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Former UM QB Stephen Morris on the Dolphins radar

While much of their draft focus is rightly on offensive line, it should be noted the Dolphins have a long list of needs, wants and must haves. And while quarterback is neither a need nor a must have, it definitely is a want -- one which the team might fill with a local player.

The Dolphins had University of Miami quarterback Stephen Morris at their facility last week as one of the "locals" visits they're allowed. Coaches also had dinner with Morris the night before the visit. And it should be noted that general manager Dennis Hickey and coach Joe Philbin attended the University of Miami Pro Day where Morris showed his skills two weeks ago.

Morris, I'm told, has impressed several Dolphins people -- including general manager Dennis Hickey -- with his maturity, intelligence and overall approach.

So does this mean the team is going to draft Stephen Morris?

That is not certain. But it means Morris is on the radar and the Dolphins are doing their due diligence on him. And that's a good thing because the Dolphins are going to have to draft a QB soon enough or find one through free agency or some other means.


Well, Ryan Tannehill is the starter. There is no controversy or question about that.

And Matt Moore is well-liked and appreciated as the backup while Pat Devlin recently signed his exclusive rights tender to be the No. 3.

But Moore is in the final year of his contract and while his experience is valuable, paying $4 million per year or more for a backup quarterback isn't the most efficient use of salary cap space. Devlin, meanwhile, has been in the Dolphins program for three years and it seems he's no closer to challenging for the backup job than he was in 2011 when he arrived.

Indeed, it has not been a competition for the No. 2 job at all.

So the Dolphins can obviously be improved by adding a young, talented quarterback with a Pro caliber arm (like Morris or someone else) to push Devlin for the No. 3 job but also to make a strong push for the backup job as well after 2014.

Maybe Stephen Morris is that guy.

Anyway, check out some 2013 highlights:



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There go Dashi posting asinine comments about THill getting a 100 mill contract! Haaaaabwwhahahahah

Ill tell you what Dashi if THill gets 100 mill ill cut my junk off then stick in your mouth. I wouldnt be surprise if youd like that

There are so many great improvements to the Broncos, Patriot and JETS

These are te teams u should be a fan off

The Dolphins just like the last 14 yrs do not have a shot at ever winning a playoff game
prob for anther 3-4 yrs

U can see the sadness deep in Philbin's eyes and u feel sorry for him

Philbin really needs a big a hug

not this ridiculous attempt at putting together a winning football team w Tannehill

DD, definitely atheltics are just part of the oveerall equation, also have to factor in production, experience, football instincts, and whether the guy has his head screwed on right or at least well enough.

Since we are so O line conscious this year and i see the Dolphins sniffing around Seantrell henderson, I think with a late pick, they'd be a lot better served going north and looking at my countryman Laurent Duvernay-Tardiff from the University of McGill. If this guy went to a US college, he'd be a first round pick. Not sure why he sytayed in Quebec although I can tell you if there is any place where they play serious football, it's in the Province of Quebec.

Guy is super smart and his athleticism is the closest to Lewan if any guy in this draft. He will probably be a guy that needs to sit for the msot par tin year one but eventually will be a guy - especially in our scheme. Think something like what the Sainsts did with Armstead.

And Yeah Jerrick McKinnon is the guy, NeMo knows him well. TO me he is an athlete without a position - played QB at Georgia Southern. He's not going to be a traditional RB and for sure not a 3 down back simply because he's never done it before. But returning kicks (which is becoming obsolete), catching out of the backfield, running draws, he could be something special.

In all seriousness the Dolphins should change there colors to black
at least wear black arm bands

This team is so sad

You cut your dick off a long time ago. Don't blame Dashi.

Put your name on it. Cause I know you will never put your presence on the line.

Ryan Tannehill will sign a $100M extension. And that is being Modest.

The Extension is a little far away. But you will be able to say you heard it here first.

Best thing that can happen to Tannehill is he goes out permanently this season with a knee injury or the like

The embarrassment and Epic Fail might be too much for him to handle

Losing and scoring zero points every year for 3 yrs in a row is going to be a career he and we would like to forget about

...Regular..IMO Dashi is right. Tannehill makes the playoffs in the next 2 years and he is getting paid. I'm not saying it is right. It is just how it is. You can be middle of the pack at quarterback and make some cash money homey.

This franchise is a desperate for a taste of success at the quarterback position. Any little sign is going to be met with a Rose Parade style celebration, and contract. I mean look at the contracts of some of the mid tier quarterbacks? If Tannehill becomes a playoff quarterback, or a 2 time playoff quarterback..He is getting paid.

