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Players Dolphins like: OT edition

The Dolphins lost two, count 'em, two games last year when the tragic combination of poor coaching and bad right tackle play got together.

Miami lost to Baltimore and Buffalo -- two home games -- because coaches trusted right tackle Tyson Clabo to block a premier rusher in the final few minutes of a game one on one. And Clabo, inexplicably matched one on one against Terrell Suggs and Mario Williams with no tight end or running back help, gave up sacks that led directly to Miami's losses.

Clabo, a tough competitor and good man, took responsibility for losing the Buffalo game while coaches (Mike Sherman and Joe Philbin) defended the idea of putting him on an island in the game's most important series.

And so you're wondering how important it is that general manager Dennis Hickey find a good starting right tackle in the draft?

Well, as it is possible the coaching decisions might not change because Philbin is still in charge, the player at right tackle must be much better because who wants a repeat of 2013?

And so it is with that perspective that starting today we break down some of the key positions the Dolphins must address in the May 8-10 draft along with some of the players they have shown interest in selecting.

I'll tell you the players, some strengths, some weaknesses, where they might be available and how they might fit Miami's plans.

Today we start with offensive tackle.


OT Laurent Duvernay-Tardiff McGill (Canada): He's 6-5 and 298 and that is a little troubling because he is seemingly under prototype bulk. Although he competed well at the postseason All-Star games, there has to be some worries about the level of his competition as he played in Canada. He's very smart -- studying to become a doctor -- but that can work both ways, depending on whom one speaks. It takes the right kind of mindset to feel enough desperation to succeed. Some people that have other careers they can fall back on -- such as medicine -- don't exhibit that kind of full-fledged commitment. Projected 5-6 rounder.

OT Seantrel Henderson  Miami: He's 6-7 and 335, was a prep star but has never lived up to the billing, suspended or benched multiple times at Miami. Never made full use of his gifts. Often overweight at Miami. Projected 4-5 rounder.

OT Ja'Wuan James  Tennessee: He's 6-6 and 311, very fluid, senior with 49 games of experience, was in the shadow of teammate and LT Antoine Richardson until 2013 when he outplayed Richardson. He's a legitimate second round player and his experience in the SEC suggests he'll be ready to start right away. Dolphins would be lucky to have him available at No. 50.

OT Cyrus Kouandjio  Alabama: He's 6-7 and 322, has bigger reputation based on exposure than his play suggests he should have. Lingering knee questions that he denies exist. Strictly a right tackle. Likely a late second round or third-round pick.

OT Cornelius Lucas  Kansas State: He's 6-7 and 316 pounds. He's got prototype size but he's got a medical red flag in that he's nursing a stress fracture in his foot that prevented him from participating at the Combine or in private workouts. He's got the wingspan of a jetliner. He's very athletic and actually played tight end for a while. And although he plays with aggressiveness at times, there were questions about his motivation prior to last season.

OT Kevin Pamphile Purdue: He's 6-5 and 310, some see him as a guard while others say he can play tackle and is more valuable there. Either way, he's new to the offensive line, having switched from DT to G in 2011.

OT Garrett Scott Marshall: He's 6-5 and 307 and is a likely late-round project, although scouts say his stock is lately rising. His durability is a bit of a question because he missed mutliple games last season with an ankle injury and was slow to return. Second team All-Conference USA as selected by coaches witin the league.

OT-G  Billy Turner  North Dakota State: He's 6-5 and 315 and also is considered a guard-tackle tweener by some. I listed him as a guard on Monday but because he's interesting I want to discuss him here. He struggled early on in Senior Bowl practices at both guard and right tackle, showing poor leverage. By the end of the week of practices, however, Turner was fully integrated and didn't seem out of place or overmatched. He has very good punch. Good balance. Good quickness for his size.

It seems if the Dolphins want to target James they can trade down in the first round, add perhaps an extra third or fourth round pick and still get the Tennessee right tackle to be their starter in 2014.

Kouandjio is not a value pick at No. 19 and probably not in the first round. That's what many NFL scouts believe despite a local newspaper reporting that the "Dolphins like Kouandjio in the first round."

Maybe later in the draft.

But not at No. 19.



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Posted by: SAM I AM | April 29, 2014 at 09:09 PM

You should leave the blog if you feel that strongly. Thanks.

I want a playmaker in the 1st, and that would be Calvin Pryor.

Yg seems to come from the Deep South and of course, poorly educated.

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Posted by: Dr. Dawn | April 29, 2014 at 09:15 PM

Strange you would find someone being frankly honest as "sounding superior". Actually it's not that strange based on your psychotic behaviour, that honesty would appear that way.


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Zach Martin with the 19th, absolutely! Then if I were Hickey, I WOULD trade Dion Jordan to the Eagles for their first pick and with that pick I would get Anthony Barr from UCLA! The guy is a beast!!!
Then its the best guard and middle linebacker. DONE!


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The Miami Dolphins won the SB Championship in 2013. Like many in this blog, they won under an alias. They called themselves:

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Posted by: oscar canosa | April 29, 2014 at 09:36 PM

Its' Miami Gardens. Wake up Oscar!

Number 1 symptom

The team should be moved to Palm Beach County, right near the border of Broward, That is where the majority of the middle to upper class are here. Miami, except for a few neighborhoods, is a disgusting congested pit, Even the freeway has new lane lines skewed off from the old visible lines so you get either hypnotized or vertigo driving down that way. It is hell getting in and hell getting out. Who wants to bother when the fans have 60" 4K high def screens in the comfort of their home?

