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Former UM QB Stephen Morris on the Dolphins radar

While much of their draft focus is rightly on offensive line, it should be noted the Dolphins have a long list of needs, wants and must haves. And while quarterback is neither a need nor a must have, it definitely is a want -- one which the team might fill with a local player.

The Dolphins had University of Miami quarterback Stephen Morris at their facility last week as one of the "locals" visits they're allowed. Coaches also had dinner with Morris the night before the visit. And it should be noted that general manager Dennis Hickey and coach Joe Philbin attended the University of Miami Pro Day where Morris showed his skills two weeks ago.

Morris, I'm told, has impressed several Dolphins people -- including general manager Dennis Hickey -- with his maturity, intelligence and overall approach.

So does this mean the team is going to draft Stephen Morris?

That is not certain. But it means Morris is on the radar and the Dolphins are doing their due diligence on him. And that's a good thing because the Dolphins are going to have to draft a QB soon enough or find one through free agency or some other means.


Well, Ryan Tannehill is the starter. There is no controversy or question about that.

And Matt Moore is well-liked and appreciated as the backup while Pat Devlin recently signed his exclusive rights tender to be the No. 3.

But Moore is in the final year of his contract and while his experience is valuable, paying $4 million per year or more for a backup quarterback isn't the most efficient use of salary cap space. Devlin, meanwhile, has been in the Dolphins program for three years and it seems he's no closer to challenging for the backup job than he was in 2011 when he arrived.

Indeed, it has not been a competition for the No. 2 job at all.

So the Dolphins can obviously be improved by adding a young, talented quarterback with a Pro caliber arm (like Morris or someone else) to push Devlin for the No. 3 job but also to make a strong push for the backup job as well after 2014.

Maybe Stephen Morris is that guy.

Anyway, check out some 2013 highlights:



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Posted by: Dolfan Rick | April 16, 2014 at 01:00 PM

Best worded post on the subject and agree with it verbatim!

Posted by: fin4life | April 16, 2014 at 01:20 PM

A cannon for an arm but can't read D's to save his life, exposed last Yr. by teams mixing coverages after the Gators shut him down doing it week-2. If your taking an athletic QB to groom in the next few Yrs. then I'd take VT's Logan Thomas before taking Morris!

I am not sure he would beat Devlin out to be honest, but cool to kick tires

jump tpuke
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2 squat jump just jump lol

Just watched the video and some of those plays are from 2012? The video says S.Morris 2013 but the NC St. play were he rolls to his left and hits Dorsett for a 60 plus yarder was a 2012 game. I should know I was in the Stadium!

OMG..no way.
probably only dining to get intel on OTHER UM players.

this will neeeeeeeeeeeever happen.

Morris? SMH for sure. His highlight reel is little more than great moments. He had 1 or 2 great moments nearly every game he played. That's the problem.

Either he did not have enough of those during games in his college career. Or, he followed up a great moment with an equally bad smh bone headed moment.

Stephen Morris is no more than a 7th to undrafted fa at best. I can see Hickey laying on the charm to get him to choose the Fins as his undrafted rookie fa landing place. No more.

He can hit the receiver in stride on the long ball better than Tannehill...other than that, I know zero on this guy.

I can't argue with the Fish taking a QB mid rounds. Lots of talent this year and someone will slip.

Hope Morris gets his college degree. If not, he could be collecting cans in the street, just to make ends meet in a couple years.

Or, Canada could be his best route in becoming a pro.

"Oh, Canada, Oh Canada......." Mark in Toronto can finish the rest of the song. :)

The end for Tannehill is near. Let the Morris era begin!

Anyone else notice that Mike Sherman is still unemployed?
As is Turner, Cogs & Ireland.

Seems that Miami is the end of the line for most people these days. Look back at all the coaches & GM's that have been through here....they are all either retired or a retread somewhere else. (Sparano, Wanstache etc...)

