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Miami Dolphins 2014 schedule here (free)

So the Dolphins open the season against the Patriots at home and end the season against the Jets at home.

In between?

The first three games include games against two playoff teams (Pats and KC) and at the team that swept Miami last season (Buffalo).

The Raiders game in London on Sept. 28 followed by the bye.

Cold weather and outdoor game at New England prior to the season finale.

The team will play two prime time games -- hosting the Bills on Thursday night Nov. 13. and at the Jets Monday night Dec. 1.

“Our organization is excited about the schedule and we look forward to playing our home opener in front of our great fans,“ said coach Joe Philbin. “We also start our season with two division opponents, travel to London and finish the year with two home games. As always, our off-season program and training camp will be paramount in preparing us for the upcoming season.”

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7-9 philbin fired

That's pretty tough

Minnesota is a home game.

Holy crap! A September home game at 1 o'clock. Is about time! Good to get whatever home advantage we have back.

finishing with 2 home games is very nice!

Looks like the Minnesota game is at home to me. 3 of the last 4 at home.

Oh man. That's a tough schedule based on last year's opponents' records. I agree, anything better than 7-9 is going to be hard to reach.

Jimmy Jan it's exactly .500 based on last season and WRONG it isn't very tough and 7 - 9 is EPIC FAILURE TOO MANY MORONS ON THIS BOARD

11-5 if everything goes well. I could easily see another .500 season though.

4 of the first 5 games at home or on a neutral field (against a crappy Raiders team that will have a flight form hell going from Oakland to London). Not bad.

Even if Vikings game was away it would be in a dome. That's not cold weather. Looking forward to the season and ending the Jets season in the final game.

Very good chance we get a look at Manzel up close and personal either with the Jaguars or Vikings. Unless the Browns pull the trigger. Either way, probably two rookie QB's for the Jags and Vikes and then the poo, poo platter of Smith/Vick for the Jets. Nice.

Happy we have NE 1st at home at 1. May be able to take them off gaurd... who know's....

nobody knows for sure who is going to be real good and who is going to be average, every year the power in the NFL shifts and with the exception of a few teams who will be good for sure, nobody knows. also injuries play a big part in the strength of teams during the season. With a good draft we can be right up there with the best. I am an optimist and try to stay positive and can't stand pessimists who are always looking at the negatives. If you are a "true" Dolphin fan, you won't be bashing the team, coaches or management. BE SUPPORTIVE and positive for your team.

11-5 philbin coach of the year.

Game 1 95 degrees, with 80% humidity, Tom Brady's balls will melt off

The Jets ended the THole lead barbies 2013 season also eH?

I would vote for either a strong coverage skill middle linebacker or another corner with the first pick in the draft with this schedule. One gunslinger after another on it. Go offensive tackle/guard 2nd and 3rd rounds. Re-sign Clabo or McKinney (can McKinney play right tackle?) too as insurance against the rookies needing time before they are ready to start.

8-8 ground hog day all over again. Philbin sticks and we will do this all over again next season.

That Buffalo game is HUGE. Drop that, and you are looking at a 1-5 start.

Glass half full look of the schedule?

The opener at home is the best possible time to play New England. They typically look pedestrian until October. KC and Green Bay home early in the season and the heat is favorable as well.

10 wins is the absolute ceiling for this team. And that's everything going right, Wallace catching 8+ TD's and going over 1,000 yards, Tannehill taking the next step, and Miami getting something out of last years draft picks.

Good barometer of any progress we will have opening with NE.

1-6 By halloween with a thrashing by the Manziel lead Jags team on the 10-26 eH?

A Game One home win against the Patriots would be a helluva way to set up for a very memorable season. We need a crazed sell-out crowd and a ferocious pass rush to put Brady on his $20 million butt. Go Fins!

Jon is right.

Schedule's are tough only for the bad teams. Good teams never fret about the schedule.

Woo Hoo I get to go to the Packers game. Can't wait till Oct 12

I hate to play bad Teams. Make us look bad.

Dolphins could easily be 1-4 the first 5 games. That's saying they beat the Raiders. We all know Tannehill's on a 2 gm losing streak against the Bills.

You Tanne-cusers had better pray you're right about Tannehill, or we're coming out of the chute 1-4. This will signal the end of both Tannehill and Philbi in Miami.

Every season some good teams play below expectations (ex 2013 Giants) and some bad teams play above expectations (ex 2013 KC).

You can never know in advance how tough the following seasons schedule really is.

This is a bad football team folks and the schedule for 2014 is brutal so put all of your pom pom away until the 2015 season,it's gonna be ugly Dolfans.

Bad omen facing Brady 1st game of the season. REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED LAST TIME?

I think it was 50pts and 500yds passing. Oh btw, it was the beginning of Henne's 3RD season in Miami too. :)

Love this schedule except early bye again. But game 1 against Pats at home..3 of last 4 at home and payback against the Jets season finally...

