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Getting Zack Martin may require trade up contingency

I spent the morning talking to three NFL scouting and personnel department sources and, of course, my interest was centered almost exclusively on the situation the Dolphins will face at No. 19 when they are on the clock a month from now during the draft.

And the read I'm getting is the Dolphins are going to be wholly dependent on what happens in front of them, barring a trade up, if they are to get the starting right tackle everyone says should go to them -- Notre Dame tackle Zack Martin.

There are apparently four consensus first round tackles in this draft. They are in order from the folks I'm talking to, Auburn's Greg Robinson, Texas A&M's Jake Matthews, Michigan's Taylor Lewan and Martin.

Yes, there are other tackle possibilities such as Virginia's Morgan Moses, Tennessee's Ju'Wuan James, Alabama's Cyrus Kouandjio and even perhaps Nevada's Joel Bitonio, who jumps in there if you're talking to people who don't mind an undersized tackle. But those guys are not considered first-round values. Solid players. Good prospects.

But not as good as Robinson, Matthews, Lewan and Martin coming out.

Having said that, the Dolphins are not getting Robinson or Matthews. Both of them are top 10 picks. And without multiple picks in the first couple of rounds, the Dolphins don't have obvious ammunition to execute a trade up that high unless they want to go without picks in the second and third round or are willing to invest 2015 picks.

Lewan and Martin will be more attainable if Miami wants to grab either of them in a trade up. Why would the Dolphins have to consider a trade up to get one of those, you ask?

Well, apparently neither is certain to be there when the Dolphins pick.

As there are four first-round tackles, there are five teams already ahead of Miami that can use tackle upgrades. St. Louis, Atlanta, Detroit, the New York Giants and Baltimore may all be considering getting help at tackle before the Dolphins are scheduled to pick.

So if things go exactly wrong, with five teams picking before Miami vying for four sure-fire first-round tackles, the Dolphins are left ... well, needing another option.

Furthermore, Arizona (20th overall), Kansas City (23), and Carolina (28) have tackle needs to varying degrees and may consider jumping up ahead of Miami.

The point here is the idea of Zach Martin, who by all accounts is a clean pick and a value at No. 19, being available to Miami when the time comes is very nice and almost convenient. But it is hardly a certainty.

Last year, there was a run on tackles early in the draft and teams were willing to pick players they ended up using on the right side as rookies simply to solidify their lines for the present and the future.

Are teams this year suddenly going to decide the tackle spot is less important and let a solid one be available at No. 19?

Dolphins fans would love to believe so -- especially since Martin is seemingly perfectly suited for Miami's need at right tackle. But a sure thing? No.

General manager Dennis Hickey is going to need trade-up contingencies to be certain he gets Martin.


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Stop posting and come along dear.
The hair dresser is waiting.

Signing Fat Albert for a gizilion dollars at LT and then drafting another LT w their 1st pick
makes no sense at all

smh at clueless out of touch out of towners that know nothing about the the Miami Mullets

Miami Mullets

Home said it

Be there in a min Twinks

My Mock(Trade down; extra 2nd)

1. Ryan Shazier
2a. Carlos Hyde(Trade up)
2b. Jace Armaro
3. Joel Bitonio or Morgan Moses (Availabilty)
4. Used to trade to top of 2nd for Hyde
5. Jay Prosh
6. Terrence West rb Towson

As you can see, the rb corps is now totally rebuilt.

1. Carlo Hyde, 2. Knowshon Moreno, 3. Terrence West, 4. Jay Prosh fb

In 2015, Moreno does not have to be resigned and our 2 rb's are Carlos Hyde and Terrence West. It wont be fun at all for defenses to have to tackle those two loads for 4 full qtrs.

MassD, apparently Easter is to blame with the draft ebing held in may. I heard with the late easter this year, there are scheduling conflicts which makes the NYC venue not available until May.

Why they can't have the draft in any one of the 33 cities they use to hold nfl games, I don't know.

The Miami Mullets r not getting past the Patriots or Jets

They will be darn lucky to get passed the Bills and their new LB Trio

It's looking like Miami Mullets 3rd at best

Broncos vs Pats 2015 AFC Championship

Mando help us, post something

NFL Draft was pushed back to allow more FA time

has nothing to do w Easter. lol

Clueless out of touch, out of towners

Texas, he's apprently lazy, doesn't work hard enough given his natural talent, he's imamture and doesn't prioritize football, parties too much... but other than that, he's great.

Texas, interesting take on beckham. I compared him to percy harvin the other day .. another comparative is Randall Cobb in an offense very simlar to ours in philsophy...

Interesting pick, that Beckham.. personally I would prefer it to either of the two safeties or Mosley in the first... would even prefer it to martin.

The fact that you call him one of the 4 lts is somethign I'm sure his agent would endorese however not sure I've seen many 6'4 uber fat Left tackles in the NFL these days...

Long, Dansby, Burnett, Davis and Bush all making big money

Jeff Ireland driving an ice cream truck around the stadium w a little bell

Now now Home, should I pull out all your posts from last week saying Lewan should be our first pick??