At least Flacco won a cup..Look at Cutler, or a Romo. Tannehill is not even in this group, yet if he shows anything at all. He will make the team pay him large or let him go...What do you think the team does even if we have some limited success?

This team is going to be awful

It will be a miracle if we don't finish in last place

one spot lower than last year

U can almost guarantee the Dolphins will have a top ten draft pick in 2015

This team is so sad

If Home sees Joe Philbin

Home is gonna take the high road and
see if Joe will let Home give him a big hug

Dolphins set back 5 years after drafting Tannehill?

before drafting Tannehill 6 wins

after drafting him

7 wins
8 wins

uhm the rest of the team got worse too. Defense got worse, running game got worse, yet we still won more games...

Ideally I will love to trade up to get Sammy Watkins.

I also would love to trade up for Eric Ebron.

If we stay put then there's only 3 players that I would take.

Clinton Did

I don't care if Lewan did fall to 19.

I'm not a fan of trading back at all. I know that this is a great draft but you get what you pay for.

Stephen Ross wishes he had never bought this team

Soon it will be deemed nothing but a pathetic money losing operation

fan attendance will be worse than u could ever imagine


What I am saying is perfectly Logical. And it isn't just me being a Tannehill fan. In 2-3 Years a $100M contract would be handed to Top 10 QBs, not just Top 5 QBs.

Cause Flacco, Romo, and M.Ryan aren't even Top 15 QBs.

FOrget this QB crap article. Does anyone care that we are so weak at MLB and TE? It's reported on the NFL.com that Keller may sign with the Patriots after the draft pending a physical.. Finely will sign with the SB champs if he passes a physical.. Egnew needs to get cut. Clay is a very good H-Back but can't block. Simms can block but isn't a seem threat.. Our linebacker core was a joke the last two games.. Blatently gettting run over every play, looking lost. If the fins need to stay competitive then they need OT, TE, and ILB.... Forget this QB crap.

Drafting Tannehill instead of the NFL MVP-defense LB Luke Kuechly and failing miserably with the QB reach experiment set this franchise back 5 YRs

probably more

sad but true

toe away
and a phantom p I
against the falcs
and the pansy's
are 6-10

All local Dolphin games will be blacked out by mid season and probably for the next few yrs

Almost no one will pay a minimum of $200-300 to waste their time and feel like ur at funeral every week

It's pretty much conformed

The NY JETS are also getting TE EBRON

Mark, I will have to look up that guy from McGill.

I think they are kicking the tires on all the Miami guys because local visits don't count against their quota. They do have some talented guys, so its probably worth kicking the tires at least.

Nothing to look forward to at the Dolphins draft

another fat guy that no one cares about or buys tickets to watch

90% of the Dolphins wont even know his name by September

The Dolphins are doomed

Free tickets to the Dolphins are not worth it

just like the Marlins and Florida Panthers

A betting man would be very comfortable with the Dolphins finishing the season 6-10 and last place in the AFC east

Reel @ 12:24

You tell em brah. We can squander our Sundays for free watching the phins embarrass themselves, why pay $300 on top of that?

Are receivers do to their health are worse than last year

..Dashi...I am in agreement. We do not make the contracts. They are what they are. I wish I was a lefthanded starting pitcher. I could go 6-10 throw 250 innings and make 5 million a year. It's the nature of the Beast. I think people get mixed up thinking by saying Tannehill(if he is extended) will get paid a huge sum=Tannehill is one of the best quarterbacks in the league..No. it means if you make it too your second contract with the same team, and you play quarterback...You get paid.

save the phins

Garbage yards in junk time is what the Dolfan homers will cling to

. . . so stupid

True NeMo, altho, hopefully that's all it is because I don't see one Hurricane worth a draft pick.

CJ Mosely or Thomas's clone Chris Borland....... We need help.
OT.. second or third round
TE.. We are screwed.. If Keller signs with the Patriots as reported after the draft I will just sit back and laugh.

Armondo I bust your balls a lot for crappy writing but I enjoyed your post. Your lack of knowledge on Devlins progression was the part of the article that lacked fundemental knowledge. He's shown great progression the last 2 years and has thrived in preseason. His injury set him back and the competition for the #2 spot was non existant. You don't pay an over the hill QB $4 million a year to be a #3. Keep us informed with similar insider news and I'll have a lot more respect for your writing.

