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Hazing will be thing of the past for Dolphins

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell today will meet with the braintrust of the NFL Players Association, including new president Eric Winston, executive director DeMaurice Smith and other members of the recently elected executive committee, and one major topic on the table will be workplace conduct.

The meeting, part of Goodell's attention to fostering respect and good conduct in the workplace, is a direct result of the Dolphins 2013 harassment scandal.

And out of this and other meetings may come tangible conduct guidelines from the NFL on how players (and others) should interact in the workplace -- which includes the locker room, the practice field, and practice facility as well as the football field every game day.

(Sad it has come to this, but grown men are about to be told how to act because a handful of guys on the Dolphins and elsewhere crossed the line.)

Anyway, one area that is most definitely in the crosshairs on a league and local level with the Dolphins is the subject of rookie hazing.

The idea of older, more established players wielding power over younger, newer players is not new to the NFL. It's been going on forever. And much of the time it has been innocuous.

The idea of rookies bringing breakfast to camp every morning, or meals for veterans to team flights, or singing their alma mater in front of a team meeting hasn't really bothered too many people before -- except Tim Bowens once upon a time. (More on that later).

But when you have an annual practice, which rookie hazing is, and you have no guidelines for it and thus no limits, and then some folks get out of control, the practice often is assigned governing parameters.

Look for rookie hazing on a league-wide level to soon be governed under some parameters. And do not be surprised if those parameters include prohibiting much if not all rookie hazing altogether.

And even if rookie hazing league-wide is not severly limited, look for the Dolphins to do so going forward.


Well, the NFL believes the players should operate in a workplace environment of respect and professionalism. And hazing -- which includes practices such as  players giving other players embarrassing haircuts and forcing them to do sophomoric things -- does not outwardly portray a strong sense of respect and professionalism.

You may recall during the past two preseasons Dolphins veterans have cut and dyed the hair of rookies in all sorts of unfashionable ways. In 2012 Jonathan Martin was made to look like a monk, with his hair shaven on top and allowed to grow out on the side.

Josh Samuda's hair was sculpted in such a way as to resemble a penis. And although Samuda tried to wear a hat to cover the carving, it was nonetheless uncovered during a team meeting ... on Hard Knocks.

You'll recall the scene on national television of coach Joe Philbin smiling uncomfortably as he saw the hairstyle unveiled. And you'll recall him joking about how classy that made the Dolphins organization look.

Well, Philbin last year got a taste of what can happen when playful rookie hazing grows up, gets angry, and is put in the hands of exactly the wrong people -- people who have no barriers holding power over people who have no ability to stand up for themselves.

Philbin obviously doesn't want a repeat of veteran players forcing younger players to do things they don't want -- such as pay for trips to Las Vegas, the strip club or expensive dinners -- which were some of the allegations of what was going on within the Dolphins.

So Philbin is going to draw a line on hazing in the coming training camp even if the NFL does not.

(Peanut gallery: But Mando, rookie hazing serves a purpose. It draws the players closer. It is a rite of passage. It brings the rookie outsiders into the fold. It is a team-building exercise).

Thank you, peanut gallery for making the argument used throughout time to defend the practice.

In truth, many NFL coaches past and present would not allow hazing at all and had close teams and, indeed, successful teams without it.

Bill Walsh, who won four Super Bowls for the San Francisco 49ers, would not allow rookie hazing. Pete Carroll, whose Seattle Seahawks just won the Super Bowl, does not condone rookie hazing.

"The way Bill saw it, if you hazed rookies you might get them so scared they couldn't focus on the game," running back Roger Craig said in the book 100 things 49ers fans should know and do before they die.

"You might destroy their confidence. So Bill didn't allow that. After all they were there to help us win more Super Bowls."

The Dolphins have had rookie hazing since, well, perhaps 1966 when the team was founded. Don Shula allowed it. But Shula's pragmatism always took precedence over tradition. Yes, the Dolphins had a tradition of hazing, but Shula believed more in the idea of winning.

