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Hazing will be thing of the past for Dolphins

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell today will meet with the braintrust of the NFL Players Association, including new president Eric Winston, executive director DeMaurice Smith and other members of the recently elected executive committee, and one major topic on the table will be workplace conduct.

The meeting, part of Goodell's attention to fostering respect and good conduct in the workplace, is a direct result of the Dolphins 2013 harassment scandal.

And out of this and other meetings may come tangible conduct guidelines from the NFL on how players (and others) should interact in the workplace -- which includes the locker room, the practice field, and practice facility as well as the football field every game day.

(Sad it has come to this, but grown men are about to be told how to act because a handful of guys on the Dolphins and elsewhere crossed the line.)

Anyway, one area that is most definitely in the crosshairs on a league and local level with the Dolphins is the subject of rookie hazing.

The idea of older, more established players wielding power over younger, newer players is not new to the NFL. It's been going on forever. And much of the time it has been innocuous.

The idea of rookies bringing breakfast to camp every morning, or meals for veterans to team flights, or singing their alma mater in front of a team meeting hasn't really bothered too many people before -- except Tim Bowens once upon a time. (More on that later).

But when you have an annual practice, which rookie hazing is, and you have no guidelines for it and thus no limits, and then some folks get out of control, the practice often is assigned governing parameters.

Look for rookie hazing on a league-wide level to soon be governed under some parameters. And do not be surprised if those parameters include prohibiting much if not all rookie hazing altogether.

And even if rookie hazing league-wide is not severly limited, look for the Dolphins to do so going forward.


Well, the NFL believes the players should operate in a workplace environment of respect and professionalism. And hazing -- which includes practices such as  players giving other players embarrassing haircuts and forcing them to do sophomoric things -- does not outwardly portray a strong sense of respect and professionalism.

You may recall during the past two preseasons Dolphins veterans have cut and dyed the hair of rookies in all sorts of unfashionable ways. In 2012 Jonathan Martin was made to look like a monk, with his hair shaven on top and allowed to grow out on the side.

Josh Samuda's hair was sculpted in such a way as to resemble a penis. And although Samuda tried to wear a hat to cover the carving, it was nonetheless uncovered during a team meeting ... on Hard Knocks.

You'll recall the scene on national television of coach Joe Philbin smiling uncomfortably as he saw the hairstyle unveiled. And you'll recall him joking about how classy that made the Dolphins organization look.

Well, Philbin last year got a taste of what can happen when playful rookie hazing grows up, gets angry, and is put in the hands of exactly the wrong people -- people who have no barriers holding power over people who have no ability to stand up for themselves.

Philbin obviously doesn't want a repeat of veteran players forcing younger players to do things they don't want -- such as pay for trips to Las Vegas, the strip club or expensive dinners -- which were some of the allegations of what was going on within the Dolphins.

So Philbin is going to draw a line on hazing in the coming training camp even if the NFL does not.

(Peanut gallery: But Mando, rookie hazing serves a purpose. It draws the players closer. It is a rite of passage. It brings the rookie outsiders into the fold. It is a team-building exercise).

Thank you, peanut gallery for making the argument used throughout time to defend the practice.

In truth, many NFL coaches past and present would not allow hazing at all and had close teams and, indeed, successful teams without it.

Bill Walsh, who won four Super Bowls for the San Francisco 49ers, would not allow rookie hazing. Pete Carroll, whose Seattle Seahawks just won the Super Bowl, does not condone rookie hazing.

"The way Bill saw it, if you hazed rookies you might get them so scared they couldn't focus on the game," running back Roger Craig said in the book 100 things 49ers fans should know and do before they die.

"You might destroy their confidence. So Bill didn't allow that. After all they were there to help us win more Super Bowls."

The Dolphins have had rookie hazing since, well, perhaps 1966 when the team was founded. Don Shula allowed it. But Shula's pragmatism always took precedence over tradition. Yes, the Dolphins had a tradition of hazing, but Shula believed more in the idea of winning.

And when tradition threatened winning, tradition lost.

In 1994, first-round pick Tim Bowens was ordered by veterans to sing in front of the team in keeping with the hazing tradition. Bowens refused and actually started packing his bags to leave the team and head home to Mississippi.

Shula stepped in.

