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Hazing will be thing of the past for Dolphins

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell today will meet with the braintrust of the NFL Players Association, including new president Eric Winston, executive director DeMaurice Smith and other members of the recently elected executive committee, and one major topic on the table will be workplace conduct.

The meeting, part of Goodell's attention to fostering respect and good conduct in the workplace, is a direct result of the Dolphins 2013 harassment scandal.

And out of this and other meetings may come tangible conduct guidelines from the NFL on how players (and others) should interact in the workplace -- which includes the locker room, the practice field, and practice facility as well as the football field every game day.

(Sad it has come to this, but grown men are about to be told how to act because a handful of guys on the Dolphins and elsewhere crossed the line.)

Anyway, one area that is most definitely in the crosshairs on a league and local level with the Dolphins is the subject of rookie hazing.

The idea of older, more established players wielding power over younger, newer players is not new to the NFL. It's been going on forever. And much of the time it has been innocuous.

The idea of rookies bringing breakfast to camp every morning, or meals for veterans to team flights, or singing their alma mater in front of a team meeting hasn't really bothered too many people before -- except Tim Bowens once upon a time. (More on that later).

But when you have an annual practice, which rookie hazing is, and you have no guidelines for it and thus no limits, and then some folks get out of control, the practice often is assigned governing parameters.

Look for rookie hazing on a league-wide level to soon be governed under some parameters. And do not be surprised if those parameters include prohibiting much if not all rookie hazing altogether.

And even if rookie hazing league-wide is not severly limited, look for the Dolphins to do so going forward.


Well, the NFL believes the players should operate in a workplace environment of respect and professionalism. And hazing -- which includes practices such as  players giving other players embarrassing haircuts and forcing them to do sophomoric things -- does not outwardly portray a strong sense of respect and professionalism.

You may recall during the past two preseasons Dolphins veterans have cut and dyed the hair of rookies in all sorts of unfashionable ways. In 2012 Jonathan Martin was made to look like a monk, with his hair shaven on top and allowed to grow out on the side.

Josh Samuda's hair was sculpted in such a way as to resemble a penis. And although Samuda tried to wear a hat to cover the carving, it was nonetheless uncovered during a team meeting ... on Hard Knocks.

You'll recall the scene on national television of coach Joe Philbin smiling uncomfortably as he saw the hairstyle unveiled. And you'll recall him joking about how classy that made the Dolphins organization look.

Well, Philbin last year got a taste of what can happen when playful rookie hazing grows up, gets angry, and is put in the hands of exactly the wrong people -- people who have no barriers holding power over people who have no ability to stand up for themselves.

Philbin obviously doesn't want a repeat of veteran players forcing younger players to do things they don't want -- such as pay for trips to Las Vegas, the strip club or expensive dinners -- which were some of the allegations of what was going on within the Dolphins.

So Philbin is going to draw a line on hazing in the coming training camp even if the NFL does not.

(Peanut gallery: But Mando, rookie hazing serves a purpose. It draws the players closer. It is a rite of passage. It brings the rookie outsiders into the fold. It is a team-building exercise).

Thank you, peanut gallery for making the argument used throughout time to defend the practice.

In truth, many NFL coaches past and present would not allow hazing at all and had close teams and, indeed, successful teams without it.

Bill Walsh, who won four Super Bowls for the San Francisco 49ers, would not allow rookie hazing. Pete Carroll, whose Seattle Seahawks just won the Super Bowl, does not condone rookie hazing.

"The way Bill saw it, if you hazed rookies you might get them so scared they couldn't focus on the game," running back Roger Craig said in the book 100 things 49ers fans should know and do before they die.

"You might destroy their confidence. So Bill didn't allow that. After all they were there to help us win more Super Bowls."

The Dolphins have had rookie hazing since, well, perhaps 1966 when the team was founded. Don Shula allowed it. But Shula's pragmatism always took precedence over tradition. Yes, the Dolphins had a tradition of hazing, but Shula believed more in the idea of winning.

And when tradition threatened winning, tradition lost.

In 1994, first-round pick Tim Bowens was ordered by veterans to sing in front of the team in keeping with the hazing tradition. Bowens refused and actually started packing his bags to leave the team and head home to Mississippi.

Shula stepped in.

Bowens didn't have to sing. He didn't have to be hazed.

All he had to do was play well and help the team win. 


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I think there is a time and place for everything.....

