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Hazing will be thing of the past for Dolphins

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell today will meet with the braintrust of the NFL Players Association, including new president Eric Winston, executive director DeMaurice Smith and other members of the recently elected executive committee, and one major topic on the table will be workplace conduct.

The meeting, part of Goodell's attention to fostering respect and good conduct in the workplace, is a direct result of the Dolphins 2013 harassment scandal.

And out of this and other meetings may come tangible conduct guidelines from the NFL on how players (and others) should interact in the workplace -- which includes the locker room, the practice field, and practice facility as well as the football field every game day.

(Sad it has come to this, but grown men are about to be told how to act because a handful of guys on the Dolphins and elsewhere crossed the line.)

Anyway, one area that is most definitely in the crosshairs on a league and local level with the Dolphins is the subject of rookie hazing.

The idea of older, more established players wielding power over younger, newer players is not new to the NFL. It's been going on forever. And much of the time it has been innocuous.

The idea of rookies bringing breakfast to camp every morning, or meals for veterans to team flights, or singing their alma mater in front of a team meeting hasn't really bothered too many people before -- except Tim Bowens once upon a time. (More on that later).

But when you have an annual practice, which rookie hazing is, and you have no guidelines for it and thus no limits, and then some folks get out of control, the practice often is assigned governing parameters.

Look for rookie hazing on a league-wide level to soon be governed under some parameters. And do not be surprised if those parameters include prohibiting much if not all rookie hazing altogether.

And even if rookie hazing league-wide is not severly limited, look for the Dolphins to do so going forward.


Well, the NFL believes the players should operate in a workplace environment of respect and professionalism. And hazing -- which includes practices such as  players giving other players embarrassing haircuts and forcing them to do sophomoric things -- does not outwardly portray a strong sense of respect and professionalism.

You may recall during the past two preseasons Dolphins veterans have cut and dyed the hair of rookies in all sorts of unfashionable ways. In 2012 Jonathan Martin was made to look like a monk, with his hair shaven on top and allowed to grow out on the side.

Josh Samuda's hair was sculpted in such a way as to resemble a penis. And although Samuda tried to wear a hat to cover the carving, it was nonetheless uncovered during a team meeting ... on Hard Knocks.

You'll recall the scene on national television of coach Joe Philbin smiling uncomfortably as he saw the hairstyle unveiled. And you'll recall him joking about how classy that made the Dolphins organization look.

Well, Philbin last year got a taste of what can happen when playful rookie hazing grows up, gets angry, and is put in the hands of exactly the wrong people -- people who have no barriers holding power over people who have no ability to stand up for themselves.

Philbin obviously doesn't want a repeat of veteran players forcing younger players to do things they don't want -- such as pay for trips to Las Vegas, the strip club or expensive dinners -- which were some of the allegations of what was going on within the Dolphins.

So Philbin is going to draw a line on hazing in the coming training camp even if the NFL does not.

(Peanut gallery: But Mando, rookie hazing serves a purpose. It draws the players closer. It is a rite of passage. It brings the rookie outsiders into the fold. It is a team-building exercise).

Thank you, peanut gallery for making the argument used throughout time to defend the practice.

In truth, many NFL coaches past and present would not allow hazing at all and had close teams and, indeed, successful teams without it.

Bill Walsh, who won four Super Bowls for the San Francisco 49ers, would not allow rookie hazing. Pete Carroll, whose Seattle Seahawks just won the Super Bowl, does not condone rookie hazing.

"The way Bill saw it, if you hazed rookies you might get them so scared they couldn't focus on the game," running back Roger Craig said in the book 100 things 49ers fans should know and do before they die.

"You might destroy their confidence. So Bill didn't allow that. After all they were there to help us win more Super Bowls."

The Dolphins have had rookie hazing since, well, perhaps 1966 when the team was founded. Don Shula allowed it. But Shula's pragmatism always took precedence over tradition. Yes, the Dolphins had a tradition of hazing, but Shula believed more in the idea of winning.

And when tradition threatened winning, tradition lost.

In 1994, first-round pick Tim Bowens was ordered by veterans to sing in front of the team in keeping with the hazing tradition. Bowens refused and actually started packing his bags to leave the team and head home to Mississippi.

Shula stepped in.

Bowens didn't have to sing. He didn't have to be hazed.

All he had to do was play well and help the team win. 


