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Miami Dolphins 2014 schedule here (free)

So the Dolphins open the season against the Patriots at home and end the season against the Jets at home.

In between?

The first three games include games against two playoff teams (Pats and KC) and at the team that swept Miami last season (Buffalo).

The Raiders game in London on Sept. 28 followed by the bye.

Cold weather and outdoor game at New England prior to the season finale.

The team will play two prime time games -- hosting the Bills on Thursday night Nov. 13. and at the Jets Monday night Dec. 1.

“Our organization is excited about the schedule and we look forward to playing our home opener in front of our great fans,“ said coach Joe Philbin. “We also start our season with two division opponents, travel to London and finish the year with two home games. As always, our off-season program and training camp will be paramount in preparing us for the upcoming season.”

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You no Armando? You no know things?

Who cares? Everything is Written.

Actually, let me modify this to say that DRAFT DAY is actually the Funniest Time of the Year on this blog because of all the instant analysis and "grades" some of you sofa-sitting "experts" ludicrously assign in the hopes that someone, ANYONE will take you seriously.

Nothing tops that for comedy.

But Schedule Release Day comes close.

You know Schedule, you tell Draft.

Even homer Jimmy Cefalo says we need a new QB.

And people who write things like "Tannepuke" and "Failbin" in an utterly futile effort to sound clever are also pretty funny, but it's more along the lines of "funny" as in seeing a guy walk into a light pole or someone unable to accomplish simple math in a checkout line.

You hate to laugh at retarded--er, I mean "mentally challenged" posters but sometimes it's unavoidable.



Oscar, all that you (or anyone else) needs to do to see every future Dolphins schedule--and the rest of the NFL for that mater---is simply Google 'Dolphins future schedules.'

It's all there. The NFL has at a concrete, rotating by division and site future schedule for many years now.

There is no suspense to it, no mystery, no surprises.

It's amazing to me how many fans don't seem aware of this.

As a matter of fact, the only thing that could interfere in my prediction of 9-7 for the Dolphins this Season is named Joe Philbin.

About time we play our rival in September at Home...

T-Puke cant hit the broadside of a barn more than 10 yds away.

Ryan tannehill 32 td passes, 11 ints, 5 rush tds, 4500 yards passing in 2014. BOOK IT!!!


T-Puke cant hit water from a boat lol

No denver terror?

Ill be there. invesco takeover 2014. Get it going

WhoTH should care about the Schedule. Better than the Schedule, worry about Us.


Don't give up the day job. I don't think Comedy Central will be calling.

No arguments there, are they?

Why were people bitching about the London game?

That WAS supposed to be a Raiders home game. Now it is Oakland with the even more ridiculous plane ride and no home advantage whatsoever.

Sorry, but that's not much cause for complaint.

Oscar, who are you talking to?


jay is just mad because tannehill laid pipe to both his mother and girlfriend

Failbin this year will prove he succs worse than I do, he actually already proved that but everybody blamed me. I actually have succed for a very long time also

Ticket sales are up this year. No boycott from me. Go Dolphins!!!

hello? Better than the Schedule, worry about Us. Any arguments?

Yeah, but Jeff Ireland has a few million in the bank and probably isn't up typing on a football blog in his pajamas drunk on cheap beer.

C'mon, BOYCOTT, give Ross a chance. I'm pretty sure he's not the same Dolphin's owner as he was last year.

hello? Better than the Schedule, worry about Us. Any arguments?

Posted by: oscar canosa | April 23, 2014 at 10:34 PM


Can someone translate this into English?

Ticket sales are up this year.

Posted by: shove your stupid boycott | April 23, 2014 at 10:33 PM

If ya believe that I have some ice in Alaska to sell ya HAHA

"Let him fight, better than shoot him", Abraham Lincoln discussing the fate of a deserter.

Well, I must leave you for Tonight. I don't have to work Tomorrow.

Posted by: Just Saying | April 23, 2014 at 10:35 PM

You sound like you're speaking from experience, lol.

Jus sayin'

40 years(at least) would be considered a LONG time since last Super Bowl win UNLESS you are a sycophantic EPIC moron.

Get sense better get a life because ticket sales are up.

Another 3-0 start should make for a nice play off push.

As long as we handle our business in the AFC we'll be alright.

And when we go 2-0 the ape monkey will change his name.

Actually, Get Sense, ticket sales ARE up--and pretty substantially.

Armando reported as much right here a few weeks ago.

Of course, "some" people are not as up to speed as others.

I am in my pajamas, true enough, but I am enjoying a delicious Unibroue Fin du Monde Belgian Trippel.

