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Hazing will be thing of the past for Dolphins

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell today will meet with the braintrust of the NFL Players Association, including new president Eric Winston, executive director DeMaurice Smith and other members of the recently elected executive committee, and one major topic on the table will be workplace conduct.

The meeting, part of Goodell's attention to fostering respect and good conduct in the workplace, is a direct result of the Dolphins 2013 harassment scandal.

And out of this and other meetings may come tangible conduct guidelines from the NFL on how players (and others) should interact in the workplace -- which includes the locker room, the practice field, and practice facility as well as the football field every game day.

(Sad it has come to this, but grown men are about to be told how to act because a handful of guys on the Dolphins and elsewhere crossed the line.)

Anyway, one area that is most definitely in the crosshairs on a league and local level with the Dolphins is the subject of rookie hazing.

The idea of older, more established players wielding power over younger, newer players is not new to the NFL. It's been going on forever. And much of the time it has been innocuous.

The idea of rookies bringing breakfast to camp every morning, or meals for veterans to team flights, or singing their alma mater in front of a team meeting hasn't really bothered too many people before -- except Tim Bowens once upon a time. (More on that later).

But when you have an annual practice, which rookie hazing is, and you have no guidelines for it and thus no limits, and then some folks get out of control, the practice often is assigned governing parameters.

Look for rookie hazing on a league-wide level to soon be governed under some parameters. And do not be surprised if those parameters include prohibiting much if not all rookie hazing altogether.

And even if rookie hazing league-wide is not severly limited, look for the Dolphins to do so going forward.


Well, the NFL believes the players should operate in a workplace environment of respect and professionalism. And hazing -- which includes practices such as  players giving other players embarrassing haircuts and forcing them to do sophomoric things -- does not outwardly portray a strong sense of respect and professionalism.

You may recall during the past two preseasons Dolphins veterans have cut and dyed the hair of rookies in all sorts of unfashionable ways. In 2012 Jonathan Martin was made to look like a monk, with his hair shaven on top and allowed to grow out on the side.

Josh Samuda's hair was sculpted in such a way as to resemble a penis. And although Samuda tried to wear a hat to cover the carving, it was nonetheless uncovered during a team meeting ... on Hard Knocks.

You'll recall the scene on national television of coach Joe Philbin smiling uncomfortably as he saw the hairstyle unveiled. And you'll recall him joking about how classy that made the Dolphins organization look.

Well, Philbin last year got a taste of what can happen when playful rookie hazing grows up, gets angry, and is put in the hands of exactly the wrong people -- people who have no barriers holding power over people who have no ability to stand up for themselves.

Philbin obviously doesn't want a repeat of veteran players forcing younger players to do things they don't want -- such as pay for trips to Las Vegas, the strip club or expensive dinners -- which were some of the allegations of what was going on within the Dolphins.

So Philbin is going to draw a line on hazing in the coming training camp even if the NFL does not.

(Peanut gallery: But Mando, rookie hazing serves a purpose. It draws the players closer. It is a rite of passage. It brings the rookie outsiders into the fold. It is a team-building exercise).

Thank you, peanut gallery for making the argument used throughout time to defend the practice.

In truth, many NFL coaches past and present would not allow hazing at all and had close teams and, indeed, successful teams without it.

Bill Walsh, who won four Super Bowls for the San Francisco 49ers, would not allow rookie hazing. Pete Carroll, whose Seattle Seahawks just won the Super Bowl, does not condone rookie hazing.

"The way Bill saw it, if you hazed rookies you might get them so scared they couldn't focus on the game," running back Roger Craig said in the book 100 things 49ers fans should know and do before they die.

"You might destroy their confidence. So Bill didn't allow that. After all they were there to help us win more Super Bowls."

The Dolphins have had rookie hazing since, well, perhaps 1966 when the team was founded. Don Shula allowed it. But Shula's pragmatism always took precedence over tradition. Yes, the Dolphins had a tradition of hazing, but Shula believed more in the idea of winning.

And when tradition threatened winning, tradition lost.

In 1994, first-round pick Tim Bowens was ordered by veterans to sing in front of the team in keeping with the hazing tradition. Bowens refused and actually started packing his bags to leave the team and head home to Mississippi.

Shula stepped in.

Bowens didn't have to sing. He didn't have to be hazed.