I mean, let's be serious.....the Armed forces turned cussing into an art form.....The Marine DI from FULL METAL JACKET was among the best @ his craft....and since he was truly a former Marine....I have no doubt he he brought his own life experiences to the screen....He also looked eerily similar to one of my DS back....DS REED.....ahhh...the memories.....

But in the END (even in that movie)....leadership is about bringing people along....not ho;ding them back.....we are only as stong as our weakest link....and when COGS is your strongest link....then you can see how weak the FINS locker room really is/was.....is it any wonder we folded in so many 4th quarter games....or last minute drives given up.....BULLIES back down when things get tough...and the FINS as a whole have adopted that mentality to the fullest over the past several years.....we may have been doing it before COGS....but COGS personified and exploited our weakness's to the fullest.....

Remember Baltimore bullying the FINS line in 2008 (ugly)....

Or the BUCS and countless other teams pushing our guys around like rag dolls....CHOWDER getting SPIT ON....and NOT doing anything......

Classic bully mentality....i'll push all day....unless a team pushed back.....then they wilited like flowers.....

This mentality has to go......

DC had it right (to a point) in his post.....put parameters on things.....don't let ONE GUY be singled out to the point of feeling isolated....the HC has to show some leadership.....and the assistant coaches need to follow...and be held accountable.....

is Martin Blameless....I doubt it.....but in the end...he fought back in the only way he new how....

Philbin could have gone a LONG way to stopping this.....and if he didn't know....then that makes it worse...IMO....but clearly not Ross's...or the NFL's

EFF Dashi Mark.....

The guy is a coward who in his own words "isn't calling any names"....

and then when you call him on his BS....its always the same...."I wasn't talking top you" (I just commented...or take quotes from your post)....."but I'm not taking to you Kris'....

Dashi is a prime target to be bullied....

always talking out his @ss as if he has a gnat's idea about what Ranger's and Special Forces training is about.....

Congrats....you made it thru Basic Dashi....and then by your own admission you were bullied out of the Military....you are this blog's JONATHAN MARTIN.....and no amout of tough talk behind a keyboard...or multiple names will EVER change how scared abd alone you really feel inside.....

Remember how they nicknamed Martin "BIg Weirdo" on Hard Knocks, I guess even then they knew he was a weird guy who would be trouble.

If you wanted to make the case that the o line lacked people - heck yeah, I buy that point.

There were no NFL players on that line. heck, even Pouncey I always contended was ok but not worth of a 15th overall pick and not a leader of men or the line.

He is a solid individual talent though. And surrounded by better players, he will be better and the line will be better.

Incognito was garbage on the field .. goes back to losing Jake Long. he may have been part of this but the line fell in line when he was there. No surprise the whole thing fell apart when he left.

Even a 75% jake Long was better than anyone else we had.

MIT @2:23,

Great post. And I agree with you. You know I am the same way. Dashi doesn't hold a grudge. I find it childish.

But if someone comes out swinging at the Dashi don't expect Dashi to act like Jesus. Expect Dashi to act more like Yelü.

And you weren't the only one who would go to war with Craig. I like to think me and Craig are cool now. And we really bumped heads. Everyone remembers the Dansby War. But we agreed on almost everything else.

Nothing that goes on here affects my Real life. And even in my Real Life, I don't hold grudges.

Then i hope the falls to us but we need the Bills, Giants, Bucs and Ravens to pass on him...

If I ever were to join the armed forces again. I won't pick Army. I would pick the Air Force. Now those guys treat each other with respect.

You know how many times I would have to stand in front of my platoon or my company and get hazed. I would even get hazed for what people in my squad would do.


I am still of the opinion that you don't need the BEST LT IN FOOTBALL to win in this league.....

but in hindsight.....I don't think anybody can say our line was better without Jake Long @ LT....I just wonder if STL thought their's was dramatically improved....

in short...I just think you need a guy that doesn't suck....and we didn't have that until we added the dude from B'more......

Perhaps Long may have kept COGS in line.....and it is also possible that Long was as cautious of COGS (crazy act) as the rest of the FINS in the locker room.....


I have lost all respect for you and your lies.

Whenever Dashi is talking about you. I let you know.

But keep acting like an angry little coward.

You little punk B¡tch, Kris!!

Is that direct enough for your gay ass.

yeah Dashi.....

