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Shelley Smith: Line has potential 'to be really good'

Shelley Smith will be asked to both pass protect and run-block on the Dolphins offensive line -- either at left or right guard, which has not be determined yet -- but make no mistake, Smith loves run blocking over pass blocking.

"For me, a big thing is I try to play hard for a whole sixty minutes," Smith said today. "I try to be consistent with what I do. I'm sure most offensive linemen you'd talk to would say they love run-blocking and I love run-blocking."

Smith is not a certain starter, at least coaches have given him no guarantees. He'll have to earn his spot in a competition. But he's got the added advantage of being a scheme fit, according to the Dolphins.

"We had some knowledge of Shelley through John Benton, our head offensive line coach, who worked with Shelley," said general manager Dennis Hickey. "He had nothing but good things to say about Shelley not only as a player but as a person, which is always important for us. And as we watched the film and say the fit for the scheme we'll be employing under [offensive coordinator] Bill Lazor, we just like the fit."

Hickey noted Smith's "athleticism, his ability to climb to the second level and do a lot of things we're going to ask him to do." Hickey called Smith "an ascending player."

Smith, who visited the Giants and Patriots, said he believed the Dolphins were the best fit for him.

"In the zone blocking scheme, particularly how it was in Houston, they kind of looked for offensive linemen that maybe were more athletic, that can move and open up the holes on the outside zone by stretching out wide," Smith said. "I could fit there a little bit."

The Dolphins have added two offensive lineman so far this offseason after giving up a franchise record and league-leading 58 sacks last year. So far, so good, Smith said.

"There's a lot of potential," he said, "for the line to be really good." 





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The good news:
They can't be any worse than last season.

Why no posts about this guy choosing the Dolphins over the Pats by Home-o's 58 personalities?


ss would have
been 3rd string
on the pats

Desean jackson close to signing with Redskins per ESPN. Eagle fans can't be happy...

2 watt, you always have an undying desire to answer my posts.

Maybe P78 was right. Do you work in my building?


and 78
is a fruit loop
he gets beat up
by his wife
I wouldn't listen to him mark

DeSean Jackson accused of throwing up gang signs at a Red Skins game and now
signs with the Red Skins. The irony...


Interesting, sounds like Minny is out on Johnny Douchebag

give minny
tpuke and then
hix can get j manz or
1 of the other 4 soon to be
pro bowl qb's in the 2014 draft

rick spielbergman
is minny's gm
rememeber him?

aj " butt hurts" feeley
for a 2nd.

I don't understand, we can fill a position of need where we have nobody with a pro-bowler for 5 million with Evan Mathis and we don't because of age mainly. So we'll rely on a rookie or two to protect our biggest asset.

But we sign Finnegan for 5 million, a CB of the same age as Mathis, who has shown slippage, when we have 2 2nd year guys ready to fight for the spot along with JW.

How does that make sense??

2 watt, we already know that you don't even really have $100 worth of conviction about what you say about Tannehill, so just give up the schtick already.

It doesn't entertain anyone.

not to me Marios...


schtick = 3.5 pts
huh mark?

fax jax

The Blob, the only guy to look like a jackarse here is you.

Talk about someone's wife. A man doesn't talk like that, especially from behind a keyboard. And I know you would never say anything like that in person.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | April 01, 2014 at 12:03 PM

I wouldn't?

Maybe you're right for ONCE IN YOUR LIFE.

Considering, I was talking about your 400 lb. husband, Craig M.

Trying to convince people you married a fat broad is disrespectful to your fat husband.



I want you to be my bride. We are going to have a Hawaiian-themed wedding with a hula contest and more poi than you can shake a stick at.

It will be magical.

OL....LB....QB & RB in the middle rounds.....that should be the focus---another S or TE wouldnt hurt either

You should change your name from 2watt to 1/2witt.

Haha, you got me now, I'm married to Craig... ouu I'm owned, hahaha, pathetic, 2 watt has stronger material than you.

Dave, to win my heart you have to actually take me to Hawaii, not make a theme in your backyard in Poughkeepsie in April. That's weak too..

2 watt, remember the #4...

That's how many QBs were more producitve than Tannehill in their 2nd year.