$10.00 for one freakin can or beer or $6.00 for a plastic cup of water in the feels like 112 degree heat and blazing sun to feel miserable and squander all your hard earned money away is ridiculous

so some azzz clown like Mike Wallace can get paid over one million dollars a game for maybe playing an actual 30 min of a 60 min game

so if u want a six pack of the cheeapest domestic beer in a can it costs u $60.00
a twelve pack over 3 hrs costs u $120.00

Why do we allow this?

Nobody should go the games

Boycott the whole ridiculous assine rip off

F!@# the Dolphins or going to any rip off sporting event

Who the F!@# do these scum bags think they are!

DD, even better than that, you could be a left handed specialist out of the bullpen, have a 58 year career, make a few mill a year, travel the country in summer, hang out with the guys, fce one guy every two or three games...

I mean how long did jesse Orosco pitch?

starks resigned
with the phins' cuz
he knows the season is over jan 1
he wont have 2 work into feb

It's time y'all found a new team and stop kidding urselves

This team is gonna flat out suck and be worse than last year

No way the Dolphins can compete in this league

if j manz
goes 2 jax
i'll watch
6 hrs from the joe
close enuff

Fat Albert just pulled off the biggest scam in Miami Dolphin's history

47 million w
27 million guaranteed even if he never takes one single snap

and the funny part is u nad Home pay his salary

buy another $6.00 water or $10.00 can of cheap beer
and keep doing it over and over again

Screw it
just open up your wallet and give the whole boat to Stephen Ross and the pathetic inept hapless losing Dolphins

That's all Ross wants to do
separate u from your money

anybody want an authentic Egnew jersey
only $225.00 each

How many?
Step right up, my friend


2 watt,
Prisco has Manziel going to Tampa.
Wouldn't that be embarrassing for Tanne to get shown up every week by his replacement at TAM in the same state no less.

When the Phins play late the fans will watch TB game at 1 and see manziel play QB then they will watch Tanne at 4pm.

Egnew Jersey lol....

Why did he even make the roster last year?

Mark, the Cane guard Brandon Linder in rounds 5-7 intrigues me the most. I'm not sure if he would fit our scheme though, might be too slow.

You're really flipping out dude you need to cycle those meds today.

Reel @ 12:43

I do not need an Egnew jersey I already have a Henne jersey which is my favorite garment.
My 2nd favorite are my black boxer-briefs just like Bruce venture wears.
My 2 heros are Henne and Venture, I like to pretend that I am as good as they are.

Egnew has a grand total of 69 yards going into his 3rd year

Dolphins will draft another linemen and they can all stand their and block w the blocking TEs and Blocking RBs

Heck maybe Tannehill can stand still and block too

who needs play makers ?

SMH @ the Dolphins

Home has his 4 by 6 foot Miami Dolphin team flag all twisted up and wrapped around his neck like a noose
and pistol in his mouth

How's ur day going?!

Go Dolphins!


Spend my whole retirement in this blog - that would be a fitting end to a life well lived.

Last person worth me spending money on for a jersey was Zach Thomas.. It would be nice to have another stop gap MLB..........

Prisco has us getting Mosley

neMo, Linder is ok, great kid by the sounds of it, but he'd be extremely lucky to make a go of it in the NFL beyond his first contract.


Basketball team and a favorite NASCAR driver, that way they can spend a few months a year on each team and still live a normal, well balanced life.

We prefer to spend the whole year on this team only, hour after hour, day after day, year after year.


Does Ellerbee move outside and Wheeler go to the bench?

May as well.. Last few games Wheeler looked stupid. The Bills used him... Just ran right over him.

He was a huge bust last year.

I have been critical of Tannehill for his lack of accuracy but the Dolphins seem committed to him and a lot is done this time of year to mislead. However perhaps the due diligence has some real purpose. I know one thing if Tannehill can not hit Wallace in stride he will not be the starting QB for the Miami Dolphins this season no matter what the site General Managers indicate on this Blog. A team can not pay Wallace what they are paying without having a QB that can deliver the football to him.

Not defending Wallace, but Tanny missed on a lot of long balls last year and left some points on the field. Cant remember the exact stats off hand but I know they sucked...

WALLACE 2013: 73 REC 930 YDS

1 rec went for 57 yds
The other 72 averaged 12.1 yds.

Wallace is a short yardage guy.
All that stuff about blowing the top off the defense is a lie.


On the bone.

fraud educate yourself. u blow the top off the defense by pulling them deep, never by actually catching one. blowing top off is to benefit the other wrs

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