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Former UM QB Stephen Morris on the Dolphins radar

While much of their draft focus is rightly on offensive line, it should be noted the Dolphins have a long list of needs, wants and must haves. And while quarterback is neither a need nor a must have, it definitely is a want -- one which the team might fill with a local player.

The Dolphins had University of Miami quarterback Stephen Morris at their facility last week as one of the "locals" visits they're allowed. Coaches also had dinner with Morris the night before the visit. And it should be noted that general manager Dennis Hickey and coach Joe Philbin attended the University of Miami Pro Day where Morris showed his skills two weeks ago.

Morris, I'm told, has impressed several Dolphins people -- including general manager Dennis Hickey -- with his maturity, intelligence and overall approach.

So does this mean the team is going to draft Stephen Morris?

That is not certain. But it means Morris is on the radar and the Dolphins are doing their due diligence on him. And that's a good thing because the Dolphins are going to have to draft a QB soon enough or find one through free agency or some other means.


Well, Ryan Tannehill is the starter. There is no controversy or question about that.

And Matt Moore is well-liked and appreciated as the backup while Pat Devlin recently signed his exclusive rights tender to be the No. 3.

But Moore is in the final year of his contract and while his experience is valuable, paying $4 million per year or more for a backup quarterback isn't the most efficient use of salary cap space. Devlin, meanwhile, has been in the Dolphins program for three years and it seems he's no closer to challenging for the backup job than he was in 2011 when he arrived.

Indeed, it has not been a competition for the No. 2 job at all.

So the Dolphins can obviously be improved by adding a young, talented quarterback with a Pro caliber arm (like Morris or someone else) to push Devlin for the No. 3 job but also to make a strong push for the backup job as well after 2014.

Maybe Stephen Morris is that guy.

Anyway, check out some 2013 highlights:



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I didn't know we were talking about year ONLY...not sure why that is the bench mark....

Marino peaked in his 2nd year....so let's not put that on the kid....

I still contend that 4,000 yards...regardles of what year your QB is in is easier to do todaythan it was in the 80's and 90's...as evidenced by the sheer number of Qbs who have done it recently....


Mark is canadian. Realize what you are dealing with. Hint (he's football clueless).

DD, I do much the same thing when I go through my homework during the combine and pro days.

I assess size speed ratio, other combine measureables for explosion and agility and also weigh production.

Test scores may be computed different but interesting Donald, Lewan, Shazier, hageman are all players I've gone on and on about.

I also gave Coyle the highest ILB score. Notice they are also linked to Bitonio heavily in the first who I have as the next best lineman after Lewan.

ALSO, one RB I wowed about last year was Christine Michael who ended up being their top pick.

If they didn't draft Michael last year, they'd draft Sankey this year.

yeah, I see these guys much the same way the Seahawks do... they also trade up for Jesse williams last year who I liked as well...

Kris, it's perspective. You want Tannehill to perform in his 2nd year like some of the all time greats performed in their peaks. It's unrealistic.

Only way to win with a young, young qb is to have a stocked roster ... no other way ... no other way it's ever been done... ever. You point me to a young qb with success I point you to a strong defense or running game and almost always both.

Brady, Big Ben, Flacco, Ryan ... always been the case.

Peyton, Luck, and Dan are the only ones to have any measure of success in their second seasons while having to carry the mail almost on their own and all three are once in a lifetime talents... the top 0.000001% of the sample size.

The Blog....

Mark has his point of view...and I have mine....but I wouldn't characterize him as clueless.....not by any strech...

Posted by: The Blog | April 17, 2014 at 10:54 AM

Someone is proving the American ignorance cliche with those comments. I hate that we have to put up with people like you giving the rest of the world fodder for that.

...MIT..Yeah, Lewan is the highest tested Tackle. Also by this metric, the Guard from UCLA would be a very good choice at 19(if we were only going by this metric)

Micheal...That was the guy. I spelled his name wrong. That kid from Indiana. I had never heard of him. Stephen Houston. Michael is an athletic freak. This RB from Indiana is almost his equal.

