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QBs available so what will Dolphins do?

How much do the Dolphins need a quarterback?

The question is pertinent because, based on conversations I've had with multiple scout sources over the past several days, they expect 1. The Dolphins to take one in the draft and 2. There will be some big-name talent on the board when the Dolphins pick in the first round.

That's right, the people I talk to say at least one and perhaps a couple of the so-called first-round quarterbacks -- out of the group that includes Johnny Manziel, Blake Bortles and Teddy Bridgewater -- will be available when the Dolphins pick at No. 19 in the first round.

A pause here for perspective:

These are the same people that said weeks ago when everyone was predicting Zack Martin to the Dolphins that Martin probably would not be there at No. 19 and would require a trade up to acquire. Since then, multiple reports have emerged that Martin, a clean and experienced prospect, will probably be gone when Miami picks. Hmmm.

Secondly, and before everyone goes into a frenzied conversation about the Dolphins wanting to replace Ryan Tannehill ... that's not the idea. Tannehill is this team's starter and I doubt that's going to change regardless of what quarterback the Dolphins add.

But adding a quarterback at some point in the coming draft is a smart idea because the quarterback room could use some infusion of youth and potential. Matt Moore, 30 in August, is the backup but he's in the final year of his contract so what about next year? Are the Dolphins going to invest $4-$5 million next year to have him ride the pine again? Pat Devlin is third string but he's mounted no challenge to either Tannehill or Moore in three years with the team and he's an unrestricted free agent next year as well. So the Dolphins are going to commit to him perpetually?

You'll remember last season it was something of a 50-50 proposition when Devlin made the team on the final cut coming out of training camp.

So the Dolphins can use more competition and some fresh blood at the QB position.

And the team has shown interest in potential middle round pick Aaron Murray and potential later-round pick Stephen Morris.

But would that interest rise to the level of a first-day pick if Johnny Football or Bortles or Bridgewater are sitting there at No. 19?

Only general manager Dennis Hickey and a short list of other Dolphins folks may know the answer to that. (For whatever reason I don't quite understand, they're not telling me).

Personally, I don't think Bortles will be there. I do think there's a very, very good chance either Manziel or Bridgewater or both will be there.

Then what?

My opinion ... the Dolphins would pass on Bridgewater and I would agree. I simply do not see him as a first-round QB. I see him as a second-day quarterback based on his smarts, and toughness. But I don't see a strong arm, I don't see great accuracy and I don't see a prototype body built to carry 225 pounds.

The former Heismann Trophy winner, meanwhile, is another story. I love this kid. I think he's a winner. I think he's a playmaker. I think Johnny Manziel will be a shorter, more slightly built Colin Kaepernick at some point.

I think he needs to sit for a while and learn and fix some mechanical issues.

But I think when he gets on the field and gets experience, good things are going to happen for his team.

Is that worth a first-round pick to a team that has a quarterback and so many other needs -- right tackle, guard, middle linebacker, cornerback, running back, maybe wide receiver?

We may see on May 8. 


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If one of the Big 3 QB's is there at 19 we have to take him. Easy decision.

Its a QB league and we dont have one.

The QBs in this draft are pedestrian. The only teams that draft one of these guys in the first round are the ones that HAVE to take a chance on somebody.

I'm just glad they are looking to add competition to that position.

Also THill, who I like, will be a free agent in a couple of years. That is not THAT far away. If he wants a Flacco like deal we would have some leverage.

Tannehill > Manziel and Bridgewater so what's the point?

Adding competition just means the player at said position needs to step their game up. Top players at their position don't have competition added to it.

You're 100% right, Armando. You draft Manziel, leave Bridgewater to fail elsewhere.

No QBs in this draft are better than Tannehill

unless it is johnny football-pass. If QB needy teams are passing then flag is bright neon red.

This is arguably the best QB draft in 10-15 years. Have to try to get a good one finally.

gee why doesn't Hickey please all you morons and draft 7 QBs, one in each round. Or hey maybe he will trade out of the first so he can draft 8 QBs. Do your homework instead of sounding like jackasses. They already say that there are 15 solid OBs expected to be drafted in the first two rounds of next years draft. If T-Hill struggles this year then yoiu draft one next year....when you have your offense almost damn turn key!! I swear Armando you bring out all the winners.

Moore > Henne > Tannehill

Johnny Football would take us to the playoffs in year 1.