Manning (Peyton)

Now that's a fact.. JACK!


and oh yeah, hashtags are for home-o's...

Holy cow a Poughkeepsie sighting! Nice!

I will have you know that our wedding will take place in UTICA, NY which has long held the cherished title of "Same Sex Hawaiian-Themed Wedding Capital of the World."

I will try to look past your snippy remarks as simply being nervousness as the Big Day approaches.

and oh yeah, hashtags are for home-o's...

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | April 01, 2014 at 01:28 PM

Takes 1 to know one. Eh?


No dice, Dave, fly me to Maui or forget it.

I'm an expensive one to land...

hahaha, take one to know one ...,

Are you rubber and I am glue???

Dave, why on earth would you settle for a fat, outta shape blubber like Dork in Moronto?

Home or Dashi are more your speed.

Are you rubber and I am glue???

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | April 01, 2014 at 01:33 PM

No, you're a schmuck & I'm reminding you.

Keep your nose out of this, Blob.

get your own trip to Hawaii...

Is this where I'm supposed to say "I know you are but what am I?", hashtag home-o?

Mark, you're a boring, redundant, unoriginal doofus.

Stop using the same material every day.


Dashi?? I am NOT settling for some grimy urchin who collects tin cans and scrap metal under the expressway when he is not 'cleaning' windshields for a few pennies.

As for Home, I said a Hawaiian-themed wedding, not a TIN FOIL HAT themed wedding! He can get married at a Trekkie convention.

Q. What's the difference between Dork in Moronto & a bucket of sh*t?

A The Bucket.

Who they heck would want to marry some Dbagger from Rochester?

I thought u
were already married?

is the maintenance
guy in u'r bldg going
2 b an usher?

See Blob, Dave only wants the best...

is it going
2 b an open bar
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guests pay for booze?

2 watt, you mind, I'm trying to score a trip to hawaii. PLay your cards right and I will get you to come along as a flower girl.

I've never been to a wedding or christening or whatever wher people had ot pay for booze. People do that??? That's trailer park...


Boring us again with your "WODERFUL, WONDERFUL LIFE" again I see? :)

I'm more than willing to talk football but I have my fans to please as well, YG.

They can't get enough of my marital status or physical condition for whatever reason.

What's on the docket, Sam?

Sucks when the blog seems to go the way of a bunch of "13yr old girls chatter".

"Can anyone direct me to the Herald's DOLPHIN FOOTBALL blog"?

I was going to have 2 watt dress up as a pineapple and hand out hors d'oeuvres.

(those would be "snacks," 2 watt)


Werent you the first to bring up Dri Archer in this blog?

Nope, claim ignorance on the kid. I know he's fast and plays RB for kent State, not much else.

I'm seeing Archer as a returner first, then slash gadget rb/wr. His 4.26 is phnominal to hve in the return game, ala Ted Ginn.

Watched highlights when defenders tried to get an angle on him 15-20yds downfield and he still blew by them. Definitely worth a "late rd" flier if still there.

This is the most pathetic blog I've read. Hey Mark I thought you were better than these Dimwits.


Also, are you aware that the NFL has awarded "32 COMPENSATORY PICKS" from rounds 3 to round 7?

I hope Hickey spends a few days with dashe before the draft. He needs to get this one right.

Sorry Joisey, got bored and sucked in.

Moment of weakness...

32 compensatory picks means its actually a "8 round draft" not 7. Teams without compensatory picks, in reality, are actually "barred" from participating in this "extra rd".

I hope Hickey spends a few days with dashe before the draft. He needs to get this one right.

Posted by: BLT | April 01, 2014 at 02:09 PM

ROTFLMAO........ Cant help it with this one. :)

Sam, just looked over his combine profile. Obviously he's not built to be a RB in this league.

May be the most dangerous returner in the league - until the league outlaws returns in general.

Whoever coached this kid did him a great disservice. If he was trained as a WR, he would have a much more lucrative career in the sport.

His #s are all outstanding, 40, bench, cone, shuttle, vertical broad, he's got the entire toolbox.

If he put on another 25 lbs he would be a top rb in this league athletically...

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