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Getting Zack Martin may require trade up contingency

I spent the morning talking to three NFL scouting and personnel department sources and, of course, my interest was centered almost exclusively on the situation the Dolphins will face at No. 19 when they are on the clock a month from now during the draft.

And the read I'm getting is the Dolphins are going to be wholly dependent on what happens in front of them, barring a trade up, if they are to get the starting right tackle everyone says should go to them -- Notre Dame tackle Zack Martin.

There are apparently four consensus first round tackles in this draft. They are in order from the folks I'm talking to, Auburn's Greg Robinson, Texas A&M's Jake Matthews, Michigan's Taylor Lewan and Martin.

Yes, there are other tackle possibilities such as Virginia's Morgan Moses, Tennessee's Ju'Wuan James, Alabama's Cyrus Kouandjio and even perhaps Nevada's Joel Bitonio, who jumps in there if you're talking to people who don't mind an undersized tackle. But those guys are not considered first-round values. Solid players. Good prospects.

But not as good as Robinson, Matthews, Lewan and Martin coming out.

Having said that, the Dolphins are not getting Robinson or Matthews. Both of them are top 10 picks. And without multiple picks in the first couple of rounds, the Dolphins don't have obvious ammunition to execute a trade up that high unless they want to go without picks in the second and third round or are willing to invest 2015 picks.

Lewan and Martin will be more attainable if Miami wants to grab either of them in a trade up. Why would the Dolphins have to consider a trade up to get one of those, you ask?

Well, apparently neither is certain to be there when the Dolphins pick.

As there are four first-round tackles, there are five teams already ahead of Miami that can use tackle upgrades. St. Louis, Atlanta, Detroit, the New York Giants and Baltimore may all be considering getting help at tackle before the Dolphins are scheduled to pick.

So if things go exactly wrong, with five teams picking before Miami vying for four sure-fire first-round tackles, the Dolphins are left ... well, needing another option.

Furthermore, Arizona (20th overall), Kansas City (23), and Carolina (28) have tackle needs to varying degrees and may consider jumping up ahead of Miami.

The point here is the idea of Zach Martin, who by all accounts is a clean pick and a value at No. 19, being available to Miami when the time comes is very nice and almost convenient. But it is hardly a certainty.

Last year, there was a run on tackles early in the draft and teams were willing to pick players they ended up using on the right side as rookies simply to solidify their lines for the present and the future.

Are teams this year suddenly going to decide the tackle spot is less important and let a solid one be available at No. 19?

Dolphins fans would love to believe so -- especially since Martin is seemingly perfectly suited for Miami's need at right tackle. But a sure thing? No.

General manager Dennis Hickey is going to need trade-up contingencies to be certain he gets Martin.


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what do u do w Egnew and his 69 yards going into year 3

We need another very good TE and Tannehill needs the weapons
esp w 3 WRs on crutches

Posted by: Reel Dolphin In Sight w Home | April 14, 2014 at 12:23 PM

Two part answer:

1. Give Egnew to Ireland as a parting gift.

2. Tannehill is a weapon, for the opposing team. He's taken out more of our receivers than any defender.

DC @ 10:08

When a team trades down for more picks I think the team moving back is good enough that they can afford to move back; they have strength all over the roster and don't need a specific pick to raise them to the next level.


The team has so much weakness all over the roster that they need picks just to bring in some youth and enthusiasm, again 1 pick will not make a difference for them this season.

Many in dream that we are in the first grup, personally I think we are in the 2nd group and I do not feel like Hickey is helping matters although Albert and Moreno are good signings.


Tannehill is part of an NFL conspiracy to keep the Dolphins down. You need have your HAARP staff check into this. :)

Home would draft Ebron and start him immediately in 2 TE sets w TE Charles Clay
score some freakin points

and cut that sour puss POS Egnew!!

Check it out, pal !

Official Highlights | UNC TE Eric Ebron - YouTube
► 3:17► 3:17
Dec 20, 2013 - Uploaded by ACC Digital Network
North Carolina's Eric Ebron hauled in the most receiving yards for a tight end in ACC history in 2013.

