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Players who have interested Dolphins

How about that NFL draft over the weekend, huh?

Yeah, the NFL has truly done itself no favors by being so committed to Radio City Music Hall as its only suitable venue for the draft. The reason the draft this year is two weeks late is because Radio City booked a show for the dates that overlapped with the NFL's draft, which is held at the venue.

So the NFL looked for other locations and found none. That forced the league to move the draft back two weeks. It was not a grand plan to increase attention or extend the draft's footprint.

The irony is the show that caused the NFL to move its draft back to May 8-10 never played.

It did not happen.

So pundits have two extra weeks of mocks and rumors and smokescreens. And teams have two extra weeks of paralysis by analysis and visits and workouts.

Below you will find my list of players the Dolphins have shown interest in during this pre-draft marathon period. That means some of these worked out for the team, met with the team, or visited the team.

Offensive tackles

OT Laurent Duvernay-Tardiff McGill (Canada).

OT Seantrel Henderson  Miami. 

OT Ju'Wuan James  Tennessee. 

OT Cyrus Kouandjio  Alabama.

OT Cornelius Lucas  Kansas State

OT Kevin Pamphile Purdue.

OT Garrett Scott Marshall.


G Joel Bitonio Nevada.

G Kadeem Edwards Tennessee State.

G Jon Halapio  Florida.

G Brandon Linder  Miami.

G Spencer Long  Nebraska.

G-OT Zack Martin  Notre Dame.

G Justin McCray  UCF.

G Jordan McCray UCF.

G-OT  Billy Turner North Dakota State


C Jared Wheeler  Miami.


QB Stephen Morris   Miami

QB Aaron Murray   Georgia

Running backs

RB James Baker Idaho

RB Devonta Freeman FSU

RB Tre Mason  Auburn

RB Terrance West  Towson

RB James White Wisconsin

Wide Receivers

WR Odell Beckham  LSU

WR Martavis Bryant   Clemson.

WR Robert Herron  Wyoming

WR Allen Hurns  Miami

WR Marquise Lee   USC

WR Eric Lora  Eastern Illinois

WR Donte Moncrief Mississippi.

Tight ends

TE Asante Cleveland  Miami

TE Junior Delpe     FIU

TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins Washington. 

Defensive tackles

DT Ken Bishop  Northern Illinois

DT Isame Faciane  FIU


LB Carl Bradford  Arizona State.

LB Max Bullough  Michigan State.

LB Rodney Lamar Northern Michigan.

LB C.J. Mosley Alabama. 


CB Walt Aiknes Liberty

CB Brandon Dixon   North Missouri State 

CB Phillip Gaines Rice

CB Marcus Roberson Florida

CB Sammy Seamster Middle Tennessee. 


S Eric Pinkins    San Diego State





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Heat boy, get ur rest, the Wizards r coming!

The Heat will play the winner of the Nets/Toronto series in the next round.

I'll bet my left nut the Fins don't draft a TE @ #19.

Posted by: NHFinsFan | April 28, 2014 at 03:50 PM

If they do, I'll expect your first post of the day to have a sig that says "Wayne Newton."
I love Ebron's playmaking, but the Fins really need a stout blocking TE, a slightly more elusive Anthony Fasano.

Nets and the Raptors are better than the Wizards and Bulls.

All 4 have better coaches

Heat Dynasty,

Go dance in the sauna while you can. The Heat beat a crap team without their star player. You braggin?

There are roughly 120 teams in the 'Big Four' of North American professional sports.

Of those 120 teams, ONE has been a Conference Champion the past three consecutive years. ONE has been a repeat World Champion the past two years.

The Miami Heat doesn't have to prove a damn thing to anybody.

They are the most dominant team in professional sports.


Doesn't matter what anyone says or thinks about the Heat. Just as long as they keep sizing up those CHAMPIONSHIP RINGS baby! :)


You unhappy bro?

Hartline would start on many teams, including the Patriots.
He is a bonafide #2.
Keep the qb upright enough and both Wallace and Hartline have more tds.

Who cares about the crap Dolphins?

Bod Greasie did have some help though and anyone who says Marino wouldn't have won a SB if he play on the 72 Dolphins squad is a joke.

Posted by: Marco | April 28, 2014 at 06:55 PM


OK, here's a 'regular' here who cannot even come remotely close to correctly spelling the name of one the most important players in franchise history and a Hall of Fame quarterback.

"Bod Greasie??" Pathetic.

Des anyone here actually take this clown seriously?

And if so...WHY?

