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Players Dolphins like: Guard edition

NFL teams have drafted 12 guards in the first round since 2000.

So 14 drafts have netted a dozen first round guards and those relatively modest numbers have nearly doubled the past two drafts when five guards were picked in the first round.

Of those 12 first-round guards, only four have become multiple Pro Bowl players -- Mike Iupati, Ben Grubbs, Steve Hutchinson and Logan Mankins.

NFL teams ignored the guard position in the first round altogether in 2000, 2003, 2004, 2008, and 2009 and had only one first-round guard picked in 2001, 2002, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2010 and 2011 when the Eagles picked Danny Watkins. Yeah, that Danny Watkins.

(By the way, the Dolphins picked Vernon Carey in 2003 but I think we all know he was a tackle most of his career and the only reason he played guard early in his career was short-sighted coaching decisions).

The point is with only one true guard, UCLA's Xavier Su'a-Filo, showing enough promise to suggest value in the first round, it stands to reason the Dolphins are probably not going to fill their need for a guard in the first round.

No source. Just a hunch.

But in later rounds? Maybe the third or on the third day of the draft? Fans should hope so because the team has a definite need at the position and, my opinion, it would be a mistake to bank on the guard possibilities currently on the roster -- outside of Shelley Smith who was signed as a free agent to be a starter -- to find another starter.

So who and what are the possibilities? Today we continue our look at the players the Dolphins have shown interest in and focus on guards.


G  Joel Bitonio Nevada: He's 6-4 and 302 and played some tackle in college but several NFL teams see him as a guard. He's likely a second round pick, probably before the Dolphins pick in that round at No. 50. That might be too early for Miami to trade up to. Trade back in the first and get him and and another pick?

G Kadeem Edwards Tennessee State: He's 6-4 and 308, extremely long arms (34 1/2) but needs to improve his upper and lower body strength, projected third day of draft player.

G Jon Halapio  Florida: He's 6-4 and 323, projected round 4-5.

G Brandon Linder  Miami: He's 6-6 and 311, better suited for zone blocking than man, which obviously is in the Dolphins wheelhouse. Here's the thing, though, the Miami offensive line that was so big and so experienced the past two years was also something of a dud. Projected 3-4 rounder.

G Spencer Long  Nebraska: He's 6-5 and 320 and is the best OL prospect on team but had reconstructive knee surgery in October. He may not be ready for training camp, which makes him a later-round possibility. I got to say, the Dolphins need to start drafting healthy players because drafting the ailing players was a tremendous bomb last year.

G-OT Zack Martin  Notre Dame: He's 6-4 and 308 and is a very solid right tackle candidate but some teams think he needs to project as guard. That's fine, except the kid would rather play tackle and his experience at guard is comparatively limited. "Clean" player. Ready to start. Can fill in at RT in a pinch.

G Justin McCray UCF: He's 6-3 and 321, local kid from Southridge High School, was selected first-team All-American Conference. Third round type.

G Jordan McCray UCF: He's 6-2 and 322, the twin to Justin, also first-team All-American Conference pick, slightly stronger than his brother and better punch, not quite as quick. Third round type.


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You might "Know Your Own City", but "You Don't Know Me(and The Others)".

So you are stuck on the 3rd world term. I didn't coin that phrase but I DO KNOW WHAT IT MEANS, and there is no negative connotation to it. I suggest you learn where it came from. Just because certain people misconstrued it's original meaning, doesn't mean I have.

Monte, my very confused friend, I said "visited" in regards to THIS BLOG.

God, what a dope.

Oscar, I've visited here frequently enough to know that your supposed "command" of the English language is comparable to the "command" the captain of the Titanic had moments before hitting the iceberg.

Posted by: I Know My Own City | April 30, 2014 at 07:55 PM

So....he visited? LMFAO!!!! Can he say foot in mouth? HA

Posted by: Monte | April 30, 2014 at 08:02 PM

He's Miami educated lol

Did you get the message that 'Carlos Hyde from Columbus, OH' called your office today?
That was really me.

