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Former UM QB Stephen Morris on the Dolphins radar

While much of their draft focus is rightly on offensive line, it should be noted the Dolphins have a long list of needs, wants and must haves. And while quarterback is neither a need nor a must have, it definitely is a want -- one which the team might fill with a local player.

The Dolphins had University of Miami quarterback Stephen Morris at their facility last week as one of the "locals" visits they're allowed. Coaches also had dinner with Morris the night before the visit. And it should be noted that general manager Dennis Hickey and coach Joe Philbin attended the University of Miami Pro Day where Morris showed his skills two weeks ago.

Morris, I'm told, has impressed several Dolphins people -- including general manager Dennis Hickey -- with his maturity, intelligence and overall approach.

So does this mean the team is going to draft Stephen Morris?

That is not certain. But it means Morris is on the radar and the Dolphins are doing their due diligence on him. And that's a good thing because the Dolphins are going to have to draft a QB soon enough or find one through free agency or some other means.


Well, Ryan Tannehill is the starter. There is no controversy or question about that.

And Matt Moore is well-liked and appreciated as the backup while Pat Devlin recently signed his exclusive rights tender to be the No. 3.

But Moore is in the final year of his contract and while his experience is valuable, paying $4 million per year or more for a backup quarterback isn't the most efficient use of salary cap space. Devlin, meanwhile, has been in the Dolphins program for three years and it seems he's no closer to challenging for the backup job than he was in 2011 when he arrived.

Indeed, it has not been a competition for the No. 2 job at all.

So the Dolphins can obviously be improved by adding a young, talented quarterback with a Pro caliber arm (like Morris or someone else) to push Devlin for the No. 3 job but also to make a strong push for the backup job as well after 2014.

Maybe Stephen Morris is that guy.

Anyway, check out some 2013 highlights:



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No team will be drafting Morris. He's Not good enough to play QB at the next level. Jeff Ireland would do something foolish like that.

Manziel will be long gone by 19. A lot of teams in the top part of the draft need a QB. But...I wouldn't mind a trade down if we can't get one of the top 4 tackles for the OL.

BTW...Marino any many others believe T-hill will improve this year...That would put him well within the top 10 QB's in the league. I believe I would take their word over the silly obnoxious jealous few on here.

Alright I'll bite and drop a mock of my own......

Trade down with S.F. or Clevland to 26 or 30 while adding a low 2 or high 3 in the process......

1) Ryan Shazier / To play MLB in our scheme

2-A) Sua-Filo or David Yankey still available / LG spot filled

2-B) JuWaun James / A Big specimen for the RT spot

3) Jeremy Hill / A big powerful runner from the SEC.

4) Martavius Bryant / A big WR

5) Brandon Thomas sliding due to injury

6) BA player on board regardless of Pos.


Can't beat us.

Marc @ 8:10

Teams with a top 5 pick get a 2nd rounder to move back (see Dion Jordan trade)
Teams with a 6-12 pick get a 3rd rounder to move back.
Teams with a 13-20 pick get a 4th rounder to move back.

NO ONE GIVES UP A 2ND ROUNDER TO MOVE UP TO #19 (although I would not be surprised if Hickey the career backup GM did that).

If they are going to look at any mid round QB, they should draft Kenny guiton. That boy can ball

Nice mock fin4life

I hope they don't draft Morris. Did these guys not watch any UM games. He has a strong arm but is not accurate and seems to make the stupid throws all the time.

I would prefer AJ McCaron in the 3rd round, Aaron Murray in the 4th, or Fales in the 5th. Please don't bring in Morris. I would even draft Savage in the 6th. I have seen enough of that loser watching UM games. Morris is terrible.

Ok, done with my wishlist mocks. I see Hickey "playing it safe" his first ever draft. I see it going down like this:

1. Zack Martin
2. Zavier Su'a-filo
3. Jeremy Hill RB LSU
4. Ahmad Dixon S Baylor
5. EJ Gaines CB Missouri
6. Stephen Morris
7. D'Anthony Thomas KR

You are not cultured people.

Jimmy Johnson gave up his #19 pick to the Packers and only got the #29 pick in the first round and a second round pick back from the GB. The Packers took Vonnie Holiday and the Dolphins took John Avery (passed on Randy Moss.

So it is possible to trade down in the first round and to also get back a #2. I would love to see the fins trade down to get another pick.

Thank you Orlando

I would love to see the fins trade down to get another pick.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan


Sí, esto es una buena idea para los Dolphins! Si hacen esto voy a tener una erección enorme y masculino! Voy a dejar que lo tocas, Orlando Dolphan!

Or we can trade our 19 for a 1 next year and a 2 and a 3 this year

This guy from the U looks pretty good, good accurate arm with a pretty fast release. Mobile also. I couldn't find how he did against FSU, Gators. The quality of competition for the U is highly suspect(FAU, NCState, others).

Sidney rice used the jets as a pawn he just agreed with the Seahawks while at the jets facility

Wow that's a diss

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Oscar, ready to give up on Devlin, finally?

This is the last season for Moore, and Devlin may not make it to opening day. Just as well, on with the new.

