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Players who have interested Dolphins

How about that NFL draft over the weekend, huh?

Yeah, the NFL has truly done itself no favors by being so committed to Radio City Music Hall as its only suitable venue for the draft. The reason the draft this year is two weeks late is because Radio City booked a show for the dates that overlapped with the NFL's draft, which is held at the venue.

So the NFL looked for other locations and found none. That forced the league to move the draft back two weeks. It was not a grand plan to increase attention or extend the draft's footprint.

The irony is the show that caused the NFL to move its draft back to May 8-10 never played.

It did not happen.

So pundits have two extra weeks of mocks and rumors and smokescreens. And teams have two extra weeks of paralysis by analysis and visits and workouts.

Below you will find my list of players the Dolphins have shown interest in during this pre-draft marathon period. That means some of these worked out for the team, met with the team, or visited the team.

Offensive tackles

OT Laurent Duvernay-Tardiff McGill (Canada).

OT Seantrel Henderson  Miami. 

OT Ju'Wuan James  Tennessee. 

OT Cyrus Kouandjio  Alabama.

OT Cornelius Lucas  Kansas State

OT Kevin Pamphile Purdue.

OT Garrett Scott Marshall.


G Joel Bitonio Nevada.

G Kadeem Edwards Tennessee State.

G Jon Halapio  Florida.

G Brandon Linder  Miami.

G Spencer Long  Nebraska.

G-OT Zack Martin  Notre Dame.

G Justin McCray  UCF.

G Jordan McCray UCF.

G-OT  Billy Turner North Dakota State


C Jared Wheeler  Miami.


QB Stephen Morris   Miami

QB Aaron Murray   Georgia

Running backs

RB James Baker Idaho

RB Devonta Freeman FSU

RB Tre Mason  Auburn

RB Terrance West  Towson

RB James White Wisconsin

Wide Receivers

WR Odell Beckham  LSU

WR Martavis Bryant   Clemson.

WR Robert Herron  Wyoming

WR Allen Hurns  Miami

WR Marquise Lee   USC

WR Eric Lora  Eastern Illinois

WR Donte Moncrief Mississippi.

Tight ends

TE Asante Cleveland  Miami

TE Junior Delpe     FIU

TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins Washington. 

Defensive tackles

DT Ken Bishop  Northern Illinois

DT Isame Faciane  FIU


LB Carl Bradford  Arizona State.

LB Max Bullough  Michigan State.

LB Rodney Lamar Northern Michigan.

LB C.J. Mosley Alabama. 


CB Walt Aiknes Liberty

CB Brandon Dixon   North Missouri State 

CB Phillip Gaines Rice

CB Marcus Roberson Florida

CB Sammy Seamster Middle Tennessee. 


S Eric Pinkins    San Diego State





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SAM @ 2:12

Add Hartline to the list because he is a legitimate starter (not a #1 but a legit #2).

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | April 28, 2014 at 02:19 PM

Nope, too many legit #2 wr's that score far more than Hartline. He puts up yardage numbers, no scoring number. The primary directive is too win the game.

Hartline also had a couple endzone drops too.

We need 3 guys from 2013's draft to "step up" and become not "back up starters", but "legit nfl starters". Then we need at "2 legit nfl starters" to come from 2014's draft.

This is the only way this becomes a legit 2014 playoff team. Wildcard, anyway. No way this team beats the Pats for the crown unless Brady is carted off the field for the season.

Then, it's another dead heat for the Afc East title, repeating 2008. As it stands right now, the Pats could beat for the afc east crown without Tom Brady. :)

"So the NFL looked for other locations and found none. That forced the league to move the draft back two weeks. It was not a grand plan to increase attention or extend the draft's footprint."

What I find shocking, being a multi billion dollar business, why hasn't the "NFL BUILT" it's own draft hall?

Sure the draft is a 3 day venture, but, it could be a multi-purpose hall the NFL uses all year long to host different NFL services. I'm sure with a little bit of brains and huge wads of cash they can find a way to work it out.

No, Sam

Without Brady, you will not see fumbles for a 20 yard loss turn into a 13 yard gain and a first down. The "Brady factor" is more than the way he plays.

Sorry, that was a 10 yard penalty and a first down.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | April 28, 2014 at 02:35 PM

I report it like it is. You've been here over 5yrs with the same unrealistic bs, or making excuses for piss poor aforehand years play.

Every year no playoffs, every year those telling it lie it is are called the "dumb ones". What an endless loop of futility. How long will you homers remain comatose in your slumber? :)

it's pretty obvious Hartline is a legit No 2 if you don't think he is you have no business talking football

Hartline has 2,150 yards, 9 TD's, 14 yards per catch over the last 2 years ON WHAT PLANET is that not No 2 numbers? Dolphins fans are funny sometimes

"paralysis by analysis" I heard that the other night on NFL network from Bucky Brooks. Or at least I think it was him.

