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Opening the pages to the notebook

Here are some notes I've collected this week:

We already now the Dolphins are showing interest in former University of Miami quarterback Stephen Morris. Well, they're apparently somewhat keen on former Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray as well.

A league source tells me Murray has met with some Dolphins representatives during the current draft process and there could be a future meeting that would suggest a greater desire by the team to understand what makes Murray tick.

Murray, it must be mentioned, is not expected to be selected high in the draft. Despite being a four-year starter at Georgia and throwing threwing 121 TDs and only 41 interceptions, the player who competed at the highest level against SEC competition is considered a likely third-to-fifth round draft pick, depending on varying opinions.

Murray suffered a torn ACL in November and did not compete at the Indianapolis Scouting Combine. But he was sufficiently recovered -- he'd say fully recovered -- to show his wares at the Georgia Pro Day.

Murray didn't seem to have any limitations at that workout --  which is stunning considering the knee reconstruction was done six months ago. But he did wear a brace for the session.

This is how NFL.com's Gil Brandt broke down Murray's Pro Day:

"Murray — who has 9 1/8-inch hands — threw 54 passes at the pro day, with just two that would be considered not catchable. He showed good velocity on the ball, but toward the end of the workout it appeared as if his arm got tired. His knee looked stable, but he did wear a brace on it.

"Murray — whose mother and father were both present to watch the workout — had a very good pro day. He’s a not-get-too-high or not-get-too-low type of player. If there’s a run on quarterbacks in the second round of the 2014 NFL Draft, he could wind up being selected in that round."

We'll see about that second-round prediction. Despite his NFL-caliber arm and production in college, Murray is not one of the new-thing running QBs. He's a pocket passer. And his size (6-1) is not prototypical. But then you come back to his production and, well, it makes a good case for him.

By the way, the fact the Dolphins are doing so much homework on Morris and Murray and other QBs should plant the seed that the team is seriously going to consider drafting a quarterback in this coming draft.

It may not happen early -- as Miami doesn't even have a complete offensive line to protect starter Ryan Tannehill so that's kind of sort of the priority -- but if a value pick in later rounds is available, new general manager Dennis Hickey may take him.


As I posted a video highlight reel of Morris, here's one for Murray:




The Dolphins have assigned numbers to all their new players.

Knowshon Moreno will wear No. 28.

Branden Albert will wear No. 71.

Louis Delmas will wear No. 25.

Cortland Finnegan will wear No. 24.

Earl Mitchell will wear No. 90.

Shelley Smith will wear No. 64.


This blog has devoted much space to the coming negotiations for an extension between the Dolphins and center Mike Pouncey.

Well, Pouncey isn't the only one who will be in line for an extension. The team is aware defensive lineman Jared Odrick and tight end Charles Clay are going into the final year of their rookie deals. And as both are young and productive, it will be interesting to see how the team handles the issue.

By the way, how the team handles Odrick and Clay will be on the radar for younger players and their agents. They want to see if Hickey will reward draft picks worthy of keeping.

And so far, Pouncey, Odrick and Clay have shown they are worthy of keeping at the right price.

The Dolphins in the past gained a reputation in the agent community for rewarding free agents but being less likely to pay their own draft picks when they came up for their second contracts.

With the notable exceptions of Reshad Jones, Koa Misi and Brandon Fields, the Dolphins have often let their picks go without extensions or even eventually walk away in free agency. That's what happened with Paul Soliai, Jake Long, Sean Smith, Chris Clemons, Nolan Carroll, John Jerry, Chad Henne, Jason Allen, Ronnie Brown and others.

(I suppose one reason the Dolphins let so many draft picks walk is because they decided, after four years, that they weren't worth keeping even when other teams decided those players had value.) 

Regardless, how Hickey and Dawn Aponte approach Pouncey, Odrick and Clay will be watched by agents and, I suppose, players in the locker room as well. 


Have a blessed Good Friday and a wonderful Easter on Sunday.


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I like Murray but like David Fales better. I think he will be a fine pro, throws people open.

God bless our dolphins we need all the help we can get

You should draft a QB every year, they are valuable, either as backups or if they play well get something in trade for them. Since Tannehill still is not a proven commodity drafting one is a very good idea as you never know if one will be good down the line.