Payback Bills, Payback Jets, Payback Ravens....

It looks like an average schedule to me. We did beat some very good teams last season. The schedule is not what will keep us from the playoffs, coaching and execution will.

Oscar, there is no more room for excuses in the barbies play book eH? DIE or DO eH?

September 12 7:00 p.m. EDT New England Patriots L 24–38 0–1 Sun Life Stadium 2011 opener
Um.The barbies have the 0 after this game btw eH?

Yes. Nobody should expect more than 9-7 this Season mainly due to an almost completely new OLine.

Vegas is right again.7.5 eH? Every FKN season eH? F U Ross eH?

I think Vegas is wrong this time, Ape(I tremble anytime I go against them). 8.5

Waste of time watching this opening series of the Heat. Later.

Season prediction:

In the 4th quarter of the GB game, down by 14 and looking at a 1-4, 0-5 start, you will hear the following at Sunlife Stadium;

FI-RE PHIL-BIN clap clap clap FI-RE PHIL-BIN clap clap clap

JA-MEIS WIN-STON clap clap clap JA-MEIS WIN-STON clap clap clap

Pats 11-5
dolphins 11-5
Bills 8-8
Jets 7-9

Ape, at least the Dolphins were OVER last year. Hopefully its the same this season.

pats 11-5
Dolphins 11-5
Bills 8-8
Jets 7-9

NO EXCUSES DOLPHINS FANS NO EXCUSES 6-10 and a new Coach&QB in 2015 !!

Pats 11-5
Dolphins 11-5
bills 8-8
jets 7-9

No back to back home games til the last two games of the year! That's rough.

There going to be fine.the new OL will protect tanne and we will actually see some bombs to Wallace this time around.11-5.

Valuable lesson learned last season(2013). I'll never again proclaim Ryan Tannehill anything until all 16gms are done. Just when you begin to think he is, he does his darnedest to prove he isn't.

Need a QB that doesn't miss a wide open Wallace 17 times for touchdowns.Unheard of folks! And don't start about the offensive line, some of those sacks were Tannehill's fault.

Some of you guys never cease to amaze with your absolute cluelessness.

Year after year, you act as if the schedule release is some magical unveiling of the unknown when in fact THE ENTIRE DAMN SCHEDULE HAS BEEN KNOWN FOR MONTHS. The only thing "revealed" is the dates...NOT the opponents and NOT where they will be played.

As a matter of fact, aside from a mere TWO conference games that are determined by where you finish the year before EVERY FUTURE SCHEDULE IS ALREADY KNOWN AS WELL.

Want to know who the Dolphins play in 2015? Here it is:

Home and away versus the division.

Home: Houston, Indianapolis, Dallas, NY Giants, AFC North*

Away: Jacksonville, Tennessee, Philadelphia, Washington, AFC West*

WOW!! You mean you can actually see future schedules NOW?!?

Yes, dummies. You can.

Hell, I didn't know that. I told you, Armando knows things.

Here's the Dolphins 2016 schedule:

AFC South
AFC West
vs. San Francisco 49ers
at Seattle Seahawks
at St. Louis Rams
vs. Arizona Cardinals
vs. Baltimore Ravens
at Pittsburgh Steelers
at Cleveland Browns
vs. Cincinnati Bengals
at New York Jets
vs. New York Jets
at New England Patriots
vs. New England Patriots
at Buffalo Bills
vs. Buffalo Bills

Miami Dolphins 2017 schedule here (free):

Division home and away


New Orleans
Tampa Bay
AFC South


Kansas City
San Diego
AFC North

Want to see the Dolphins 2037 schedule?

(getting the picture yet?)

I think we likely head into the season finale at 9-6 with a playoff berth on the line.

QB not that bad he's just not the fantastic 4-R.Wilson RGlll N.Foles nor A.Luck, #17 is just your average Joe QB nothing special and he can't even throw the deep ball !!

Just when you begin to think he is, he does his darnedest to prove he isn't.

Posted by: SAM I AM | April 23, 2014 at 09:21 PM

Just like you, just when we think maybe you are a reasonable poster, you prove to be a jackazzzz.

Hopefully, Woodshed.

And, last but not least here's the Dolphins 2018 schedule.

Look familiar? It's virtually identical to THIS year's schedule except the home and aways are reversed. See how this works?

Maybe next year you'll finally not act surprised (but I doubt it).

Buffalo, New England, Jets
AFC West


Buffalo, New England, Jets
Green Bay
AFC North

Hell, I didn't know that. I told you, Armando knows things.

Posted by: oscar canosa |


Armando? He acts as surprised as anyone else.

Earth to Armando: You could have posted the entire home and away schedule 30 seconds after the Jets game was over.

6-10 TannePuke cut Philbin fired

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