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Players who have interested Dolphins

How about that NFL draft over the weekend, huh?

Yeah, the NFL has truly done itself no favors by being so committed to Radio City Music Hall as its only suitable venue for the draft. The reason the draft this year is two weeks late is because Radio City booked a show for the dates that overlapped with the NFL's draft, which is held at the venue.

So the NFL looked for other locations and found none. That forced the league to move the draft back two weeks. It was not a grand plan to increase attention or extend the draft's footprint.

The irony is the show that caused the NFL to move its draft back to May 8-10 never played.

It did not happen.

So pundits have two extra weeks of mocks and rumors and smokescreens. And teams have two extra weeks of paralysis by analysis and visits and workouts.

Below you will find my list of players the Dolphins have shown interest in during this pre-draft marathon period. That means some of these worked out for the team, met with the team, or visited the team.

Offensive tackles

OT Laurent Duvernay-Tardiff McGill (Canada).

OT Seantrel Henderson  Miami. 

OT Ju'Wuan James  Tennessee. 

OT Cyrus Kouandjio  Alabama.

OT Cornelius Lucas  Kansas State

OT Kevin Pamphile Purdue.

OT Garrett Scott Marshall.


G Joel Bitonio Nevada.

G Kadeem Edwards Tennessee State.

G Jon Halapio  Florida.

G Brandon Linder  Miami.

G Spencer Long  Nebraska.

G-OT Zack Martin  Notre Dame.

G Justin McCray  UCF.

G Jordan McCray UCF.

G-OT  Billy Turner North Dakota State


C Jared Wheeler  Miami.


QB Stephen Morris   Miami

QB Aaron Murray   Georgia

Running backs

RB James Baker Idaho

RB Devonta Freeman FSU

RB Tre Mason  Auburn

RB Terrance West  Towson

RB James White Wisconsin

Wide Receivers

WR Odell Beckham  LSU

WR Martavis Bryant   Clemson.

WR Robert Herron  Wyoming

WR Allen Hurns  Miami

WR Marquise Lee   USC

WR Eric Lora  Eastern Illinois

WR Donte Moncrief Mississippi.

Tight ends

TE Asante Cleveland  Miami

TE Junior Delpe     FIU

TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins Washington. 

Defensive tackles

DT Ken Bishop  Northern Illinois

DT Isame Faciane  FIU


LB Carl Bradford  Arizona State.

LB Max Bullough  Michigan State.

LB Rodney Lamar Northern Michigan.

LB C.J. Mosley Alabama. 


CB Walt Aiknes Liberty

CB Brandon Dixon   North Missouri State 

CB Phillip Gaines Rice

CB Marcus Roberson Florida

CB Sammy Seamster Middle Tennessee. 


S Eric Pinkins    San Diego State





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Rick, I would be extremely happy with that draft but just a slight bit more if we got Andre Williams instead of Murray.
Posted by: Texas_Dolfan | April 28, 2014 at 03:47 PM


Agreed Texas,

I'm not too crazy about taking a QB unless someones falls and you just can't resist the value.

If Tanny shiites the bed the season is probably done unless Moore can save it anyway. It's highly unlikely a 4th rd rookie QB is going to come in and save the season.

I actually have a feeling that Murray will go before the 4th rd.

Could an Ebron/Clay TE combination or
Seferian-Jenkins/Clay (more likely)have the success the PATS have had with their TE formations?

The NFL is a copycat league. Example #1, the Phins have tried to copycat the Packers West Coast offense but haven't had any luck with it (so far).

Why does everyone think we're taking a QB in the 1st rd?

Tannehill is a developmental QB that should've been drafted in the 7th rd

I like none of the Play3rs that have worked out for the Dolphins, met or were invited by the Team, perhaops except for Marqis Lee. Where are the Su'a Filos, the Calvin Pryors, the Aaron Donalds, the David Yankeys, the Jack Mewhorsts, the Chris Borlands, etc. It does seem like we are walking the same pathway that Ireland used to walk(I hope not, but I'll find out, yes or no, with our #19 pick in the Draft).

NO ONE thinks the Dolphins will draft a QB in the first in fact I GUARANTEE they won't haha!.

ASJ and Clay could be the best TE duo in the NFL!

I think we go BPA at 19. If the top tier OT's are gone and Mosley is not there either then you have to look at the most talented prospect on the board. It may not be OL or ILB which we really need. If there is a playmaker grab him. Then we can focus on OL and ILB later.

Hickey's dilemma will be:

1)Lewan dropping to #19

2)Mosely dropping to #19

3)One of the QBs dropping to #19 and Hickey getting a call from the Browns offering their 2nd 1st round pick plus several other picks with a favorable points value like several sportswriters are predicting.

Would passing up on Lewan or Mosely be a mistake?

Would either one still be available at the lower pick?

BPA could well be one of the Big 3 QB's

Stats are for idiots. Only one stat ever matters. W/L.

Dashi that could be the case. I just can't see us taking a QB in the first round this year. BUT, as 2014 mentioned it could position us for an interesting trade situation if one of the QB needy teams wants to trade up to 19 for a QB.

