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Getting Zack Martin may require trade up contingency

I spent the morning talking to three NFL scouting and personnel department sources and, of course, my interest was centered almost exclusively on the situation the Dolphins will face at No. 19 when they are on the clock a month from now during the draft.

And the read I'm getting is the Dolphins are going to be wholly dependent on what happens in front of them, barring a trade up, if they are to get the starting right tackle everyone says should go to them -- Notre Dame tackle Zack Martin.

There are apparently four consensus first round tackles in this draft. They are in order from the folks I'm talking to, Auburn's Greg Robinson, Texas A&M's Jake Matthews, Michigan's Taylor Lewan and Martin.

Yes, there are other tackle possibilities such as Virginia's Morgan Moses, Tennessee's Ju'Wuan James, Alabama's Cyrus Kouandjio and even perhaps Nevada's Joel Bitonio, who jumps in there if you're talking to people who don't mind an undersized tackle. But those guys are not considered first-round values. Solid players. Good prospects.

But not as good as Robinson, Matthews, Lewan and Martin coming out.

Having said that, the Dolphins are not getting Robinson or Matthews. Both of them are top 10 picks. And without multiple picks in the first couple of rounds, the Dolphins don't have obvious ammunition to execute a trade up that high unless they want to go without picks in the second and third round or are willing to invest 2015 picks.

Lewan and Martin will be more attainable if Miami wants to grab either of them in a trade up. Why would the Dolphins have to consider a trade up to get one of those, you ask?

Well, apparently neither is certain to be there when the Dolphins pick.

As there are four first-round tackles, there are five teams already ahead of Miami that can use tackle upgrades. St. Louis, Atlanta, Detroit, the New York Giants and Baltimore may all be considering getting help at tackle before the Dolphins are scheduled to pick.

So if things go exactly wrong, with five teams picking before Miami vying for four sure-fire first-round tackles, the Dolphins are left ... well, needing another option.

Furthermore, Arizona (20th overall), Kansas City (23), and Carolina (28) have tackle needs to varying degrees and may consider jumping up ahead of Miami.

The point here is the idea of Zach Martin, who by all accounts is a clean pick and a value at No. 19, being available to Miami when the time comes is very nice and almost convenient. But it is hardly a certainty.

Last year, there was a run on tackles early in the draft and teams were willing to pick players they ended up using on the right side as rookies simply to solidify their lines for the present and the future.

Are teams this year suddenly going to decide the tackle spot is less important and let a solid one be available at No. 19?

Dolphins fans would love to believe so -- especially since Martin is seemingly perfectly suited for Miami's need at right tackle. But a sure thing? No.

General manager Dennis Hickey is going to need trade-up contingencies to be certain he gets Martin.


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well to his benefit Egnew does have a total of 69 YDs after 2 seasons

Who needs Gronk or Graham !?

10 picks after Egnew the Eagles drafted Foles

Repeat from last blog.

How long will Williams last before Thill leads him into an on coming truck Dback?? Thill has successfully single-handedly destroyed every receiver's legs we have except for our $60 million dollar waste who's never going to put himself out there to make a good catch. Other than that, we're looking at 6-10 until we get a real QB

Bringing back Chad Penny would still be better than any thing we have now

Follow some good teams
keep the Dolphins as ur joker team
for laughs and entertainment

Had my fun for today, gotta get back to my life

No Armando no trade for an Olinemen, maybe a guy that puts the ball in the endzone but not an olineman furthermore it might make more sense to draft best playmaker available at 19 and get your lineman later. Or trade for a tackle who is proven, o that we shouldn't draft linemen but just not with the first pick just my opinion.

What did Jake Long ever do for us ? what has Matt Ryan done we need to score points or sack Tom Brady more we can get o lineman we just need someone who can evaluate talent which Ireland was not that great at. Long was a good left tackle and till is pretty much but not worth the first pick overall and he is not even with the team now, WE NEED POINTS PEOPLE !!!!! PERIOD

Scott the Oline needs to be fixed, the pathetic sacks allowed and anemic running game show that. You can have a ton of playmakers but if every play is blown up because our Oline can't pass block, run block or pull it won't make any difference.