Bowens didn't have to sing. He didn't have to be hazed.

All he had to do was play well and help the team win. 


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Ralph, way too long to read...


I don't see the Fins signing CJaK. Spending big dollars on a RB these days is declining. CJ wants to get PAID and the market is just not there.

I believe CJ will have to come down in expectation and if it comes down low enough I feel a team with more $$ will outbid the Fins.

Just my opinion on it.

The Fins may target Lewan but he will have to slip near the Fins pick at 19. I don't believe Hickey will start giving away the bullets (i.e. draft picks) in his gun as this is such a deep draft. The more picks one has the more depth one can take advantage of.

Z. Martin seems like the consensus pick at 19 if he is there but I would be ok with S Calvin Pryor or a surprise like WR Benjamin. The draft has OL that can be tabbed in the 2nd-3rd round and start. Bitonio, Su'a-Filo or Brandon Thomas work for me in this range.



I read the long post. Long posts don't scare me near as much as reading crappy posts. It sucks to realize you will never get the time/life back after taking the time to read crappy posts.

I have uncorked my fair share of let 'er rip long doozy posts in my time on this blog. If people like your posts generally they read them.


Cheers Y'all!


And, makes you wonder, never wrote no more.

Darn, as much as I have tried, I have never been able to write anything that is over 200 words. I have this curse that I'm able to express my ideas clearly and succinctly in 2 or 3 sentences(sometimes in less than that, depending).

And where are all these Low Lives here?(Oscar, those People don't work and get high, especially at night, and they sleep it off until late afternoon)

RB Terrance West from Towson....just held his Pro Day recently....projected third or fourth round pick. 5' 9" 235 lbs and ran for over 2,500 yards and 42 TD's last year. This is a RB I think fits the need and is realistically placed in the draft for the Fins to pick him. He met privately with the Fins but had over 40 NFL representatives out to see his work out.

How do I know about this kid? Sun Sentinel of course.....that crew is working the draft hard this year.

Just watched some video of Terrnace West....he picks up tough yards.....he has real potential.

JPAO as you prob already read but West was quoted also as saying our RB coach said he "has him very high on his RB board". The kid is a serious load at that height/weight ratio.

Mock Draft:

RD1: C.J.Mosley ILB Alabama
RD2: Antonio Richardson T Tennessee
RD3: C.J.Fiedorowicz TE Iowa
RD4: Donte Moncrief WR Mississipi
RD5: Kasim Edebali OLB Boston College
RD6: Cornelius Lucas OT Kansas State
RD7: John Urschel G Penn State

RE: (Sad it has come to this, but grown men are about to be told how to act because a handful of guys on the Dolphins and elsewhere crossed the line.)

Mando, you don't seem to get that this is how workplaces are - for good reason. From the beginning of this story to the present, you have seemed to have an antiquated notion that boys will be boys. Grow up.

In what decade do we get a franchise QB?


if the u and the
phinz r desperate to make
the p/o's " lol ",
in 2014 hix must trade
for aaron rogers
not chris Johnson

Zonk, we may have him, we may not...But let's give him a real o-line and a running game before we jump to any conclusions...Hard to evaluate any QB who gets sacked 58 times and no running game...

Sorry Miami, my boy Gio really but a hurting on you. 5-0. Couldn't even get a bat on those meteors. Look at it this way, you lost to the NL's representative to the World Series, so don't feel so bad. GO NATS!!!

Posted by: #1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal | April 09, 2014 at 08:30 AM

Tanny is FAR FROM a franchise QB. He clearly stinks. Keep up the excuses for him though.

the stupid homerz
luv playing in
the land of make believe
that tpuke is a qb worth a chit

Why does it take the Dolphins 4 years to realize their QB stinks?

Montreal I don't think you're likely to convince these guys on RT.
Our Oline was leaking at every position while even with a guy like Brady back there he would have had several fewer sacks I don't think he'd have a higher completion percentage. We've all seen what happens to guys like Brady, Manning & Rogers under pressure like that.

Zonk, he deserves his share of the blame, his pocket awareness is average at best and his accuracy needs to improve, but he did put up some pretty darn good numbers considering he had zero protection and a crappy running game...

tpuke was hitting
dirt in college nothing will change
he was a wr 4 a reason
he suxx at qb

3 1/2 pts/game vs Buffalo and the Jests?? Thats pathetic.

