisional team that is...

From the last blog. Good to hear some positive news on Dion Jordan.

Wouldn't it be awesome if he ended up being a pro-bowler instead of a bust like a lot of us fear.

As far as where he will play they have never waivered from the fact that they drafted him to play DE, like it or not.

He can still get plenty of snaps spelling both Wake and Vernon and playing on passing downs. If he ends of beating one of them out,all the better.

So we shouldn't worry about the colts or the broncos or the Bengals. .?? Nd I hope they're right nd the dolphins do play on Thanksgiving. ..

Jesus, they ain't playin them?!?!?!?! Wtf?

Sorry, missed the broncos.... add that to the list......


Mike Wallace is in a labor union.
As a union member he is a party to the current Collective Bargaining Agreement.
That agreement states clearly, among other things, when a QB-WR can practice together/for how long/how many times/what equiptment can be worn etc.
In business management is always trying to catch the union members out of pocket, why should Mike put the union at risk?
Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | April 23, 2014 at 06:11 PM

"Miami's opponents in 2014 posted a record of 103-103-2 in 2013."

This is particularly scary when you're hoping your qb will wear a "franchise label". Going .500 against a .500 schedule isn't encouraging at all.

Blame it all on the oline if you will. Our 2013 opponents were only a combined .500. No excuse not to become a wildcard playoff team even if Manning/Brady are not your starting qb.


We might go 0-16.

Oh well, I'll guess I'll be spending my Sunday afternoons drunk again.

My bad, 2014 opponents are a combined 103-103-2, or .500. Tannehill doesn't make playoffs this year, no question he's a bum.

I didn't know you were talking about the teams we played but in general for like the playoffs. .. but don't forget about the Ravens we seem to come out flat against them sometimes. ..

Bills will play in Detroit Thanksgiving.

Didn't Hickey just sign a bunch of career backups off these teams we'll be playing?

There's too much comedic material here, I need to save some of it.

Dolphins are not playing on TG. The bills are playing the lions.


Opener at Chicago 1pm, thanksgiving at Detroit 12:30, finale at New England 1pm, Monday night home game week 9 Ravens.

Who cares who we play? We just need to Win.

Goodell you stupid idiot please stop ruining football with your Hitler like dreams of world domination. Worried about player safety? Yes, fly NFL teams all over the world and make them more vulnerable to terrorist attacks. And the time changes certainly won't affect their health right? And don't worry about taking home games away from fans in America, you've already priced the blue collar worker (who helped build the league with their meager pay) out of going to games. Keep changing the rules for no other reason than lining your pockets you greedy pos!

Posted by: Phins78 | April 23, 2014 at 07:38 PM

Agree 100%

Not mention JETLAG itself will be a significant contributor to even more injuries. Tired bodies are naturally at greater risk of injury.

Because of the great physicality of football itself, international football will never be a viable entity. Unless of course someone final invents one of those "beam me up scotty" contraptions. :)

After last season, I won't even pick em. Although I did think we would lose to the Bills. I didn't count on wins against Atlanta or New England. And a couple of other games surprised me as well.

This year looks like one heartbreak after another or one win after another. The current team is hard to get a read on.


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