They could build that "draft hall" right here in Dallas Texas. :)

I want Brady in when the Dolphins start beating the Pats. What better way to gauge your team than to beat the best out there.

Read into that list how you want but it seems Miami has brought in more top tier offensive help than defensive. The only defensive player with a 1st round grade is Mosley.

Still doesn't tell me who but interesting. Last year Tampa drafted 1 player they were "interested in." I believe it was in the middle rounds and a DT.

Sam, you forgot Grimes on your list of "legit starters"


ONE THOUSAND PERCENT, I believe Pouncey will not be a Dolphin when his rookie contract expires.

I see our only hope of enticing Pouncey to stay is pay him at least "TOP 2" in the league center pay. You can book that Dan-o!

Sam, you forgot Grimes on your list of "legit starters"

Posted by: NeMo | April 28, 2014 at 02:46 PM

Oops, thought I added him. Did meant to put him there though.

If Pouncey plays well the next 2 years he will get franchised anyway.....so saying he will not be a Dolphin is MORONIC because if your talking about anything 3 years in advance of when he is contractually free is laughable not very smart and just plain dumb.


Legit #2 wr's score 7 to 10 tds on a yearly basis. Hartline can take those 2 1000 yd recieving seasons and shove them up his ass for all I care. 4tds 1yr, 5 the next.

You would be totally laughed out of a real football conversation with those truly in the know, trying to make your case for Hartline as a "totally legit #2 wr."

He doeswnt find the endzone nearly enough. At least not with the football attached to his hands. Yardage means zero when you do not score.

Wake will go several games without making an impact he's not nowhere near as dominant as JT who would come up with his trademark strip, sack and return for a TD play.

Have Wake ever done this?


Want to see what a real #2 wr looks like? Google Mark Duper. Compare his numbers to Hartline.

I read that the Phins may want to move up and take the Vikings pick so they can get Matthews or Ebron.

I believe this is a Phins smoke screen to force the Jets or anyone interested in them to trade up.

This would allow someone to slip to #19 that might not have been there otherwise.

Thats the major problem with this franchise the past 15yrs. So little very good players have come thru, dolfans have long forgotten what they look like. :)


Ebron wasn't on your list.

Is this the ultimate smoke screen?

Posted by: jordan | April 28, 2014 at 02:50 PM

What does Pouncey care. If he's franchised he's getting top 2 in the league center pay anyway. Didn't I post that moron?

"So the NFL looked for other locations and found none".

Let me get this straight. In the whole country there was no place? What a crock. The day Roger Goodell resigns should be a national holliday.

Posted by: 2014 | April 28, 2014 at 02:56 PM

This sort of move is far to costly for a team needing "MULTIPLE NEW STARTERS" at over 10 starting positions. In the long run it weakens us far more than it strengthens us.

If fins had real qb hartline would have scored a lot more. When I come in for tanny you'll c. Signed - Jordan Rodgers.

Pouncey is NOT getting top 2 C money in his next until he reaches FA which won't be til 2016 anyway LOL. Pouncey would take a deal next off season from Miami at around 7 mill per

In a draft considered one of the strongest in a decade(s). The best "LONGTERM STRATEGY" unquestionably is trade down for extra picks to upgrade more starting positions.

Even if only upgrading starting positions now manned by our NFL backups.

So every No 2 WR looks like Mark Duper? Guess there's only about 5 legit No 2 WR's in the NFL LOL. Absurd comparison.

Pouncey IS NOT getting No 2 OC money because he is NOT a top 2 C at the moment if he gets better "MAYBE" HE GETS IT when he is a Free Agent 3 years from now.

Sam, take your meds and a nap ... sheesh crazy old coot


Hartline's YAC does leave a little to be desired although he seemed to do better last year than the year before.

I not sure you can put he TD thing completely on him either. Some of it is game planning. How many balls went his direction inside the 20?

On the whole I think he is a solid #2 but drafting someone like Cooks or Beckham Jr would probably result in him getting moved down the depth chart sooner or later.

philbins offense isnt predicated on a #1 or #2 or anything else for that matter.

stupid people.

If fins had real qb hartline would have scored a lot more. When I come in for tanny you'll c. Signed - Jordan Rodgers.

Posted by: the crispy Rodgers | April 28, 2014 at 03:03 PM

Hartline couldn't get 8tds in a single season with Tom Brady or Peyton Manning throwing to him. He always disappears in the redzone or "$money zone$"

Premium offensive players do not get paid big money for yardage stats alone. Many backup wr's had 5 receiving tds last season.

that's no smoke screen
just sun screen b'cuz the phins
will pick a qb in the 1st

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | April 28, 2014 at 03:09 PM

Dumb Ireland signed a league top 5 #2 wr. Problem is, dumb Ireland thought he was signing a #1 wr.

At present, we're still without a true #1 wr, and have one of the best #2 wr's in the league playing the #1. Then our #2(Hartline) is back of the pack in terms of scoring tds.