And when tradition threatened winning, tradition lost.

In 1994, first-round pick Tim Bowens was ordered by veterans to sing in front of the team in keeping with the hazing tradition. Bowens refused and actually started packing his bags to leave the team and head home to Mississippi.

Shula stepped in.

Bowens didn't have to sing. He didn't have to be hazed.

All he had to do was play well and help the team win. 


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Dear Rdubs,

Speak for yourself. I for one think the 49ers got a heck of a deal for Martin. And do you really think Harbaugh cares (or any head coach) if the locker room is "fun"? The ones who are there to win games get their fun in the end...BY WINNING!

So if Martin helps them win then I'm sure Harbaugh, the 49ers and all their fans will be saying THANK YOU to us fans and the Dolphins organization for mucking this up!

Did u remember when Mark said he could kick Joey Porters arse about three years ago?
and would never admit he was full of shiet!


Hazing Mark Stuck Up in Toronto

Knowing nothing about american football or scouting

Ignore Marky the Canuck!

Ridiculous saying he played ice hockey for the Maple Leafs and had no problem "handling some fights"

Good post. Good to know.

Nick Z,

Congrats, I am glad you are happy to have him on the team. I bet you are also super excited about having Blaine Gabbert on your team. Thats fine, but if you think for one second that NFL players will be happy that their whole locker room culture will change because of one whiny spoiled brat, you sir are nuts!

Mark also trained Arnold Swzatz and scouted for the Dolphins


hahhaha ha ha ha

You obviously didn't see the part in the CBS scouting report that said he has trouble moving side to side, blocking in space, gets brain lock in space, susceptible to face plants and eating too much.

He's not a zone blocking lineman... the test results bear that out... but you can deny, doesn't make you right.

Mark Stuck Up in Toronto couldn't even scout his own belly button lint

Never mind NFL linemen for the Miami Dolphins


Mark Stuck Up .. .in Toronto
still in denial after being called out and shown to the entire blog he is WRONG AGAIN

lol at the Canuck w the big beak on hazing day!

Remember when I said just a few hours ago that the puts can't handle hearing that someone can do something he can't do or proves him wrong - he melts like the wicked with of the west...

watch as he loses his wits among us.....

And really mando, you want to keep idiots like this who don't even try to talk civilly or about football but would much rather ask other posters for semi nude selfies and is much more interested in their physical fitness levels...

Sheesh, no wonder this blog has gone to hell...

Nick Z, who cares if the locker room is fun?

Pete Carroll sure does. Maybe Harbaugh could learn something from that.

"Overall footwork is above­-average to strong on most snaps."

Keep flappin your gums Mark Stuck up in Toronto

ah ha ha ha

man, do u look stupid as usghe

ah ahhahhahahaha ha ha

Rather we draft Martin and Bitonio both....

"nimble feet"

"good footwork, quick and decisive"

"Overall footwork is above­-average to strong on most snaps."

Yet Mark the Toronto scout thinks Morgan Moses has terrible footwork and keeps running his mouth to the blog on his Canadian twent yr office boy expertise lol

Keep flappin your gums Mark Stuck up in Toronto

ah ha ha ha

man, do u look stupid as usghe

ah ahhahhahahaha ha ha

"I can bench more than Clowney by like 3 or 4 reps"
says the twenty year old office worker, Mark Stuck Up ..in toronto


Go Marky Go!

So how bout those Fins?

Mark says there is not enuf weights in the Dolphins Training facility

Here come big bad office boy!

Again, someone needs a remedial English course, so here it is again for your entertainment ...

Lacks the ability to stop and start with suddenness or redirect in a short area. Struggles to get low and snap into smaller opponents at the second level, and will over-pursue as a run-blocker. Isn't always decisive in space and lacks commitment at times as a lead blocker on outside runs.