You don't hold grudges....but this is the 2nd time in 4 days that you have brought up that I left you to come to Germany....and because of that I couldn't be on the NET to eat my CROW as you put it.....

not sure what we would have called this crow you want to serve so badly....


FINS go 8-8 CROW

FINS miss the playoffs for the 5th straight year CROW...

Fins lose to jets and Bills CROW....in horrible fashion nonetheless (CROW)......

not sure which one of those you would have me eat....but I can assure you.....they don't taste as bad as you might think....

I can't think of one other person (personality) besides you that actually think you will be feeding another fan CROW for 8-8...and NO PLAYOFFS.......

juvenile indeed......

We let Long go because of his injury risk and his cost to the team. We need players on the field and clearly long could not be trusted to last too Long.

No doubt he is a great player but he still got injured last season and his future isn't that secure. Long is on the downturn of his career so lets all move on.

Kris, you don't need the best line in football to win, but you can't get continually whipsawed. However looking at the investment we will have in this line, we should have near the best line in football, we won't, but for the investment we should.

COnsider between Albert, Pouncey, Thomas, and whether it's Lewan, Sua'Filo, or Martin... we will have 3 first round picks, and a third ... nobody else has that in the NFL...

Now it gets even more staggering if you consider a trade up for Lewan...

3 firsts and two thirds...

it just makes me sad to think about the investment and we won't have a premier line....

Indeed Marco, Albert was a swap for Long in all intents and purposes and with that I am now prepared to move on... Albert takes Long's position and contract. i don't disagree with the move .. it just took a (very costly) year to consumate.

Apparently your dumbass doesn't know what a "Grudge" is.

That I don't forget is one thing.

A "Grudge" is what you are doing.


a persistent feeling of ill will or resentment resulting from a past insult or injury.
"she held a grudge against her former boss"

be resentfully unwilling to give, grant, or allow (something).

Mark Stuck Up .. in Toronto was completely wrong
as usghe when trying to talk bout American football

Morgan Moses has very good almost elite footwork as indicated in 3 scouting reports posted here by Home w Reel NFL and Dolphin In Sight

Just as sure as Tannehill sucks at a number 8 over all pick
and same draft Foles @ number 88th is very good

south Florida Home knows NFL & Miami Dolphins football

Mark Stuck Up in Toronto has to have his passport scrutinized just to have the privilege to get near Home's Miami Dolphin team


The thing about a LIAR...is that they can't stop LYING....and DASHI.....I knew all I had to do was BRING IT UP....and you would LIE ABOUT it.....I was waiting for your 2:45 post...like a CHESS MASTER.....

Some people are just ignorant to a fault. Don't blame them. You just have to take everything they say with a grain of salt. Or a pinch of Mrs.Dash.

What kind of ridiculous statement is "a good QB....who could lay the ball in his hands."


"Tannehill hit Wallace plenty of times in his hands and he just dropped them!!" And Wallace is a Body catcher!! You need to put it in his basket!! Not his hands!!

And we can say the same "Ridiculous" thing about Tannehill!! Tannehill would have had 8 More TDs if Wallace went up and fought for the ball every once in a while like a GOOD WR WILL DO!!

Some people are better off trolling and using other names, that way they won't embarrass themselves with their ridiculousness.

Posted by: Dashi | April 02, 2014 at 10:07 AM

I didn't even mention your name, shows how much I, Dashi, "Obsess" over your Ridiculousness.

Yet, you were leaving and are now on a Rampage. With more Ridiculousness.

Maybe you should run and hide like you did after the season. When some people here, Not Dashi, wanted to feed you crow for all the BS you were talking.

Posted by: Dashi | April 02, 2014 at 10:29 AM

So what post could Dash be referring to when he CLEARLY isn't talking to or about me.....

scroll down a post or two to find out....


dance puppet, dance

25 fukkin manly reps, not bicch teets like you

10 reps 950 lbs on the leg press

bothers you, doesn't it?

Cuecas Cagadas.... (google that one)

The POST that DASHI was NOT (lol) referring to...or obsessing over....right here....

Check the TIME DATE STAMP.......

is it Wallace bashing timne already.....

The guy only averaged 8 TDS a year with a good QB....who could lay the ball in his hands...as opposed to a 10 yard radius...and often out of bounds.....

Posted by: Kris (In Germany) | April 02, 2014 at 09:41 AM

Mark Stuck Up .. in Toronto works 5 months and gives it all to feminine Canadian government so they will pay for his gynecologist and other doctors

. . . . . Sucker

15% tax rate, but go on ....