All he had to do was play well and help the team win. 


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I have said here before that I think Tanny is the best QB we've had since Dan. But the guy is not above criticism..

u dummy
the response was
that qb's
change positions in college
so brady played safety huh
dumb out of touch
out of towner u r

Wow Frank, just read that story... sounds a lot worse than anything that ever happened to martin.

I thought this kind of thing would never happen in X locker room?

Fukkin full shite holier than thou football arseholes... knew every time i heard someone use that phrase they were full of shite.

Yeah, I'm looking right at you, John harbaugh...

those roids
and hgh r clogging your
brain, just look at the wwf's
ultimate warrior
r i p

2 watt, a lot of football players do play other psoitions in college... seldom that happens to a qb.

However Tannehill was receruited as a Qb. The intention was for him to play QB. When he was a backup, he volunteered to play WR because they were short there.

If anything it speaks to Tannehill's athleticism that he could make that change and put up good numbers.

But of course knobs like you know how to twist things.

Should I go check the box scores like how you follow the phins in your trailer park in Immokalee?

Was cleeland that had something thrown @ his head?

Z. Martin seems like the consensus pick at 19 if he is there but I would be ok with S Calvin Pryor or a surprise like WR Benjamin. The draft has OL that can be tabbed in the 2nd-3rd round and start. Bitonio, Su'a-Filo or Brandon Thomas work for me in this range.
Posted by: Rob in OC | April 09, 2014 at 03:18 AM


Definately agree with Rob here that the consensus at 19 would be Zach Martin if he's there. Although truly none of us know how our latest GM hopeful will handle the draft.

I'm actually leaning more and more towards Calvin Pryor at 19 if Lewan and Martin are gone.

To me Pryor is best case scenario as far as bpa and need. Odds aren't good for Delmas playing a full season next year much less beyond.

The second and third rd in this years draft does look promising for guards and tackles although they can't afford to miss on 2 starters imo.

RIP Warrior!

Was it*

yeah garn, permanently damaged vision

Oh yeah. I'd read that shortly after our scandal, pretty gross story.

Montreal I think every Fin fan is weary of Egnew. But he's young & did make a leap in blocking in his 2nd yr. The guy had very nice college #'s. I am much more comfortable taking a wait & see approach on a guy like Egnew who made strides over his 1st yr(not hard I know) vs a guy like D Thomas who's now entering his 4th season & proven very little.

Posted by: Garn79 | April 09, 2014 at 09:25 AM


I generally like your post Garn but looking at your mock at 9:25, you have to be off of your rocker if you think Fins will wait to round 5 to take an o-lineman.

Also although I know MIT and others are high on Donald as well I just can't see us taking a DT in the first rd unless he's the second coming of Sapp or Suh.

Seems like if was that good alot more people than just a few people on a blog would be talking about him.

I could see a move like that if he was fairly well thought by all to be a game changer as with Suh and Sapp. If that were the case though he would go in the top 5 and it would be a mute point for us.

The only reason Sapp fell in the 1st rd was due to off the charactor worries that surfaced just prior to the draft.

Yeah Rick I agree wholeheartedly with exception of Donald. No way we should wait that long on OT. But they're mocks & sometimes I gotta play around with them a bit just to see how it would unfold.

Personally I'd see if there were any market for some of the depth on our roster & try and obtain an extra 3rd & 4th round picks heading into the draft. Would allow for BPA in almost every rd. Even the opportunity to move up in 1st potentially.

In tribute to my second favorite wrestler of all time I will now login as....


Again for the LowLives,

Write it down LowLives.

In April, I, _____ said the 2014 Dolphins look like a 7-9 team. For them to look like a 9-7 Team or better, It is all dependant on two things.

1. Hickey Does his Job- Get at least Two Offensive Linemen from the draft. One of them better be a Day 1 Starter. Doesn't matter if it is at RT or RG. I couldn't care less if Hickey tanks the rest of the draft.

2. Philbin doing his Job- Again, even if Hickey blows the entire Draft. Gets Zero Players!! This team is a 7-9 Team. Now if Philbin does his job. This should at LEAST be a 9-7 team.

Tannehill is safe!! Even if Hickey doesn't do his Job, and Philbin Doesn't do his job, and Lazor doesn't do his job. Ryan "T-Sizzle" Tannehill will still get over 4000 yds passing, over 30 TDs passing, Less than 15 INTs, over 300yds rushing and 5 or more TDs rushing. Even if he gets sacked 60 Times in 2014!!