When was the last time someone left Miami and went on to do great things? (Besides Nick Saban)

all but cogs
is getting paid
and don't
4get 'bout the giant
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against ro$$

cs the writing
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wtf that means

Posted by: NHFinsFan | April 16, 2014 at 02:04 PM

Turner was a lousy Pos. Coach and will NEVER get another shot at running the OL for any team in the NFL! Cogs has alot of baggage right now given the emphasis the League is putting on hazing. Ireland still collects his guaranteed salary this Yr and is probably waiting on another chance but won't get it as a G.M. again. I could however see him going back to a team like Dallas were he was a very good Scouting Dir. while there.

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Morris? To do what? he couldn't beat Duke, let alone an NFL team...

they"hix" are going 2
get 2 more pix
after trading Dijon
will use those 2 move ^
2 get 1 of the future qb stars
in this draft

duke = bills/jets

He has a great touch and feel for throwing the long ball, is very mobile, mightily struggles with reads although most every college QB does, and is local and might be a good developmental guy. Wouldn't bug me late like round 6,7. However there are guy in the draft that might slip that are way better suited to take a flyer on in 4th or 5th round.

just what the fins need : another qb who can't hit the broadside of a barn. Morris was horrible, just as bad the canes D.

2 watt....Dion is a talent I'd rather keep. I'm getting tired of letting our best talent leave the team with the promise of 'more picks' that never pan out.

There is nothing a franchise QB couldn't fix on the Dolphins.


I like Brock Vareen in that draft. Also keep an eye on Marqueston Huff.

I enjoy that Fanspeak site but a lot of players that fall in some of those drafts are not realistic. Take Moncrief at 116. IMO he's gone before the end of the 2nd round. I think realistically you'd have to make a decision between him and K. Martin in that draft. BUT if he was there at 116 I would run the pick up and be waiting for the Miami clock to start.

Other than that though I think the other players could be had where you have them.

In what decade will the Dolphins finally get a franchise QB?

There are a handful of QB's coming out that would have an immediate positive impact for the Dolphins passing offense starting with the opener.


I think the Ravens take Lewan if he falls that far. If he does fall as far as 19 I think he would be a a tough decision (on our FO's part) to take him with the off field issues.

Captain, the lunatics are running the asylum again.

exas, what I would actually do is not wait for Moncrief to fall... if any player that had a 2nd rd grade I liked fell through the 3rd rd, I would trade up and take him in the early 4th.

I wouldn't have banked on Morris being drafted at all. Then again EJ Manual went in the first.

Rick, I agree 100%, I would like to see a modest trade up to get ahead of baltimore, maybe even Pittsburgh if Chicago is a willing and reasonable trade up option.

Posted by: NHFinsFan | April 16, 2014 at 02:20 PM

I'm inclined to agree! "IF" Chip Kelly wants him so bad then give us your 1st and 2nd Rd'er in the coming draft as a jumping off point to even consider the trade! At this point you could help raise the bounty by calling S.F. which needs to replace Aldon Smith who I think is done! the D.U.I. arrest had three felony gun charges added and now the Bomb incident at LAX to go with multiple failed drug tests. Goodell was likely handing down a suspension to start the 2014 Yr. anyway and if he plays it will be spairingly before he does a couple of Yrs. on the gun charges.

Rick, as far as his off the field problems, aren't they just a couple of misdemeanours?

I mean, have we got that sensitive?

This Statement "Devlin, meanwhile, has been in the Dolphins program for three years and it seems he's no closer to challenging for the backup job than he was in 2011 when he arrived." Couldn't be further from the truth. Devlin looked as if he took a huge step forward last preseason, so much so the Dolphins toyed with the idea of trading Moore. But that quickly ended when Devlin was injured in the preseason finale.


Trades ups are hard to call. Depends on what modest is. I would lean toward a trade down for the guard.

Still could end up with another probowler on the line and get an extra pick to boot. Thats not likely to happen either though.

Aldon Smith, what a waste. I guess this is what roids and blows to the head can do to a person.

