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Miami Dolphins 2014 schedule here (free)

So the Dolphins open the season against the Patriots at home and end the season against the Jets at home.

In between?

The first three games include games against two playoff teams (Pats and KC) and at the team that swept Miami last season (Buffalo).

The Raiders game in London on Sept. 28 followed by the bye.

Cold weather and outdoor game at New England prior to the season finale.

The team will play two prime time games -- hosting the Bills on Thursday night Nov. 13. and at the Jets Monday night Dec. 1.

“Our organization is excited about the schedule and we look forward to playing our home opener in front of our great fans,“ said coach Joe Philbin. “We also start our season with two division opponents, travel to London and finish the year with two home games. As always, our off-season program and training camp will be paramount in preparing us for the upcoming season.”

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...I was really hoping the Denver game was going to be earlier in the season..A September of October game. No luck. No fishing trip to tie in with a football contest. Anyway...I already have the hookup for tickets to the game with the Donkeys on Nov 23rd...Nothing like a weekend getaway from the cold, into the cold.

Toughest losses for the 2014 Miami Dolphins will be the Home Opener against, "The Machine" aka The Patriots

and the 2014 MNF Loss to the NY JETS

Another mediocre season with no playoffs, we all know that. Anything but that is wishing and dreaming

How many analyst do you think are picking the Dolphins to win the SB? Think about that and there is your answer

I wouldn't make a win-loss prediction until training camp is completed, before the draft and the end of free agency is premature.

7 years since a winning season

15 years since a playoff win

42 years since a SB win

Posted by: Pathetic Franchise | April 24, 2014 at 10:10 AM

Obviously this is a new low in Dolphin history. But the questions are... have we hit bottom yet? And is there any bounce off the bottom?

NostraHomeUs says,

All The Time
Go Fish!

2009 = 7-9
2010 = 7-9
2011 = 6-10
2012 = 7-9
2013 = 8-8

NostraHomeUs has averaged out the last 5 yrs = 7-9 All The Time

After studying the schedule
NostraHomeUs concludes on 11.7.2014 Miami Dolphins 2-4


for the season

All The Time

Go Fish!

Failbin for coach of the year anyone?

I will base NOTHING off of how the FINS play...or how close the games were....

I am throwing out the HORSESHOE and HAND GRENADE grading curve...

Can the FINS score points when it matters...not @ the end of a blow out game...can the consitently score on teams....can they be a team we KNOW will put up 28-30 points on a team....

That matters...not a 19-17 loss to a GB team that never took us seriously any way...imo...

can the FINS shut down the other teams game plan.....if a team LOVES to run...can we make them PASS...and vice versa....

Can we take away their best weapon...Make them use plan B, C and D....

That is what I will judge as progress this year....

Mark also what I liked most about the interview is that it wasn't national media, just a beat reporter from his old schools town. Less PC more genuine. The kid has a serious itch!!
I'm looking forward to this season & the more I analyze the existing moves the more optimistic I become. There is better competition in the east this coming season, no doubt But I think this team is better designed overall to compete in div.
I've said before, I think Buf is toughest opp but some original play calling could offset that ferocious pass rush. Think we're better built to beat Pats more than ever & anyone can laugh all they want but I don't think Revis can cover Wallace either provided there's some long ball growth.

The only major error of this regime imo was focusing on that guy from NO..it was clear in my mind anyway he was never leaving & that was before Mia even began courting him.

7-9 is pretty good for these scrubs. They dont keep any talent and the draft hasnt replaced the talent that left.

Yep, November Mark. Not sure what I was thinking.

Few days after my birthday and a few days before 'Meg's'. Might be a good place for a honeymoon, no?


Mallett is only under contract for one more year.....

NOBODY can predict what he will do...or even that Brady will retire next year (he's not)....

So they have to get a QB...this year or next....

NostraHomeUs says,

All The Time
Go Fish!

2009 = 7-9
2010 = 7-9
2011 = 6-10
2012 = 7-9
2013 = 8-8

NostraHomeUs has averaged out the last 5 yrs = 7-9 All The Time

After studying the schedule
NostraHomeUs concludes on 11.7.2014 Miami Dolphins 2-4


for the season

All The Time

Go Fish!

Nothing makes me roll my eyes more than when someone says, "Well, if we can go 3-3 after the first 6 games then I'll be happy," or "If this team goes 4-2 down the stretch then we're in great shape," etc.....It never works that way in reality. If you start 3-0 and are 3-3 by mid-October, then its disappointing. If you win 3 games after Thanksgiving, then drop your last two to finish the year, then its disappointing. If you beat New England, Denver, and Green Bay, then blow three to Jacksonville, Buffalo, and Minnesota, then you're scratching your head. If you finish the year 10-6, but all 6 losses are in the AFC East then it feels pretty hollow. You aren't always what your record says you are.