Reading many of these posts, I also believe the NFL has posted "fan plants" in this blog to help keep the Dolphins down. Just saying. :)


If we drafted Ebron, by game 3 at most, Tannehill would have him on IR. So what's the use?

We need rb's, linemen, and defensive players in this draft. Tannehill cant get to them at those positions. :)

..But Ebron cannot block...Again.. Ebron cannot block. He isn't getting on the field in 2 tight end sets until he can figure that out..

Take Zach Ertz..He was a much better prospect, and better all around tight end over any of the guys coming out this year. He did not sniff the field until the middle of the season because he could not figure out how to block. and he blocked in college. Ebron blocked on less then 5% of the offensive snaps he played last year. It is a Joke.

2 tight end you have to at least sell the idea one of the guys is blocking or it doesn't make sense to use

I don't care if Ebron is great pass catcher. He has some work to do before he is ready to contribute at this level. It makes 0 sense to draft him, or Amaro. They do nothing to make this team better.

North Carolina's Eric Ebron hauled in the most receiving yards for a tight end in ACC history in 2013.

NUF said!

Posted by: SAM I AM | April 14, 2014 at 12:29 PM

No matter how much you hate Tannehill, he is here to stay at least one more year.
If he has a running game this year, and a good OL that gives him more time to throw, he could be a great QB. He is very accurate with the short passes.
Pennington could not even throw the deep ball, and got us to the playoffs. Tannehill needs a deep ball receiver willing to fight for those underthrown passes and some will be caught.
Tannehill will not be traded and we are not drafting a QB (unless it is in the late rounds)
You have harped on this kid, and it seems you are a one dimensional person. Every day you say the same things.
Stop it
He is not going anywhere ( at least this year)
So lets move on and discuss more positive possible scenarious and players for the Dolphins.

..Home..So what..enuff said.

Another week with multiple NFL players getting arrested.
This league has more delinquents than an old abandon house has termites.

Mouth,STFU !

Pennington could not even throw the deep ball, and got us to the playoffs.

Posted by: Shane | April 14, 2014 at 12:39 PM

Can you kindly remind us what happened next because Pennington wasn't able to throw a deep ball?

How conveniently we forget when clipping bits and pieces of bs to enhance our very flawed arguments. :)

In what decade will the Dolphins finally get a franchise QB?

We beetch-slap Home when he talks to us like that.

There is nothing a franchise QB couldn't fix on the Dolphins.

Wow, today's teenie bopper fans think its a great accomplishment just to make the playoffs. Getting beetch-slapped in the 1st rd bothers them none at all. :)

The Dolphins haven't had a franchise QB yet this century.

the ravens
clobbered the chad p
lead fish

Posted by: Shane | April 14, 2014 at 12:39 PM

Well said Shane
I really do not have that much time to read the blog, and when I do, here is this idiot complaining over, and over, making up stupid comments, such as Tannehill is responsible for the injuries to our receivers.

Injuries happen, and they happen to all the teams. When you fight for extra yards sometimes you expose yourself. Receivers and Tight Ends seem to be the most affected.

I also am tired of the tirade by Sam I am.
You are right it seems that this is all he has to say.

Probably one of those 90 IQ or lower guys that cannot think. But hey, the blog allows all sorts of fellows to post . The smart ones and the ..... lets say not too smart ones

No matter how young or old, we're all better off placing seeing the Dolphins win a sb, on the "bucket list". We don't always get to do everything on the bucket list. SMH......


Wow, this Alex kid really thinks he's in London. Well, maybe the kid is mentally in a "London fog"?

Does this count as being in London too?

Alot of very good players will be available at 19, and alot of posters have put up very good arguments for the player they want picked there.
Whoever the Phins take, my only wish is he does not end up a special teams/role player like the first pick (3rd overall) from last year. Or a decent player with no hopes of even being selected to the Pro Bowl like Odrick.
That first pick needs to start (if not from day 1 then certainly before mid season) and produce. And he needs to be a very good player with pro bowl potential.

I also am tired of the tirade by Sam I am.