Manziel is a fraud. One the most over rated and over praised QBs to come out of college. At least Tebow had Jesus H Christ backing him up. Jesus is not a Johnny Manziel fan.

What will the Dolphins do when some "big name QBs" are sitting there at 19?

Trade down.

First, you don't pay a backup (Moore) that kind of money UNLESS you're a contender.
Second, you keep looking (Ron Wolf model) until you're SURE you've found you're QB. That doesn't mean you necessarily use a 1st round pic.
Third, running QBs (Manziel) don't last in the NFL.

I'd grab a developmental QB in rounds 3-7. If I could get Glennon from Tampa for maybe a 3rd or a 4th I would do it. I like him more than most of the QBs in this draft.

a cocktail shrimp's opinion on QBs > Just Sayin'


I would trade for Glennon, but 5th round max, though

Posted by: cocoajoe | April 25, 2014 at 11:52 AM

Great post!

This is arguably the best QB draft in 10-15 years. Have to try to get a good one finally.
Posted by: Marino 13 | April 25, 2014 at 11:45 AM

How is this better than 2012?

Mando, it sure seems you are sleeping in the mornings now. Your articles get to us now at noon time. Maybe not much news about the Phins at this time of the year because Phins are the only thing you write about.

Getting Johnny Manziel would be a dream come true for the Dolphins. Instant improvement and credibility.

Dubs, I would def give a 4th for him. 3rd might be high, but I would consider it. I do like him more than most QBs in this draft though. I think I am higher than most on him.

This one is worst than last years

So his upside is a Qb that is no better than ours? Yeah, pass on that too..

I like what I hear about Murray, and he's healing up so no immediate danger to unseat Tannehill. I like this pick a lot as long as he isn't over drafted.

Post of the year @ 11:45 .. almost too much common sense...

Draft a qb in the first round when you already have one that is holding his own who you drafted two years ago, can anyone cite where this has happened in the last 35 years of the modern era draft?

Mark Drew Bree's situation but that wasn't in two years you're right.

If we can get one of the Big 3 QB's we can then trade Tanny for a 4th rder.

There is no way Johnny goes past the Cowboys. Unlike Ross, Jerry Jones is too shrewd to not pick him and then market the heck out of him.

Marino 13 you still didn't explain how this years QB class is arguably better than 2012's class. Do you mind, I'm interested in hearing your argument?

cocoajoe with another bang on thought ... exactly... that $4-5 would've fixed our o line instead of spending it on a guy to wear a ball cap who at best would ruin a great draft position if the season goes off the rails to a mediocre one like he did in 2012.

He's not leading the team to the playoffs, he's not producing as much as Tannehill would and we can't run well enough to have him succeed...beats bad teams that have given up and loses to anybody near competent. 0 for a million in his career against teams with a winning record.

Wasted cap space.

Yep Darkoak, that's the closest and that was 3, with a new coach brought in who fell in love with Rivers.. I'd be all over drafting a qb in the first next year if it's warranted but passing up a great positional player prospect to draft ANOTHER guy to ride the pines ... BULLOCKS

Mark, Moore was given that contract because he was the best backup available and Ireland was hedging his bets in case Tannehill folded or got injured. Ireland needed to make the playoffs, look at all his spending last year, he wa trying to save his job.

pkm, you do realize the Cowboys are paying Romo 1,000,000,000,000,000 per year and can't get rid of him without entirely decimating their already awful cap position, right?

Yeah, shrewd indeed.

Shrewd and Jerry Jones, GM in the same sentence..

I refer Mark to the San Diego Chargers circa 2003 or 2004. Had Drew Brees going into his third year. Drafted Phillip Rivers.

The Washington Redskins drafted RG3 and Kirk Cousins in the same draft.

The Patriots signed Drew Bledsoe to a big contract in 2001 and drafted Tom Brady.

The Green Bay Packers had a guy named Brett Favre and drafted Aaron Rodgers in the first round.

The Seattle Seahawks signed Matt Flynn to a nice sized contract to be their starter and still drafted Russell Wilson in the third round.

List of players Home has HAARPed on as the weakest link prior to them taking one snap

and only these players

1) Satele
2) Sean Smith
3) Johnathon Martin
4) Ryan Tannehill
5) Egnew

Home has been spot on, EVERY TIME

including predicting Tannehill would have exactly
24 Passing TDs 15 INTs in the 2013 season

In fact Tannefail was a lil worse than Home predicted
24 Passing TDs 17 INTs in the 2013 season

Home is the most accurate predictor and provider of
Reel Dolphin In Sight w Home

and y'all know it!