I know, it changes every week with you ... but you should've stopped at Lewan.


Maybe you should read about the part about the scheduing conflict in the very first paragraph.. twit.

Drafting S. Henderson would be a great move - in the 7th round.


"Commissioner Roger Goodell said at the NFL's spring meetings in Boston last week that the league was shifting the draft to May because Radio City Music Hall is scheduled to host an Easter show in April"

You never get tired of being exposed as an idiot, do you?

Pitt is drafting Lewan

not gonna happen

and if we ever got the crazy bahstahd he would not start at LT

Moses is a RT

pick em after Ebron

however Mark Stuck Up ... in Toronto
U can Pull It Often, as usghe

agreed MassD, I might even wait until UDFAs, haha

That was prolly one of the other Home characters


haha, home-o has 1,384 personalities in here... and they are all one person...

it's true!

NFL Draft week supersedes any Easter Show

Always has, always will

NFL Draft is to be held later every year for FA signings

Home knows the NFL

the fake preachers of God will have to put on their play somewhere else when the NFL comes to town


Philbin can fix him. LOL

Apparently Miami is impressed with him so we'll see what happens. I'd give him a shot with the 3rd round pick.


There are several issues with your draft.

Hyde is not that good. I see him as a 4th rounder and grade out West better. I would spend a 3rd on West because if you want him he will not be available in the 4th. I especially wouldn't use an extra pick to go up and get Hyde.

Bitonio is said to be possibly moving into the late 1st round. I'm not sure he'll go that high but early 2nd round for sure.

I am more than sure with the signing of Moreno that dolphins will not draft 3 RB's. That would be a waste of 2 picks at least.

Goodell is Illuminati

Philbin dances in women's underwear

silky & lace

Not a bad draft Sam. An ILB is a must, we got killed against the run all year and the currnet LB's are just not up to the job.

Hyde would certainly turn us into more of a running force in this league. Thill has to be kept to 20-25 passes per game.

MassD and Mark,

I agree that spending a later round pick would be wise. I just think that if Miami wants him they'll have to spend a 3rd.

The big reason is there are teams that don't have as big a need at RT or LT and will take an earlier chance on a guy that if pans out ends up starting but if he doesn't no big deal, we have a solid guy there.

If we took a shot in the 3rd or 4th I would get some insurance (if the guy we signed in FA isn't insurance enough) and would do that in the 7th. I would take Matt Patchan or Schofield.

We r not getting Hyde or Lewan

Move on

We have a LT and Lwean is going to Pitt to play in a Reel sports town

Henderson I wouldn't take until day 3. Maybe not the 4th round. 5th or later I'd probably roll the dice.

I would like Terrance West in the 4th, but he may be gone by then.

I hope Bitonio falls to us at 50, but I am not sure he will.

Texas/Sam, I like your scenario of taking Shazier. Then see who works out best at middle linebacker. Shazier or Misi. Maybe Ellerbe has improved after a year in the system? Wheeler should be a backup or playing special teams unless he lights it up in camp.

Sam, interesting mock. Are you a big Ohio State fan by any chance? Haha.

I could not be a proponent of taking that guy in the 3rd. heck, using the 3rd pick to trade down to get Lewan at 14 would be 1,000,000 wiser than taking henderson in the 3rd in my opinion.

I hope that's not what they have in mind.

haha, Philbin can fix him.

Nobody at the U could fix him, that's for sure.

Maybe if they held practices at Club mansion, he would've been a first round pick...


Now that is f'n funny!!!

Sam, interesting mock. Are you a big Ohio State fan by any chance? Haha.

Posted by: NeMo | April 14, 2014 at 02:33 PM

Nope, just so happens they have at least two player in this draft I feel can really help the Dolphins. Everyone here has their own opinions on different players. That's fine, these are just mine.

If Hickey's anything like Ireland, we'll be lucky if even ONE player on anyone's mock here is drafted by Hickey. Maybe we should replace "mock" with "wishlist". :)


Very true about wish lists and I actually have one believe it or not. I've posted it on here before. It is a wish list though and does not mean I wouldn't be happy with other players. It is just guys I'd LIKE to see in Miami. I've also included what round I would like to try and get them in.

Mike Evans WR
Trade Down to get more picks - deep draft
Zach Martin OT
Xavier Sua-Filo OG
Hasean Clinton-Dix FS
Eric Ebron TE
Odell Beckham Jr. WR
Justin Gilbert CB
Ryan Shazier LB
Jace Amaro TE
Joel Bitonio OT
Martavis Bryant WR
Donte Moncrief WR
Morgan Moses OT
Davante Adams WR
Brandin Cooks WR
Austin Seferian-Jenkins TE
Jordan Matthews WR
Trade down depending on whose available here.
Ed Reynolds FS
Cody Latimer WR
JaWuan James OT
Marcus Martin C
Terrance West RB
Dakota Dozier OG
Jack Mewhort OT
Antonio Richardson OT
Andre Williams RB
Troy Niklas TE
Telvin Smith OLB
Jordan Tripp OLB
Carlos Hyde RB
Kelcy Quarles DT
DaQuan Jones DT
Billy Turner OT
Jeremy Hill RB