This has been Hartline's "flatline" his entire career as a Dolphin. We make excuses for the qb's in Miami. Then turn around and blame those same qb's when needing to make excuses for Hartline's td number.

The "EXCUSES" are now Making excuses for excuses. When does the endless excuse loop end? :)

Hartline couldn't get 8 TD's in a season with Manning? WOW WOW just WOW.

ridiculous! I guarantee Hartline would get 8-10 TD's with Manning as QB.


Peyton Manning would veto it if Elway asked him about bringing in Hartline. :)

Good point gman,

Although you could have made the point without name calling it is something to consider that Philbin and alot of WC or spread formation offenses don't want a #1 in a perfect world.

Gruden has said it, Philbin and Sherman said it two years ago. They want to be able to throw the ball to the mismatch regardless of who's lined up at what spot.

That may be the same reason the Eagles were done with Jackson.

My argument a couple of years ago though when the Fins traded Marshall and out best reciever then was Hartline is you still have to have great players if you expect them to beat the defenders. You can't always gameplan someone open.

OK, this is a solid list of players. If they ONLY picked players from this list (which obviously won't happen) I would be pretty happy if it fell this way. A) is my preference and B)I'd be fine with.

Round 1:
A)WR Odell Beckham - LSU
B)G-OT Zack Martin - Notre Dame.

Round 2:
A)G Joel Bitonio - Nevada.
B)WR Martavis Bryant - Clemson.

Round 3:
A)OT Ju'Wuan James -Tennessee
B)TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins Washington

Round 4:
A) RB Terrance West - Towson
B) QB Aaron Murray - Georgia

Round 5:
A) LB Max Bullough - Michigan State.
B) G Garrett Scott - Marshall

Round 6:
A) G Jordan McCray - UCF
B) DT - Ken Bishop - Northern Illinois

Round 7:
A) G Justin McCray - UCF
B) DT Isame Faciane - FIU


One of the other points is that all the WRs in Philbin's system could line up at any position. I haven't seen that yet. IMO if that is something you want in your offense along with what you mention above then you need a couple more WRs. IMO Moncrief and Latimer fit that mold well.

I don't know if all that is going to change under Lazor's offense.


I like the mock.

If it went Beckham, Bitonio, James, Murray, and Bullough I think we would all be impressed.

Sam I am. Is clearly a Hartline hater Hartline is better than the WR he just got in to apparently replace Decker so I'm out of this convo you are one of the more dumber and truly idiotic people on this board.
Mock Draft at the moment
1. Zack Martin
2. Austin Sefarian Jenkins
3. Jaylen Watkins
4. Jordan Tripp
5. Robert Herron
6. Cornelius Lucas
7. Stephen Morris

Ja'wuan James will be going in the top 50 probably top 40

That is a good list JPAO but after Max Bullough I really don't know the other guys. I would add Moncrief and Latimer to round 2.

why do idiots hate Hartline? what is the point? Bordering on racist.


In Grudens case he was proved to be somewhat wrong. He was getting hammered for not getting the ball to Keyshawn Johnson when he was with the Bucs.

I think some of these coaches get a little carried away with their own "genius".

In the end you still have to beat the guy in front of you.


I am not a fan of Hartline either. He's a solid player but does not command double coverage. Teams don't have to plan for him, just cover him 1 on 1. He'll make a spectacular sideline grab now and then but his YAC does not exist unless he's 5 yards ahead of the DB when he catches the ball.

Is the racism gone from the Dolphins now?

The NFL should rotate the draft location as it does with the SB location.

The Miami Beach Convention Center or the American Airlines Arena would be two good locations.

If it went Beckham, Bitonio, James, Murray, and Bullough I think we would all be impressed

Posted by Rick,

Rick, I would be extremely happy with that draft but just a slight bit more if we got Andre Williams instead of Murray.

You would think that the NFL Draft would be a bigger payday than a standard production?
Not to mention they've held the draft the same weekend in the same venue year after year...I don't buy the argument there was a conflict...if the NFL wanted that weekend they could have secure it.

No ones saying Hartline is a special player but he is a above average starter found in round 4

Jordan, the arena league doesn't want Stephen Morris

Why was Eric Ebron not on Armando's list?

I've read many articles that the Phins would be interested in him if he was available at #19.

YG douche STFU already, your posts are crapola. And your little :) at the end of them all doesn't make "them respectable".

Stephen Morris is a developmental QB worthy of a 6th or 7th round QB.

I'll bet my left nut the Fins don't draft a TE @ #19.

I've read those also 2014 but he may have omitted Ebron due to the most recent articles saying Ebron will be long gone before 19 and if he makes to 18, he'll be gone for sure. Who knows?

Poll: if Mosley & Martin are gone @ #19 is Kuondjio a shoe in?

I'd love to draft Bridgewater if he's there

Hartline wouldn't start for any other team

Morris couldn't make any teams practice squad

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