Posted by: Kris (In Germany) | April 24, 2014 at 10:22 AM

Just saying if he was a sure fire starter you'd figure they'd re up him bring in a developmental low round pick QB. Seems odd to be so uncommitted to a sure fire starter.

Joe Philbin after 3 and 0 start. "We gott hell if a team!"

Joe Philbin after losing last 2 game. "Im not sure what happened out there"


My prediction same ole same ole 8 and 8. Maybe then some of you will realize THill not the guy. Vegas line 7.5. Sighhh

Joe Philbin after 3 and 0 start. "We gotta h e ll of a team!"

Joe Philbin after losing last 2 game. "Im not sure what happened out there"


My prediction same ole same ole 8 and 8. Maybe then some of you will realize THill not the guy. Vegas line 7.5. Sighhh

Go Raptora


Mark, we doing Fantasy on the Blog again this year?


I understand what your saying...I really do....

But you have to remember that one of the knocks on Mallett was his "maturity level"....

Now the guy has spent the 1st 4 years of his career on the pine....does he have the humility to be an Aaron Roders....nothing about his past behavior says he does....

plus sitting on the bench doesn't pay the BILLS like being even a mediocre starter can you 100 MIL for just being adequate....

I would have sour grapes if I was Mallett....


There is a BRIGHT SIDE.....

we can get him in FA next year....if we don't....the jets very well may...

We still have a serious question mark for half of OL (and iam being nice counting on career backup and bad pass protector Smith as a starter) the other half of the line we still do not know who they will be (but many of you are already stating we have an improved line).
One of our corner got burned 76% of the time last year and the new safety spends most of his time on the IL (btw, have you stop to think about who would be his replacement if he goes down again as he usually does)
Finally, what new play maker have we added since last season?
Oh yes and we still got that fearless I know nothing leader

All thiese are facts, no wishing or dreaming. Then, why exactly would be better than last season and make the playoff?

Yea, go ahead and hate Go gogo? But you know you only hate me because I am calling as it is. No dreaming here.

Go Raptors!

imagine a VERY motivated Mallett against the PATS twice a year...Maybe even 3....

If and when Brady retires Mallett will beat us twice a year. The Ross, Philbin, Hickey, Tannehil combo is a nightmare for the near future.


EXACTLY my thoughts. If Mallett were such a sure thing,how come he's not under contract for more years? Could there a better place for him to play than New England? How come teams haven't knocked down the Pats door for him? After all, he is 'surefire'.

Lets face it, Bellichick was smarter than everybody else or at least so we were led to believe. Draft a guy in the third and peddle him for a second or higher. Problem is,nobody wanted him in the draft and nobody has wanted him since. So BB outsmarted himself. Hes got a third round clipboard holder on his hands.

Kris, you said nobody knows what the future holds for Mallett. We do. He'll continue to hold the clipboard for Brady.

DC @ 10:11 I agree, nothing is proven until it's proven!!

Having said that the optimism here isn't unfounded. D Thomas "has not left the training facility since last season" When's the last time you've ever heard of anything like that? His biggest obstacle last season was his conditioning. Suffice it to say that won't be in the equation this yr. The very least anyone could say about that is the kid is determined. That's reason enough for optimism.

Dion? Different ball of wax..but arriving early never hurt anyone..

Seeing is believing, I know but I am optimistic!!

Garn, I'm one of the people that always defended last year's draft. I always thought between Jordan, Taylor, Davis, and jenkins, they got some very good players. Now for some reason this coaching staff didn't get them out there enough... could also be Philbin being old school in mentality.

Another reason why I think this team shouldn't necessarily be drafting for need but for BPA since this coach doesn't play rookies anyway, why should we draft for need when Jason Fox and Dallas Thomas are going to fill the remaining spots on the o line anyway??

But Taylor, Davis, Jordan, Jenkins will show something this year...

11-5 BOOK IT!!!!

Craig, taking the plunge again, awesome.

But do the girl a favour and bring her to a better place than Windsor (the murder capital of Canada) and Detroit (the armpit of America) for her Honeymoon. if you are going to tie it into football, go to London and watch Kris begrudgingly cheer for Ryan Tannehill.

You see teams trading for Schaub and Alex Smith and adding guys like Palmer and Vick and even drafting guys like Geno Smith and Foles but no one making a move for Mallett? How come? Could it be because he really isn't that good, which is what we've argued about since day one.

DC, you can have at it. I no longer have the fire for fantasy football. last year was my first year in like 10 I tried it and lost interest by week 3... here and at work.


Too funny! Just placed my order for my Tannehill jersey.

Onwards and upwards...

In what decade will the Dolphins finally have a franchise QB?

There is nothing a franchise QB couldn't fix on the Dolphins.