Really interesting stuff. Mosley should be off the board for us by this metric. He isn't worth a 1,2,3rd round pick.

Another Montana defender that is popping up, is D-Lineman Alex Bienneman. He is top 20 in this metric. But he also is taking visits today. I haven't found out where yet.

The discussion is QB's in their 2nd yr not in their prime.

Mark it's funny how you mentioned CBS as the most accurate the other day for player profiles etc, it's The One that takes longest to load on my IPhone so I never use it...grr!

I'm out, have a great blog day everyone!

no qb = no playoffs
u stupid
homers are numb from
all of the losing
from the phins

See Kris and Mark I'm right between your two POVs on Tannehill. I'm not ready to write him off but I'm not willing to accept his faults based on his progression. I err on the side of bringing in a new QB this draft as Tannehill is not the rock solid incumbent without any doubts. I feel he needs competition, and if a rookie can beat him out in camp it says something we need to know now not in two years.

Who decided that was the discussion Garn....and I don't remember agreeing to it....

and again...Marino's 2nd year turned out to be his prime....o prime is subjective....

I compare QBs....I'm not measuring months....

...MIT. SPARQ is sort of the NFL version of Moneyball. Seriously. Seattle is just sort of Meh I the first 2 rounds. But they find some players from rounds 3-7. It is really unbelievable. If any team should trade out of round 1..It is them..They find much better players in the second-third day rounds.

Did you see the last catch of the video. The force of the ball caused the receiver to fall over. Looked just like Hartline - Ha Ha.

was krap in college
and now u homers say
he progressed?
he went from krap
2 just plain suxx now
that's his progression

DD they take risks too, not just stats.

suxx > krap

Posted by: 2 watt | April 17, 2014 at 11:09 AM


don't sink
with tpuke
he's not u'r head ache
get a real qb and Wallace will
be happy and will net
u 15 td's 4 it
next season

DD, I wish i had time to go through every single player in this draft, some fall through the cracks because I nly go through the top 20 OTs, G, WR, DE, DT, OLB, and CB and the top 10 ILB, RB, S, and SS.

I figure I only want to measure highly graded football players and not hihgly graded athletes. As it is I go through 200 prospects. that's enough for me from my office chair.

The guys you mention Houston or the RB from Indiana, they aren't in the top 10 rb according to cbs so I haven't looked at them. jeff janis, wr, saginaw valley state is another guy with great mesaureables and may be in seattle's crosshairs.

I do agree on Mosely and I can probably tell you why Seattle doesn't like him... he's a smaller guy and backs that up with below average lateral quickness. Also didn't help him to not do the bench. I have no idea why guys don't do certain tests unless they have injuries. Only makes them look like they have something to hide.

As far as Sua Filo, he like Martin, appear to be adequate picks at 19.. not great by using my metric which tends to bear similar results to what Seattle does by what you're telling me... guys like Lewan, hageman,Shazier even Amaro have significantly better scores.

Shazier in the first is my call.

ride his stank axx
all the way to the 1st
overall pix in the 2015 draft.
then hix can say
hey, the tsuxx
wasn't my choice
to ross and the
snitch in the pant suit

Reading these pro Manziel post...hilarious. Running QBs don't last in the NFL. Especially undersized QBs.

the seahawks fans
don't care
they have a Lombardi from there
short small
running qb

Posted by: 2 watt | April 17, 2014 at 11:16 AM

Tpuke bwoooook!
Homers bwoooook!


DD, Mark some really great metrics posts. Definitely some of the more juicier tidbits here!!

Darkoak nice post on ignorance clichés, so true.

I'm really out this time, cheers!