Posted by: Alex in London | April 14, 2014 at 12:50 PM

Anyone constructed a sentence like this can complain of no one's IQ. Plus "A REAL ENGLISHMAN" would never construct his thoughts in this manner.

You fool only you Bama boy! :)


When a 1st rd pick doesn't start day 1, that's usually not a very good sign. Only exception being qb, and many of them are day 1 starters now.


If we are taking an OL with our first pick then we need to trade up into top 5 and get the best T in the draft not the 5th best.

wow, a Home/YG debate... how long until the draft???

I also think that a very good player is going to fall to 19, such as Lewan or Ebron.
This is the year to get some really good talent at 19.
Too bad Goodell moved the draft to May. Too long to wait.


Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | April 14, 2014 at 12:59 PM

WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY RECEIVERS..........................

Tannehill will have them on IR before midseason arrives, if not6 earlier. We have to draft players Tannehill can not get to.

I would not draft any kind of receiver with our 1st rd pick until Tannehill shows he can go at least 1 full season without getting them killed.

Many say Wallace does not fight for the ball. Did you also notice he was the only starting wr to not end the year on IR?

Also notice Gibson nor Wallace were touched when thye were injured... but that's ok, you only have 6.5 more hours of pounding the same point...

Way too long of a wait this year.

All the Tannehill haters should hope we put some good pieces around him this year during the draft. That way if he fails us homers have no excuses. We will see who is right after this year.


What do you care? You are not advocating drafting a receiver 1st rd. :)

With the Miami interest I have read about in S. Henderson OT at UM I am starting to wonder if an OL will be picked in the first at all. 2nd round too.

I am sure Miami is just covering all their basis but S. Henderson is one the best (talent wise) coming out. There is a huge IF due to the issues labeled as off the field but I don't know exactly what those are except motivation to practice. Anyone know the issues here?

Some boards have him in the 200's and going 5th or 6th round. I doubt he makes it past the third.


No one hates TannehilL. Its just that realistically he hasn't shown very much to be completely sold on him about. Some of his weakest areas are what you want to see least in a very promising qb:

1. Pocket Presence

2. Mid to Deepball Accuracy

Both are very bad news if he can not clean them up this season. Neither can be coached. Both are about the player's "feel for the game."

It doesn't matter what we think anyway. The onus is on Philbin, Lazor and Hickey to figure out if Tanny is the guy or not.

They may shock the crap out of all of us and trade up for a QB. I seriously doubt it but what do I know.

I do think that some of you cats missed your calling and should apply for front office jobs if you think you know which QB's are going to be elite before the coaches do. You could probably save some jobs.

Got your resume's ready Sam? 2watt? marco? et al

Texas, it could also be he's their 2nd lineman. I always thought Miami might be looking for two linemen at least in htis draft but only one in the first two rounds (to start). The other may be a value pick to put on the roster as the 7th-9th lineman and see what he can do in about a year or two.

Knowing Philbin's attittude towards rookies in general, it would be crazy to think he would trust such an underachiever with a starting position right out of the gate.

henderson may be an OT tackle candidate in two years or so if they decide Albert's cap number is too big to accept (wise roster management in my estimation).

They should eb looking for potential replacements for all their big ticket free agents ... Brandin Cooks is another guy that may be a replacement for Wallace in a couple of years but he's probably the fifth or 6th option for them at 19 I think ... probably never come to that.

Shazier is another potential replacement for when we could jettison Ellerbe/Wheeler...

Tannehill still sucks

Dolphoons sign four players in FA all to block for Tannehill

Weird part is not one sack vs NY JETS in game 16

32nd NFL game for Ryan Timothy Tannehill

yet,Tannehill Sucked and played awful

Get A Clue
Get a Reel QB
Get some play makers

not just fat guys to block


W 3 more fat guys just signed to the o-line and Moreno to stay in the back fiedla nd block for Tannehill and his clumsy feet, poor pocket presence, fumbling, bumbling stumbling Tannehill can now throw inaccurate to Egnew and his 69 yds going into his 3rd season

Dolphins drowning in fat guys and too sold on drafting blocking RBs and blocking TEs that score no points

Dolphins score way less than the Patriots an way, way less than the Broncos
yet the dipshiets cannot see it
and want to
draft all fat guys

Dolphins fighting for 3 place w the Bills in the AFC east again

Dolphins need
Reel Dolphin Insight w Home ;)

You mean he still sucks the same as the same time any of us saw him play 4 months ago and since you've made 250,000, 659 posts on the same topic.