That said you can coach up an oline that has average players, you can't coach up and average talent to superstar. So I agree with finding Oline talent later in the draft usually. This time however we need a rookie to start and best odds of that are taking a first round olineman.

man so many fools supported the idiot ireland for years, always tried hyping his drafts up day after

Posted by: dusty bottoms | April 11, 2014 at 07:20 PM

You mean Dashi and all his nick's?

Marino fell on the Board also, but in a year of many great QBs unlike this Draft has. There really are 2 great talents are QB and at LT respectively this year. Anyone that falls from there, lookout!

Dashi & oscar,
It does not matter who we get at 19 because that player will be a bust.
Whoever gets picked at #18 and #20 will be a probowler.

I hope they are all gone so we will draft a WR.

Miami needs more picks, not fewer. You don't give up picks in a draft that has players rated in the 5's and high 4's all the way into the 4th round. Your just as likely to hit a decent tackle at #50 as you are at #19 if the top 4 are off the board.

Here's the thing... A matter of subtraction and addition you can't get around. For every team who takes "This great player"... It pushes "That great player" down a pick. Unless your picking in the top ten for one of the players rated in the 6's... Your likely to get a 1st year starter all the way down to p[ick 25-28.... maybe even lower... I'd say it's best to stop obsessing on the 1'st pick and be more excited about what Miami does in the 2'nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th... THOSE are the guys Miami needs to improve on. We're all good at 1st rounders...

Zach Martin will be a pro-Bowler at #19, ETF, because he's a Catholic.

I'm certain none of of these guys will be there at 19 but we have no picks to trade. They could offer Jordan to move up to get a tackle.If they find an idiot willing to make that trade. Unfurtunately, Ireland is still unemployed.

Which WR would you draft that could realistically be there at #19, EVERYBODY KNOWS?



Kelvin Benjamin = you can't coach size

Just don't get why you would trade up for a LT when you just signed one for big money.

I think the question is if Zach Martin is there at 19 is.... Do you think he can be a pro bowl R/T or guard?

If not then they should explore trading down for Su'a Filo or just drafting him straight up at 19.

If he fills a position in dire need of upgrade and can play at a high level are we really going to quibble that we took him a couple spots too soon?? Especially considering how bad the line sucked last year.

Option 3 imho would be to draft a safety, LB, or ,WR at 19 if one of the game changers are there and look at rds 2-4 for o-line. I'm not too big on the WR idea n rd 1 myself because I want the pick to make an immediate impact. They are not going sit Wallace or Hartline...Gibson?..maybe but doubtful.

TROOP @ 8:44: Finally Truth is Spoken

Not even career backup Hickey could fckk up the 19th pick

You guys obsess too much about every single slot in the draft. Look at the first round picks of the last 5 drafts. You will see no more than half of them were worth first round status. Same thing every year. There is always plenty of talent in the top 4 rounds, and plenty of great players are not first rounders.

"...and plenty of great players are not first rounders."
-Zack @ 9:08

Plenty of Dolphins are not first rounders either.


Justin played 4 games with Henne between suspensions and he had over 200 yds receiving in 2 of the games.
With that much height and length no one can cover the guy.


Megatron 2.0

I wouldn't mind drafting Kelvin. He's plenty big and looks plenty fast. I liked what I saw from him in the Championship Game.

Now you're talking

I would also be nice if 2 or 3 of last year's draftees panned out.

Jordan, Taylor, and Dallas Thomas turning to be good football players would be huge.

It'll be mind boggling if the entire 2013 draft is a bust.


If too short Kelvin gets it if too long Wallace gets it.

If most of you were around for 400 drafts, you'd still fall for the mock hype just the same. How many experts predicted Wilson would have a ring before Luck and RG3?
Too many highly rated first round picks are flops every single year, yet each season many of you talk of them as though they were automatic locks to be very good.

They rarely are.

Zack @ 9:20

Luck is starting to look a little too much like Matty-Ice for me.
Be funny if Indy had to suffer through a Marino-like 18 year whackoff.

If Lewan or Martin are on the board at #19, the Dolphins should take either one of them, depending who is there. If they are both there, Lewan should be the pick.

