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Players Dolphins like: OT edition

The Dolphins lost two, count 'em, two games last year when the tragic combination of poor coaching and bad right tackle play got together.

Miami lost to Baltimore and Buffalo -- two home games -- because coaches trusted right tackle Tyson Clabo to block a premier rusher in the final few minutes of a game one on one. And Clabo, inexplicably matched one on one against Terrell Suggs and Mario Williams with no tight end or running back help, gave up sacks that led directly to Miami's losses.

Clabo, a tough competitor and good man, took responsibility for losing the Buffalo game while coaches (Mike Sherman and Joe Philbin) defended the idea of putting him on an island in the game's most important series.

And so you're wondering how important it is that general manager Dennis Hickey find a good starting right tackle in the draft?

Well, as it is possible the coaching decisions might not change because Philbin is still in charge, the player at right tackle must be much better because who wants a repeat of 2013?

And so it is with that perspective that starting today we break down some of the key positions the Dolphins must address in the May 8-10 draft along with some of the players they have shown interest in selecting.

I'll tell you the players, some strengths, some weaknesses, where they might be available and how they might fit Miami's plans.

Today we start with offensive tackle.


OT Laurent Duvernay-Tardiff McGill (Canada): He's 6-5 and 298 and that is a little troubling because he is seemingly under prototype bulk. Although he competed well at the postseason All-Star games, there has to be some worries about the level of his competition as he played in Canada. He's very smart -- studying to become a doctor -- but that can work both ways, depending on whom one speaks. It takes the right kind of mindset to feel enough desperation to succeed. Some people that have other careers they can fall back on -- such as medicine -- don't exhibit that kind of full-fledged commitment. Projected 5-6 rounder.

OT Seantrel Henderson  Miami: He's 6-7 and 335, was a prep star but has never lived up to the billing, suspended or benched multiple times at Miami. Never made full use of his gifts. Often overweight at Miami. Projected 4-5 rounder.

OT Ja'Wuan James  Tennessee: He's 6-6 and 311, very fluid, senior with 49 games of experience, was in the shadow of teammate and LT Antoine Richardson until 2013 when he outplayed Richardson. He's a legitimate second round player and his experience in the SEC suggests he'll be ready to start right away. Dolphins would be lucky to have him available at No. 50.

OT Cyrus Kouandjio  Alabama: He's 6-7 and 322, has bigger reputation based on exposure than his play suggests he should have. Lingering knee questions that he denies exist. Strictly a right tackle. Likely a late second round or third-round pick.

OT Cornelius Lucas  Kansas State: He's 6-7 and 316 pounds. He's got prototype size but he's got a medical red flag in that he's nursing a stress fracture in his foot that prevented him from participating at the Combine or in private workouts. He's got the wingspan of a jetliner. He's very athletic and actually played tight end for a while. And although he plays with aggressiveness at times, there were questions about his motivation prior to last season.

OT Kevin Pamphile Purdue: He's 6-5 and 310, some see him as a guard while others say he can play tackle and is more valuable there. Either way, he's new to the offensive line, having switched from DT to G in 2011.

OT Garrett Scott Marshall: He's 6-5 and 307 and is a likely late-round project, although scouts say his stock is lately rising. His durability is a bit of a question because he missed mutliple games last season with an ankle injury and was slow to return. Second team All-Conference USA as selected by coaches witin the league.

OT-G  Billy Turner  North Dakota State: He's 6-5 and 315 and also is considered a guard-tackle tweener by some. I listed him as a guard on Monday but because he's interesting I want to discuss him here. He struggled early on in Senior Bowl practices at both guard and right tackle, showing poor leverage. By the end of the week of practices, however, Turner was fully integrated and didn't seem out of place or overmatched. He has very good punch. Good balance. Good quickness for his size.

It seems if the Dolphins want to target James they can trade down in the first round, add perhaps an extra third or fourth round pick and still get the Tennessee right tackle to be their starter in 2014.