DD, I know I get the old yeah whatever from other posters here when I tell them what I would've picked where but if we stayed with our original picks, my rudimentary analysis would've told us our picks should've been

1 (12) Sheldon Richardson
2 a) Jamie Collins
2 b) Terron Armstead
3 a) Brian Schwenke
3 b) Da'Rick Rodgers

Now, a year later we would've had our O line sorted out as Armstead is the starting LT for teh Saints and Schwenke the starting C for the Titans and both would've been perfect in zone blocking due to superior athleticism.

Collins is a star in the making in NE

Now Rodgers went undrafted and reveals the flaw in what I do because it doesn't (because I can't talk to these guys) reveal mental aptitude or personality flaws but just going by the numbers Rodgers was the most talented WR in the draft.

I also slotte Ryan Swope later on which reveals another flaw .. inability to see players' medical records...

anyway, interested to see what the guys I've been backing do next year.

You do not draft a QB to push your 2nd yr developing starting QB whom you're hoping gets you over the hump. You'd be asking for big QB controversy which is never a healthy situation. A young QB needs all confidence & support he can get.

You draft a QB next yr, if at end of 2014 you decide Thill is not your future. This is how it's done.

Posted by: Garn79 | April 17, 2014 at 08:59 AM

After you've invested 3 Yrs. in his development and given him 48 career starts. I believe that's correct!

no qb = no playoffs
u stupid
homers are numb from
all of the losing
from the phins
Posted by: 2 watt | April 17, 2014 at 11:07 AM

With only 2 watts

Shazier would be a great call Darkoak, like NeMo says, combines BPA with need.

Shazier apparently outjumped the stick they use to measure the vertical jump. 42 is the max you can get... he says he has more in him, haha

Not that it means anything on it's own but when you combine that athelticism with a guy who put up 140+ tackles and 6 sacks, yeah, that's a keeper.

•HOME: Buffalo Bills, New England Patriots, New York Jets, Kansas City Chiefs, San Diego Chargers, Baltimore Ravens, Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings
•AWAY: Bills, Patriots, Jets, Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders, Jacksonville Jaguars, Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions
bills ha, the can't beat them that's 2 losses right there
split with the jets and pats.
broncs loss-5
chargers loss" b'cuz they went 2 the joe last game it will be out west-6
pax loss-7
vikes toss up ?
ravens and chiefs.they will lose 1 of those-8
Oakland ,lions bears jax they split them so?
with a toss up 2 be 7-9
with tpuke as qb.
go homers go homers goooo

Stephen Morris is an interesting Prospect.

I would prefer the QB from Missouri. Or Muttneberg. They are better QBs.

But those guys will be higher picks. Franklin a 4-5th rd pick, M-Berg a 2nd rd pick.

Stephen Morris has an Arm!!

A "Lazor"!!

And we could get him at the bottom of the Draft. 6th-7th rd pick.

The Dolphins will be able to cut Moore and have an extra $5M to spend on a player that comes loose during camp.

The interest in Morris just confirms that Ross wont pay for top players. Pray for new ownership.

Posted by: Shula 73 | April 17, 2014 at 09:31 AM


In the CAPPED rookie ERA??? I on't want Morris because I watched him in College struggle mightily when up against the better comp. and the D's rolling the coverages on him. He's a good kid and he has the goods physically but so did alot of other guys. The issue is he can't read shifting coverages and D's overall on the fly. He gets stumped and goes into a funk hitting the wall! I saw it to much! Google last Yrs. game Vs. the Gators who were in man coverage early and Morris hits them for a 60 plus Yd TD then they shift into zone with some cover-2 and it was a different game!

...MIT..The metrics are just one variable. Seattle obviously wants football players that are very good athletes. I'm sure all teams do. They have just found a formula that works. Of course there will be misses, if you could invent an exact science to draft players I'm sure you would have a ton of caaash, and piles of blow, hookers, and everything awesome that being rich affords.

These metrics are very very interesting.