I love this time of the year in Dolphinsland. You have the UP-crowd, where brighter days are on the horizon. Everything is positive. Winning is right around the corner. Then you have the DOWN-crowd, who only see doom and gloom. Every move, every change, only forewarns a continuance of mediocrity. And the truth is, both sides are right. Let's explore:

- POSITIVE: OL is being completely rebuilt. Makes sense, last year's OL was horrendous, most of it has been traded or left in FA. How much worse can the new OL be? Better days on the horizon. NEGATIVE: Generally, the better OL's are the ones that have played together for awhile and are comfortable with each other. This new OL will be 5 guys who've never played together before. Possible recipe for disaster.

- POSITIVE: Coaching was less than stellar last year, debatable how many games it cost the team. So revamp the staff. New OC, bringing in a new system, uh-oh, time for the offense to POP. He was the QB Coach for a team who's QB had what, 1 pick, so time for Tannehill to start thinking elite status, right? NEGATIVE: While Lazor has been a play-caller in college, he's never called plays in the NFL. Also, a QB, in a brand new system, first in 5 years, in a critical year, really make or break for the QB, OC, DC, HC, GM, possible recipe for disaster.

And I could go on and on and on. So are you a cup half full or cup half empty kind of guy? Myself, I'll hope for the best, but being an astute long-time Dolphins fan, I'll expect mediocrity.

2 watt, that has nothing to do with it...Happens all the time in college...Players change positions...Come up with something better than that...

what pos. did a rogers change in college?
what pos. did t brady change in college?
oh yeah that's right
drew brees played lb
u clueless homeer u

I have p mannings freshman jersey
when he played te at tenn.

Tannehill doesnt have the accuracy to be a pro QB.

eli m
bulked up
to 350 to play rg
his jr. season

But yet his numbers were about the same except for maybe Brees...You don't talk about that do you Mr.smart a**...New England's or GB's backup o-line would of been an upgrade compared to our starters...And not to mention the running game...But again, you don't talk about that either...Mr.Smart a**...know it all...

Don't you clueless homers ever get sick and tired of always being consistently wrong every season after season on everything Miami Dolphins?

Posted by: Steve | April 08, 2014 at 08:51 PM

they are sadists masochists

Posted by: haha | April 08, 2014 at 10:52 PM

Thanks to all of the delusional Dolphins fans out there,you are my best and only customers.


Happy Birthday, Mark Clayton... well I think it was yesterday but anyway, he was one of my first favourite players... Many more, 83!!

Bill Lazor when arriving in Philly

From there, he became the offensive coordinator at the University of Virginia. His offenses were, like Kelly's, high powered and productive while staying committed to fundamentals.

In 2010, the Cavaliers averaged 404.8 total yards per game and in 2011 featured an efficient passing attack guided by Michael Rocco and David Watford.

"The most important things for me are the basics and fundamentals of playing the quarterback position," Lazor, 40, said. "I start with how to manage the game, to the details on throwing the football. Having a quarterback make good decisions, make him more mobile in the pocket and help him make all the throws.

"From one offense to the next, the basic fundamentals are still a huge part of what makes you successful at the position."

Kelly, who comes to Philadelphia from the University of Oregon, has indicated he would be willing adapt his fast-paced, zone-read option philosophy to suit the Eagles' personnel.

Lazor has a reputation of working well with quarterbacks, which bodes well for whomever the Eagles decide to go with at the position.

At Seattle, he coached Matt Hasselback to a pair of Pro Bowls and he was the quarterbacks coach for Joe Gibbs with the Washington Redskins.

"You have to be committed 100 percent to making them the best that they can be," Lazor said. "The competition is so tough in this league. It's hard to win. I have to be prepared and be a great example for them of how important good preparation is in their success.

how the
h3ck did
last in2
the 8th rd.?

DC, you mean GO EXPOS, right?

Montreal I didn't mind you're draft with the exception of TE @ 3rd rd. I think we already have a far superior TE in Sims. That guy seems to be more of an inline TE with inferior blocking skills. All of our TE are young & progressing. If our starter were aging then I'd be more in favor of a TE in this draft.