And L.Miller will be the Starter. He will gain over 1100yds rushing.

R.I.P. Ultimate Warrior. One of the best wrestlers during the golden age of wrestling.

Who's #1 deity?

Mine is Sarasota's own Macho Man Randy Savage...

RIP too..

Yep that guy was entertaining & athletic as hell.

George the animal steele
how can u not be a fan?

Elizabeth r i p
what a hot axx

mean gene


3rd place I'd have to round out with a little Sweet Chin Music!

You said it Dashi, the golden age of wrestling. That chit is a total joke now.


I liked Warrior more than Hulk Hogan. But to me the best wrestler of all time has to be The Rock. He didn't have as long a career as other wrestlers, but he was the total package. He would beat you on the mic then whoop your candy ass in the ring.

From the 80s the best wrestler has to be Macho Man!! Oohhh Yeaahhh!!

Who am I kidding. The Rock was the Best wrestler of his era. But the G.O.A.T. of Wrestling has to be the Nature Boy, Rick Flair! Wooooooooo!!!

Flair didn't even need another wrestler to do a show. He is the only guy I have ever seen Phantom Wrestle.

Remember when Owen Hart took a swan dive out of the rafters and headbutted the turnbuckle? OUCH! Well, it probably didn't actually hurt at all.

Yeah, wrestling went through a bad slump after The Rock and Stone Cold retired.

I would say now is when Wrestling is getting back to being good. You no longer have these big guys that can't wrestle or talk on the mic. Now they are developing talent. And the women wrestling has gotten better.

You have to love women wrestling.

MIT the best from Macho came from the 1st Spider-Man movie though..

When he's looking @ Tobey while motioning his fingers..

"3 minutes of play time"

That was f'n hilarious!!


Owen forgot to pull the brakes on the way down. Yeah, I remember that day was crazy. It would have been crazier to actually have seen it.

And yes I continued to be a Sting guy into his whole "gothic" phase.

The Undertaker was the bomb bizzle too. With the Paul Bearer? Fahgeddabouddit!!! If I ever see the Home-o under one of his over passes I will Tombstone his arse, place his hands across his girly chest and count to three.

BOOOO, not Shawn michaels!!!!

Poor Owen, I still remember where I was when i heard that piece of news. Owen was the funniest guy ever man...

Ric Flair ... I own a Tommy Hilfiger Tan Plaid sport coat that call my Ric Flair jacket ... people who knew his vintage long haired, aviator glasses and plaid sport coat with world title in hand interviews know what I'm talking about... WHOOOO!

Rock should've gone into politics ... nobody I've ever seen could rally tens of thousands of people with him with just a few words in an instant... most electric personality .. bar none ... knew he was always destined for greatness (and he's the best of both worlds... Miami boy with a Canadian father)

Biker Undertaker was GHEY!

To me the Undertaker is the Greatest Athlete Ever. Anybody that is 6'11" 300+lbs and can walk the ropes like a lucha libre wrestler, is the most athletic person walking this earth. Add to it he choked slammed Yokozuna with 1 hand!!!

garn, man, that guy was just funny and electric.

youtube his interviews with Mean Gene and man, you will just howl.

remember this was way before the era of scripted interviews... this guy just lived it...

The Rock was the man, no doubt. But The Rock is the man all over the place, not just wrestling. Fk Stone Cold, I hated that guy. And all his dBag redneck 3:16 fans.

Vince McMahon to this day will still say The Undertaker was his best work ever...

Moved around pretty good too. Wonder why the guy was never a LT... but he made a lot more money in the WWE and got to bang a lot of those young divas, so who can question.

Think he is married to or was hitched up to that Michelle McCool bicch. Not bad for a 50 year old...

Even if it is good now, I just can't watch wrestling anymore man. I just can't.

ah, I liked Steve Austin.. always did. Thought he was great even as Stunning Steve Austin.

And he always had blonde bcches with humungous teats .. so not a bad guy in my eyes .. and was man enough to steal Steve McMichael's wife ...

The Rock transcends wrestling. Agreed. Nobody is better on the mic.

The Rock is where I get The Dashi Schtick from.