From what I saw in the video...very average (and he wears #11).
Seriously, I also noticed he stares down his primary receiver and we all know that will bit a young QB in the butt at the next level.

I saw nothing in that video telling me he's an upgrade over Tannehill....nothing.

What I did see from Stephen Morris was a guy who can properly lead a speedy WR down the sideline.
...but all the homies on this blog say he's dumb as a rock and cannot read a defense to save his life.

What's not to like about Aaron Murray?

Other than his smallish size. He lit it up at Georgia, holds school and conference records.

If he's there at the right spot, why not?

I thought Devlin would at least push for the Back Up job. If he can't do it, bring in someone who can.

Yeah it's a highlight reel but I see some good things. Pump fake, really good bootleg.

Haven't give up on Tannehill but firm believer in Ron Wolf model.

odinseye...there have been countless QB's who've 'lit up' their respective conference passing records, only to fail at the next level.

I'm telling you after watching his 'highlight' reel for 4 mins I was not moved...at all. I'm sure there's a 'lowlight' reel somewhere with all his bad passes & fumbles.

My gut tells me to pass on Murray.

I like number 72 in the highlight reel. He may be able to be had as a UDFA. He played tackle some but played Guard for Georgia. Gates also would play guard in the pros.

We cant win without an upgrade at QB. Yes, we have other needs but thats the biggest need. A top QB makes EVERYONE ELSE better. If any of the Big 3 QB's drop to us we have to grab him.

I love how all of these sites say we are showing interest in "X" player. How much interest did we show in Dion Jordan last year? How many times have the Phins and other teams drafted a guy they didn't bring in for a visit? No team wants to tip their hat as to where they are going before the draft. Take all these reports with a grain of salt, but I know, we all need something to talk about until the damn draft gets here. Why did they move it all the way back to May???

Murray couldnt win the big games... those of you whom rip Tannehill for this would hate Murray

Agreed Sam. We should draft a QB every year, never know when you get the next Russell Wilson (I would say Brady but I don't think we will see that again in our lifetimes). Plus THill will be a free agent before you know it and that gives us leverage if we hit on someone. AND Matt Moore makes an awful lot for a backup QB.

We should consider San Jose St QB David Fales, he has the "it" factor, throws people open. Not a great are but great timing, that is for sure.

Every F'N year the Dolphin QB situation is up in the air. When do we get a franchise QB?

My gut tells me to pass on Murray.

Posted by: NHFinsFan | April 18, 2014 at 01:46 PM

You do realize I mention bringing in Murray to compete with Devlin.............right?

If not Murray, I would like to see someone that could possibly push for the back up job.

Murray would make Tanny expendable or a switch to WR.

I thought Devlin would at least push for the Back Up job. If he can't do it, bring in someone who can.

Posted by: odinseye | April 18, 2014 at 01:43 PM

Agreed, I saw alot of the 4 Yr. starter to believe he has the goods as well. Little tid-bit he won a head-to-head with another Fr. QB in Georgia named Zach Mettenberger who transfered as a reuslt. My one hang up with Murray is he seemed to have an injury of some sort every Yr. in College which scares me given the level of bigger hits he'll take in the Pro game. That aside I'd consider him as early as Rd-4. Pulling the plug on Devlin and showing Moore the door after next Season and last but not least offering Tannehill some real comp. if he's up and down again in 2014.

I think I'd rather have QB McCarron from Alabama though.

This would be a guy they are looking at to compete for the THIRD STRING job versus Devlin.

Honest to God, the way some of you run wild with insane and ludicrous speculation based on a stupid 4-minute video clip is laughable.

What about Keith price from Washington state he's a winner

I would think more about teddy sliding to us at 19

Where do you guys see Elvin Bethea, Ken Houston, and Jeff Van Note going in the draft?

This would be a guy they are looking at to compete for the THIRD STRING job versus Devlin.

Posted by: david g. | April 18, 2014 at 02:14 PM

HOGWASH! Nobody drafts a QB for the 3rd string job!
Get a Clue!!