If both of them are gone, I think you take the best OG in the draft - Xavier Su'a Filo. I know I know- OG and OC can be found in the later rounds. But the Dolphins top needs are OT and OG. Su'a Filo as the top OG, would not be a reach at 19 IMO.

As far as a trade for Dion Jordan, I dont see the eagles parting with both Brandon Graham and their first round pick. Their second round pick- yes. Heres the thing, if I were Dennis Hickey, I would put Kevin Coyle on the spot and ask him if he can turn Jordan into a beast of a player. If Coyle has any doubts- I would take Graham and the second round pick and maybe make them throw in a late rounder as well in next years draft. Graham fits better in the 4-3 and Jordan fits better in the 3-4. Jeff Ireland is long gone- wash your hands of the pick.

At the same time, Kelvin and Jaqis Lee are falling and a WR named Brandin Cooks is rising and is now at #18 to be selected by the NYJ.

Frank the name of the game is acquiring talent. It's up to the coaches to use it properly. Teams change defensive fronts throughout the game anyway. You don't toss away a potentially freak athlete like Jordan after one season, especially a rookie who missed his first training camp

None of the picks you mention are any more certain of being good than Jordan is. Have patience.

Have faith fella things are gonna turn for us this year huge season for us

We finally have a gm that is not afraid

I like Benjamin a lot we will get the players we need a corner is not out of the question either

We are gonna light it up this year

HoHo! (ETF looking now if it is true that Kelvin is falling)

This is THE ONE draft Hickey will not have pressure (his first) so even though i am not 100% sold on the approach, i would go best player which is a system fit; we certainly have more system needs than we think

Shazier, Cooks, or Martin

Agreed MDID. You could even make somewhat of a case for DT and DE due to the ages of Wake and Starks.


Like I said- ask Kevin Coyle. IF he feels Jordan can be coached up- great. BUt on paper- and I stress on paper- Jordan fits the mold of an OLB in a 3-4 not a DE in a 4-3. A trade of Jordan for Graham (and nothing else though there would be draft picks involved of course) would put two talented players in their correct schemes. Its like Ellerbe- trying to get him to "fit" as a MLB was a mistake- he is a WILL LB.
Brandon Graham fits the mold of a 4-3 DE and would work with what Coyle is trying to run. IF MIA can actually swindle the 22nd pick- Imagine them going Lewan, Martin, or Su'a Filo at 19 and Moseley or Borland at 22. Two HUGE needs filled.

Ireland was not afraid, he was just....strange. Anybody that has 2 autistic children and in a position of great responsibility, HAS to be evaluated from a genetic, neurological, psychological and psychiatric point of view. That goes for Obama, the Pope and any other figure that handles great Power.

Thats my dream scenario- best OL at 19. Best MLB at 22 (if a trade is made with the Eagles).

I forgot Shazier- Moseley, Borland of Shazier at number 22- if a trade with PHI is make

Dion is young. He is going to fill out. Now he could be a bust just like many #1 overall picks were busts, but considering he was the #1 defensive player in the draft...I think you give him more than his rookie season.

What a coup that would be- Graham to replace Jordan. #19- best OL. #22- best MLB. Now THAT would improve the team.

Vladimir Putin should be investigated in that scientific way. He looks kinda strange also but, of course, he comes from some kind of Mongolians.

Rick, absolutely! Remember they are building a championship team (their words!); hope they approach the draft accordingly

The Miami Dolphins have no shot at winning the AFC east until 2016 at the earliest

If Joe Philbin had a better plan after halftime
other than
cutting the front pockets out of his pants and
walk around the sidelines fondling himself
then maybe the team could get somewhere

Philbin needs Jimmy Johnson back to draft for him

Why does Egnew always look like he just bit into a sour lemon

What's up with that look on his puss?

while we are talking trade it is time to trade Egnew
He had 2 years to show us hius stuff and he is now the third string TE
what can we get for him
someone must like him
he is a waste of a roster spot for us.

Home like Egnew, if I ran the blog I would cut you immediately.

Darkoak, did you party with ETFPenus again tonight?

Trade Egnew? For what, a bad cold?

Philbin will be fired during or after the season.

Lewan, Lewan, lewan! He looks more athletically inclined for a tackle. Martin looks big but soft.

Let's hope Hickey is not as gullible as the fans.

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