Preston Brown MLB
C.J. Fiedorowicz TE
Dontae Johnson FS
Marqueston Huff FS
Trai Turner OG
Max Bullough MLB
Jon Halapio OG
Seantrel Henderson OT
Devin Street WR
Kevin Norwood WR

Chris Watt OG
John Urschel OG
James Hurst OT
Charles Leno OT
De'Anthony Thomas RB
Xavier Grimble TE
Crockett Gillmore TE
Jeff Janis WR
Lamin Barrow MLB
Brandon Thomas OG – Now that he’s injured Rnd 6
Jay Bromley DT
Jonathan Dowling FS
Kenarious Gates OT
Brandon Linder OG
Trey Hopkins OG
Mason Walters OG
Lorenzo Taliaferro RB
Alden Darby FS
John Brown WR

IMO this draft is very offensive heavy at the top. The reason is due to OL and WR being very deep.

Keep in mind on the wish list, the round is where I'd feel good about taking them not where sites have players projected.

Posted by: SAM I AM | April 14, 2014 at 02:07 PM

Lots of good players on your mock. I would think most Dolfans would be thrilled if it went down like that and I would assume only one o-lineman being on it to mean the Fins have the rest of the line figured out.

Only thing not there I'm hoping we get is safety depth. And I'm not being facetious. :)

Lots of ifs there though. Can we find a trade down partner etc. It would be great if it were to happen though.

There will be no trade up by the Miami Dolphins!!!!

Zach Martin will be there at #19, simply because teams are obsessed with the WRs, CBs, and Arizona will not move up from #20 because that is where I THINK Johnny Manziel is going!!!! Sit behind Carson for 1 year and then take the wraps. Working out in practice with Larry Fitz and against Patrick Pete is great experience as well. COUNT IT DONE!!! Football Johnny to the AZ Cards!!!!

My question is how do we land Zach Martin AND the Guard Xavier Su'A-Filo. Would Philly Take Dione Jordan for the #22 pick? If Xavier is available at #22, I say we offer Jordan to Philly for #22 overall.

Then, the offensive line is set before we even get out of Round 1. AND, not just set with mediocre players, these (2) guys (Zach Martin, Xavier Su'A-Filo), are going to be studs, and they are BOTH READY TO START RIGHT NOW!!!!


The Dolphins biggest needs are clearly another Tackle, Guard, and Linebacker, then probably Running back, and Corner-back.





1. DT *Timmy Jernigan Play maker CB Justin Gilbert , LB C.J. Mosley , WR Kelvin Benjamin, GUARD

OT Cyrus Kouandjio or OT Zack Martin or DT RaShede Hageman, OT ,Morgan Moses,


OT JaWuan James, OG Gabe Jackson, OG Xavier Su'a-Filo, OG Joel Bitonio

Another Mock Draft:

1RD: Zack Martin OL
2RD: JaWuan James OL
3RD: Donte Moncrief WR
4RD: Shayne Skov ILB
5RD: Zack Moore DL
6RD: Kadeem Edwards OL
7RD: Jonathan Brown OLB

Martin is not a sexy pick, but we can't overlook (again) our o-line. He could become our Mike Lupati, in other words a Pro Bowl Guard for years. James would solidify our RT position for a very long time. Moncrief would be an awesome 3rd round pick to go along Wallace, Hartline and Gibson. Skov would immediately improve our run defense, which was atrocious last year. Zack Moore would add depth to our d-line, Edwards is raw but has great size and potential. Brown could be a steal in round 7.


Play makers against the Jets, Bills, New England

1st Round Best Value play makers (cant go wrong)

What a selection

⦁ Taylor lewan OT Michigan http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_k1mjmGSa80#t=44

⦁ 1 round Timmy Jenigan DT Florida State http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ArKwiUUdeG8#t=13


⦁ 1st Round⦁ Telvin Smith OLB 8 Florida State http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zalycQA5YiA


⦁ 1st Round Darqueze Dennard CB Michigan State

Eric Ebron TE North Carolina

Kelvin Benjamin WR 10 Florida (Maybe he's there for pick two)?


Martin is seemingly perfectly suited for Miami's need at right tackle. But a sure thing? No. This means that this player will start this season or next season? Not a sure thing will be There?


1st round Timmy Jenigan DT Florida State

1st Round Darqueze Dennard CB Michigan State
Eric Ebron TE North Carolina

:Marqise Lee WR 5 Southern California

:Kelvin Benjamin WR 10 Florida


You quoted!

Lewan just makes no sense for Miami dude has never played RT before he is a pure LT and he has his issues

If this is true then Lewan is off my 1st Round pick.


Eric Ebron TE North Carolina

Darqueze Dennard CB 2 Michigan State Sr 5-11 199 *

Timmy Jernigan DT 2 Florida State Jr 6-2 299 1 19 *

Marqise Lee WR 5 Southern California

Kelvin Benjamin WR 10 Florida


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