Besides the Game, I looked at the Hooter's girls. But most of them were very young and slim, and I am afraid that if I plug them they would loudly cry Ouch! I tried not to look at them too closely. To be con't.

Oscar did you see boobies

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Hooters could only be successful here in Puritan American. In most countries, the local bordellos have lots of talent and at very reasonable rates. Going to Hooters to merely look at a clothed woman might be fun for someone who just spent 20 years in jail, not for me.

Yep it was Aaron Murray that's the name I couldn't remember..man he looks like he would blow RT out of the water, sorry!

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Trannys rock

Oscar I truly enjoy chatting with you

Waiting for the draft sucks

I'm sure, Wiener.

Most Women like to be hurt, but not humiliated, Wiener.

Please, let me get to the main part of my reflection which has to do with the Dolphins and Football in general.

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Please Hickey, don't draft Morris, PLEASE draft Muarry. Morris is a good kid but can't play QB. Please, take Muarry.

Stephen Morris and Ryan TannePuke??? WTF?? Do the Dolphins TRY to get the worst QB's in football?

Mecklanburg would be a nice pick in round 3 or 4

I guess it is too hard for you clowns to realize that they are just doing their homework. Ever think it could be smoke screen?

Of course not, you idiots fall for the same thing every single offseason.


What happened to all of us?
Were we not all happy, innocent children early in our lives?
Now we come here, voluntarily, over and over and over every hour of every day just to be negative.
What the fcck happened to us?

In a QB league we have the worst QB's in football. Its laughable how pathetic this franchise is....

Wilma @ 10:00

Every single offseason?
How about every single page on this blog going back years.

We don't know Hickey style is but I'm sure he's very tight to the vest

What happened ?

Posted by: ExposingThe Fraud | April 16, 2014 at 10:02 PM

There is nothing to be positive about after 7 consecutive losing seasons.
There is nothing to be positive about no playoff win in 15 years,
There is nothing to be positive about no SB win in 43 years.

Wiener @ 10:04

I have already identified Hickey's style:


Why does he like career backups?


Maybe it was all the losing by Ireland and co. But here's to a new beginning go dolphins

Dude we made some nice signings

Mando gossitps and you all become his queens. LOL. Such fools.

Posted by: Wilma | April 16, 2014 at 10:00 PM

Well you're a bitter old cow aren't you Wilma?

I had never been to a Soccer Game with Fans there and only watched sporadically on TV. I was greatly impressed with the Fanaticism there for the Sport, People dancing on top of their table, hugging, shouting which I have never seen before from any Fan in any Sport here. Now, I do believe that Soccer is quickly overtaking American Football, at least here in Miami. Joe Robbie was right. Curiously, most Soccer Fans there, were young New Cubans, between 18 and 30 y/o who most came here in the last 10 years. I asked around and was told that Soccer in Cuba on TV from Spain, among young People (Cuba really doesn't have a significant Soccer Team), is more popular than Baseball in Cuba now. I did not know that.


What happened to all of us?
Were we not all happy, innocent children early in our lives?
Now we come here, voluntarily, over and over and over every hour of every day just to be negative.
What the fcck happened to us?

Posted by: ExposingThe Fraud | April 16, 2014 at 10:02 PM


But I have the Phins and this blog so i will always have something to keep me occupied.

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | April 06, 2014 at 06:35 PM

If you want positivity go to the Pats or Seahawks blog.


And if we give him the benefit of the doubt that he finds a starter in the 2nd and 3rd where does that leave us? Nowhere. Why?
Here's why: Is the 83rd best player in college so much better than the NFL starter he is replacing? How much better is the 8th best college LB than Wheeler? How much better is the 6th best college G than Incognito? Who would the 7th best WR put on the bench? Not Hartline he's the only 1000+ last 2 seasons. Not the $17mil man. If he's not as big as Gibson he won't be taking his snaps.

Trade the entire draft for Aaron Murray

So it is possible to trade down in the first round and to also get back a #2. I would love to see the fins trade down to get another pick.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | April 16, 2014 at 09:02 PM

In watching the NFL draft now for over 20 Yrs. or ever since ESPN, Cris Berman & Kiper made it popular have seen teams trade down acquiring 2nd Rd'ers on the way back. In 1986 the 49ers I think made it vogue by trading all the way back out of Rd-1 then with an arsenal of picks Rds 2 through 3 picked themselves the core of their 2nd run in the late 80's. They added Larry Roberts, Tom Rathman, John Taylor, Tim McKyer, Charles Haley and Kevin Fagen with the bounty of picks and added the cherry on top getting DB Don Griffin in Rd-6.

The Cowboys the Yr. Steven Jackson was in the draft traded back a few times in Rd-1 then again on the clock with St Louis all the way out of Rd-1 giving this player to the Rams and them needing to get a new RB at that time taking Julius Jones in the 2nd so have seen it work for and against teams all depends on whose doing the shopping!

oscar canosa: Futbol > football

That was a classic man, still is.

Trade the entire draft for Mr Football.


I mean, you can probably kiss American Football's Asss goodbye from Miami in a few years.

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