Keep hiding behind that name means liar

And whle we're at it, Monte, why shouldn't I just come out and state the obvious:

I originally stated that Miami ranked low among American cities in educational levels. You, in turn, called me a "liar" and asked for links.

I then PROVIDED those links that showed EXACTLY what I had stated. Two of them, in fact.

What have you provided to refute those facts? NOTHING.

The fact of the matter is I completely destroyed you on that. No ifs about it.

You are pissed about that, understandably, but quite frankly that's just too bad little boy.

You are WAAAY out of your league right now, trust me.

I have personally contributed to elevate the standards of the Miami Dade Public School System by enrolling my highly gifted younger Son(IQ=169 by now) at Shenandoah Elementary School. It is paying dividends now.

You convienently posted one third of a list with Miami ranked last. You didnt post the 120 cities BEHIND Miami. You are an idiot.

Posted by: I Know My Own City | April 30, 2014 at 07:44 PM

Listen nobody sold me any bag of goods or fairy tale, I was born and raised here and am old enough to remember Miami Dade County in the 70's. I notice in the Corp.'s you mention one was in Chapter-11 and the others up to there eyeballs in Bank paper which you conviniently omit in your version of the bustling Metropolis that was.....

Ahhh yeah! Those were the days when the furthest the City went West was off of Sunset and US1 with all those bustling fields full of Cows as close as 107th Ave S.W. Miami. For that matter the retirement communities off Ocean Dr. before renovations when a large group of "Foreigners" moved in and began the renovation process or for that matter usher in new business like the Barcardi corp.

All this without mentioning the explosion of Imp/Exp trade with Latin America which brought all of the Big Food processing Companies locally like Guantley, Smithfield, Malon & Hyde, Fleming Foods ect...A construction explosion not rivaled by any of our neighbors to the North by a hot minute for a long period ect....

Without mentioning the Cultural influence that impacted tourism either were many refered to the City as the modern day Casablanca but your right this was all unfolding before a group of hardworking (for the most part upper Middle to Wealthy) arrived in Miami without there confiscated possessions still young and hungry enough to try and build something in a predominantly retired Community of New Yorkers!

If Miami is so much better today than in the 60's and 70's. why did all the middle class move up to Broward and Palm Beach? You won't find one of them here who doesn't make a sour face when the thought of living in Miami is mentioned

It's natural to be accustomed to where you live. Sometimes you have to get out of it for awhile to see what it is. Miami has a few pretty neighborhoods, but overall I do not see it a remotely desirable place to live unless you need to be speaking Spanish mostly.

We talking about South Florida. Whats there ranking?

You convienently posted one third of a list with Miami ranked last. You didnt post the 120 cities BEHIND Miami. You are an idiot.

Posted by: Monte | April 30, 2014 at 08:11 PM


It's literally amazing how confused you continue to be, so allow me to explain this AGAIN:

The first list I posted was of the ONE HUNDRED (also known as "100") largest metropolitan areas in the country and how they ranked in terms of education levels. Merropolitan Miami (which includes Broward and Palm Beach) ranked 61st on that list. ONE HUNDRED TOTAL were ranked, not this phantom "188" you keep coming back to without any citation.

In the second list, those were the rankings for INDIVIDUAL CITIES---not metropolitan areas---and in that one Miami came in ranked DEAD LAST.

Not clear enough for you yet, oh clueless one? Here are the actual LINKS (for the second time) so that you can see them for YOURSELF:



If you are STILL confused after this I suggest soaking your head in cold water.

I suggest you learn where it came from. Just because certain people misconstrued it's original meaning, doesn't mean I have.

Posted by: Bodine | April 30, 2014 at 08:03 PM

I know what it means just fine having grown up in the Cold War but you used it along derogatory lines to spit in the face of someone whose opinion you didn't share last night which is fine neither here nor there but don't try and turn it around on me like I were some half wit that didn't get what you meant in the larger scale of the terminology.

Listen I don't care about what you believe or don't it's a free Country. The Palm Beach Counties are very nice and as a boy use to go plenty given my Father loved to get away fom the stress either heading N.E. or S.W. towards Marco/Naples. I personally don't care much for Broward but again neither here nor there because I only drive thru on occasion. Your entitled to your opinion as am I, it is painfully obvious however that in ana age of supposed tolerance of Race, Religion we still find ways of treading on each other in other more sutle ways....