No Coors shall pass these lips.

My God, a Dolphins in Depth poster using the word 'sycophantic.'

You could knock me over with a feather.

How does Philbin still have a job after the Incognito debacle and the end of season meltdown?

Funniest time of the year:

I also find it weird how a lot of fans follow the NFL so closely yet don't seem aware that every future schedule is already set in stone.

I think maybe some people just like acting as if it's a big unknown even though it really isn't.

Cant see finishing better than 10-6, and thats with some luck. it really looks like an 8-8 season. if we can start hot again but maintain a little better 10-6 is very realistic.

How does Philbin still have a job after the Incognito debacle and the end of season meltdown?

Posted by: Zonk


How are some people still yammering away about this when it is nearly freaking MAY?

Well, I must leave you for Tonight. I don't have to work Tomorrow.

Posted by: oscar canosa

The entire Mental Health Community of South Florida breathes a collective sigh of relief.

Friends dont let friends buy Dolphin tickets.....

The way I see it is that the Dolphin will win some of these games and lose some of these games.

If they win a couple you don't expect them to then they could wind up with a good record but if they lose a couple you don't expect them to then their record won't be very good.

So, the key for them is to win more games than they lose. If they do that, the playoffs are possible.

But if they lose more than they win I predict they won't go to the playoffs.

A lot depends on the quarterback. Quarterbacks are important.

Also, they will need to play good defense. Teams with good defenses make the playoffs a lot.

But the main thing is scoring points. If you can score more points than the other team then you will win most of those games. I have seen this happen on TV.

Well, those are my thoughts about the season.

Thank you.

LOL @ 11:03!!!

Cant see finishing better than 10-6, and thats with some luck.

Posted by: mmh7713 | April 23, 2014 at 10:54 PM

Yeah, like if a few of our opponents get swallowed up in a sinkhole?

Here's the Dolphins 2016 schedule:

AFC South
AFC West
vs. San Francisco 49ers
at Seattle Seahawks
at St. Louis Rams
vs. Arizona Cardinals
vs. Baltimore Ravens
at Pittsburgh Steelers
at Cleveland Browns
vs. Cincinnati Bengals
at New York Jets
vs. New York Jets
at New England Patriots
vs. New England Patriots
at Buffalo Bills
vs. Buffalo Bills
Posted by: Funniest Time of the Year Here | April 23, 2014 at 09:52 PM

Just ONE error...should that be the LOS ANGELES Whatevers. not the Miamio Dolphins?
After Philbin leaves end of 2014, Fins hire a REAL coach, who agrees under the condition that the Fins move to LA.

Sorry, 1 glass of Merlot too many. LOL

The early Fins bye is necessary due to the London trip.
Seems Fins get the early bye a LOT, NEW and Jets get THEIR byes weeks 10-12 ALL the time.

Shove it troll nation ,,,,,it's time to shock the world go miami

Draft time is coming draft time is coming

You don`t respest the Dolphins , go to Hell

You don`t respect the Dolphins , go to Hell

LOL @ 11:03!!!

Posted by: sad but true | April 23, 2014 at 11:05 PM
Only thing missing, "and if Tom Brady breaks his leg again, we're IN THE PLAYOFFS!!!"

BTW, ANY prediction BEFORE the end of training camp is just so much hot air. There;'s injuries, the draft m(dare we hope), future opponents injuries, not to mention if Tanny and Wallace click in camp. If they don't...you know the rest.

Who cares about their schedule?


The Dolphins are a minor league team.

IMA Writer,

It'll either be the LOS ANGELES Rams (which has a nice, familiar ring to it) or the LOS ANGELES Chargers.

And very possibly BOTH if some of the rumors out here are to be believed.

Did you know the Rams owner is actually one of the developers seeking to build a new stadium in L.A.? Talk about the writing being on the wall.

So--anyway--I know we like to have fun here but the Dolphins aren't moving anywhere nor would the NFL ever abandon what is now the 4th biggest metro area in the country approaching 6-million people.

The Rams are going back to L.A.

The Chargers may well wind up there, too.

It is will get the you know what slapped out of him by Cam Wake spewing that non.sense.

Posted by: A Dolphins in Depth Poster | April 23, 2014 at 11:03 PM

Quite erudite and just as hilarious as posts by Funniest Time of the Year and Quack, Quack, Quack. You all the same poster?

Sam I Am,
The eternal optimist! Glad to have your glass half-empty, pragmatic, pessimistic ass pulling for us.

Well boys, we played all the good QB's last year and still almost made the playoffs.

oscar is right for once...

Who's scared of the schedule? They better worry about us!!

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