Home's well known comments and descriptions of his yearly or multi year weakest link disaster picks for the Miami Dolphins:

Satele = an orange cone. no better

Sean Smith = Poser Boy Fraud Shucking n Jiving Mouthy Punk CB

Egnew = Bust. Sour Puss

Martin = The Weakest Link. only as strong as a WR. Not an NFL starting lineman

Tannehill = cannot close game in the 3rd & 4th Q. inaccurate, esp deep. poor footwork and mechanics not consistent. not a franchise QB

All comments given and repeated hundreds of times b4 these 5 players ever took a snap and continued untl finally the Sheeple wake up. By then the player is usually released w no offer fro the Dolphins or traded

Home 4 GM

It's true Darkoak, I don't disagree with what you're saying but going forward, it's a situation that needs to be fixed. If you get a decent qb prospect then you can pocket $5 mill in cap space going forward... nice trade off for using a mid to late round pick.

scourt, thanks for proving my point, nobody has used 2 first round picks in three years on qbs.

Brees was going into year 4, not 3.

The only Qb worth drafting in midrounds to bring in competition for tannehill would be Kenny Guiton

And they didn't use a first on Brees, that was a 2nd.

Drunk and Pilled out Bernie Kosar can throw a deep ball better than Tannehill

Why not Bernie

at least the entertainment value w Drunk pilled out slurring Kosar and the shietfaced drunk slurring wrong pronunciation of Dolphin players Bob Griese would be entertaining as the Patriots steal the AFC east Crown, again

Seriously can we call Carolina and trade Tannehill for Kuechly

We can even throw in Egnew . . .

Don't like Murray dbo?

The point is teams with "established QBs" are wise to invest in QBs because it is the most important position and the players taken often become the hope of the franchise.

The idea that Miami should not do it because it has never been done exactly the same way on exactly the same dates with players that resemble today's guys exactly is not very intelligent.

Yes Mark, Moore has done his job. Insurance if Tannehill completely failed.
Haven't given up on Tannehill....think this year will tell. But I personally think you never stop looking.

If Savage falls...get 'em.

Obese Counselor Ken still pouting mad about Tannehill sucking


I just think Kenny can ball, plus he got smarts

..I have been banging this drum for awhile now. Not the idea we would draft a guy in the first round. But certainly as high as round 3. IMO we have to protect ourselves, while at the same time perhaps show a bit of forethought. There is no downside to taking a developmental guy in a non-premium round and see what we can do with him. Just to be able to get Matt Moore off the books is reason enough...

I agree with scourt that even teams with established high performing starters still invest significantly in the position in the draft. Tannehill needs competition IMO, hopefully it helps him rise to the occasion.

Good QB's have great re-sale value. Even if they only flash a little. Sometimes you can dupe other teams into overpaying/trading for them. Kind of like we did for AJ Feeley

Sounds like Moore's days in Miami are numbered.

Next yr all (3) QBs might be gone

Oddly enuf
Mentor Matt Moore the deep ball passer might be the only QB retained

Moore can outplay Tannechoke on game day and can mentor the next wo potential franchise Q picks

Just like Home always said
Reaching for Tannehill over 2013 NFL MVP Defense -Kuechly
set the franchise back at least 5 yrs

Now we need a franchise QB and an elite LB in 2015 and beyond

Home 4 GM = Miami Dolphin right now r winners

Posted by: Darryl Dunphy | April 25, 2014

Agreed DD.

I think there are lot 30 second memory fans out there...how many times was Tanne sacked, hit , or hurried last year? Our line was ridiculously bad...fix line and maybe offense will improve by leaps and bounds. If Aaron Murray is there in the 3rd take him, but you better fix the O line with early picks.

Tannehill will not be resigned next season

No way the Dolphins sign this choker, loser fake QB w no accuracy deep

QB Moore is our only hope w any passes past 60 ft until the 2015 rebuild

"This is arguably the best QB draft in 10-15 years. Have to try to get a good one finally.

"Posted by: Marino 13"

Note to self: ignore anything else this fool ever posts.

Home was right on Vernon & Jordan being the only keepers from the entire 2012 & 2013 draft

Lame Miller might have a spot
butt last year he could not catch 3 yd screen passes, block or break tackles

Great flag football RB though

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