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Always, when I go some place where there is criminal element, I always have 911 dialed on my phone. Example, I went to Hialeah Park 2 weeks ago and took my 13 yr old son with me thinking there was live racing there. There wasn't. So we sat down to watch the simulcast from Gulfstream(which I can do at home, but well). After we had won a few, this Fidel Castro New Cuban scum started taunting me and my son noticed it and told me,- Papa, eso es contigo. He was coming and going agitatedly and I said to my son how much we had won in that race so he could hear it and then I told my son to go stand in front of the teller's window. The guy just looked hatefully at me and went some other place. My son and I then left.

Posted by: Darkoak | April 08, 2014 at 07:54 PM


Fair point Darkoak. If that were the case though Martin is probably thin skinned to the point of his own detriment and may be in the wrong line of work.

You'd be hard pressed to find more testosterone in one area than an NFL locker room.

And Oscar is probably correct in that both Martin and Cogs have mental issues or could at least use some counseling.

Posted by: Ape Tamer | April 08, 2014 at 07:56 PM

What are to clocking in like Wylie Coyote? Jebus get a grip you damn dirty ape.

Hey moron ape tamer have you figured out the blog is for homers to discuss QBs DADADADADA!!?!??!?

Carlin was funny Dashi. Didn't like the way he made fun of baseball though lol.

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | April 08, 2014 at 08:10 PM

Yeah true can't see an NFL locker room being a safe place ever for the weak willed.

aaaaH Oscar,Why do you let your puzzy interns blog on your office computers eH?They are POS Just like the PATHETIC QB THole they so WANT to be an NFL caliber QB but as WE NON-FKN Homers knew and KNOW He will be a PILE of SHIIITTE eH? Jajajajajaj eH?

Oscar, you occasionally post these odd, disjointed rambles that have absolutely no connection to anything being discussed. Horse racing? Fidel Castro?

Are you always certain that you're sitting on the right side of the psychiatric couch?

Is anyone surprised that Incognito's nuts?

Most of those criminal element have already jail records on them. Why fight them? They might fukkk you all up if they are younger than you are, Seek the Law on their asss. They don't like to be in Jail.



Case in point @ 8:18.

Is anyone surprised that oscar is nuts?

Posted by: EDGAR | April 08, 2014 at 08:19 PM


DARKCAWK. YOU SHOULD CLEAN OFF YOUR LITTLE DINK AFTER THE MILK MAN SHOWS UP Eh? STFU YOU pathetic pos HOMER Eh? The barbies SUCK and always will SUCK because of the PATHETIC SKMBAGS called barbie HOMERS and always will while you and your ilk are still in what ever delusional diseased imbecile state of existance you are presently in eH? JAJAJAJAJAJ eH?

True Darkoak,

The saddest part of the whole thing is there was apparently no one there man enough to take Martin under his wing and tell the knuckleheads to chill.

What makes me question Martin a little bit, is a guy like Hartline who seems to be well grounded seem to of come out in defense of Cogs.



Did you see how Incognito managed to become Leader of the Player's Council? That's the mark of a Psychopath(not sociopath). I thought I explained all that yesterday, makes me wonder(or better called, I don't want to understand)

Actually Armando Walsh only led the forty niners to three super bowls not four look it it up will you? I like you and your writing for the most part but how can you get this wrong when this is all you have to do is talk about football?


You need to get Philbins e-mail address. The homers don't run the team.

Of course it would probably have been ran better of late if they had.

Posted by: Ape Tamer | April 08, 2014 at 08:23 PM

Like I said earlier if you resort to name calling you label yourself a child and/or mentally handicapped. Right now I would say you are leaning big time to the retards end of that scale.

Men don't talk like that. Christ you can't even form a coherent thought other than JAJAJA!

When Incognito, with his golf club, started raising the skirt of that Golf Club employee and messing her hair with it while insulting her, that's a mark of a Psychopath(not sociopath), makes me wonder(better known as, I don't want to know).

I like you and your writing for the most part but how can you get this wrong when this is all you have to do is talk about football?

Posted by: scott


Armando also has to ride his burro down the mountain to the nearest village to sell tortillas and small trinkets so cut him some slack.

Brian Hartline is an entrepreneur, an opportunist. Like many I know. Life is short.

Hey moron ape tamer

Posted by: Darkoak |
Ahhhh skmbag DARKCAWK,is this not you eH? Or is it Dashiite being the pathetic WRECKED RECTUM odins brown eye or the POS cuban menace eh? JAJAJAJAJAJA eH?