Kouandjio is not a value pick at No. 19 and probably not in the first round. That's what many NFL scouts believe despite a local newspaper reporting that the "Dolphins like Kouandjio in the first round."

Maybe later in the draft.

But not at No. 19.



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"Maybe later in the draft. But not at No. 19."

You beat reporters crack me up. Not only do they have to get the right player, you want them to get the right player at exactly the right pick, otherwise you won't be happy. If they get Kouandjio at 19 he is a bad pick, but at 30 he would be an awesome pick! Poppycock. They have to pick from among the players that are available when it's their turn to pick.

I like how Mando blames two Miami losses directly on a RT situation. As if players and coaches executed flawlessly otherwise those two games.

Nick Z,you are so right. Even though I like some of our off-season moves,especially o-line coach and OC, we still have Philbum as the HC and that makes me sick. He should have been gone with Ireland.

Philbin is TERRIBLE hopefully this is it for him after another flop season .

I actually think Mando did a good job pointing out the RT failures in thiose two games. I think we all appreciate there are many plays to execute in a game. No one play makes or breaks a game. But in the NFL most games come down to the final two drives in the 4th quarter. In those moments your execution is critical. In those two games the Fins needed to execute offfensive drives to win. They failed in both cases. In both cases Clabo's inability to pass protect played a huge factor. That is on him and on the coaches who set up the blocking scheme. Mando is correct to point that out.

If the coaches need the Oline to go one on one in those type of situations they will set up the RT to do it again this year. So, we do need a RT who can handle that type of responsibility and who can execute it correctly. I don't think that RT exists on the Fins' roster today so it's important to highlight that as the team prepares for the draft and the media tries to project how the team will manage the draft.

I don't praise Mando much here (because he can be a lazy reporter at times) but he did a good job outlining the need with live examples of RT failure and added commentary on the RT's the team has visited with. I definitely didn't know much about most of these OT's so I found the post helpful for sure.

I just read the article on Marquise Lee......Hey Hickey....DON'T DO IT!! We don't need a WR with a history of injury and inconsistent play. Pass on Lee!!

If this is what's available for us at 19 we are in a lot of trouble what about Morgan Moses and Zach Martin ?

Does not matter who is in the O line or what the QB/WR chemistry (Tannehill/Wallace) is or any thing else. We need a running game to have a balanced offense. A lot of emphasis has been put on the O line and we could have a great line but if we do not run the ball consistently and effectively there will still be QB pressures and sacks. Running the ball will take some pressure of the QB and improve his performance and the passing game. Sherman abandoned the run in many games last year and I believe Lazor will be more effective in developing a balanced offense.

Hickey know what he has to do but I really feel he will go in another direction than 3rd round tackles at 19 , we are talking about a guy with 20 years expiriance he was there with gruden ,Dungy and McKay he won superbowls you people are underestimating him he brought a lot of talent into this league

Hickey is very much sold on tannehill he even bought his son a ryan tannehill jersey ,and he knows we must run the football effectively ,for him to succeed

Draft S.Henderson. 2nd round or later.

About a week away from the draft. Time to see what Mr. Hickey is made of. His job could be on the line if he tanks this draft. Or he could set up to be the GM for the next 10 years if he does his job right.

The Dolphins had 3 Major Holes to fill going into the off season if they plan to be a playoff team. #1 Left Tackle, #2 Right Tackle, #3 Offensive Guard!!

As of right now the Fins have only filled out 1 hole. Maybe 2.

The Fins need to get at least 1 Starter on the offensive line in this draft. Hopefully 2.

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Maybe a guard will be our first pick

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Let's make it clear

The sacks/pressure given up by RT Clabo did not result directly to Miami's losses as u stated above

It was desperation time for Tannehill to try to win with almost no time left
Something Tannehill NEVER does

NOT in college
NOT in the NFL

We were already behind in score

Giving up the sacks/pressure did ruin our chances of a comeback win
That was not likely with Tannehill

Also did Tannehill FUMBLE on both of those "sacks" or just the infamous Tannehill FUMBLE on the Mario sack?