Collapses at the elbow or will simply drop his head and ram his target when on the run, leaving him susceptible to whiffing or losing his balance and toppling forward. Has struggled with weight fluctuations throughout his career.

Does this sound like a zone blocking lineman to you???

Dumb fukk

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | April 08, 2014 at 12:37 PM

Notice several red flags

1. Doesn't move well in space

2. struggles at 2nd level

3. susceptible to whiffing and mental issues in space and second level

4. Struggles with weight

5. Does not fit the athletic profile of a zone blocking lineman

Home pick Lewan 1st round LT, Moses 2nd round RT

the rest is conversation

Ideal draft options:

1- Martin G/T
2- Bitonio G/T
3- Borland ILB
4- West RB
5- Norwood WR
6- Watt G
7- Boston FS

EFT will hate this.. it talks about how Jeff Ireland consistently missed on 2nd rd draft picks, they name Chad Henne on that list
2013 CB Jamar Taylor TBD
2012 OT Jonathan Martin Bust
2011 RB Daniel Thomas Bust
2010 LB Koa Misi Draw
2009 QB Pat White Bust
2008 DE Phillip Merling and QB Chad Henne Busts

Mark Stuck Up .. in Toronto
still trying to sling BS as he was dead wrong again
complaining and bietching incorrectly about Moses poor footwork now changing his argument again

Nice try Nancy-boy

now back to u beating up Joey porter 3 yrs ago and being much stronger than Clowney even though your a pukey 40 yr old office boy that's been sitting on his arse fro twenty years making a lil office paycheck form the boss

Get outta here, man

U r a damn fool!

a ha ha ha at little Mark Stuck Up .. in Toronto

Watch me continue to pull the strings on this puppett.

go home, tell everyone how much i bench again...

I'm self employed, but go on...

Koa Misi I would argue is better than a draw. Somewhat above average.

The rest of the list makes the case though. Henne perhaps with better coaching may have had a chance. Pat White was just a prayer.

D Thomas still has a chance to turn it around, but he has been underwhelming to put it lightly. Probably cut this year?

But mando slavery has been around forever and we need slaves to pick our cotton and work the fields and tend to us white folks.

If we get chance to draft one of the top QBs or move up to get Johnny Football we need to do it! Not bridgewater you all know how I feel about them people.

Tannyhill plain blows ass farts could not hit the water if he fell out of a boat in the middle of the ocean.

Jordan Rodgers is better than him.

I miss Jeff Ireland!

ass farts?

What other kind of farts are there?

Gil Brandt ‏@Gil_Brandt 28m

WR Allen Robinson having big day at #PennState pro day. 42 VJ, 11 BJ, sub-4.5 40. Stock will be up after today. #NFLDraft

Another guy worth a look in round 2 or even late round 1.

Yeah, NeMo, I'm a big fan of this guy's skill set too. Very very productive at Penn State too. I mean does anyone remember any receiver putting up big numbers at Penn State, ever?

I think he's every bit the equal of Martavis bryant and receivers of that ilk.

Misi is below average. There arent too many other teams he would start for.

GREAT POST Armando.....

That is the type of stuff I was getting @ on the last blog.....

Inside info (sort of).....

The 9ers talking about SB every year (like the PATS, Bronco's, Pack, 9ers, and Seahawks do now....along with the Saints).....

The FINS talk about how to properly conduct themselves @ work.....SMH.....Again...to me this is all on Philbin or as some call him...."I know nothing"......

Who would have thought that another FINS OLINE MAN was ready to leave....and over a song (among other things I am sure).....

Good for BOWENS for taking a stand....and good for MARTIN as well....as carrying on a TRADITION of doing what's right.....

Oh, so Kris is the guy that cares about this ... I forgot somebody did...

Martin is a snake.


If the idiotic post from Home don't give him away as "Sam", I don't know what does.

Now watch Sam show up for the other half of the day. It is like clock work.