Tannehill is a developmental QB that should've been drafted in the 7th rd

Posted by: Tony Nathan | April 28, 2014 at 04:11 PM

Your mama is a developmental female that couldn't give birth to any males.

Seriously deranged is the word. Usually, that kind of People touch bottom to return to the surface, or never do so again.

Many of you burnt out too many brain cells. Tannehill is better than any QB in this draft.

Tannehill wouldn't even get drafted if he came out this year.

He'd be riding the pine behind Johnny Football

Guys are crazy did anyone watch Bartavias Bryant play guy is a stud and is better then every WR except Watkins. He just has red flags and was suspended from the team. Guy is 6'4 212 lbs runs a 4.4 flat w a 40" Verticle . Hes got elite speed great huge hands: with his long arms height and verticle no one is out jumping him for the ball. He has the strengh and size to beat the press and speed and arm length with great hands to be a deep threat. Anyone see the Orange bowl where he caught the game winning TD vs ohio st on a bombled tipped pass by the DB w one hand in the back of the end zone. Go youTube Bryants Hightlights. Also just turn 21 already has great size he can fill that frame in the next 2-3 years and hold 220 -225..... Dolphins get him it would be huge

IF...Bridgwater is on the board @ #19 I say we sell the pick, drop down and grab Cyrus Kouandijo at the bottom of the first round...and grab an extra 2nd round pick in the process...win/win.

Johnny Manziel slips to #19 and we don't take him. It will lead yet to more infamous drafts we and our GM allowed to slip past us.

Remember Drew Brees? We passed on him twice. :)

I say if we can get the # 22 pick and maybe mathis and 5th rd or even jsut mathis and # 22 pick which we might be able to parlay into multiple picks in this deep draft or the # 22 and 4th

#22? We'll get a 7th rd pick at best. lmao....

Pouncey's option for 2015 will be exercised before the May 3rd deadline. We'll have him for at least 2 more years unless he screws up off the field.

The 2014 option is worth 7.4 million. This would make him the 4th highest paid center behind Mack, Khalil, and Mangold. That seems about right to me.

Ryan Tannehill, worst Dolphin QB ever?

I agree Sam if Manziel is there 19 you take him

Trading back 3 spots(#22) isn't a draft building move, its a CHEAP SKATE move. Still lmao....

Browns and 49ers are the two teams with most picks to give up to take our #19 (not counting teams willing to give 2015 picks).

Trading back is for losers

Only trade partner I really see for the Dolphins is San Fran if a player they REALLY LOVE is still on the board when we pick at #19. They can give the greatest value too.

Jordan...I'd say Pat White was the worst Fins QB ever. followed by Cleo Lemon.

Oh yea...almost forgot about John Beck... Guy was lost out there.

They weren't starters

Cleo Lemon was better than Tannehill

Jordan...load up the NFL video vault from last years Pats game (2nd one) and watch the second half, then tell me he's the worst QB ever.

Not to mention the Colts, NYJ(1st game), CIN, SD, PITT & Browns...all solid performances.

Henne never really ever got on a roll...maybe a good game here and there, but he never showed the promise that Tannehill does.

Id say it was Ray Lucas

Players I would consider with pick #30 if still there are:

1. Carlos Hyde
2. Kevin Benjamin
3. Tim Jernigan NT UF

I forsee no other potential impact players being there.

Jordan...why such a hatred for Tannehill? He's no Manning or Brady, but unshackled from Sherman...I expect huge growth from him this year.

Used say once Henne was unshackled from Henning great things would happen. So now you see how excuses get "RECYCLED" here, just different qb names?

With the exception of 7 names on that long list everybody is a Rd-4 to 7th Rd'er. So IMO alot of kicking the tires on guys way may target at the bottom of the draft. Also alot of people dropping mocks with a 7th which as of right now we don't have.

I do find it interesting that in that list at OT you don't see Lewan's name which we all know is a Ross fav. in the draft. Also at Guard the 2 BA aren't listed either in Sua-Filo and Yankey. The RB's don't impress either and really only like D.Freeman on that list (Not a T.Mason fan)

At WR I love M.Bryant and "IF" we acquire a 7th A.Hurns could be a nice pick up. On the D side like Mich St's Bullough in the middle Rds. Out of the CB's UF's M.Roberson could be a steal! Saw him plenty in College and he had a strained ligament in a knee that derailed him in 2014 and apparently had him put in a bad Combine/Pro Day while Gaines can flat out fly!

Again though these players are all for the most part middle of the boards picks so don't put alot of stock in to this list!

I actually have a feeling that Murray will go before the 4th rd.

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | April 28, 2014 at 04:01 PM

A possibility but the injuries in College and slight 6'/205 Pd frame will scare NFL teams thinking more C.Ponder than potential Brees. I watch him a ton trough long College career and he can spin it about as nice as anyone in this draft the problem is that he's proven frail in the NCAA which will give everybody pause.

Murray is a classic pocket QB that would elevate the Dolphins chances of actually doing something other than missing the playoffs every year.

Is a good thing the Dolphins check on Laurent Duvernay from Tardiff, this guy can sure play Football :)

Would passing up on Lewan or Mosely be a mistake?