Posted by: I Know My Own City | April 30, 2014 at 08:22 PM

Keep hiding behind that name and lieing. We expect it of you. You are a moron.

You are only posting PART of the list. GEEZ

By the way, I've lived in Miami Lakes and now the Pinecrest area my entire life and didn't even mention that my family IS part Cuban because I don't even think things like that are relative. Only time I haven't lived in Miami is when I went to Cornell.

All that said, I don't believe in sugarcoating things that simply are not true. I was called a "liar" here simply for stating-FACTUALLY-that Miami happens to rank very low when it comes to how educated our local population is.

Did I not show that the statement IS factual when asked to? Did I not provide the actual data and the links to it?

If that upsets anyone, well, sorry. But it won't change those facts. Nor will I tolerate being called a liar for stating the TRUTH.

I don't think that's unreasonable. Do you?

Posted by: fin4life | April 30, 2014 at 08:24 PM

It not that subtle fin4life, here's how any conversation about the team gets derailed:

They attack the QB
They attack the team
They attack the fans
They attack the people commenting
They attack the team owner
They attack the other sports teams in the area
They attack the city
They attack the ethnic groups within the city
They attack the weather

Basically they'll push whatever button they think will derail conversation about the Dolphins and they do it because they are mentally ill.

You are only posting PART of the list. GEEZ

Posted by: Monte | April 30, 2014 at 08:28 PM

OK, Monte. You have made it patently obvious you cannot even go to the links I provided, so by all means continue your evening of extreme confusion.

You seem very good at it.

22 is the number that is between 21 and 23.

56 is the number that is between 55 and 57.

34 is the number that is between 33 and 35.

What is your favorite "between" number?

fin4, has it ever occurred to you that you are projecting? You are overly sensitive about the 3rd world term. That is still a factual and fair analysis of who took over Dade County. Me personally, I don't think they made it better, I think they made it worse.

And you might ask yourself who are the ones with ethnic issues? Those that come to this country and refuse to properly learn the native language, if they learn it at all? Or those that are frustrated that our government lets people in from abroad and they give us a big FU and not making an effort to merge with our society. My mother is 79 and she goes to a restaurant and they have the nerve to start speaking Spanish to her? She has to learn another language in her own country? And you know many of them PRETEND they don't speaking ingles when they do, just to to antagonistic,

I have friends on all sides, but I see the problems loud and clear. Broward may not be paradise, but Dade is further from it.

Coming full circle, my only real point was that I think a top notch state of the art stadium on the Broward PB border will be far better for the fans, the team, the owner, selling tickets, everything

I would like to see the Dolphins play in a stadium powered by rockets that would let it hover in midair during games.

It could also travel around South Florida to pick up fans a designated areas prior to kickoff.

Also, a rocket-powered stadium would be able to fly to a better spot if it started raining or hailing or whatever. Even if a hurricane was approaching, it could fly to someplace safer for the game and then return all the fans back when the danger had passed.

I Know My City,

From what I've seen it is very rare you can have an objective, legitimate debate on this blog. Most of the time it is too obvious most here are lacking seriously in reading and comprehension skills. Two points in one paragraph is one point too many.

Furthermore, the vast majority here have no education or vocabulary whatsoever and quickly resort to juvenile delinquent attacks. I come by once in awhile but too often it is a waste of time.

I don't mind a good debate. I'm not out for a who is right or wrong contest, but too often that seems the agenda, or people take shots at you and then don't respond again. Childish.

Also, you could put the Dolphins players in some kind of huge gyroscope on the sidelines and then start spinning the hovering stadium like crazy to get the other team all dizzy during timeouts. The fans would be ok because they would have seatbelts, except for the ones in the bathroom or getting a beer.

Notice how Sam The Sham always disappears when proven wrong?

8 days and counting suckers go dolphins

Just fix the o-line please,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Oh and a true middle line backer and a tight end

That's all we need

Does anyone have a legitimate argument against the Super Computer prediction?