Either way let's get the story straight

Miami was already losing and Tannehill was in desperation time, where he plays, ... "AWFUL"

We need a stud RT, period.

Seems like the prototype is at least 6'5 310 lbs and there are plenty to choose from. I personally don't know what makes a great RT and will have to put faith in the scouting dept.

To match our new stud RT we'll need a true feature RB and feel Hickey will draft either Tre Mason or Terrance West in the draft.

Finally...it's impossible to predict what Hickey will do at #19 with so much depending on the picks prior and who's on the board.


Career backups.

We already have enough of those.


2watt...We all know you have zero love for Tanehill, but its no secret that players were calling out Mike Sherman's game plan in the final two games as a key reason for the loses.

Sure there were missed opportunities, but when Tannehill handed the ball off to Miller and he only gains 2 yards, how it it his fault?
When Wallace, Hartline & Matthews drop first down catches, how is this Tannehill's fault?

Every teams has bad games, but its on the coaches to put forth a proper game plan to win, and clearly Sherman failed and subsequently lost his job because of it.

The draft is deep enough to take a RT in the second round and therefore go TE, if the Dolphins can land Eric Ebron with the number 19 pick.

CJ Mosley at !9, then RTs in 2-4th rds.

When you leave an OT on an island like that, you are spread out and expecting a receiver to get open quickly. They did not. Not WR, TE or RB.

Blame Philbin, the scheme or what ever you would like to blame. Bottom line is, a WR who could beat a DB quickly one on one would have saved the day. Or a RB who knew where to sit down in the coverage to be open.

Hickey and Philbin are trying to address those issues. They got Albert, Fox, Smith, Moreno and some strong receivers to compete. Albert and Moreno were on target. Dion Simms and Dallas Thomas will be big contributors this year. That leaves WR.

We need to mortgage the farm to get one who can fight his way off the line of scrimmage and outfight Revis for the ball. It is hard to find those types of players in the later rounds so don't be surprised when we go WR 1st round.

Everybody...you can also use a stud TE in that situation to save the QB's butt...think Brady to Gronk.
or Brees to Graham.
While Clay is good, he's no Gronk/Graham.

The man, the main man, in this draft is Cody Latimer. I don't trust a trade back with SF, one with the Browns would be better. SF might be trying to get ahead of Seattle.

Cody is hot right now and he is cooking with gas.I like Beckham a lot also, but Latimer is a stud that can catch anything near him or the DB, RAC, take a hit, get separation, and run away from DBs.

Right tackle should've already been in the fold in Anthony Collins. Anyways...

Laurent-Duvernay would be an excellent option. Start Fox for the first 8 games then move this guy in there. Most atheltic pure tackle outside of Lewan and Robinson.

Yes to james and Billy Turner but none in the first round.

Also consider Joel Bitonio in the first. not ideal size for a tackle but athleticism in spades.

Cody Latimer is a stud, no doubt about it! But...will Hickey make his first ever draft pick a WR when we already have 10 on the roster and 4 under contract?

So show me the rook RT's that can be put in that situation (one on one w/Mario Williams and Terrel Suggs) and have success... Yeah thats what i thought good F**ckng luck. Now watch stupid Philboner do the same thing and expect different results.

After the last 2 games last year there is no way Philboner should have been kept. He is not head coach or leader material in anyway, shape or form.

Dragonfly34....you have it spot on. If, of course, Mosley is still there at 19.

I don't think we need a TE in this draft. If so, get one late, Blake Annen might work; he seems to be a lot like Clay. Nicklas is my favorite in the draft. I love the way he blocks and catches, but needs route work. I think Sims is a lot like him and has a year under his belt.

The year of the WR is upon us--get them while they are there. In addition to Latimer, I would be targeting--Bryant, Richardson, Street, Janis, and Hoffman. There may be UFA that can make a run at a roster spot.