You do not draft a QB to push your 2nd yr developing starting QB whom you're hoping gets you over the hump. You'd be asking for big QB controversy which is never a healthy situation. A young QB needs all confidence & support he can get.

You draft a QB next yr, if at end of 2014 you decide Thill is not your future. This is how it's done.

Posted by: Garn79 | April 17, 2014 at 08:59 AM

After you've invested 3 Yrs. in his development and given him 48 career starts. I believe that's correct!

Posted by: fin4life | April 17, 2014 at 11:29 AM

This makes to much sense. Specially when the QBs next year are going to be so much Better. Winston, Marriotti, The kid from UCLA, and others. Guys that grade out as better prospects.

If the Fins tank with Tannehill this year, Which won't happen. Then you tank the rest of the season for Winston!!

This year, This Draft!! #1,#2,#3, and #4 job for D.Hickey is to get players around Tannehill. The Dolphins need to get at least 2 lineman in this draft and 1 of them better be a year 1 starter. And his name better not be Martin.

Dennis Hickey Draft Priority

#1-Right Tackle
#2-Big Redzone Target
#3-Offensive Guard
#4-Running Back

...MIT..Stephen Houston RB. Indiana. I had never heard of him either. He isn't ranked anywhere. I guess that is why teams have scouts, and the rankings for teams are meaningless. Also, by the metric. The highest rated running back wasn't even a running back Last year. GA. Southern Qb. Mcitrrick(I butchered his last name)...but his scores are higher then any back in the last 5 years not named Christine Michael.

He isn't ready to play running back at this level yet. But by the metrics..He is the best athlete at the position in the draft. But, can block, can he catch the ball, can he play in a pro system? The metrics don't give us this info..Still good stuff.

So how bout those NY JETS!

NFL Network now reporting NY JETS to be after TE EBRON @ 18th pick

Agree to disagree on competition for Tannehill but my last note is if he can't take the heat of a late round QB behind him do we really expect him to excel in the NFL? He has been supported and protected for two years, if he's the face of our team, he needs to take it by the reins and be the man! Coddling him for another season seems counter productive IMHO.

Giving the Dolphins opponents

6-10 is very feasible

We'll give em one more and make it 7-9
. . all the time


Yes, S.Morris need to learn to read the defense. But you can't deny his arm. S.Morris can make all the throws and a couple others most can't make.

Hickey is showing that he is interested in players from Sfla. Even though we won't know until Draft Day.

6th or 7th round range I wouldn't be opposed to Morris. Honestly I wouldn't go into this draft saying we need to draft a good qb. If someone slips a round or 2 and is BPA I'd be for that though.

I don't think Moore is going anywhere, even though we can save 4 mil by cutting him.

He fits right in with the tier of QB he is in, which is a good backup, but not a starter.

He's there with Cassell, Vick, Hasselbeck, Fitzpatrick, McCown.

As MIT mentioned, I do like Shazier a lot and think there is at least a decent shot of it being the pick, so I hope it works out.

Randy Starks's Brown Eye is the Face of the Team

The Dolphins are going into the season w the same awful QB and one hybrid TE

Do urself a favor

take a yea off from watching the Miami Dolphins and

Go Fish!

The Jets still have Marty Mornhinweg as the OC.

Home is Right On the Fins!

This is Philbin & Tanehill's last season

If Tanne doesn't graduate...he most likely would have lost his job to Johnny FOOTBALL....and rightfully so...as Johhny followed up Tanne's medicre reign with 2 Heisman invites...and one Heisman won....

Posted by: Kris (In Germany) | April 17, 2014 at 09:49 AM

I've heard this said he often over the last Yr and wanted to add something to the Convo.


Tannehill in 18 College starts (only 5 games in 2010 started at QB)

484/774 5,450 Yds 42 TD's 21 Int's 62.5 Pct.

Manziel in in 2 full College Seasons or 26 starts

595/863 7,820 Yds 63 TD's 22 Int's 68.9 Pct.