Hickey seems to really "get it" so far with regards to being a general manager. Rolling over the backup QB position with young talent that has potential to some day start in the league is what all the really talented general managers do. If they don't end up starting for you, you get a draft pick for them from someone else in a few years after the back-up QB has had a limited chance to show himself either in a series of preseason games over the course of a few seasons or by stepping in here and there when the starter is banged up. Hickey has also not overpaid for any F.A.'s this season (unless one thinks Albert was overpaid) while bringing in talented players who will contribute if they stay healthy. He also seems to understand that, for now, he is the "face of the franchise" as much as anybody else within the Dolphins organization and will remain so until this team starts winning and guys like Tannehill or Wallace take that title from him (hopefully!). Thank you also Mr. Hickey for not being another Mr. Ireland and understanding that you don't have to be a total douchebag/jerk to your fan base to do your job! Maybe their is hope for our lost but once winning franchise! Now go out and nail this draft and get us a few guys who will play here for the next 10-12 years like Marino, Webb and Thomas once did!

That insistence by Hickey on running the ball this tear, which, if successful might open up the passing Game, plus the move now to maybe take a QB in the Draft might indicate 3 things. Do you know what those are? Perhaps I can tell you but not now.

Actually the QB that has risen faster, from 2nd RD to #3 overall is Derek Carr.

It doesn't matter what QB we draft or where in the draft we pick him. There will always be more haters than supporters when it comes to our fans. We'd still have the same people pissing and moaning about the QB position if we drafted RG3, Wilson or Kapernik. This fan base is only good at crying about anything and everything that revolves around the organization. Get rid of Ireland and then talk trash on the new GM, get a new coach then trash him, spend millions on free agents then b*tch about the salary cap. It never ends. Glass houses!

They're drafting a QB to start next year.

it would be a wasted pick. don't do it

You big dummy!

They're drafting a QB to start next year.

Posted by: Get Sense


No, actually they are not. Ryan Tannehill is the quarterback and will remain the starter.

As a matter of fact, the ONLY place where you will find this in dispute is right here on this blog populated by a collection of totally clueless and obsessive weirdos.

Like you.

Another qb with a sexy wife. She will fit in well with matt moores smoke show and the unbelievable lauren thill.

That aside, good to see hickey is serious about bringing in competition for tannehill even if its a developmental qb

I like the kid Murrary he set all the SEC records at GA and was a four year starter unlike our WR turn QB. If hes there 4th round pull the trigger on him..

Anyone read up on the LSU RB Jermey Hill now this guy has potential to be a stud. A one cut down hill runner who punishes tacklers check him

It's retarded to think that we would consider Stephen Morris. I couldn't wait for him to leave the U

Great stuff, it's good to see that this regime is aware that Tannehill may not be that guy. 'A Franchise QB'


Night until now. I could get on all the other Herald sites but this one so I figured Mando got another 'vacation' and someone pulled the plug on the blog.

Anyone else have a problem connecting?

Anyone else have a problem connecting?

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | April 18, 2014 at 03:03 PM

Yep, Periodically shutting down. I still can't sign in with typepad.

What has THole done to merit a no trade clause like Choker Dan eH?
HE HAS DONE SHT eH? HICKEY , BRING THE TRUE LOYAL PHANS A QB FOR ONCE SINCE 1998 eH? Yeah. Choker Was as PUTRID his last season as THole is now eH?. STOP THE MADNESS HICKEY.GET THE DOLPHINS A FRANCHISE QB ALREADY, not some scrap left overs from T@M who were FKN WR's in college who CAN'T QB eH?

1. Halfway thru video its crystal clear Murray's deep ball accuracy already surpasses Tannehill's.

2. Crystal clear Matt Moore will not be back in 2015.

3. Neither will Devlin unless he warps it up 2014 camp.

4. Tanne-fails, q will be the #1 2015 pick.

Lastly, many of Ireland's draft picks did not earn a 2nd contract. A few were serviceable, as they went on to other teams, none that are highly regrettable in allowing to walk.

Bottomline, the so called "REPUTAION" is mainly reputation for "poor drafting."

Dolfandave, he may have the it factor, but the only it factor he has is no arm strength. PERIOD.


SAM I AM, let's see, the guy throws for 3900 yard, for 24 TD's, and a 60% comp percentage and is a failure I see.