That is the thing. I have never admitted to knowing it all.

Posted by: Yelü Dashi | April 08, 2014 at 07:10 PM

What kind of delusional crock of crap is that? You have said over and over you are 95% at a minimum. That is just so absurd that nobody can believe you take yourself seriously. Then on top of it you are stuck on acting like a whining child.

Learn to wipe your butt AND Flush the toilet.


Since your on a roll. How about our boy Tannehill? Does he have the moxie to be an elite QB??

And what of Mr.Philbin? Can he be a leader of men.??

We need yes to both.

Ahhhh skmbag DARKCAWK,is this not you eH? Or is it Dashiite being the pathetic WRECKED RECTUM odins brown eye or the POS cuban menace eh? JAJAJAJAJAJA eH?
Posted by: Ape Tamer | April 08, 2014 at 08:39 PM

Wow and retarded it is, I rest my case. Nothing against you retards though it's a bad stroke of luck you are the way you are. I hear the ones without social issues like yourself are quite like able and lead full lives.

Oscar,let me guess that Hartline is in the business of making artificial knees and digging up cadavers for more cartilage for the WR's who try to catch THoles passes eH? 1st customers are Keller, Gibson Binns and ofcourse Hartline himself because he knows his career as a WR in the NFL with THole as QB is going to end quick eH? JAJAJAJAJAJ eH?

Same silly arguments regardless of what scitzo identity you assume Ape.

Don't you clueless homers ever get sick and tired of always being consistently wrong every season after season on everything Miami Dolphins?

JAJAJAJA Steve,Look at darkoak and his ilk,they are happy with 7-9 6-10 7-9 7-9 and 8-8 bareley eH? and a POS at QB as in THole eH? Homers go the F AWAY and the barbies will again be relevant eH? IT'S YOU STUPID HOMERS WHO ARE THE PROBLEM WITH THE DOLPHINS eH? ERADICATE THE CANCER,HOMERS HANG YOUR PATHETIC Selves eH?

Don't you clueless homers ever get sick and tired of always being consistently wrong every season after season on everything Miami Dolphins?
Posted by: Steve | April 08, 2014 at 08:51 PM

Don't you clueless trolls ever get sick and tired of sharing your opinion with no one that cares what you think night after night on this blog?

Dont feed the homers and they'll go away

Dont feed the homers and they'll go away
Posted by: JJ | April 08, 2014 at 09:16 PM

You need new material, seriously.

Mando…haze this!!

I am sorry for being a d-bag and hope all can forgive me. I have no friends and I am a loser. grrrr

Dead Horse-Whack!
Dead Horse-Whack!
Dead Horse-Whack!

i suffer from many fears and i'm socially awkward. i suffer with hallucination. some nights i cry myself to sleep. at work I’m constantly bullied and this has made my confidence drop like hell. i don't have the confidence and when i told my old friends they just laughed at me and left me.

Don't you clueless homers ever get sick and tired of always being consistently wrong every season after season on everything Miami Dolphins?

Posted by: Steve | April 08, 2014 at 08:51 PM

they are sadists masochists

Is the ape tamer stupid eH?

Even though Tannehill threw a bad ball. The Keller injury was a dirty, dirty play.

What happens to your gums when you die?

they are sadists masochists
Posted by: haha | April 08, 2014 at 10:52 PM

If you can't make a lick of sense it's best to say nothing champ.

The Dolphins look like a 7-9 Team.

Everyone but T-Sizzle deserves to be fired.

You can also keep L.Miller.

The Doctor/Patient Schtick you 2 old Farts gets old quick.p...

"We Lowlives" want to know who sucks/who swallows?

Philbin better perform well or else!! The team needs to at least be a 9-7 and battling for a wildcard. Even if Hickey tanks the draft.

7-9 would be terrific for these scrubs!

7-9 would be terrific for these scrubs!
Posted by: Realist | April 09, 2014 at 12:16 AM

We've heard all this before don't you have anything new?

9-7, are you kidding? Only if 9-7, 2nd rd playoffs. 9-7 with a one and done is intolerable for Tannehill or Philbin to maintain their jobs.

9-7, or less, Ross should give Hickey full power to bulldoze and start over.Beginning with Joe Philbin and Ryan Tannehill.

Lazor is suspect, And Coyle Sucks!! Until further notice. Coyle is a good secondary coach, but is a crabtree Defensive Coordinator.