Would either one still be available at the lower pick?

Posted by: 2014 | April 28, 2014 at 04:18 PM

I don't believe there is any chance Lewan falls to #19, Mosley maybe and if there maybe someone the 49ers might be in love with themselves were you explore a trade with a team loaded with picks in-between Rds 2-4. This time of Yr. you get alot of teams bluffing there way through the process so you have to look at their team and try and see were you think the need might be.

In S.F. they have to re-negotiate Kaep with all estimates coming in at 18 Mil plus per then you have to analyze the fact they have 2 MLB's (Bowman, Willis) making 10 Mil plus per. IMO they can carry it in 2014 with Kaep's new deal probably kicking in 2015 but then one of those 2 LB's has to go.

It will all depend on how Bowman recovers because if my decision he's the keeper and aside from that with Bowman they probably have a hole till Nov. of the coming Season were you can plug in a Rookie next to Willis to gain exp. grooming as one of the men inside in 2015.

All for not if they can move up to 5 though which seems to be the chatter with them targeting K.Mack packaging 5 picks to Oak in the process to replace A.Smith who maybe doing time before the Season ends on his 2013 felony gun case.

Cleo Lemon was better than Tannehill
Posted by: Jordan | April 28, 2014 at 04:47 PM

In what ways? Please list your rationale for such a comment I'm interested to hear it. Otherwise most people here would just call this POV silly.

Cleo Lemon was better than Tannehill
Posted by: Jordan | April 28, 2014 at 04:47 PM

In what ways? Please list your rationale for such a comment I'm interested to hear it. Otherwise most people here would just call this POV silly.

Posted by: Darkoak | April 28, 2014 at 05:29 PM


Yeah Darkoak I usually don't get into the Tannehill arguments because it's pointless but saying he's worse than Cleo Lemon is over the top.

It's the QB STUPID eH?

To me the worst Dolphin qb has been Trent Green. His team went 1-15, his arm strength equaled that of a limp noodle, and then his concussed brain lacked any form of leadership on or off the field.

Who cares that the draft was pushed back a couple of weeks??

I can't imagine anyone who spends their day doing productive things or has any semblance of an actual life really being concerned about something so trivial and meaningless.

Oh, that's right.

To me the worst Dolphin qb has been Trent Green. His team went 1-15, his arm strength equaled that of a limp noodle, and then his concussed brain lacked any form of leadership on or off the field.

Posted by: Jeremy in the Canadian Cowtown | April 28, 2014 at 05:55 PM

Waaaaah?? I hated the Cam ERA from the word go! Given I said to myself we were taking an OC off the staff of an over-hyped OC (Norv Turner) masquerading around as a H.C. But T.Green had a solid arm through a pretty good career early in Wash. then with Vermiel in K.C. Joined team when washed up physically and after many concusions which of course ended his time with us by week-3 07 Vs. the Texans, so the guy who went 1-11 as a starter that Yr. was Jordan's Fav. Fins QB Cleo Lemon! I actually think Joe Theisman although never taking a snap as our QB before we sent him to Wash. probably did more in his Dolphins career that Lemon.

Any of the top 3 QB's coming out would fill the seats at the stadium,it's not Tannys fault he was at Texas a.m when that probowl HOF QB was playing there at the same time so he went to play WR,No way he could beat someone out with all of those credentials,oh what's his name again? I thought so. TANNY SUCKS.

Oscar 7.5 at LV,Bet against the barbies every week and load up on Cash eH?

Posted by: Seriously | April 28, 2014 at 05:37 PM

You don't understand what I'm doing, so keep your opinion to yourself. I would explain it but it's probably over your head based on your comments to me and your childish need to insult people to give relevance to what you say.

Seriously...shut up.

Dolphins are taking a lineman first. Period. We all saw what the lack of an o-line did to us last year. How could they not take a lineman?

Everyone is overanalyzing this stuff. And it's pretty much guaranteed whoever they select will be a bust. The football gods don't like aqua and orange.

Even John Beck was more of a leader than Tannehill.

Darkoaky chime in and repeat my post for all to see again.

There it is. Just prompting you to identify yourself is all I'm doing. Makes you easy to find.

LV says is 7.5, then it's not 7 or 8, it's 7.5. As for me I have very little hope that this Season will be better than last was for the simple reason we are going to have the same HC. You could bring in the greatest talent, Philbin will manage to not play them or play them in the wrong spots. Perhaps 2015....

Posted by: Wunnerful | April 28, 2014 at 06:28 PM

You'll find out soon, keep posting.

Do not worry so ,uh about the players and worry more about the FO

Ross + Dickey + Failbin = Failure

There it is. Just prompting you to identify yourself is all I'm doing. Makes you easy to find.

Posted by: Darkoak | April 28, 2014 at 06:20 PM

Best QB in Dolphins History was Kyle Mackey O.K.! Had a 75% Career Comp. %


How many catches did you see this year where Hartline has to come back for the ball and dive to catch the duck that Tannehill threw. Great for 10 yards but and absolutely useless play in the final 10 yards.

Griese was the only Dolphin QB to win a SB. Does ANYTHING else matter?


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