Defies logic.

Can we save these posts until at least mini camp now or at least reduce them somewhat?

fat guys

fat guys

fat guys

All dolphins want is fat guys

and no play makers

Go Patriots, Go Jets, Go Bills

fat guys = meh
Let's eat !

next year's headlines

Tanneeehil is average at best & Bankrupts the Dolphoons

Home thinks Tanneeeeehill still sucks as QB & Field General
No way to Tanneeeeehill's over 100 Million Dollar contract

Fish last place again
Butt loaded * w an over abundance of fat guys ?!

watch Tannehill fumble bumble stumble and get sacked 58 ties in the first 15 games

Tannehill lovers looking for another excuse against the Mighty 25 INT ROOKIE GENO w no players who beat the Snot Out of Tannehilll

Ted Ginn & Julian Edelman more valuable to their teams last season than the Tannehill to 60 Million Dollar Mike Wallace

Dolfans Dumbfounded
Cannot figure out the problem !


With 3 more weeks to go until the draft, I can't help but sit and stew over how much I hate the changes Goodell has made. He moves the draft to May when there was no valid reason to do so. He made kickoffs boring. He makes teams play in London and lose a home game. He makes rule changes that pussify the game. He covers up for the Patriots in SpyGate. He's is slowly changing the NFL to a form of fantasy football. The integrity of the game is slowly being degraded by him until it won't resemble the game we all grew up with.

Got your resume's ready Sam? 2watt? marco? et al

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | April 14, 2014 at 01:25 PM

Very facetious post by you. No one here has posted anything that wasn't SEEN by Tannehill last season. It's not called being an expert. Its called having vision. Enuff said.

Remember when teams used to draft Reel QBs?

Not guys that are pretty good at a few dif positions, play a good basketball game at LA Fitness and use all the machines

Also good at yoga & Tia-Chi and skim boarding, so why not as the one guy one the planet for Miami Dolphin's QB?




Is that the "issues" they are talking about that Henderson is an underachiever?

Hey Tannehill's got a gold digger trophy worthless wife
so why not a franchise QB?

who cares if he is the worst in the NFL throwing deep and one of the very worst on 3rd and 4th down

Did u see the gold digger, never worked a day i her life wife?


sign em up as a our franchise QB!



Shazier is another potential replacement for when we could jettison Ellerbe/Wheeler...

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | April 14, 2014 at 01:28 PM

While you waste your time in attacking me, I'll have you know there are a few things I'm in agreement with you on. A very few not many.

I advocate a trade down to pick up an extra 2nd to finagle our way into landing both Carlos Hyde and Ryan Shazier. Shazier seems to be a tackling machine and two-three years could be one of the topr "MLB'S" in he eague.

He seems to have all the tools to be a great mlb, just a matter of making the successful adjustment to the position.

Tannehill commercials here in south Florida have him flippin tires as a strong guy


He's no Tim Tebow

In fact
Tebow was more accurate in college and the NFL
Tebow won and was a master at closing out football games

Imagine that!

Very hard to draft QBs now as so few college teams run a pro type offense that their stats are ballooned. Plus, college QBs are so pigeon holed in what they do (eg. the only run a shotgun offense and don't take snaps under center) that it's increasingly difficult to determine if their success will translate to the NFL game.

K-Sturgis throws a better deep ball than Tanneeeehill

Pats & JETS focusing on 2014 playoffs

Dolphins focusing on 2016 possible wild card playoffs if Brady retires

2014-2015 ^

My lineup would look a little different if Shazier were the pick. I would replace Wheeler with Shazier, move Ellerbe OLB and Misi would get moved inside.

I am still thinking that if Miami stays at 19 and doesn't trade back to get extra picks then loook for the pick to be Odell Beckham Jr. That is ONLY IF all the top 4 LT are gone at 19.

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