You can come on here tomorrow or even right now and talk football and I will discuss it with you without throwing insults.

I am bigger than that.

But if you want to act like a child, and the first words out your mouth are Dashi!! Dashi!! Dashi!! Then expect the same in return.

Can't blame Mark Stuck Up ... in toronto for following out tough American team and game of football
Canadians are not tough enough to play football
We send our shiet players and drug addicts up there when they fail miserably here


ALoco does 37 reps w 225 and also beats up Joey Porter and Clowney in the morning b4 scouting linemen for the Dolphins


"people who have no barriers holding power over people who have no ability to stand up for themselves."
Bowens refused and actually started packing his bags to leave the team and head home to Mississippi.

Shula stepped in.

Bowens didn't have to sing. He didn't have to be hazed.


Seems Bowens stood up for himself pretty well right? So here's my thing, replace the phrase 'no ability to stand up for themselves' with, 'no ba##s that would allow them to stand up for themselves' and it all would make sense.

Your playing a grown man dashi.....

one that just played you like a WV fiddle.....

I NEEDED you to be yourself and LIE....I didn't want to accuse you....that would be petty.....but you introduce the evidence yourself.....man are you EFFING dumb.....

There it is in BLACK AND WHITE....all your COWARDICE and double talk.....all your lies....

now i'm done with you.....I just needed you to EXPOSE yourself one last TIME...thanks for playing....DUMB@ASS.....

and thanks for showing the REAL POSTERS that you don't have a truthful or stand-up bone in those lying fingers.......

All the Canadians that come to south Florida look like Mark
Fat ugly white dudes w pot bellies and nut hugger bathing suits
cheap bastards too

haha, Home-O posts what I want him to post when i want him to post ... what a mental midget...

Phins78. It all goes back to no personal accountability. Someone should do everything for you... Especially stand up for you.

PC BS will be the end of the world...

P78, that's exactly right.

Bowens took em all on ... Martin cried himself to sleep on his great big pillow..

Shoot in including the draft pick cost to build this line, I forgot to include the cost we spent on Martin...

3 firsts, a 2nd, a third at and add at least another 3rd... now that makes me want to check into that Richie Incognito depression clinic...

ross is

um mark
bowens did not
take them all on
he was packing
2 go home

Your HOPELESS dashi.....

The next time you address me it will be to soon....

I look forward to your new name.....that you are sure to address me under....and then laugh like a school girl behind your keyboard.....


You must have a comprehension problem.


i didn't even mention your name, shows how much I, Dashi, "Obsess" over your Ridiculousness.


I was referring to you, you idiot. What I said or was implying is that "I don't even mention YOUR NAME" YET you "OBSESS" over everything I say.

Another Example


Maybe you should run and hide like you did after the season. When some people here, Not Dashi, wanted to feed you crow for all the BS you were talking.


Yet, you misconstrued that whole statement as meaning that I, Dashi, wanted to feed you crow.

And again,

Who is the one holding a GRUDGE?

You, Kris.

Not Me, Dashi.

U would do better there Mark Stuck Up .. in Toronto
than trying to asses NFL talent from the copy room in your bosses office, bietch!

Dashi,STFU !

and it was gardner
that no1 took on
back then but the clueless
out of touch homers who are out of town
wouldn't know that as usual

Phins 78....

it didn't say that Bowens went to the coach.....it says that Bowens started packing his bags....huge difference....

It means that Shula...in some way became aware of what was going on with one of his players.....and showed LEADERSHIP....and this is the 1st time you or I am hearing the story....

If Philbin had any type of pulse....or avenue for the players to reach out to him....we MIGHT not be hearing about Martin for 20 years or so as well...

We have another blogger from Mexico
He claims like Mark he also is millionaire and stronger than most of the top NFL draft picks and can beat up Incognito
However Manuel can bench press 225 lbs 52 times, he says
Yes 52 times
and only eats lettuce and tomato

so of course his credibility is huge here too


Posted by: Reel Dolphin In Sight w Home | April 08, 2014 at 03:01 PM

LOL. I don't get to come in here much anymore but it never ceases to amaze me that this pathetic loser still hangs in here as much as he does. Doesn't matter what time of day I spend my 10 minutes here, this lonely moron is here. Day, night, weekends, whenever. Just hanging out in a blog talking to and about strangers he will never meet. His main theme, trying to get people to argue with him.