I like the other additions at O-line coach and LB coach. Benton and Duffner are really good coaches and should be able to maximize the talent they get. Between the two of them they have over 60 years of coaching experience at the college and pro level. Good guys to have around next to Coyle and Lazor.

Oops!! Let me jump back in character for the late nite hour crowd.

Call me chicken little, but I so fear Tannehill will regress or stagnate this season, ending in 6-10. We win 6gms because Matt Moore wins 5 of them.

Just like when he took over for Henne.

9 - 7 = play offs
2014 = brutal schedule

Who said John Jerry ate the black box?

Ross already said Philbin and Tannehill are on the hot seat. Make or break season.

Kevin Coyle is the real problem. He hasn't out schemed anybody.

Write it down LowLives.

In April, I, _____ said the 2014 Dolphins look like a 7-9 team. For them to look like a 9-7 Team or better, It is all dependant on two things.

1. Hickey Does his Job- Get at least Two Offensive Linemen from the draft. One of them better be a Day 1 Starter. Doesn't matter if it is at RT or RG. I couldn't care less if Hickey tanks the rest of the draft.

2. Philbin doing his Job- Again, even if Hickey blows the entire Draft. Gets Zero Players!! This team is a 7-9 Team. Now if Philbin does his job. This should at LEAST be a 9-7 team.

Tannehill is safe!! Even if Hickey doesn't do his Job, and Philbin Doesn't do his job, and Lazor doesn't do his job. Ryan "T-Sizzle" Tannehill will still get over 4000 yds passing, over 30 TDs passing, Less than 15 INTs, over 300yds rushing and 5 or more TDs rushing. Even if he gets sacked 60 Times in 2014!!

And L.Miller will be the Starter. He will gain over 1100yds rushing.

My name should be Implied. Or do I, ..... have to let you know for all you "Real Posters" out there!!



Cause that is what we LowLives do, We Bark!!

We Tell Lies!!


— —

(Mean Face)(Mean Face)
(Mean Face)(Mean Face)
(Mean Face)(Mean Face)

Efffing Flaget!!

From the phininsider April 8 2014

Earlier today, the Tennessee Titans released running back Chris Johnson, ending a six-year career with the team that made him a first round draft choice in 2008. The Titans had been hoping to complete a trade that would allow them to receive some compensation in return for the three-time Pro Bowl runner.

ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that four teams were among the potential landing places if Johnson had been traded: New York Jets, Atlanta Falcons, Buffalo Bills, and Miami Dolphins. Now comes a report that two of those teams were far enough into discussion that the Titans really felt a deal would be completed.

Those two teams, accodring to ESPN's Paul Kuharsky, were the Bills and the Dolphins. Both teams would have required Johnson to rework the contract that made him untenable to the Titans. Johnson was scheduled to make $8 million this year and next, with another $7 million in 2016.

Miami has signed Knowshon Moreno to join last year's starters Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas. The team could look to sign Johnson, with Thomas the most likely to be released in that situation.

How much interest would Miami have in a running back they at least considered trading to acquire will have to be seen. The Dolphins could be attractive for Johnson, as the move to emphasize the run in 2014 after struggling with it in 2013. A deal may simply come down to the number on the contract desired by Johnson as compared to what the Dolphins are willing to offer.

end of quote
Make it happen please Mr. Hickey 5 M a year 2 year contract one guaranteed is better than what Moreno got, and Moreno is a heck of a bloker. Probably one of the top 5 blocking RB's in the NFL.

Now that would be one fantastic trio in our backfield
Miller Moreno and Johnson - if we then draft Zach Thomas and or Lewan plus Bitonio in the second round for our Offensive line we would end up having one of the best Offensive lines in the NFL coupled with this trio of RB's we would be heading to the playoffs

round three goes to whomever we trade up to get Lewan or if we do not trade up and stay put, we take either Zach Martin or Su'a-Filo to be the R Guard and then second round take our tackle either Bitonio or Kouandjio in that order
In round 4 we take a wide receiver or Linebacker or safety - if we do not trade up we get all 3 of those players one in round three and one in round four maybe one in round five
last 2 picks will probably include another tackle as a precaution - I would take Henderson from the U

Yes he got dehydrated for his pro day and could not perform. That does not wipe out his good record. Kid deserves a chance in the NFL to redeem himself. Yes timing for getting dehydrated is not good. But he is under lots of influences right now. God knows what he did the night before to screw himself up like that - lesson learned we all hope.

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