So Manziel didn't exactly blow him away while having Mike Evans to throw to during his time at QB. The win Vs. #1 Alabama is what won him a heisman because before that I doubt any of you even knew who he was!

It's official

Drafting Tannehill instead of Kuechly
set this franchise back 5 YRs

Home was right all along

After the 2014 season
Miami starts all over again from scratch

Morris sucks and should not even be considered for the NFL

How freakin desperate!

...I am for drafting a quarterback. First. if Tannehill cannot mentally handle us drafting a quarterback..Then we should be cutting ties right now. Really? It may hurt his feelings? Come on. We aren't drafting a quarterback with the idea he is Tannys replacement. We are doing it to 1 Save some money(Cut Moore..Please) 2..To develop a guy in this system that can compete down the road. 3..As an insurance policy in the scenario We decide we aren't going to extend Tannehill to a huge contract(in case he fails)..

We can always draft a guy in the first round. But, if Tannehill gets hurt, or he just doesn't pan out. I want someone in the system that we think is capapble. I don't want to play lets find a journeyman jagoff to fill the void while we search for a top prospect.

It makes total sense to draft and develop a guy right now. Devlin? Moore? Please.

I guess you can keep M.Moore around for 1 more season. Or until you have to give Ryan "T-Sizzle" Tannehill his $100M extension. (Oh, it is going to happen.)

I would suggest bringing in a late round prospect to battle for the #2 job. A player that would make M.Moore or P.Devlin expendable, and will be able to get a draft pick for him in a couple years.

If we draft a QB in any round this year it will send the wrong message and create a QB controversy...just what we don't need.
Give Tannehill one year to thrive under Lazor's scheme. If we do anything below 8-8...T-Hill is gone anyway and you focus on FA or Draft next year.

DD, McKinnon is RBs name and he went to Georgia Southern. His metrics are better than his skills, he still seems raw from what I've seen of him.

Still, he would be a good late round gamble with that athleticism.


Shermanator was turning around a program at A&M. Don't get me wrong K.Sumlin has done a great job. And he did a great job at Houston before that. But by the time Manziel came around the A&M program was stacked with players.

It is almost like giving The UM program to another coach this year, after A.Golden has turned the program around and the team is loaded with underclassmen. Of course that coach is going to have instant success. It is also known as Larry Coker Syndrome.

Despite Home's warnings

The Miami Dolphins went all in w Tannehill

This is the complete fail year

None of u really like the Dolphins that much anyway
U just pretend to like them or a shadow of them from 30-50 yrs ago

None of u even go to practices, training camp or games

U are still hoping there is a Santa Claus

Home is here to tell u there aint no Santa Claus

The Dolphins absolutely suck and Joe Philbin needs to go home to his a family for a delayed mourning of the sad horrendous loss of his son

Even though we don't need a WR, if Marqise is available should we grab em? Come by, answer our poll and tell us what you think!! http://phinsnews.com/should-the-phins-take-usc-wr-marqise-lee-with-their-1st-pick/

NY Jets vs New England Patriots will be very exciting sports entertainment this season

...NeMo..Thanks.. I couldn't spell his name. Ga. Southern has a system that has worked for 20 years. They always have huge run numbers. I think they threw it less then 100 times last year, probably less then 50. Anyway, that was the point I wanted to make. The metrics are great. But can the player play?

No way in Hell
Tannehill is starting QB for the 2015 Dolphins

It will be very painful for Dolfans to watch the demise of this inept hapless team this season

QBs aren't suppose to have feelings.

Need a reason for The Fins drafting a QB? Just because Hickey needs to get a QB. All 3 QBs on the team were picked up by Jeff Ireland. Even if it is a guy that to battle for the #2 job.

The Fins will not get rid of R.Tannehill until at least after the 2016 Season, when his contract is up. It makes no sense until then.

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