Really looking forward to the draft. With any luck, the Dolphins will find an acorn or two!

Keep the qb upright enough and both Wallace and Hartline have more tds.

Posted by: Throwback | April 28, 2014 at 11:10 PM

Get a better QB and he'll be able to stay upright, have more accuracy, and will make much better decisions.

When people see me on the street, they stop and think to themselves "there goes a virile and masculine specimen who is a joy to behold. I wish that I were only half as attractive, successful, and impeccably groomed as that amazing man. But of course I never could be. He is a God."

Morris and Tannepuke? Wonderful future.

What Up Sword Swallowers?

Mike @ 11:20

I can show you upright.

ETF, wipe that stain off your lip. And your collar. Thanks!


Career Backup.


Chest Nut???

Hose-Say can you see

If ETA is right, he should be a NFL scout and quit his job at Walmart.

chest-nut, What are the stains on my face and my collar?

Yes ETF, you always have balls on your chest.

ETF is the board moron.

Who has ball secretions on their collar and mouth?

Tannehills lack of accuracy is well documented but is inabilty to extend the play is even more surprising.

Have little expectations. 1-3 before the bye gets Philbin fired.

Oscar, are there many botanicas near your home that sell Cuban Witch Oil and other such things to your tribal elders?

So.....I dont think they'll find that missing Malaysia plane in the next 100 years. My theory? Alien abduction. The thing went straight up....not down.

That doesn't make sense Vaz.
When he roles out he extends the play.
And his completion % is pretty high when he does.


Take off your rose colored glasses. Quit the kool aid for a while. Then come back and blog. Thanks.

Do some here think that 1-3 at the bye will get Philbin fired?


I just smoked and it still makes no sense.
The only way to extend is to move around.
And it must be fustrating because one play the line is blocking.
The next play they getting pancaked.

Oscar, me no want stay marry you no more. Much unhappy me. You much smell. Me go back Honduras.

I have a patient with a Military background that at the VA they treat her PTSD with Marinol. But she comes to me to be treated for other issues.

It is more than clear that People that have PTSD from a life Threatening moment, had a predisposition for acquiring it, mainly stemming from an unstable Personality and this arising mostly due to adverse childhood events.

HoHo! You didn't like that one. It's true.


Nobody listened.

Look, when you pin a Wild Besat into a corner, you will always have to expect a Ferocious attack from it.

Oscar WTH are you talking about and to whom?

I'm a big fan of UM. And I can tell you that Steven Morris was really horrible. A huge dissapointment. He came hyped up but never came close to fulfilling it. The worst UM QB ever(yes, they've had great ones). Worse than Jacory Harris. I'm not a statistician but my eyes told me he is a huge underperformer and cant come close to winning. Was he ranked 40th in college?

This is what the Dolphins want? How pathetic.

Folks, Hickey will look to the o line in round one and will take Martin if he is there. How many more seasons of poor o line work do the fins have to undergo before they get it. It is time to draft for need, at least this time around. How many more o linemen will the fins draft in which they try to make that player switch positions? A big waste of time. If you need a right tackle, draft one. Dont draft a guard and think he will be a tackle or a tackle you think may be a guard. So I think Hickey will solidify the oline with no less than two picks then look at LB and safety. After that he may look at TE, WR, and finally QB.

The fins are going to find Manziel or Bortles at 19 and will pass kn Bridgewater if he is there. They will take Martin or Lewan over Bridgewater without a doubt. Further, Greise's strength wasn't his arm it was his ability to game plan, read defenses, and he called his own plays. He had great players around him and a coaching staff that knew exactly what to do and when to do it. Under Joe Robbie who was smart enough to hire Joe Thomas as his GM who in turn drafted, claimed off waivers, or traded for players who went on to become the only undefeted team to be crowned champs.

Also for you historians, Shula started Woodley as a rookie after Griese retired. Along with Strock who filled in through out the season, Woodley was the first rookie QB to start a Superbowl.

Meant to say. Manzil and Bortles will NOT be there at 19.

Come on Armando, do you really believe the NFL machine is so stupid that it gets bumped by the Rocketts? That there is NO other venue in the United States? You are so naive. Probably has nothing to do with sweeps month.

and that's another Miami Dolphins

FIRST DOWN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deity your crazy. Hartline would start for most teams.

The NFL Armando has always been a bunch of New York City homers. I would rather live in Iraq than NYC.

We did an article on how we disagree with some of the guys the phins are interested in. Classic phins bad moves http://phinsnews.com/possible-mid-round-guard/

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