Build a nice, classy stadium in Palm Beach County, comfortable, with nice bars and decent food, and game day will be a hit.


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Yes-yes, move the team to Palm Beach, County. Then marvel how quickly Miamians will forget about them altogether. Even if they ever win again.

You think home games are lonesome now, move a loser team to Palm Beach.


From Palm Beach on down, is like the "STATE OF MIAMI". They will not support a LOSER FRANCHISE in Palm Beach County either. :)

Move the Dolphins to Palm Beach, almost assuredly the next stop will be LA, London, or maybe even Buffalo.

Ja!, so you know, SAM.

There is a lot of money down here, but is in the minority of the population. You need to place the stadium strategically to take advantage of it. It has to be a nice, modern, classy, upscale stadium, no stinky pee smelling hell hole.

how spiled can miami fans be, have best baseball player in league. best basketball player on planet

Posted by: dusty bottoms | April 29, 2014 at 09:46 PM

And worst NFL football ownership in the league.

Posted by: Darkoak | April 29, 2014 at 09:23 PM

Wow another MORONIC ANALYSIS. Your analysis of the NFL and football are similar; That of a very under educated frustrated adult. Darkoak are you on the site so much because your waiting for Obama to help you with a job....Good luck I wish you the best.

We, have ALWAYS been very spoiled. Don't expect any change in that aspect.

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Sam, you know nothing. Miami is a 3rd world city now. They either have no interest in American football or can't afford it. Palm Beach County, near Boca, makes a lot of sense. That is where the market is. I don't believe even a perennial play off team will fill the stadium in Miami more than a couple of times a year, the fans live too far away,


It was the poor who really couldn't afford to spend on football games that were helping sell out home games when the team was winning.

They can no longer sell out because those who could not really afford to spend anyway are now staying at home. Can you blame them?

Why spend money you really cant afford, to watch a loser? They were at least 15,000-25,000 of the sellout crowd.

bodine the big problem is everyone in florida is a transplant, all fans of other teams and where they are from

Sam, i hate to tell you but the world has changed since 40 years ago.

Actually, Douglas Gardens is a Mental Health Center located in Miami Beach where I met YG for the first time.

The fans arent spoiled anymore. Heck, they think 8-8 is teriffic.

Posted by: Bodine | April 29, 2014 at 09:55 PM

You should get out more. Miami has never changed. It was the same in the 70's. So why were games selling out then? As my pal Ape Tamer would say:

Its the winning stupid, eH?


A top 10 pick plus early 2nd rounder.
Ireland got it for a #12 and 2nd rounder a move that caught 31 other teams sleeping.
When he drafted Dion he caught 31 other GMs with thier hand down thier pants.


oscar @ 9:59

When you met YG for the first time face-to-face was there a mirror between the two of you?

Actually, Miami was NOT a City when I first arrived here in 1961(worse when my Mother and I visited here in 1954 and 1956). It was a typical Southern Town with their typical aspirations of becoming something better.


Those were the good old days. After you would leave from my therapy sessions. Your mother would slip into my room and hand feed me very sweet and mouth watering grapes in bed.

Of course we did other things in bed, but thats between me and your mother. :)


Sam, obviously you don't live in South Florida. You are trying to tell me the color of the trees in my own back yard. I live here, work here...The fans that lived in Miami 40 freaking years ago left 38 years ago. Their has been a steady movement up to Broward and then PBC for 30 years now. The current stadium was not built far enough north.

It mentions Rolando McClain but not the fact that most fans wanted him to be the 1st round pick when he came out. Now he's out of the league.

I guess we'll have to wait and see what Hickey does.

Posted by: 2014 | April 29, 2014 at 06:49 PM

"If I recollect correctly"...(Anyone remember this famous phrase being uttered to the American Public 72 times in one night?)....If I recollect correctly, It was YG/Sam that was most vociferous in advocating for the services of one Rolando McClain.

I was against the pick, but being fair and honest, I thought McClain would have a solid NFL career. Coming out he appeared to be **THE** Prototypical NFL Linebacker.

Also, I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss Mosely outright, just because his numbers/stats aren't on Parr with those of Kuechley's. Very.......VERY FEW collegiate Linebacker's were. Kuechly was/is a workout warrior, a great "Test Athlete" and probably most of all, he's had the production from High School on(I suspect the Pop-Warner and Flag Football Levels as well-LOL).

You know, YG was a drug addict.

That's not true. There are tons of Cowboy fans here and they never set foot in Texas.

I love going to Sports bars to talk smack to fans of different teams.

You know, YG was a drug addict.

Posted by: oscar canosa | April 29, 2014 at 10:06 PM

And your sweet, sweet mother has the nicest set of succulent mangos that I have ever laid my eyes and lips on.

YG was the one telling us Stanzi was the steal of the draft, and Sparano would be the most sought after HC. LOL

Those aren't misses. They are foolish idiot calls.

Sam has gotten to be as childish as dashe. Now that is childish!

Still, at least I, am not happy with Miami. As a great Humorist said, In NYC, they tell you Fukkk you, when they mean Good morning, in Miami, they tell you Good morning, when they mean Fukkk you. Oh, so very true.

People are angry in Miami. You can see it in their driving.

Sam, would you care to share with the bloggers what happened in your life to make you so constantly irritable and miserable? Get it out of your system?

And the saddest part is that most People that live in Miami do not realize how miserable and angry they are for living here.


I live in Little Havana and Im fine with it. It's sell outs like you whom send our fine city in stress.

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