The draft is also deep in OL, as we all know; Get them as well where you can. I am looking forward to the Hickey draft. I say utilize the strength of the draft. Let's see what Hickey says.

Just the shear fact that Jeff Ireland is NOT picking players has me excited.

I think Simms is going to break out this year and based on what Hickey is looking at, I think WR. I can not evaluate talent like a professional can but I know we have the need.

All the pundits who talk about our needs say we are set at WR, but when they analyze them one by one they say how mediocre they are with the exception of Wallace's speed. Ask Revis if he would rather cover a fragile speedy guy or a guy that can physically beat him up.

That first five yards rule is kicking Wallace and Hartline's butt. And at the end of the game they are both beaten up and defeated.

Toughness is what we need. I like Philbin, but , if there is one thing I do not like about him it is his emphisis on professionalism rather than toughness and attitude.

I think the WRs that Hickey has brought in are just insurance. This draft can award a team with a star, and you don't have to draft Watkins to get one.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | April 29, 2014 at 09:36 AM

If we are drafting a tackle round one then you want at least the prototype build and one that played LT in college. I like Moses as I've stated before as he fits that bill, has dancing bear feet as they say, and the wingspan to block out edge rushers. Martin has short arms, not a prototype tackle build, and Lewan will be gone most likely.

Latimer plays WR like he is coming to kick the CBs ass. Even if you forget about his intimidating size and athleticism, just that attitude is the chit.

Posted by: Coltrane | April 29, 2014 at 10:03 AM

I don't know much about him, did he have issue in school, or off the field?

Well, if you read the lead article this morning it's clear they are looking very closely at WR Lee from USC.
Guy looks like he can out jump Revis one on one, so I'm ok with that!


Kelvin Benjamin.

Line him up opposite Wallace and teams will have to double both, every play, that gets both safties out of the box.

Send out a slot + TE and that gets the LB's off the line,
that leaves a lot of room for Moreno, a lot of first downs, a lot of time of possession etc.


A couple of tough, good blocking posession receivers to tire the DBs and help run the ball is what Hickey is looking for with all the receivers he has signed.

He is still looking for his "Bolden".

Hartline should be used like Denver used Decker and I hope Finnegan picks a fight with Wallace every day in practice to toughen him up.

AK @ 9:44 exactly, should've paid the premium for a vet rt in free agency. Instead he was tryign to plug the hole on the cheap and spent stupid money on washed up Flannagan (respect to ETF). That $5M would've bought a nice rt and we could've drafted any position we wanted without worry.

Still I expect jason Fox to be the week one starter unless we can trade up for Lewan.

We did a little discussion about this year's schedule and how it could be a good start for the phins! http://phinsnews.com/first-glimpse-at-2014-schedule/

Darkoak, not a Moses fan.

ETF, benjamin at 19, yeah, I can buy that. Dude would be a beast in the middle of the field and on the boundary in the red zone.

Hopefully we have an OC that would know to move him around.

Can cause impossible mismatches with that guy inside.

Mark, is there an OT that can throw the ball for our QB, since Tannehill has to have an excuse for his shortcomings?

Just kidding bro, I just said that to get a rise out of you. It's critical we fix our OL THIS YEAR, so we can see what Tannehill has for real and get an accurate picture of what he can be for this team.

Not a Marqise lee fan. Average athlete, crap production... Bah, not in this draft and definitely not at 19...

Posted by: Darkoak | April 29, 2014 at 10:05 AM

He was a basketballer first. Started playing football after he got in school. He hurt his foot, which kept him out of the combine. He had surgery on it in January and still blew up his pro day with a 4.38 40 and a 39 inch vertical just two months removed from surgery. Just recently(Friday) had a personal pro day to do thing s he missed before.

He is growing like a weed in talent and capability.

DC, the o line should've already been fixed... there were grown men available and looking for work instead of hoping for boys to come in and do the job. And now it looks like none of the very good ones will be there at 19 anyway.