Very Possible The Dolphins get shut out in the Home Opener

However NostraHomeUs is more optimistic:

score more likely to be:

New England 34 Miami 13

then off to Buffalo

Tough schedule. Only two "easy" games (...The Patriots). A real challenge for the new GM, T-hill and for the team in general. The first two games will set the kind of team we're going to see the whole season, and since they are a divisional games, will seal the Dolphins fate. Good luck !

Have the Dolphins won a playoff game yet?

How does Joe "I know nuthin" Philbin still have a job?

Mace Taggert Bet you didn't know Tennehill threw for more yards than either Luck, Wilson, Foles, and RG3, and for more TD's than Luck, Wilson, and RG3. Yeah didn't think you did..............KNOW NOTHING.

diety = MORON
Dashi = MORON
dbo the great = MORON
Darkoak = MORON
all Canadians = MORONS

Craig M....

if orwhen Mallet resigns with the PATS....should I then come on here and tout his skills that you or I aven't seen in 4 years....

I guess I could....but I woudn't....

You told me that Mallett was the # 3 QB on the team...and you touted that for a while....until he wasn't any more....and now your reasoning behind him not being very good is because

1. he isn't a starter...

or 2. he hasn't been traded....

I don't think I have to break those two reasoning (your reasoning) down to you....they just aren't very sound....

Her is ONE thing that is NOT disputed....he is STILL the 2nd string QB sitting behind the BEST QB (arguably) of any generation....and Mallett manges to stick around....

NH & NJ,

Ireland had to give the #12 plus 2nd rounder to move up to #3.

Nobody trades 1st + 2nd + 4th to move to #19 especially not a playoff team like Carolina.

Have the trolls produced an original thought yet?

Posted by: FACTS | April 24, 2014 at 10:48 AM

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2014/04/miami-dolphins-2014-schedule-here-free/comments/page/5/#comments#storylink=cpy

cant argue that.

Nat Moore, really Nat and you know that Mallett will beat us twice a year, why do you believe this. When have you EVER watched him play, and who has he beaten.

Have the trolls produced an original thought yet?

Posted by: Darkoak | April 24, 2014 at 10:49 AM

Have the homers EVER been right about anything Dolphins?

Mark, we doing Fantasy on the Blog again this year?

Posted by: DC Dolfan | April 24, 2014 at 10:29 AM

dc,it is fantasy on
here all of time
with these clueless
stupid homers

0-3 to start the season... nice

-coaching staff not smart enuf to beat pats
-bills have their #
-chiefs defense will rattle tannehill

QB Carr would be a great draft pick for Miami

After this season
The Dolphins would be smart to eliminate all QBs on the current roster

Tannehill will never be worth a new big money franchise QB contract

Devlin will be forgotten a couple days after release

U could keep Matt Moore if u want to spend 4 million a year for essentially back up services

The Dolphins should have never reached for Tannehill and simply started Moore w better receivers like Wallace, Clay, Gibson and the emergence of Mathews

and of course, . . . drafted Kuechly

No way Tannehill earns a 100 million dollar contract

This team was set back 5 yrs by reaching for Tannehill instead of Home 4 GM's choice of the 2013 NFL MVP Defense -Kuechly

I believe Hou was making a move for Mallet, just unwilling to meet NE asking price..

I think we beat GB on the semi-frozen tundra last time we played them?


Bet the money line on whatever team has the better coach.

Using that system I would take the Phins against Oak & Min. I can't give us that edje over Buf because they beat us twice last season. In the other 14 games I'm betting on the other team.

ne will have
all of their
starters healthy
45-3 pats

Posted by: Kris (In Germany) | April 24, 2014 at 10:31 AM

Sorry can't see it, he was drafted as insurance for the possibility Brady didn't resign with the Pats. The times he's been on the field he's looked pedestrian. And nobody has come knocking looking to trade with the Pats to "upgrade" with a Mallet.

Can't stay too devoted to picks you think the Fins should have made 4 years ago.

Reel Dolphin In Sight w Home ...........Really idiot

Comp 355 ATT 588 Comp %60.4 Yard 3913 TD's 24 INT's 17


When this blog goes nuclear it is more phun that the team and the games and this one will be going nuclear but halftime of game 1 and will stay that way for at least 12-18 months.

Dolphins need to pick up a QB in the draft just in case THill fails. This is a good year to pick up one of these guys, we need a backup plan just in case Thill goes 8 and 8 which I wont be surprised


Posted by: 2 watt | April 24, 2014 at 10:51 AM

2watt, Mark lost interest because by Week 3 he was on the bottom (and never rose). It's ok, Fantasy isn't for everyone. I'm still down if others want to continue (as long as someone's first QB pick isn't Ryan Tannehill, let's pay for real this year).

Tannehill will be on a very short leash after last season. .

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