I don't care, I think it's funny. I know he's a loser and I'm sad for him, but nonetheless it's a freakin riot. And apparently he is completely unaware of how pathetic his life is which makes it even more juicy! Hahahaha

Guy? Are you okay? lol, Are you a shut in or something? Perhaps one of those people that would need a wall taken out in order to get you out of the house? Your attention to this blog makes me laugh so hard. Thank you for that, maybe let us all see a picture someday so we can put a loser face with all of your loser posts? Thank you for all of the entertainment dipwad! lol

Dashi's a troll now? What happened, I thought Dashi talked football. In a fight with another poster?!

LMAO this place never changes.

And your ignorant Dashi uses other name post.


When Dashi uses another name, HE LET'S EVERYONE KNOW IT IS HIM.



Reason I respect Fraud more than you two clowns.

We all know you won't admit to trolling Dashi yesterday afternoon.

But you tried to pull the same schtick yesterday.

You "OBSESS" about "Winning".

Keep working on your 98% LIES...you dam LIAR.....

get wrapped around the axle of a interpretation...or mis-interpertation....


You took a a QUOTE...ACTUALLY 2....from my post...and then when I call you on....you do just like tonight...bury your head in the sand...and cry foul....

you are...(in it's SIMPLEST form) BUSTED.....

ThanX 4 the kind words Phins78

finishing a box of moon pies and then back to

Chip Kelly + Foles = Awesome

Billy Lazor + Tannefail = :(

Phins 78

Can u come over w a sledgehammer and knock the wall down & help Home out of bed

Would be a great help

Also bring snack

Love, Home

Martin cried himself to sleep on his great big pillow..

Is this a reference to So I married an Axe Murderer?!

"Head,,,,paper,,,,now! Move that gargantuan cranium if ya can boy!",," Seriously, it's like an orange on a toothpick"!

Phins78, I'd feel sad for it, if it wasn't so annoying.

Is it possibly someone taught a parrot to type and hate the Dolphins?


He(Kris) has had a hard on for Dashi since he "came back".

I don't get his need to " Discredit" Dashi.

He is the one acting like a Troll.

But Ssshhh!! Don't tell him anything because he is "Winning".

I'm retired now on a obesity disability and Mark is managing my finances

Did u know he was a professor and 40 yr old pro weight lifter
I have a pic he signed for me
Looks just like George Clooney

Mark Stuck Up in Toronto has it all


There's nothing a franchise QB couldn't fix on the Dolphins.

Hazing will be thing of the past for Dolphins

All minorities subject to discrimination, racism, and harrassment thank Johnathan Martin.

Dashi,STFU !
Posted by: M is for Moron | April 08, 2014 at 03:12 PM

Take you own advice.

twowatt your posts still make no sense. It's like trying to read a 3rd graders texts to his mommy. SMH

PHINS 78.....

This guy has been pulling this for far too long....his BIGGEST mistake.....

for some reason he put me in his cross-hairs....and runs behind my post with insults and innuendo....

but not to woryy..."HE'S NOT TALKING TO OR ABOUT ME"......he says so himself....even tho the post say different.....

He TROLLS himself with fake arguments.....and ofcourse makes up names to agree with himself as well...this guy is a attention seeking nut....who barked up the wrong tree,,,,one to many times.....

but never fear....he will twist and wriggle until he feels he has SPUN himself free....

Look for my name to be sullied in the coming days....


Anybody know why Wallace hates Tannehill so much?

Go figure

P78, it's quite funny really.

He think what he says about me matters. I just press a button and get this result. Pure entertainment.

I throw out personal facts and he just goes ona rampage. I just sit here and laugh

He says I'm 300 lbs, fat, white, a copy boy, live in squallor... it makes him happy although none of it is true or changes my reality ... bizarre fellow indeed...

I get off work, go home, hang out with the wife, marvel at her in her late stage pregnancy, go for a run, go lift, go visit my mom, do whatever, the guy just stays here trying to get the best of people who don't impact his life at all ...

Weird to say the least.

Posted by: CommonSense | April 08, 2014 at 03:22 PM

LOL, I've often wondered the same thing.

It must be the PTSD that has him all jumpy.

(One glove comes off)

Sorry Kris and Dashi, I shouldn't have interjected. I have no clue what's going on between the two of you.

*It must be the PTSD that has Kris all jumpy.

(One glove comes off)

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