The way he threw John martin like DJ Jazzy jeff off the front porch a few years back was awesome ... even if we were on the receiving end, it was awesome to watch.

If he kept his nose clean, he could've done this on a daily basis in training camp.

Rick, guess I just don't care for picking guards period in the first round unless he's the next coming of Steve Hutchison which I don't think Martin is .. at least nobody has expressed that opinion. I'm still peeved they used a first on Pouncey ...

Nice QB, but, that WR #1 doesn't hurt I'm sure. Def throws a cleaner long ball than you know who


Do you use Walter Football as the board or Fanspeak? Optimum scouting's board is crazy. They have Evans at 40.


Yes I believe they are misdemeanours but there are 3 of them.

And yes I think the Dolphins are that sensitive. At least that big eared guy is. Specifically since we're talking o-line just coming off of bullygate.

Then again EJ Manual went in the first.

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | April 16, 2014 at 02:41 PM

To this day I'm absolutely "MIFFED" by that? I couldn't for the life of me understand EJ Manuel going at pick-16. I watched him plenty over what was a looooong stint as the starting QB in College and I thought him a mediocre player at best in the NCAA level. The same team Winston took to a BCS Title this Yr. was almost to a man the same team Manuel had at FSU in 2012 and they sucked with him at QB! While that FSU team had CB Xavier Rhodes and DE Bjorn Werner which might have even made them better than te 2013 Champs of the NCAA.

Mark, I agree with you on the Mocrief trade up strategy. That could go for a lot of WRs in this draft.

Ireland did something similar with Lamar Miller. We had Bush and Daniel Thomas, but he got Miller at the top of the 4th round. Probably had a 2nd round grade on him.

Jury is still out on the pick, but I loved it at the time and I hope it works out.

Boy, am I hoping Walter Camp is wrong on all five of our picks in his latest mock ... well, i'd take the fifth pick but throw back the rest.

Z. martin
C. Borland
J Mewhort
D. McCullers
Andre Williams

Rick, at the same time, the owner has spoken glowingly of Taylor Lewan and he's Michigan's biggest fan ...

I just see that player making too much sense for us...

Maybe wishful thinking ... but we will all find out very soon.

I'd take Martin and Williams. I like Mewhort but don't think he's a good fit. IMO Philbin is looking for more athletic OL.

Texas, I use Walter's board. Optimum is just fooked, like you say. I got everyone I wanted pretty much.

Fanspeak is ok.

Interesting to note that Walter now has Bitonio as a late first...

I agree Texas, mewhort falls short athleticially. James went after Mewhort in his mock... I think James is the much better fit.

Man, how did Tennessee stink so much with so many nice looking players?

Bitonio has moved up and I've heard or read that it is possible he sneaks into the late first, The Broncos have a need for OG.

I don't follow college, and I really dislike this time of year, but, there's no way in heeeeeeeelll I would draft an O-linemen in the first round. Even a blue chipper like Long that was supposed to last a decade, but, lasted half that time.


I would have had James for Miami's pick then.

Marc, i agree with you to an extent. Interior linemen no, OTs, yes.

To have two first round interior linemen on our team ... I think we would be the only team in the league to ahve that ... and I don't think it's a good thing... stinks of wasted opprotunities to pick skill position players.

passing over all of beckham, Cooks, Shazier etc to pick another guard would fill will be board fodder for the next five years...

Yeah Texas, james or Billy Turner or even Antonio Richardson over Mewhort in that part of the draft.

Stephen Morris is Worse than TannePuke!!!

finally a good blog.... thanks MIT and the rest of you. I feel a draft day trade of moore. just a gut feeling..... i will bail once this becomes a @#ch fest... thanks again guys and or gals.....

Yes I believe they are misdemeanours but there are 3 of them.

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | April 16, 2014 at 02:52 PM

Are you refering to the gun charges against Aldon Smith?? Because if you are the 3 charges are felony posession of un-licensed fire arms.

No f4l, the off the field issues for Lewan.



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