Garn, don't be sure Brady would've had fewer sacks. I mean the pats had a much better line and brady still got sacked 40 times. he's a statue back there.

2 watt, Brady was a back up in college to Drew Henson. Should he be a backup in the pros?

Clueless trolls...


The Tannehill haters take the easy way out. Just like a coward. The chance a QB takes the average to back up role is MUCH higher than a QB that can become The Man. So they hate on every single QB that comes into town because that is what the percentages say. And they are too chicken chit to think or see otherwise.

MIT lol yeah I hear but any seasoned QB would've thrown it away @ least a half dozen times I counted. There were times Tanny identified & knew a sack was coming yet held the ball..

Who would you rate your top5 G's aside from say Filo.

One thing I don't think Brady gets credit for is his footwork, although he's slowin down last couple yrs..

Same could be said about Marino, a statue maybe yes But footwork was second to no one..

Tyler Shatley
Ryan Groy
John Urschel
*Russell Bodine
Gabe Jackson
Brandon Thomas
Charles Leno
Chris Watt

Not in any particular order but I think there are guards to be had throughout the draft. Other than gabe jackson, I wouldn't draft a guard early, Thomas would've been a pick until he tore his acl. Now I take him in the 4th or so and stash him. All those other guys are developmental/late round picks who athletic make up to play in the zone scheme. Would be wise to pick one up in the last rounds and have him go to the Benton school of blaocking for a year.

And Garn, every qb takes a sack hoping the line can hold on to complete a play. There's a reason why there is a term called a quarerback sack ... because it's common.

Garn, I like what Fiedorowicz brings to the table...I'm still not sold on Sims and have my doubts about Egnew...But who knows...Maybe with Lazor running the offense they might take the next step...The thing I like about Fiedorowicz is he's well built and offers good versatility...At 6'6 and 262, he's just as big and fast in a straight-line and is a physical blocker...

Zonk you bumb, how many TD's did Tannehill drop against the Bills?
How many tackles did Tannehill have?

That joke O line had Defenders in the back field as soon as the ball was snapped and
he still threw for 4, 000 yards.

Jurys still out on Tannehill.

Monte, 2 tott and Jay = Tony Sporano's proctologist. They stay in the dump.

MIT thanks I'm getting fairly familiar with the tackles ready to start on G's. Appreciate it!! I though Jackson was more suited for a power scheme no?

True about the QB sack especially between the hashes But you can't deny Tanny's got little mental clock. When your reads aren't there & the clock is winding down you have to either throw it away or dump off to check down immediately which is another critique I have on Tanny. Missed his check downs frequently.

A guy like Parcells would've addressed this early on with his QB. We'll have to agree to disagree on this one..

Fiedor is one of the few tight ends I like in this draft but he's almost a pure blocker. Pretty much a replacement for Fasano with a bit more speed and inferior hands in the receiving game. His price tag as a 3rd pick though ... sheesh that's steep.

Garn, you're right gabe Jackson would be excellent in a power scheme. I also think he COULD do zone - I think he's that good. He and Brandon Thomas are my two favourite highly rated guards - but Thomas won't be a factor this year. Wise to pick him up on the cheap if he falls - perfect for zone...

Tannehill held the ball because he was learning to go thru his progressions.
It's called a learning curve.

I don't pretend to know much about Fiedor I do my best to never speak from the ass..just I quick read on the guy. Said he'd missed several blocks vs Shazier & sometimes had a case of the dropsies & that was pretty much enough for me.

Well if there is an issue with Tannehill's clock - expect that to be improved this year.

Again, my biggest problem with him are the turnovers. he got much better with that in the 2nd half of the year. If he plays next year like he did for most of the 2nd half - nobody here will mention drfting a qb except for the mental midget and circus clowns like twatt

The Simple - that's not news to me, it was pretty clear watching Tanny that's what he was doing & I think it's a really effective technique with young QB & I was actually very happy to see him learning that way.

Over & above that I stand by my previous posts.

I wonder whether Cam Cleeland thinks the goings-on in the Dolphins' locker room are over the line...

Fiedor is no receiving threat, that's for sure.

As far as missing blocks on Shazier, he wasn't the first nor be the last.

My problem with him is his draft grade. Why pay a 3rd pick in this draft on a blocking TE? Makes very little sense..

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