Yeah Mark, Robinson is a good player. Crazy how about 15 or so WR prospects I would be happy with that can help the team.

Rob Rang's latest mock has Lewan sliding to 17... if this is even plausible, a trade up will be in the works I'm sure...


Posted by: Mark in Toronto | April 08, 2014 at 01:32 PM

There are the kind that come out of the Home-Os mouth.

Again Home has Lewan and then Moses. get em both and we have a darn good o-line
not even interested in the rest of the picks
trade em all away for next years picks and in 2015 we get some elite skill players (lol) QB, TE, RB, WR

For the NFL, Moses would probably be best as a right tackle. If he continues to develop, he could move to the left side in time. Moses probably shouldn't begin his NFL career as a starting left tackle. Moses could play in a zone-blocking system, but would be better in a man scheme. He looks like a late first-round or second-round pick.


So nobody cares about this. Except clowns who can't let things go.

This is a non story that Salguero plagerized from Ninersnation.com, yesterday.

We have bigger fish to fry as dolphin fans. (O-line, LBs, DC, and TEs)

He should credit, Ninersnation for taking the roger Craig quote word for word.

I would have even accepted a 1 paragraph post on how Rios and Cone are helping simulate M.Wallace speed so T-Hill can practice his deep throws.

Only an idiot would consider this a good post.

^ another scouting report ^

and more below

Player Comparison: Max Starks/Marvel Smith. Moses is comparable to the former Steelers offensive tackles. Smith (6-5, 325) was Pittsburgh's left tackle in the team's Super Bowl XL championship. Injuries killed his career and cut it short. Starks (6-8, 345) was a solid pro and part of the Steelers' smash-mouth offense. He played right and left tackle for Pittsburgh. Both of the veteran tackles struggled with speed rushers at times, and that could be an issue for Moses. Like the Steelers veterans, Moses could play both left and right tackle in the NFL. All were/are tough run-blockers who can push linemen off the line of scrimmage.

NFL Matches: Arizona, Miami, San Diego, Carolina, Seattle, Houston, Jacksonville, Tampa Bay, Atlanta, Buffalo, Tennessee


You know I do....

The Army, and Marines have given up on this out dated philosophy of hazing about 6-8 years ago....

It only leads to your men feeling isolated....and NOT part of the team....way to many suicides go back to "harmless" hazing.....especially wartime suicides.....

It's about time the FINS caught up.....


How happy is Johnathan Martin to be off the hapless Dolphins? and on the SB caliber 49ers? haha


Dashi still lacks the skills to communicate effectively.....and then wonder's why 90% of the blog post we read are about his maturity level.....

Dashi has 2 people who talk to him on this blog....

YOU (Mark).....

and what ever name he is making up to agree with himself.....

Sometimes he makes up names to argue with himself......he is NO different than this Home that you despise.....heck...he could be Home....

Dashi is just in this for the attention......

he wants to argue....thow fits....and call names.....always something about somebody's genitalia.....

How is any different than the rest of the TROLLS on here.....

He is an admitted name changer....and he is a lies....sounds like a troll to me...

I expect the dolphins to trade up and get T.Lewan. Even if it cost us a 2nd round pick.

Fixing the O-line should have and still should be the #1,#2,#3 Priority this off season.

The clown is crying for Moses. But the dolphins won't be drafting that tub of lard. Book it!!

He isn't even saying in what round they will draft Moses, because even he knows the guy is garbage.

It is just another "YG" tactic by King Home-o. Repeat the opposite til he has the last word.

Last year he went on and on about Gillislee the same way.

He was doing it this morning about Foles. But when we started talking real football he knew he was outmatched and took his little break until he found his opening again.

Notice YG, I mean Home-o can't tell you about the player. He goes off what the website tells him. He does the same thing with C.Hyde and all the other scrubs he likes.

He has never watched Moses play. Yet, he wants Moses because you don't.