Yup, The Herald is having Blog issues with Armando's blog. Many times after posting or hitting F5 the issue crops up for me. Then I have to go back to the Dolphins page and click back into Armando's blog again.

During the times you guys mentioned even that did not work. Seems the Herald's IT department cares very little about the stability of Armando's blog these days. :)

We don't have it, Ape, and we might not have it for another 3 yrs. So, run the ball it is.

Ape Tamer, and if you saw each of those throws, Wallace didn't adjust to the pass, didn't fight for position, and didn't time his jumps to meet the pass. Some of those are on Wallace. And some are on the O line when RT was hit as he threw.

Any effort used by a GM to deceive other teams is wasted motion. Hickey is not doing that. Ireland thought he was slick and outsmarted himself too many times. Dion will probably turn out to be a really good player, but he should not have been our pick. Best available player in our slot and another 2nd for OL would have been the right play.

Hickey and Philbin hopefully are spending every moment determining who the best players for Coyle and Lazor are. And since Lazor has the most to do, he gets first priority.

I like running the ball, I am from the SB Teams. I like winning SBs.

I think I'd rather have QB McCarron from Alabama though.

Posted by: VaFin | April 18, 2014 at 02:13 PM

To many question marks for me. But he is right there in the same range as Murray.

I just believe Murray did TONS MORE with a lot LESS!

I could've led those Alabama teams to a National Title!

SAM I AM, let's see, the guy throws for 3900 yard, for 24 TD's, and a 60% comp percentage and is a failure I see.

Posted by: jmike | April 18, 2014 at 03:23 PM

Completing 60% isn't a daunting task when an overwhelming number of passes are 10-15yds downfield. He had better be at least 60% or we wold definitel be looking qb 1st rd right now.

24tds? OMG, he should have had 35tds on misses to Wallace alone. I wouldn't be christening his ship over this if I were you.

3900yds? Take a looksie back. I guarantee many of those yardage you will find eiher junk yardage or he was moving the team down the field with a lot of that yardage but it did not result in touchdowns.

Meaning a good chunk of that yardage was "MEANINGLESS" anyhow. Glad it all impresses you though. He wins the FINAL 2 GAMES like he was supposed to and we're easily talking 4200yds passing.


Osca like running the ball as we'll and plat defense

1. Halfway thru video its crystal clear Murray's deep ball accuracy already surpasses Tannehill's.

Posted by: SAM I AM | April 18, 2014 at 03:20 PM

ROTFLMAO! I doubt we should be so quick to pass judgements like this. But I have to admit, halfway through this video, I was thinking the same thing.

Murray's deep ball is pretty impressive.

Sorry I'm on oxy I like running the ball it opens up play action and couple that with a stout defense and you have a chance at a title

Look, I'm not a Tannehill basher, just a realist. No, Tannehill is not total bust, not yet anyway. Still, he has a TON to go before he becomes the qb dolfans expect a 1st rd drafted qb to be.

With last season's numbers and performance, I would be impressed if Tannehill were a 3rd-5th rd draft pick. Then I would be certain if nothing else he would become a high caliber "backup".

I want to see far more from a #9 overall qb. Especially in pocket presence and deep ball accuracy.

It takes Wallace at least 4.3 seconds to run 40 yards untouched. If he gets held up, maybe 5.5 secs. Thill had an average of 2 seconds to throw the ball. Sometimes 1/2 second.

So, in two seconds, Thill either throws to a spot he hopes Wallace will fight to get to(and that ain't happening), finds another receiver who gets open sooner, or gets sacked in another 1/2 second.

If Wallace can't get open off the line of scrimmage at least sometimes, he is usless.


You Guys are on crack the whole league raves about tannehill and his potential the kid is improving this is a big year for us

I wonder how many 40 yd passes Murray missed on in his 4 years. Seems to have had a tad more than 2 seconds to set his feet and aim also.

Don't get it. Some of you think making excuses for Tannehill will make him better. Sorry, it aint happening.

Some of you sound just like the guy getting caught by his girlfriend in bed with another woman. Upon getting caught, the guy responds:


Posted by: EVERYBODY KNOWS | April 18, 2014 at 03:42 PM

Most of us know. It's true, the bad O-Line probably affected the deep ball game more than anything else.

Some here don't get it. You want a hint........Eh....?

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