It is the Character that I get into to Wrestle the Idiots on this blog.

haven't watched it in years either... I'm about the same age as Dwayne Johnson so when the time passed him by, it passed me by too...

Dashi is layin the smack down...

I just might have to do that MIT.

You or anyone see Thomas slipping to UFA? He's probably hoping so, then he could sign where he wanted.

And enjoyed slapping his wife around in his spare time.


Talking wresting now, ah?

Boy has this been an exciting free agency!


All that wrestling Putsi is good. Undertaker does have a hot ass wife. His first one wasn't bad either.

Stone Cold also scored a good one.

Any of the Current Divas are 10s in my book.

I will even knock down that Amazon, Tamina Snuka.

Let me guess you want to repeat the same chit you said yesterday and the day before.

Just wait, I am going to change the subject to baseball in a moment.

You Jabroni!!

Dashi, the other day my wife was watching some chick show and I saw Jon Cena on it. Apparently he's dating one of teh wrestling bicches.

Anyway, he's comes off as a bigger knowb on that show than he did in wrestling. Bicch is calling all the shots... I just shook my head.

Actually jon Cena's rise to prominence broke me as watching wrestling. I figured at taht point, I jsut lost touch... couldn't figure out how such a poser could be so popular with people.

he was like the bizarre love child of Mark Wahlberg (as Markie Mark) and Dwayne Johnson... nothing original.

Hey, if someone wants to talk football, I'm more than willing.

But if we want to get into the same argument that's been running here since week 17 ... I would rather talk fresh wrestling snapper...

We are almost at the 10 gm mark in Baseball. Do you know how your team is doing?

Marlins are 5-3, with a good series against the Nationals going on. Which I picked to win the NL East. These two teams are going to battle it out all season. I will be happy if we can reach the 10 game mark at 6-4.

You mean wrestle your own kind, right

Speaking in the 3rd person was the first method of communication of the human race about one million years ago "me Adam like Eve" "me chief Indian"

But it is ok man, we know that in the republic still done that way. I mean is really no coincidence that you guys share the island with Haitians


Cena is one of those guys I mentioned above. Big and can't wrestle to save his life.

I call it Triple HHH syndrome. Since he took over wrestling the product went way down. He hired a bunch of body builders and put them to wrestle.

Just now is when you are starting to get guys that can wrestle again. D.Bryan,Cesaro, and some of the other young guys.

Yes, Wrestling is Fake. But you can tell the Difference between good acting and Bad Acting. Cena sucks as an Actor.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | April 09, 2014 at 10:59 AM

Yep just watched one. He pulls out a creamer talking about "he's the cream of the wwf" chucks it away..keeps talkin, pulls out another & tucks it in mean jeans sports coat pocket..pulls out another puts it on his head, tries to turn to camera while balancing the creamer, it falls, "balanced, unbalanced it don't matter I'm the cream" bahaha..funny shite!!

Rd 1 Brandin Cooks WR Oregon State
Rd 2 Jack Mewhort OT The Ohio State University
Rd 3 Cyril Richardson OG Baylor
Rd 4 Chris Davis CB Auburn
Rd 5 Tyler Gaffney RB Stanford
Rd 6 Brock Vereen SS Minnesota

Dashi, how is Echevarria doing for the Marlins... local team had high hopes for him.

The local team is .500 at this point and I'm jsut glad they aren't out of it like they were last year already.

Classic tournament just de-railed this team with all their new players. Stupid tournament...


Brandin Cooks ... I like it...

Replace Mewhort with Bitonio and I buy that draft, beerphin....

Would also acept Billy Turner, Antonio Richardson, JuWuan James and a few others...

Not big on mewhort but he's better than Moses for our system...

At least Haitians don't get ruled over them by 1 person.

First Free Nation in the Carribean, Haiti.

Second free nation, Dominican Republic.

So yeah, say what you want. At least no punks on the Island I come from. We fight for our freedom. We even fight for other countries freedom. It isn't our fault you guys can't keep it.

No GoGo. You are wrong sir. You have no idea about the first method of communication. Ancient Hebrew names had meaning. Thet never said me before there names. Its a hollywood theory.

Dashi, I liked those guys from Ring of Honour .. Also like the one guy that wrestled under Tyler Black in the indy circuit ... I think he's in a group of guys wearing black vests...

Mark in Toronto,what color are your nut huggers that you wear to the beach?

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