The funny thing is he is old enough to be both our father's. But he acts like a Princess Putsi.

That is it. From now on we shall call him Princess Putsi or Lil PP for short.

Kris, I can see how this is a sensitive topic for you since this is a major topic but without sounding insensitive, I mean I have a hard time following the line here to how it is as impactful in football.

I can understand if this treatment was an order from coaches/management but it wasn't.

I have a hard time empathizing with martin because of how it all went down.

he had his union, team rep, head coach, GM all to speak to and chose none of those routes.

He didn't fight for his spot.

He's a mentally soft dude. NFL isn't for everyone and it probably isn't a nice place to always be. I don't think it's a job Martin was cut out for.

I mean I've read the stories, been through all of the accounts and I still don't see what was done to him that was so bad other than having a foul mouthed loud teammate who said a bunch of stuff and admittedly meant none of it.

I don't think it's the same thing in the least as what's going on closer to home for you. This was not an institutional hazing.

I mean if one of your peers started on you and had no backing from superiors and you had access to support, it would go down?

Of course not...

Mark, Lewan does seem to be sliding. Down to 16 in walter football mock as well. I still think we would have to be really lucky to get Lewan, but I still could see it happening. A 3rd rounder would be worth it imo. A top 5 player at a need position.


Like I said, Clowns who can't let things go.

Never mind that he trolls Dashi himself with the same statements he made @1:56.

Oh, but don't tell him that. He will get all in his feelings and start calling people names.

FF!! Grow up.

I complain about the 3 Stooges but at least they are grown enough to get over things.So man up and stop acting like a little vengeful B¡TCH!!

Kris, Dashi talks football and Miami Dolphins, we don't always agree but I have time for people that are here to talk football.

Those who just want to have an internet pissing competition get the worst of what I post...

And this Home figure, he doesn't understand still that he's only a puppett for me.

I want him to talk about Moses, he will go on for hours googling and coming back with posts.

I tell him about my workouts, he comes back after googling for hours on comparisons - even though they are not comparisons but I doubt anyone who has never been worth a dam in the gym unable to grasp the concepts.

He's here for my entertainment. I target him, and he instantly changes his topic. Notice how we've gone for hours without any Nick Foles or Ryan Tannehill posts? Puppet.

So the military gave up on Basic training?

They still Haze from the last I checked.

And don't even try and become a Ranger or Airborne. Those people go thru severe hazing.

Yeah, neMo, for sure. I trade a 1st and 3rd easy for him. Finally put this o line business behind us in the draft for the next five years at least with that move... indeed worth it... sick of spedning top 3 round picks on linemen - time to kill the skill positions...

It's a close call at this point Lewan or Martin? Lewan could be another Incognito personallity....

"Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has said he “thinks the world of Taylor Lewan,” and the high regard for Lewan inside the Dolphins apparently extends beyond Ross."

I fhe's in sight, he's a Dolphin. This might eb the only thing I've ever agreed with home-o on.


Not saying any names. Since he is all in his feelings.

But he has been on a Dashi crusade since sneaking out to Germany and reappearing.

Maybe he is Hurt because Flacco Sucks!! And R.Mallett Sucks!! And Tannehill is actually pretty good.

Hell if I no.

He is so ignorant, I bet he doesn't even know why he is mad at Dashi. Tell him.

Watch he answers with the same dumb stuff he said at 2:03.


It isn't even close between LewaN and Martin.

Lewan is a Beast. And he doesn't compare at anything like Incognito.


Lewan is also a Michigan guy, which Ross really loves.

Dashi, Kris, I get it.

We all get up in each other here from time to time. Believe it or not there was a time when Craig and I used to argue almost as much as I do with YG. But in time we both softened.

But you're both good posters and hope to communicate with both of you going on. If you can't put this beside you, I hope you at least find a way to ignore each other.

I mean, you are both better than Daytona and Home-o

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