Will be some very good projects and guards available but but very average or slightly above average tackles, BOOO

It is my opinion that you are right about Benjamin. I am not a scout so I am guessing like you. It seems to be the way to go.

I would not worry if I am taking him too high either. Dallas took that Center last year and the whole league laughed at them for taking him too high. All he did was solidify their whole line.

A lot of room to take OL in the mid rounds.I just have a feeling about this WR class and Latimer in particular.

Question: do we sell our pick @ #19 to move down and get rewarded with an extra pick in round #2?

...or grab the best talent available @ #19?

Also for you historians, Shula started Woodley as a rookie after Griese retired. Along with Strock who filled in through out the season, Woodley was the first rookie QB to start a Superbowl.

Posted by: J T SANDER | April 29, 2014 at 06:13 AM

I imagine this is directed at the post I put up and you couldn't be any more wrong. In 1980 Bob Griese opened the Yr. as the teams QB, I remember because I happened to be in the stands. I was 8 Yrs. old at the time and remember the Season just fine! It was Vs. the Baltimore Cots and their very good but often injured QB Bert Jones that Griese (stinkin up the joint) had the Stadium Boos coming down on him with chants of, "We want Strock"

Shula for reasons that escape me right now pulled Griese but inserted a Rookie QB named D.Woodley. who didn't win but scored some (alot of srambling) which kicked off the Wood-Strock ERA. I recall Zonk came back in 79 and the 2 had a few moments but before 80 Zonk hung them up and Griese was done! In the 82 strike shortened Yr. were we finished 7-2 (again was there for it and grew up watching it live and in person) Woodley excersized the demonds of 81 beating the Chargers after the Div. Rd loss in 81 (Was at that game as well were Nathan's latteral happened right in front of our Section) becoming the youngest QB to go to a SB after defeating Jets in AFC Champ game which I was at as well!!

NO QB IN NFL HISTORY HAS EVER ADVANCED TO THE SUPER BOWL, I REPEAT NONE!! You post that h was the 1st as if there were many or somethng?? I recall Big Ben, Flacco and Sanchez all taking their teams to the Conf. Champ game there rookie Yrs. and that's as far as any Rookie has ever gone as a starting QB in the NFL!!

The idea of two rookies starting in a completely new Oline doesn't sound too good to me. One rookie Ok, two not so good.

Like many have said in here I'm not against a WR at 19 someone that brings something different to the table than our existing group would be ideal, but another burner is fine, or and imposing physical receiver that can block and man up for some tough catches.

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I wouldn't trade down any farther that the Browns if I am targeting a WR. SF and Seattle and others like Carolina are targeting WRs.

Opposing D's just stack 8 in the box to stop our run game knowing Tannehill cant beat em passing. A better QB would open up the run game and make everyone look better.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | April 29, 2014 at 10:12 AM

I don't get what's not to like about Moses from the football player aspect, he faced top teir competition and if you watch film on him he finishes plays. But probably an overdraft at 19 like I said if we can get him in the second we'd be lucky.

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trying to bang
that concept
the homers p brains
4 11 seasons now
@ 10:29

I would give up 19 for a 2nd, 3rd and a 5th. That gives me two more rolls in the crap shoot.

I'm a big fan of UM. And I can tell you that Steven Morris was really horrible. A huge dissapointment. He came hyped up but never came close to fulfilling it. The worst UM QB ever(yes, they've had great ones). Worse than Jacory Harris. I'm not a statistician but my eyes told me he is a huge underperformer and cant come close to winning. Was he ranked 40th in college?

This is what the Dolphins want? How pathetic.

Latimer high points the ball, catches in traffic, gets separation, blocks down field and out runs DBs. I saw him take a crunching hit from a Lb and get up smiling.

What kind of WR are you looking for?

Posted by: My Two Cents | April 29, 2014 at 10:29 AM

I didn't notice many teams stacking the box on us when our Oline couldn't open a hole last season. You stack the box when there is threat of a run or on obvious rushing downs. We couldn't produce a running game that warranted stacking the box last season.

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