I don't.

Much is owned by most Americans to JFK and MLK. More than you will ever know.

would be cool if we could get both Justin and Jordan MCcray in the later rounds late second or third day.... twin powers unite!!

Much is owned by most Americans to JFK and MLK. More than you will ever know.

Posted by: oscar canosa | April 30, 2014 at 09:28 PM

This sentence makes no sense. Come back after you learn to write.

JFK was nothing but a well disguised well spoken crook. He did not have the interests of the people in mind. No no.

Miami, 1956, - Mam, come to the front of the Bus. - Ven, Oscar. - Mama, aqui hay dos bebederos. - No tomes de ese Oscar. Miami, 1961, - You fukkking Sp-cs! Que dijo la gri-ga esa? El co-o e tu madre, el co-o e tu madre! Yes.

I think 7.5 is a fair number i like the over big time

This draft seems like it will never get here I just wanna scream

If these scrubs win 7 games they'll throw a parade.

A very precocious(gifted) Man, MLK achieved his doctorate at the age of 26. Perhaps better than most of you here in this Blog(including myself).

Does anyone think we'll beat the Bills this year?

You think that with the mentality that prevailed here when we arrived in the early 60's, this Town, and Town it was, would have gotten anywhere? We, JFK, MLK, luckily have/had a different Mentality.

Nobody answered me, anymore.

My mother is 79 and she goes to a restaurant and they have the nerve to start speaking Spanish to her? She has to learn another language in her own country? And you know many of them PRETEND they don't speaking ingles when they do, just to to antagonistic,

Posted by: Bodine | April 30, 2014 at 08:45 PM

Watching the NBA channel were the Raptors are putting it to Brooklyn again......


We live in a diverse Melting Pot with each having there share of the "Backwards" Passive agressive types who look to make the World a more difficult place because of their own short comings. I myself find great fault with those that refuse to assimilate at least in part because it shows a lack of respect IMO for this great Nation of ours. This however isn't limited to a specific group given we all no matter our background have these types of people in the ranks.

I'm not being over sensitive just maybe a little quick to jump on any attack on my City which holds my roots. I'm the 1st to admit I can get a little impassioned on the subject and feel sometimes Miami gets a bad rap from those that would assume to tell me the color of the trees in my backyard (To steal or paraphrase a line of yours) I just believe that if you don't have love for were you came from you can't love anything at all.

What can I say 305 till I die!!!!

Oscar your English really stinks tonight. Don't focus on impressing yourself, focus on speaking correctly first.

OK. Much is owned by most Americans due to JFK and MLK. Yes.

Posted by: I Know My Own City | April 30, 2014 at 08:33 PM

Nobody except maybe this person will argue that education in the St. of FL has notoriously sucked for decades!!!

oscar, get an education

then come back and blog

Oscar, let me help you out...what you are struggling to say is...

Much is owed by most Americans to JFK and MLK.

Your Mother is probably going to thrashy Places. Come to Us, if you can afford it. Let's see, Casa Juancho, Blue Room Aventura Mall, Xixon, Smith and Walenskys, etc., etc.

Behind the scenes, JFK was supporting the move to dumb down the education system. On Independence Day, he spoke of an interdependence with Europe (meaning Russia).

JFK was for world government and neither he or any president since has had the interests of the American people in mind. Maybe Roosevelt was the last one.

Thankyou. But we also OWN much due to Them. Don't you?

Oscar have you ever gone to the old homestead in Manhattan or Peter Lugers in Brooklyn ?

Oscar, you have some catching up to do before I can be of any further help.

Smith and wolenskis is one of my favorite dinning spots on 3rd ave

Seems that most here are Republicans. Doesn't surprise me coming from Cubans and Rednecks.(of course, it's their low Education, Oscar. Obama has a Harvard degree. ok, Paul)

Do you guys know who Oscar is ? He is one of the be phycoanylists around he won many awards in his feild

Yeah, Aventura Mall is definitely one of America's premier urban dining destinations.

You hear that, Manhattan, Chicago, and San Francisco?

We have a nice MALL restaurant!

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